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How to Cancel PureVPN Subscription & Get Refund in 2020?

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Do you want to cancel your PureVPN account and make a call for a refund? You can always get it done as PureVPN has a straight 31-day money-back guarantee for all its valued customers. If you do not want to carry on with their service for any reason, you can anytime request for cancellation of its VPN account. And the process is entirely risk-free and will not put you in trouble. 

Yet, upon requesting to cancel PureVPN, they will ask you questions and try their best to retain you. They will give you enticing offers so that you change your decision. In case you are still firm on your canceling request, just let them know that you are not interested. 

In this cancel PureVPN guide, I will share detailed steps on how you can move forward with your request. Besides that, here is the alternative VPN you need to go through if, in the future, you want to try on a VPN again.

Let’s get started.

Cancel PureVPN Subscription (Quick Insight)

Let me give you a quick insight into how you can cancel the PureVPN subscription without any hassle. The simple way out is to visit the site at  PureVPN.com and then click on Live Chat support. Next, you need to reach their support members to ask them for service cancellation and give them your refund request. 

Moreover, you need to provide your official email address and a valid reason behind why you want to cancel the PureVPN account. Lastly, check your email to find the confirmation message from PureVPN for your refund request. 

How to Cancel PureVPN Subscription 

PureVPN proves to be the top-tier service that has been delivering a standout performance. Yet, if you want to cancel your subscription due to any other concern, you can do so by following this PureVPN cancellation guide. 

Their support team is round the clock available to assist you in case you face trouble canceling your PureVPN service. You can always reach them by dropping a request on their live chat support. 

Although the first step towards the PureVPN cancellation process is not evident for users, that is due to the reason when you step into your PureVPN member account; you will not be getting a direct cancel or unsubscribe option. 

Thus, you have to put a request to any of their representatives dealing in customer support and ask for a cancellation link. To make the PureVPN canceling process easier, here is the link of the cancellation form that will take you a step ahead to move forward with PureVPN account cancellation. 

Step-by-Step PureVPN Cancellation Process

Wondering if you can smoothly go ahead with your PureVPN cancellation request, then it is not that simple. You have to reach their customer support team that is available right on PureVPN’s website. Their live chat support and email option work quite well to respond to your cancelation request instantly.

Moreover, make sure you process your request about cancellation or refund from PureVPN within the stipulated time frame of PureVPN’s 31-day money-back guarantee phase. Now, let us see how you can cancel the PureVPN subscription with the below listed simple steps. 

Step 01: First Log In to Your PureVPN Account

Log in to purevpn member account

Get a step ahead with your cancellation process by logging in to PureVPN member account. Next, go to the live chat option and request what you want, be it refund or cancellation.

Step 02: Open PureVPN Live Chat Window 

Live chat desk of PureVPN

After logging in to your PureVPN account, you have to click on the live chat option to talk with their support representative. 

Step 03: Now Put a Request for Cancellation 

Once you get connected with a PureVPN support member, let him know your request to either opt for a refund or cancel the account. 

Step 04: Negotiate with PureVPN Support Team 

It might happen that when you request their representative for either cancelation or refund, they will try to tempt you with their exciting offers. You have to see if those offers are worth considering or not. If in case, you are firm on your cancel PureVPN account decision, let them know. 

Step 05: Wait for PureVPN to Cancel your Subscription 

Once you have correctly gone through the above steps, you now have to wait for the PureVPN’s team to fulfill your cancellation or refund request. The suggested timeline to wait for getting your PureVPN account canceled is 5 to 7 working days. 

Cancel Your PureVPN Subscription via Email 

There is another alternative through which you can put forward your account cancellation request. Use the PureVPN official email and request to them regarding PureVPN account cancellation. You can create a ticket as well for this purpose on this site. Make sure you explain your reason precisely when you are writing an email to them. Their email address is help@purevpn.com.

Quick Workaround for Canceling PureVPN Auto-Renewal 

Like every VPN provider, PureVPN also has an auto-renewal option. That means after a designated period, your subscription will automatically get reactivated. Thereby, to opt-out of the auto-renewal PureVPN subscription, you can cancel it manually with a quick process. Regardless of whether you subscribe to a 1 or 2-year billing plan, you have to go through the same steps. 

Let’s jump right into how you go about canceling the automatic renewal of PureVPN accounts. The process I am sharing is of PayPal, but the procedure is somehow the same for other payment methods. 

  • The first thing you need to perform is to access your PayPal account and then click on the Profile option. Second, visit My Money’s option and further click on the option of Update next to the tab of “My Pre-approved payments.” And lastly, you have to access the PayPal payment that is linked with PureVPN and choose to cancel it. That’s how quickly you can opt-out of auto-renewal for the member account of PureVPN. 

What You Need to Consider Before You Cancel PureVPN 

PureVPN is one of the first-rated VPN providers that you can trust for all your security protection and unblocking needs. Their customer care service is well-known to help you with any request that you have. Be its cancellation of an account, refund, or any other troubleshooting errors. 

This service proves to be top-notch for unblocking Netflix with PureVPN in the USA. Also, if you are fond of torrenting, then for that, PureVPN speed-optimized servers are well-versed in accessing torrenting sites with PureVPN. Additionally, you can also opt for a PureVPN free trial to get confidence in their service before making the full payment.

Moreover, you can also set up PureVPN on devices, for instance, Windows, iOS, Android, Mac. On top of that, you can setup PureVPN on Firestick as well. It is the best VPN to log in to up to 10 multi-devices. All these reasons make PureVPN surpass all other VPN providers and let you think twice about the decision to cancel the PureVPN account. 

People Also Ask:

How do I cancel PureVPN?

You can cancel PureVPN by visiting its site, talk with their support member via live chat, and provide them the reason behind your cancellation request with an email address. 

How do I get a refund from PureVPN?

You can get a refund from PureVPN by placing an email to help@purevpn.com and giving details of your username and reason behind the call for a refund.

Final Words

You could have your reasons behind canceling PureVPN, but I recommend you think again because the privacy and security are incomparable. However, if you still want to cancel the subscription, the above process is quick yet more straightforward to get the request fulfilled.

At any point in time, you can ask the provider to cancel the PureVPN account and get a refund within a period of 31-days. I hope you found this cancellation guide useful to take a practical approach towards canceling your VPN subscription in real-time. 


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