How To Install And Set Up Surfshark On iPhone

Last updated: November 15, 2023
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Discover the optimal guide on How to Install and set up Surfshark on iPhone. Delve into our step-by-step tutorial that ensures anonymity in your online endeavors on iPhone, harnessing Surfshark’s cutting-edge features – making it the best VPN for iPhone.

As one of the leading best VPN providers, Surfshark dazzles with swift speeds, robust malware and ad blocking, and limitless device connections.

For those asking, “How to setup VPN on iPad for free?” Or “Is Surfshark iPhone not connecting?” Surfshark has got you covered.

Users of iPhones can effortlessly deploy the Surfshark App, fortifying their internet journeys with enhanced data protection and privacy.

Before immersing yourself in the seamless installation of Surfshark on iPhone in USA free, grasp the essence of why a VPN is imperative. Elevate your online experience, embracing Surfshark as your digital guardian. Unleash unparalleled protection and relish the boundless possibilities of secure surfing. Know more about the VPN through our Surfshark Review.

How To Install And Set Up Surfshark On iPhone – 4 Easy Steps

Empower your iPhone with Surfshark, facilitating encrypted data transfers for covert online exploration. Surfshark crafts a secure haven, shielding iPhone users from trackers, advertisers, and malicious entities. Elevate your online experience with Surfshark’s seamless protection against unwanted intrusions.

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Install and login your Surfshark app on your iPhone

Ever found yourself contemplating, “How to install and set up Surfshark on iPhone?” The answer is a resounding yes! Follow these guided steps for a seamless integration:

Step 1: Launch the App Store on your iPhone, setting the stage for the Surfshark adventure.


Step 2: Navigate to the search bar, type in the magic word – ‘Surfshark,’ and witness the results unfold.


Step 3: Choose the Surfshark app from the search results, initiating the download process. Brace yourself for a secure installation, where your fortress may require a FACE ID or Apple ID password for validation.


Upon the completion of installation, gracefully exit the App Store, signaling the beginning of your Surfshark journey.

Step 4: Locate the newly acquired Surfshark icon on your iPhone’s screen, and with a tap, unlock the gateway to heightened digital security.

Step 5: Immerse yourself in Surfshark’s world by acquainting yourself with its privacy policy and terms. With a decisive click on “Agree & Continue,” affirm your commitment to a safer online experience.

Step 6: If you’re already part of the Surfshark family, seamlessly log in as an Existing User. For newcomers, the ‘Create Account’ option awaits, opening the door to a world of enhanced digital protection.


Step 7: Key in your chosen credentials during the registration process – email address and password. Hit ‘login,’ and voila! You’ve now stepped into the secure embrace of Surfshark on your iPhone. Welcome to a realm where online security meets seamless user experience.


Connect to the Surfshark VPN on iPhone

Still having problems regarding “How to install and set up Surfshark on iPhone?” This is another method. Upon login, behold the Surfshark homepage gracing your screen.

Step 1: Safeguard Your Digital Domain

  • Shield your data and communications on iPhone by tapping into Surfshark’s protective embrace.
  •  Initiate a secure connection with a single click on the Quick Connect button, effortlessly linking to the nearest server in Surfshark’s network.
  •  Navigate to the Locations tab within the app for a personalized touch, allowing you to choose between the Fastest server or the Nearest country as your default connection.

Step 2: First-Time Connection Essentials

  • For VPN initiation, add configurations to your iPhone, a crucial step for Surfshark to establish and uphold the secure tunnel.
  • When prompted with a pop-up message, hit ‘Allow’ to seamlessly integrate Surfshark into your iPhone. In case of connectivity hitches, consult our Surfshark not working guide for swift assistance.

Step 3: Witness Secure Connectivity

  • The Surfshark app’s homepage now reflects the status of your connection.
  •  A successfully established VPN connection manifests on your screen, ensuring your internet connection is now fortified and shielded.
  • Dive into the specifics on the Surfshark homepage, revealing your new IP address and the total data traversing the VPN tunnel. Revel in the assurance of a protected online voyage.
Get Surfshark on Iphone30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Choose server locations of your choice on the iPhone

In the quest for a swift server experience, Surfshark on iPhone free connection opens the door to a vast network of 3200 servers spanning 100 countries.

Step 1: Navigate the Global Landscape

  • Manually connect to a server through the Locations tab, where Surfshark unveils a comprehensive list of available locations.
  •  A simple tap on the flag icon adjacent to your preferred location initiates an immediate connection, seamlessly linking you to the chosen server.

Step 2: Gauge Server Load Dynamically

  • Dive into real-time server metrics with bubbles next to each location, offering insights into server load.
  •  A glance at the bubbles provides a quick assessment; for instance, the Andorra server is lightly used, while the Argentina server indicates a balanced load.

Step 3: Unveil Advanced Tabs

  •  Explore the Static IP and MultiHop tabs atop the Surfshark app interface.
  •  Static IP: Ensures continuity with the same IP address on each connection request.
  • MultiHop: Elevate your security with dual VPN connections, weaving through servers in distinct geographical regions for an extra layer of protection.

Embark on a personalized and secure server journey with Surfshark iPhone settings options and innovative features.

Manage Surfshark features and settings on your iPhone

Discover a trifecta of features in the Surfshark VPN app’s Features tab:

  • CleanWeb: Block malware, ads, trackers, and malicious sites for a pristine online experience.
  • Kill Switch: Safeguard against leaks by disconnecting from the internet if the VPN connection falters.
  • NoBorders Mode: Navigate Surfshark seamlessly in restrictive regions.

Configuration Customization in Settings:

  • Step 1: Unveil the Settings menu, housing VPN Settings, App Settings, My Account, and Get Help options.
  • VPN Settings: Tailor auto-connect, kill switch, Bypasser, and Tunneling protocols.
  • App Settings: Toggle Dark Mode, adjust language settings.
  • My Account: Access subscription details and account information.
  •  Get Help: Troubleshoot and optimize VPN performance.
  • Step 2: In the Account tab, grasp subscription details and log out seamlessly.
  • Step 3: Dive into the Help tab for troubleshooting, privacy policies, terms, and subscription specifics. Connect with Surfshark agents instantly, share diagnostics reports, and explore FAQs for comprehensive guidance.

With these steps, embrace Surfshark on iPhone swiftly. For inquiries, tap into 24/7 customer service via email or live chat. Seamless security and support at your fingertips!

Why Use Surfshark for iPhone

Shield your online identity effortlessly with Surfshark on iPhone.

Safeguard Your Online Identity:

Implement Surfshark on iPhone with the user-friendly steps outlined in “How To Install And Set Up Surfshark On iPhone.” Ensure a robust defense against identity exposure, protecting your online persona.

No Log Policy:

Enjoy the assurance of privacy with Surfshark’s strict no-log policy, prioritizing the confidentiality of your online activities.

Blazing VPN Speeds:

Step into a fast-paced digital realm as you install and configure Surfshark on your iPhone, experiencing unparalleled VPN speeds for seamless browsing.

Abundance of Server Options:

Explore the vast network while you get Surfshark On iPhone. Connect over 3200 servers across 100 countries for an optimized online experience.

User-Friendly Application:

Dive into the installation journey effortlessly, benefitting from Surfshark’s intuitive and easy-to-use application on your iPhone.

Block Ads & Malware:

Enhance your online security by utilizing Surfshark’s ad and malware-blocking capabilities, ensuring a clean and secure digital environment.

Unlimited Device Connections:

Unleash the power of Surfshark on multiple devices simultaneously, safeguarding your online presence with unlimited device connections, making it the best VPN for Multiple Devices.

Get Surfshark on Iphone30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Surfshark on iPhone Features

Note: if you cannot find specific settings in your Surfshark app, it’s probably because you haven’t installed the latest version.

To address this, we recommend uninstalling your current app and then reinstalling the updated version.

Within the Surfshark app for iPhone or iPad, you’ll find several settings and features to customize, making it one of the best VPNs for iPad. You can also assess the connection speed of different servers using Surfshark speed test, ensuring you get optimal performance.

Quick-connect feature allows you to select a preferred server for easy and instant VPN connections, which can be beneficial for gamers looking for a quick and stable connection while playing online games, making it one of the best VPN for Gaming.surfshark-on-iphone-ipad-servers-list-2.jpg-in-USA

Surfshark’s CleanWeb feature serves as a defense against malware and ads while browsing on websites while connected to the VPN.


The Kill Switch toggle is a safety feature that automatically disables your internet connection if your VPN connection is unexpectedly lost. This helps protect your online privacy and security.

Users also have the option to choose from various VPN protocols, including WireGuard.


Additional customization options can be found within the Surfshark Application’s Settings menu.


Get Surfshark on Iphone30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Surfshark on iPhone FAQ

Yes, you can install and secure all your devices seamlessly under a single Surfshark subscription by using Surfshark iOS download apk, providing protection for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making it one of the best among the best VPNs for iPhone.

You can setup Surfshark on your iPhone/iPad by following the method:

  • Locate the Manual connection configuration page within the Surfshark iOS app.
  •  Identify Surfshark service credentials and server hostnames for manual connection setup.
  • Initiate the VPN connection using the gathered information.
  •  Seamlessly navigate through the steps, ensuring a manual and secure connection with Surfshark on your iOS device.
  •  Immerse yourself in the process, leveraging the app’s features for a personalized and safeguarded online experience.

You may log in through the following method:

  • Launch the app on the device where you need Surfshark login and choose the option for existing users.
  • Opt for the “Log In With Code” feature to initiate a unique login process.
  • Receive a distinctive 6-digit code generated for authentication.
  •  Navigate to the Settings tab on the device where you are currently logged in.
  •  Engage in a seamless and secure login experience by following these steps within the Surfshark application.

Surfshark stands out as the premier VPN choice for iPhone and iPad, earning widespread acclaim as one of the most favored VPNs for Apple devices. Its stellar reputation is reflected in commendable customer ratings as per Surfshark review Reddit.

The user-friendly app consistently delivers reliable performance, making it a top contender in the realm of VPNs. Additionally, Surfshark boasts an impressive server network, further solidifying its position as the best VPN for Mac  and ranks among the Best VPNs For Apple TV devices.


We hope the queries regarding “How to Install and Set up Surfshark on iPhone have been solved through our guide.

Experience unparalleled browsing, streaming, and gaming within a secure and dependable platform, like Best VPNs for GameLoop.

Discover the epitome of affordability and security with Surfshark, crowned as the best VPN for Torrenting and among the best VPNs for Streaming Sports; users can enjoy unlimited access to their favorite streaming platforms.

Uncompromising user privacy, Surfshark employs military-grade encryption and a myriad of privacy mechanisms. On iPhone, Surfshark not only fortifies your device but also enhances usability and accessibility.

Surfshark extends its protective mantle across all your devices under a single subscription, providing a seamless and comprehensive security solution. Embrace the opportunity with a 7-day free trial specifically tailored for iPhone users.

Dive deeper into the assurance with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to explore the Surfshark iOS compatibility risk-free. Elevate your online experience with the pinnacle of VPN services, ensuring top-notch security and performance for your iPhone.

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