With the internet laws getting stricter day-by-day, there has been a serious crackdown against P2P/Torrenting websites. Copyright infringement hunters are trying their level best to shut down popular sites like the “KickassTorrents” and TPB. However, just like its name, the site keeps kicking their a** quite savagely, reappearing on new domains – each time one gets taken down! Now, for those who are not aware of the history, let’s rewind a little at Best VPN.

Experts and enthusiasts alike recommend using a Torrent VPN service to secure your torrent downloads in regions where DMCA and other copyright laws are prevailing.

KAT Torrents was shut down after Apple Inc. lodged a complained against its owner Artem Vaulin, who was accused of distributing pirated content worth over $1 billion, through a Chicago based server. Apple demanded Artem Vaulin’s Canadian ISP (that hosted KAT’s Chicago server) to hand over the personal information of the user that downloaded an iTunes music album. Ever since then, numerous “clone” websites have taken over the internet.



These clones host the complete KAT library, accessible from all regions. Though they keep shutting down in different countries, as part of copyright violations from software developers, movie production agencies, and ads that point to malware, there is a way for users to access them safely. This involves using the best cheap VPN service, which masks your IP address and makes it appear you reside in a different country, allowing you to bypass ISP blocks and restrictions.

Since your IP is hidden when accessing P2P/Torrenting websites and downloading KAT torrents, VPNs boost your online anonymity, preventing you from being traced online. This allows you to avoid local ISPs and copyright infringement agencies from sending you threatening copyright notices and even legal action in some cases, both of which may require you to pay hefty fines! Here is a list of the Best VPNs for Torrenting you should definitely try out:


Is Kat.cr/Kickass Down Right now

The original KickassTorrents shut down a long time ago, but there are different clone and mirror domains available, where you can still access the complete KAT database. If you are an avid P2P/Torrenting fan, you probably know about the Kat.cr domain. It comes with great disappointment to share that the site is now completely SHUT DOWN. Previously, it would resurface after every few days or weeks, but now it is confirmed from isitdownrightnow that the domain is expired/listed for sale.

Is KAT Down Right Now


6 Best Clones Substitutes for KickAss Torrent (kickasstorrent.cr) Site:


Remember! Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous online. Torrent fans should know, downloading a 1 GB torrent file, takes up to 10 to 15 minutes. This short time decides if you are tracked by the ISP & reported to copyright companies, who can penalize or report users’ to the FBI.

  1. Kickasstorrent.to
  2. Tor-cr.org
  3. kat.am
  4. Kat.li (aka Kat.how)
  5. katcr.co
  6. kickass.cd

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1) Kickasstorrents.to

Perhaps one of the oldest yet still functioning clones, KickassTorrents.to is a great option for all your P2P/Torrenting needs. It indexes the complete KAT torrents database, which means you have a huge list of movies, songs, TV shows, video clips, documentaries, programs, and games to download. There is even an active KAT community, where you receive regular updates about the latest KAT torrents added.

Kickasstorrents.to is Best Clones Substitutes for KickAss Torrent


Torrent Anonymously



2) Tor-cr.org

Tor-cr.org is another useful clone of KickassTorrents. It has recently made its way into the marketplace of clone websites and offers the complete list of KAT torrents for all content. You can access the website from all regions unless local restrictions from ISPs block this version of KAT. The clone even offers quite a lot more with a thriving KAT community, updated blog posts, and 2-factor authentication.

Tor-cr.org is kickass torrent alternative

3) Kickass.cd 

Termed as the true copy of the original kickass torrent official website, Kickass.cd is a highly reliable clone with the original KAT torrent library. It is also an avid supporter of the original KickassTorrents owner and has a special “Tweet” CTA with the hashtag #FreeArtemVaulin. You can also pledge your support for the creator by clicking on the tweet link. After all, it is because of him that we get to enjoy limitless torrenting!


4) Kat.li

Previously known as Kat.how, this is another hit clone for the KickassTorrents website, providing the same fast and powerful Meta-Torrent Search Engine like the original. It indexes torrents from over 63 different domains around the internet, reaching close to 55,110,929 in total. Subsequently, you can feel relieved to find KAT torrents for all your favorite types of content, be it TV series, movies, music, games, or anything else.


5) Kat.am

Just like KickassTorrents.to, this clone website of KAT is one of the oldest ones on the internet, which is still pretty much operational. We have never had any trouble accessing the website, even when others shut down or gave downtime issues. Subsequently, you can always feel relieved to gain access to all KAT torrents you want to download via Kat.am!


6) Katcr.co

Thought the main page of these clones may vary with a different logo and text for KickassTorrents, one thing they all have in common is that smooth outlook and design, which compliments the huge database of KAT torrents that makes up for most of the results on powerful meta-search engines like the Torrentz2.eu. This domain was one of the first clones to come up after KAT was shut down, and is still operational!



Our Recommended Kickass torrent Clone (kickasstorrent.cr) This Week:

If by any chance the above options do not work, you can always consider using KickassTorrents.pw. The website is recommended by BestVPN.co, due to it being the closest replica of the original KAT. Also, the site suffers from very few downtimes, meaning you can stop worrying about those annoying “Retry for live version” messages. If you cannot access the site, consider activating your VPN and switching to a server in a different country.

Our Recommended Kickass torrent Clone (kickasstorrent.cr) This Week is KickassTorrents.pw


Similar Websites to Kickass torrent – KAT Mirror Websites

In the world of P2P/Torrenting, it is always good to have your options open resources for downloading KAT torrents of all kinds and types. Now, you already know about the best KAT clone websites, but in the awful circumstances they all shut down – there are some mirror websites you can rely on. Below we highlight some of the most famous ones that are gaining momentum on the internet:

    1. SupTorrent
    2. Sitenable
    3. Sitegat
    4. Sitenable.pw


Please note the domains suggested above are “mirrors” of the official KAT website and may not be trustworthy at all. They might pose risks to your digital security and privacy. This makes it crucial to use a reliable VPN service. Below we add have listed some of the Best VPNs for Torrenting, you should definitely consider giving a try.

Torrent Anonymously



Top 20 KickassTorrents Alternatives

Before you proceed: We highly recommend you to use a Torrent VPN service in countries where DMCA and Copyright laws are prevailing!

  1. ThePirateBay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337X
  4. ExtraTorrent
  5. BTScene
  6. Torrentz2
  7. Toorgle
  8. YTS
  9. Zooqle
  10. EZTV
  11. Torlock
  12. LimeTorrents
  13. Demonoid
  14. iDope
  15. Monova
  16. SeedPeer
  17. TorrentFunk
  18. Torrents.me
  19. YourBitTorrent
  20. TorrentDownloads

1) The Pirate Bay

Nicknamed as the “King of Torrents”, TBP exists as the most famous P2P/Torrenting site on the internet, boasting a huge collection of torrents. As such, it usually faces many domain seizures and receives plenty of DMCA notices, but always makes its way to reincarnation in a new domain.

The torrent website is so popular that most meta-search engine results often direct you to the TBP site, which means you can find everything from software, pictures, music, movies, TV shows, books, games, and comics in a single location.

Top 20 Kickass Torrents Alternatives



For P2P-enthusiasts who want high-quality torrents with a good number of seeders, RARBG definitely proves to be a good choice. It made its way into the market back in 2008 and now ranks among the most recognized torrent sites, enjoying a huge fan base worldwide.

The torrenting site even made its way into the top ten P2P sites for 2015, providing you with all sorts of content, at the utmost level of convenience. Best part of all: you can even sign up at RARBG and become a part of their community for posting new torrents or give updates on other torrent-related news.

Similar Websites to Kickass torrent - KAT Mirror Websites


3) 1337X   

1337x is the preferred choice for many, who are looking for older or more obscure torrents. Though its database may not be as large as other websites, it boasts quite a variety in providing classic versions for different games, software, and applications.

Just like KickassTorrents, 1337x has to constantly bear with copyright infringement hunters, who are adamant on shutting down the website. However, the developers keep shifting to newer domains, making it incredibly simple to download torrents!



4) ExtraTorrent

Similar to many other websites, ExtraTorrent comes and goes, as the crackdown against P2P/Torrenting increases. However, the site always manages to make its way back to life, quickly launching on new domain variations of .io, .cc. and .si – transforming it into a super popular source for torrents.

Most are not aware, but ExtraTorrent is also a home to the popular ETTV and ETRG release groups, who are famous for providing torrents for HD movies/TV shows in a variety of qualities, which include 420p, 720p, 1080p, and even BluRay – ensuring an amazing entertainment experience.



5) BTScene

If you are in search for a torrenting website with a clean and attractive interface and design, then you definitely should check out BTScene. The site boasts an incredibly user-friendly appearance with an intuitive search engine, which allows for quick torrent-hunting from a variety of categories. The best part of all: BTScene ranks among the few websites that do not overload itself with annoying advertisements!



6) Torrentz2

If you regularly engage in P2P/Torrenting, then you must be aware of the supper torrent index, Torrentz.eu. This site is typically the replacement for the original version, which was shut down after the crackdown against torrent sites. It indexes a huge database of torrents from over 250,000,000 pages worldwide on 96+ domains.



7) Toorgle

Similar to the famous Torrentz2.eu listed above, Toorgle is another “meta” torrent search engine, nicknamed as the “Google of Torrent sites”. Each search you perform on the site will reveal the torrent and the website source, along with a short description for users to read. There are approximately 450+ torrents sites used by the site for providing you relevant links, with over 55,000,000 torrents indexed.




Perhaps one of the most successful and popular YIFY/TS impersonator, the YTS.am website is the perfect torrenting website for those users, who want to download HD movies and TV shows torrents strictly. The site provides users access to genres of all movies from the latest releases to classics.

Best part of all: the site has not gone down even a single time, ever since its inception, whereas the original YIFY has not been so lucky. You can even find HD movies in various qualities 720p, 1080p, and BluRay. Each title even provides movie details like ratings, trailer links, and reviews from community members.



9) Zooqle

Similar to YTS, Zooqle is a torrenting site that is dedicated to the entertainment sector, providing users with good health torrents for HD movies and TV shows. It offers a huge database of 3,500,000 verified torrents with the list keep on growing daily. A media analysis revealed, the site hosts more than 1 million torrents in total, which grow to 5.1 PB of data in 38.1 million files!



10) EZTV

When it comes to downloading high-quality movies and TV shows, users do not have plenty of options available anymore, thanks to Google’s anti-piracy policies. However, if there is one place, you can always expect to find high-quality torrents for movies and TV shows, it would EZTV. The site is dedicated for providing you a huge database of torrents for entertainment purposes strictly!



11) Torlock

For those users who are in search for a torrent website that is extremely careful on posting “healthy” torrents, you might want to check out Torlock. The website uses the slogan “No Fake Torrent” and actually guarantees you will find only quality torrents on its page. In fact, the site even pays users $1, if they find a fake torrent on any of the categories listed.



12) Limetorrents.cc

If only DMCA and MPAA copyright infringement hunters were not so salty, we would not have to worry about torrent sites shutting down. However, when life gives you lemons, you mix the juice with shrooms, and this is where LimeTorrents.cc comes in, ensuring you continue engaging in P2P/Torrenting, hassle-free. The site is unstoppable and has a huge database that cannot just disappear with a few threats however for your own security better use the best VPN for P2P!



13) Demonoid

Ah… The good ol’ Demonoid days, who can forget them? Of course, the millennial generation may not be aware of this classic website, which has been serving up torrents since 2003 on a number of different domains, but it still exists as one of the best options for getting high-quality torrents. However, since it is a private membership community only, you need an invite to join the website.



14) iDope

Created as a tribute for the original KickassTorrents, iDope is a highly innovative torrenting website, which even offers its users a reliable, intuitive, and user-friendly android app for downloading torrents at the maximum convenience, directly from your tablet or smartphone. Launched in 2016, iDope is a relative newcomer, but enjoys similar traffic to the movie/TV show specific torrent-site, Zooqle!



15) Monova

Boasting one of the neatest and cleanest designs ever for a torrenting website, Monova manages to stand out from the crowd, offering quite the convenience to users – thanks to its browsing torrents feature, which gives you access to specific category pages. As you can see, you even have a search bar available that further makes finding specific torrents way easier!



16) Seedpeer

Known for its sizeable database of torrents with a huge number of seeders (hence the name), Seedpeer is a great option to search for high-quality torrents, which offer remarkable speeds. It boasts a very simple and streamlined appearance with categories for different types of content, along with an intuitive and responsive search engine for easy locating of specific torrents.



17) TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk enjoys quite the solid reputation online, thanks to its “Verified” status indication. It has its own community of members, who regularly post torrents, while also giving suggestions to make the site better. The best part of all: unlike some websites, TorrentFunk is quite responsive in meeting user needs. Recently, the site removed adult-advertising from the site, after many complaints from members!



18) Torrents.me

Torrents.me has just started gaining popularity among avid P2P/Torrenting users – thanks to its amazing dashboard on their home page, which displays search trends, a trackers list for boosting torrent speeds, and torrent sites listings for various categories like movies & TV shows, music, applications, anime, manga torrents, sports, and all combined. It is the best choice for those who like additional features on torrenting sites!



19) YourBittorrent

Undoubtedly, YourBittorrent develops its reputation from being the most colorful torrenting website on the internet. Adding a mixture of blue, green, yellow, red, and orange, the site looks incredibly striking, especially for those who are new to P2P/Torrenting. Add this to the fast and responsive torrent searcher, and one can see why the site is a preferred choice for novice torrenters!



20) TorrentDownloads

Perhaps one of the most organized and well-designed P2P/Torrenting websites on the internet, TorrentDownloads goes the extra mile in offering users maximum convenience via its highly responsive “search” feature, which brings the latest and highest quality torrents at your disposal. You can even choose different categories like Movies, TV shows, Music, Games to find specific torrents!



Non-English Alternatives/Similar To KickAss Torrent Sites

In the highly unfortunate circumstances of the above P2P/Torrenting sites shutting down, which is close to impossible – users can always rely on Non-English torrent sites for finding their desired content. Though it can be hard to use for English-only downloaders, translating the page via the help of Google makes it seem no different than normal torrent sites. Some of the best ones include:

  1. Nyaa.si
  2. RuTracker.org
  3. Pirateiro
  4. ArenaBG
  5. 7tor.org

Pro Tip: Always use a VPN to download torrents anonymously to protect yourself from copyright notices

Torrent Anonymously


1) NYAA.si

The hit anime torrent site NYAA shut down last year, triggering protest and concern in P2P/Torrenting enthusiasts, who relied on the site for their anime content. If you have not already guessed, yes indeed, NYAA.si is the resurrection of the same site. This means you can finally begin downloading your favorite anime series and movies, without any hassles.

Non-English Alternatives/Similar To KickAss Torrent Sites


2) RuTracker

RuTracker is a Russian P2P/Torrenting website that has developed quite the reputation even among English-torrent site users. This is owed to its remarkable design and incredibly active forum, which regularly posts updates on torrents, tracker news, and questions/answers on various topics. To join the group, you need to follow certain rules. For other information, you even have a blog page available.



3) Pirateiro

Pirateiro came into being after the shutting down of Bitsnoop (2008-2017) RIP. The site offers a huge database of torrents, mostly focused more towards movies, TV shows, anime, and games, with the highest number of seeders you can find. Despite being a non-English torrenting site, it still offers a lot of content for the natives, meaning you can always rely on Pirateiro for your entertainment needs.

Pirateiro came into being after the shutting down of Bitsnoop (2008-2017) RIP. The site offers a huge database of torrents, mostly focused more towards movies, TV shows, anime, and games, with the highest number of seeders you can find. Despite being a non-English torrenting site, it still offers a lot of content for the natives, meaning you can always rely on Pirateiro for your entertainment needs.



4) ArenaBG

ArenaBG is a Bulgarian-torrenting website that has been under fire of police investigations for infringements of copyright law for non-commercial purposes for quite some time. As such, it was only accessible for users in Bulgaria, but after the site becoming functional again in 2011 – users can access the site from anywhere. The new design offers a smoother interface, better functionality, and faster torrent search. To get started with downloading torrents, you will need to sign up for a free account.



5) 7tor

Similar to NYAA.si, RuTracker, and ArenaBG, the 7tor website enjoys a highly active forum and community of members, which make the P2P/Torrenting experience a whole lot convenient. You can download torrents with a simple click of a button, and for those who want to become a contributor, you can sign up for a member account. There is even a mini-chat feature you can use for instant support on any topic!



The Importance of Using VPN Online

For those of you guessing how the FBI was able to get their hands on one of the most wanted and secretive people on the planet, you might find this interesting. Artem Vaulin, the owner and administrator of KickassTorrents, made a simple HUMAN ERROR! He made a small purchase on Apple iTunes with an IP address used for managing his website and had listed on Facebook.

Little did he know, this one mistake would end up ruing his entire life, as the ISP and Facebook went on to confirm the personal details linked to the IP address with FBI. Soon enough, he was charged with a four-count U.S. criminal indictment for money laundering and illegally distributing movies and music worth $1 billion, which does not count the tens and millions generated from ad revenue.

Though Vaulin is out of jail currently, after some tough years (released on $108,000 bail), he is unable to leave the country ever. All of this could be avoided if only Vaulin had thought about using a VPN service to mask his IP address and get rid of suspecting FBI investigators. If this does not prove how important VPNs are for torrenting, then we do not know what will!



PureVPN www.purevpn.com CyberGhost www.cyberghostvpn.com NordVPN www.nordvpn.com
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KickAssTorrents App

Not many are aware but KickAssTorrents even has a torrent client available on the Android OS, which allows users to delve into the huge KAT database, filled with books, music, video games, TV series, movies, programs, comics and more. However, while it should be easier to find torrents via the app, there have been no updates to improve the capturing of torrent files or magnet links. This is why the app has not yet gained momentum, as it is easier to access KickAssTorrents directly through the website.


KickassTorrents Apk

As mentioned earlier, the KickAssTorrents apk for Android still has a long way to go, until it finally gets polished enough to offer instant results to your search queries. Nevertheless, if you still want to download the app, you can check this link out. Since it is an unofficial KAT app and allows for the accessing of pirated content, it is unavailable in the Google Play Store. Go to the settings and activate “Apps from Unknown Sources” to download/install the apk file smoothly!


Download Torrents on iOS/iPhone with iDownloader

Ever since people learned it is possible to download torrents on ipad devices, Apple fans have gone berserk over different cloud download and storage services, providing relevant support. Among the prominent ones, include BiPort, iTransmission, and zbigz, which download the torrent on your behalf and give you the complete file for download via an HTTP link. Read this detailed guide on how to download torrents on iPhone to get started. Do not forget to download the iDownloader app from a third party store first!


Kickass Torrents Alternatives Twitter

The KickassTorrents has appeared and disappeared several times from Twitter, due to obvious pressure from copyright infringement hunters, who report the profile and get it removed. However, just like the site kicks a$$ of all these anti-piracy advocates, the Team Kickass stays true to its name, promising the KAT Community they are not going to give up anytime soon! Below you can see a Tweet from the team, thanking all #FreeInternet advocates for their support, after the tough crackdown against torrent sites.


Kickass Torrents Alternatives Reddit

Reddit exists as one of the most helpful and knowledge-filled communities online, as you can get opinions from experts to industry professionals on a variety of topics, products, and digital services. This includes asking questions about P2P/Torrenting, as many users have been relying on this method of downloading movies/TV shows, games, programs, music, photo albums, comics and books for over a decade. Below we share a thread from a Redditor, who talks about Kickass Torrents alternatives you can try out:


Wrapping Things Up

Hope this guide helps you figure out the best resource for downloading KAT torrents, especially if KickassTorrents is down. On a closing note, we would like to wish Artem Vaulin the best in his fight against the copyright clowns and their measly tricks to kill online privacy and freedom. Do leave your comments, feelings, and ideas in the comments section below, and join us on twitter @Bestvpnco to rage against copyright hunters/trolls.

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