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A specialized VPN review site that originated last year out of the vacuum felt in the VPN industry of unbiased user reviews.

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Best VPN websites that label themselves as “Privacy Mentors”, “Security Professionals” and blah blah are really just phony!

We at, however, take honesty and unbiasedness of VPN reviews very seriously.

This website was created from the dire need of a legit and accurate review website that could offer un-biased roundups of Popular VPN services.

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Leaving no stone unturned, we have published multiple, unbiased studies on a variety of issues from the VPN industry. From assessing the data retention laws of VPN Jurisdictions, analyzing Logging Policies, to conducting Leak Tests, and bypassing VPN blocks via Obfuscation, we go in-depth into all providers to dig out the dirt for you.

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Our work is different from other review sites in that we always back our opinions and claims with proper facts, results and details. Never once will you see our own personal opinion being offered on a certain issue without us giving you proper detailing on it.



How We Pick Best VPNs for Reviewing – Rating Criteria for Testing!

Our highly thorough and comprehensive review format  includes assessing a VPN software from every SINGLE ASPECT! We have signed up with a total of 180 providers, taking our complete time in assessing every one of them. This helps us accurately categorize them, according to user needs.Each VPN is tested on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

We even test routers to get an unbiased overview of their offerings. This allows users to read VPN reviews that holistically tell them about how well an actual service performs. We then usually divide providers according to different performance metrics. All the VPNs we list for review undergo a speed test, DNS/IPv6 leak test, and tracker test.

We also conduct an assessment of their pricing and plans, advanced features, privacy, website, and overall encryption/security. At the same time, we analyze mentions and brand searches.To go a little more in-depth, also checks different websites/communities/forums for genuine USER reviews. This helps in cases we miss on specific issues/problems our viewer-base should know about.

VPN Comparison 2019 – Over 180 Providers Tested! might be a relatively new VPN review site. However, the team behind it has an experience of over a decade serving in this industry. We were there before such privacy protection tools started gaining fame in the marketplace.

During this time, we have successfully directed a whopping 1 million+ users towards relevant VPNs for unblocking streaming sites, bypassing firewalls, P2P/torrenting, or receiving maximum privacy online.

To give users a better idea about different services, we also performed an analysis on over 180 providers in the marketplace. The results we scaled from this ginormous analysis have been highlighted in the table we’ve presented below.

Best VPN For 2019 – Recommended Providers!

We hope you are aware of how useful VPN technology is by now. If you are contemplating on signing up, let us make the decision-making process a bit easier. Below is a list of the Best VPNs for 2019, each offering an impressive list of benefits. This way, you can feel assured to receive unmatched security and anonymity. The process of reviewing the below providers took us over two weeks. We hope you appreciate our efforts!


Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1. Best Value VPN
    Per Month
    • AES 256-bit network traffic encryption
    • OpenVPN and IKEv2 security protocols
    • No logs policy
    • 800+ servers in 50 countries
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Supports P2P/Torrenting
    83% Discount
  2. Best Streaming VPN
    Per Month
    • 300,000 + IPs & 2000 + Servers
    • Dedicated Streaming Servers Available
    • Split Tunneling/DNS Leak Protection
    • P2P/Torrenting, Port Forwarding, Static IPs
    • L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols
    • DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
  3. Best Privacy VPN
    Per Month
    • iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android Apps
    • “Stealth VPN” Servers for Regressive Countries
    • Excellent WebRTC and DNS Leak Protection
    • Split Tunneling and Automatic Kill Switch
    • 2,000+ Servers in 148 Countries Worldwide
    • SmartDNS and Network Lock Features
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    49% Off
  4. Best China VPN
    Per Month
    • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
    • 30-day Money Back Guarantee Available
    • WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS Leak Protection
    • Simultaneous Connections on 6 Devices
    • Dedicated Servers for P2P & Streaming
    • 5,228 servers in 62 countries worldwide
  5. Best Unblocking VPN
    Per Month
    • DNS and IP Leak Protection for Unblocking
    • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 7-day Trial
    • 3000 Servers to Bypass Geo-Restrictions
    • Secure Wi-Fi Feature for Security in Public
    • Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection
    • Mozilla and Chrome Browser Add-ons
    • OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols
    77% Off


Surfshark – Best Value VPN Provider

Surfshark vpn is second best


Giving a tough competition to other budget-friendly providers, Surfshark has made an impressive entry into the market. We took around 10 hours to review the service properly, and needless to say, we were quite impressed. The provider is based in the British Virgin Islands (a VPN-friendly jurisdiction). BVI is free of all sorts of data retention laws, so you can rest assured of your data being secure.


Surfshark even offers a lot of useful features to customers.  For instance, CleanWebTM adds ad-blocking, tracker-blocking and malware protection to your VPN connections, which enhances your overall browsing experience. It even offers an immensely useful MultiHop feature. This can allow you to bypass your internet service through two different servers around the world to keep your identity hidden. Add this to Surfshark’s diamond-strong protection and users can feel assured to stay safe online at all times.

Protocols & Encryption

The provider offers two strong encryption ciphers: AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM. Almost every VPN in the marketplace uses the former, which makes Surfshark the only service to offer the latter. The difference between the two is of something called “chosen ciphertext attacks”. AES-256-CBC uses a secure Message Authentication Code (MAC), along with the AES algorithm. Conversely, AES-256-GCM has built-in authentication codes, which makes the process a whole lot faster!

Connectivity and Apps

For connectivity, the provider does not to disappoint and offers amazing internet speeds on its expanding server list. This number of servers have now stretched to 500+ in 45 countries in just 2 months. The VPN client despite being a new player is also perfect for accessing Netflix content (since you even have dedicated IPs available). If you need any assistance, the 24/7 live chat support team proves to be quite helpful and responsive too.  You have apps for all internet traffic platforms/devices too, along with a Router app.

Subscription Pricing

With regards to pricing, Surfshark tends to be incredibly cost-effective and wallet-friendly. The monthly plan starts off with incredibly high pricing at $11.95 and its a bit of a bummer. But the plans with longer subscription durations are priced much more reasonably. For instance, the 6-months plan, gives you a 65% discount, reducing the pricing to $8.99 per month. If you go for the yearly plan, you only pay $5.99 per month, which totals to $71.88 every 12-months. The best part of all: you have a 30-day refund guarantee available.

If you want to learn more about Surfshark, check this comprehensive review out!

WebRTC Leak Test

When it comes to selecting a suitable provider, you need to think broader than just analyzing the features. This goes true, especially if you want to keep your identity hidden and anonymous at all times. You need to make sure that you receive maximum security online. We conducted a WebRTC Leak Test on the provider by connecting to a server in Russia. As you can see below, our identity is successfully anonymized. Both the local and public IP addresses indicating, we are located in Russia.

webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

For users who regularly engage in P2P/Torrenting or stream pirated content online, DNS servers leaks are incredibly risky. They could result in you paying hefty DMCA fines. Luckily with Surfshark, you can feel assured that there are no dangers of your DNS service leaking out. The VPN does not reveal your true identity or location. As you can see, the results below reveal that there is only a single DNS server detected from Russia.

DNS Leak test

Complete Privacy Analysis

Surfshark might not be a market leader, but it does not fall behind in any aspect. This provider can stand its ground well when compared with even the Top tier services. You receive a respectable number of server locations, good streaming capabilities, and excellent encryption. To be completely sure of the service though, conducting a complete privacy analysis was necessary. You will feel glad to see the results below, which indicate that we are located in Russia! This includes changes in local IP address, public IP, or DNS!

Complete privacy analysis


  1. 500+ Servers network infrastructure in 50 Countries Worldwide
  2. Budget-Friendly VPN ($47.76 for 2 years)
  3. CleanWebTM (Ad/Tracker/Malware Blocker)
  4. MultiHop Feature for Boosting Anonymity
  5. Legacy Simultaneous Connections (No Limits)
  6. Automatic Kill Switch and Wi-Fi Vpn Protection


  1. No Dedicated IPs Available


PureVPN – Best VPN for Streaming Content

best vpn for binge is pure


After investing 48 hours into testing PureVPN, we learned the provider is great for cost-effective streaming. It is operated by the GZ Systems and based in Hong Kong (one of the safest internet hubs in the world). It is also exceptionally budget-friendly, as the pricing is incredibly low, starting at just $10.95 monthly. The yearly plans allow you to leverage an amazing discount of 63%.


Pricing Information

The 2 year pricing plan costs the users just $3.29/month which totals to a paltry $78.96 (billed once). However, if you want to receive the best value for your money, consider subscribing to their 1-year plan (73% Off). It typically gives users a massive 73% discount, dropping the per month costs to $2.95! The total cost for this plan is just $35 billed once.

The best part of all: all plans are backed up by a 31-day refund guarantee. This allows you to test-drive the service and its capabilities. Acceptable payment methods are quite diverse and include options like PayPal, AliPay, Payment Wall, Bitcoin and even Gift Cards. Once you start using the service, you get to leverage fast vpn speeds and strong unblocking, Wifi VPN security features.

Protocols and Connectivity

Users gain access to a huge list of 2000+ servers in 140+ countries and 180 locations worldwide, multiple security protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN & the revolutionary Stealth protocol), and simultaneous connections on more than five devices at the same time. In addition to this, PureVPN even goes the extra mile in protecting user data collection by offering IPV6 and DNS Leakage.

Features Availability

This helps in streaming seamlessly by unblocking sites like Netflix US, Amazon Prime, HotStar, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, among others. For complete anonymity, you even have 80,000+ static IPs with the choice of purchasing dedicated IP VPN  for a $5 additional charge. Security is available through 256-bit AES encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys, and MD5 HMAC authentication.

However, things do not just end here, as the quality VPN even offers plenty of advanced features. These include NAT Firewall for preventing malicious attempts on your network. Split Tunneling and SOCKS5 proxy for improved performance to download torrents and stream content online. Ad/Tracker blocking features to hide away those irritating adverts when browsing the internet.

Read in-depth PureVPN review.

WebRTC Leak Test

Below we conducted a WebRTC Test from Browser Leaks on the provider. The process involved connecting to a server in the UK. PureVPN managed to cloak your identity quite successfully! As you can see, there are no signs of any leakages in the test. The VPN successfully manages to hide your local IP address and IPv6 address, revealing only the public IP address, which is that of a Vpn location.

purevpn webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

The process of determining the anonymity of a VPN does not just end by a WebRTC leak test. Users need to make sure the provider they select, offers maximum privacy and anonymity. As a result, there should be no DNS leaks. The results below reveal a single DNS server, which is located in the UK. This means, our identity is completely secure, as there are no signs pointing to our official US location!

PureVPN DNS Leak Test

Complete Privacy Analysis

To ensure that the results we received for both WebRTC and DNS leak tests were accurate, we decided to conduct a complete privacy analysis. We used the famous for the process. Fortunately, there were no gaps found in this test too. The default IPv4 address is of a UK location. Even the DNS address gives no indications to our original location. This indicates strong customer privacy and anonymity!

PureVPN Complete Privacy Analysis

Security/No Logs Third Party Audit Progress

When it comes to selecting the VPN apps, you need to be 100% sure you are making the right decision. This is why you must look for a neutral third party audit review of providers. This gives prospects an independent assessment of the VPN and its ongoing maintenance of supporting technology. It also provides unbiased information about the services’ standards, guidelines, and CLAIMS!

The review will assess every aspect of the VPN. This includes relationships with third parties, management and governance practices of business and IT units, information security management, business continuity, security awareness, configuration management of networks and servers, and the incident management process. In light of all this, we decided to contact PureVPN and ask about their security audit progress.

A representative from the VPN Company informed that they are already under review. They have gone through negotiations with three different independent audit companies. We received no exact dates for the audit being available to the public. However, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to two months During our conversation, the representative also revealed details about releasing “Transparency Reports” for their service.



  1. 300,000 + IPs & 2000 + servers in 140 countries
  2. Optimized Dedicated Streaming Servers Available
  3. Split Tunneling/DNS Leak Protection for Privacy
  4. P2P/Torrenting Enabled, Port Forwarding, Static IPs
  5. PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols
  6. Ad-Blocking to Stop Extra Bandwidth Usage
  7. DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch


  1. No Free Trial Available for Testing VPN



ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Privacy/Anonymity

best vpn for privacy/anonymity is express


We conducted a thorough analysis of ExpressVPN that lasted for 48 hours. The review made it clear that the VPN is a top pick for leveraging ultimate privacy/anonymity. Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN was even involved in a Turkish investigation that saw the assassination of Russian Ambassador Turkey. Andrei Karlov was shot, by an off-duty police official, Mevlüt Mert Altıntas.


Privacy and Security

Upon digging into the matter, the authorities found that the police officer’s Facebook and Gmail were deleted. That too, right after the assassination of the Ambassador. Digital traces revealed the action was done over a private connection, operated by ExpressVPN.  Turkish authorities seized the server in question and conducted a thorough inspection, but could not find any find anything.

This resulted in a direct call for logs from ExpressVPN. However, the provider denied having any and reiterated its NO LOGS policy. They even received an official testimonial, which further confirms that the event was true. This means, ExpressVPN indeed is a great choice for leveraging anonymity online.

Pricing Information

The monthly pricing starts at $12.95 and the 6 monthly plan will cost you $9.99/month ($59.95 billed once). But now, ExpressVPN is offering a special 12 + 3 months plan at just $6.67/month! The total cost of this plan is $99.95 billed once, allowing you to save a whopping 49%!

Servers and Features

Once you sign up with ExpressVPN, you gain access to 2000+ 140 servers in over 90 countries. This provides you with unblocking capabilities for geo-restricted websites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. You even receive 256-bit AES encryption, and dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

ExpressVPN also offers custom VPN routers for maximum security and a dedicated app for Firestick. You even have support for devices like the Android TV box, PlayStation, Smart TVs and Apple TVs. All plans are backed with a 30-day refund guarantee. Other features you receive include  24/7 live chat support, ad/tracker blocking, zero-knowledge DNS for unblocking, and automatic kill switch to protect your identity upon VPN disconnection.

Check this expressvpn review out for a more detailed analysis!

WebRTC Leak Test

ExpressVPN ranks at the top in almost all categories concerning unblocking, Best vpn for torrenting, privacy/security, and streaming. It does not fail to disappoint in offering excellent user anonymity too. We connected to a server in Canada from US.  Upon conducting the WebRTC Leak test – there were no signs of any information escaping. The public IP address is that of a Canadian server. Also, the local IP is different from the one provided by our local ISP.

expressvpn webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

The last thing anybody needs is connecting to a VPN server only to learn that their DNS address is leaking. This can prove detrimental. Especially, if you live in a country with tough internet activities and copyright infringement laws. Lucky for you, ExpressVPN offers the latest in VPN protocols, coupled with strong encryption and privacy features. The VPN indicate no leakages at all. As you can see, the results below show a Canadian DNS address.

ExpressVPN DNS Leak Test

Complete Privacy Analysis

The fast speeds offered by ExpressVPN servers, coupled with Netflix unblocking and torrenting capabilities, make the provider a great choice. We can vouch for this, especially after conducting a thorough analysis on the VPN service. The test below involves all aspects of information leakage. As you can see, there is no indication of our official US location. The local IP, the public IP, and the DNS address all indicate that we are based in Canada!

ExpressVPN Complete Privacy Analysis



  1. Dedicated apps for iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android
  2. “Stealth VPN” Servers for Regressive Countries
  3. Excellent WebRTC and DNS Leak Protection
  4. Split Tunneling and Automatic Kill Switch
  5. 2,000+ Servers in 148 Countries Worldwide
  6. SmartDNS and Network Lock Features
  7. 5 Simultaneous/Maximum Devices Connections


  1. Extremely Pricey and No Free Trial



NordVPN – Effective VPN for China

Best vpn is nord


Reviewing NordVPN took quite a few hours off, and we almost finished all our coffee and smokes. We came to the conclusion that the provider is the best vpn for china and expats visiting the chinese territory. A Creation of the Tefincom co S.A. – NordVPN is a Panamanian-based provider of internet security and privacy services. It offers some of the most advanced technologies and features, leading to its massive growth in the marketplace.


Since it is based in Panama, you can also feel relieved it offers you maximum anonymity. The government protects user data under the law! Add this to its no-logs policy and zero history of revealing of information to government authorities. NordVPN may just be the best solution for bypassing geo-restrictions and avoiding those hefty DMCA fines. The pricing starts at $11.23 monthly, but there is a package billed $79 after every two years!

Pricing and Server Details

It reduces the monthly pricing all the way down to $3.29 by giving you an amazing 72% discount! Best part of all: you have a 30-day refund guarantee available. This means, if you do not feel comfortable using the VPN, you can always request for your money back. Once you subscribe to NordVPN though, you gain access to a huge list of 4452 servers in 62 countries worldwide. They come in handy for unblocking VoDs or engaging in P2P.

Protocols and Encryption

This again singles out NordVPN from the rest, as it boasts the largest server database in the marketplace. However, things do not just end here; you also receive multiple protocol support, which includes PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. Moreover, you have native apps for all platforms/devices, along with manual setup guides and built-in VPN routers. This comes in handy for configuring a secure connection around your house.

Features Information

Features you gain access to include DNS Leak Protection, Automatic Kill Switch, and Onion Over VPN. For advanced technologies, you have DoubleVPN, which passes all internet/network traffic through two servers located in different countries. CyberSec that blocks cyber threats, harmful websites, and malware from spreading on your devices. SmartPlay that allows for instant and seamless streaming!

Gain complete insight into the offerings of NordVPN in this review.

WebRTC Leak Test

Users are already aware that they receive quite the amazing level of anonymity online when using NordVPN. This is because pf their strategic location and highly secure servers around the world. However, to be completely sure of the services’ credibility, we conducted a WebRTC leak Test. Needless to say, there were no errors found, as your local IP and IPv6 address both were invisible.

NordVPN WebRTC Leak Test

DNS Leak Test

DNS Leaks are incredibly dangerous for users who regularly stream pirated content or engage in P2P/Torrenting. However, when you sign up with NordVPN, you can feel assured that there are no dangers of your DNS leaking out. Nothing will reveal your true identity or location. As you can see, the results below show that there is only a single DNS server detected. It does not indicate or hint towards our real location!

NordVPN DNS Leak Test

Complete Privacy Analysis

If users are still double-minded about using NordVPN, take a look at this complete privacy analysis. We connected to a stealth server in Hong Kong and then performed a test via The results showed that the VPN was successful in hiding our true US location. It displayed a Hong Kong IP Address for our IPv4 and public address. The DNS address also showed that we were connected to a single server located in Hong Kong.

NordVPN Complete Privacy Analysis

Security/ No Logs 3rd Party Audit Progress

In recent news, NordVPN seems involved in a shocking copyright infringement lawsuit, which includes Tesonet and Luminati Networks. The allegations within the lawsuit hint that the provider has been lying about its base of operations. It also states that NordVPN may be involved in reselling user-bandwidth. This is similar to what HolaVPN was caught doing a few years ago. Ultimately, leading to its downfall in the marketplace.

Since NordVPN is a leader in the VPN market, the Trial gives a serious blow to all its customers. Allegations indicate that Tesonet – a data mining firm – is behind the creation of NordVPN. In light of this, the provider understands that they have to gain the trust of their customers back. Therefore, just yesterday they announced that they would be hiring one of the largest professional service firms.

They will run an independent audit to verify their “no logs” claim. After all, it is only wise since they are being blamed of having relations with a data mining company! The audit is expected to be completed within 2 months. Until we get complete details on the auditing, we cannot say much about the allegations. Though, the situation is definitely alarming.



  1. DoubleVPN and CyberSec for Cloaking Identity
  2. Automatic Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection
  3. Onion over VPN and SmartDNS Features
  4. SOCKS5 Proxy for Torrenting Safely
  5. 4879+ Servers in 62 countries
  6. Multi-Logins on Six Devices
  7. Dedicated IP Addresses


  1. Refund can take up to 30 Days!


CyberGhost – Best VPN Choice for Unblocking Sites

top vpn for unblocking sites


The testing/analyzing process for CyberGhost vpn took us a good one and a half days. This made us realize the provider is a great choice for unblocking websites! Based in Romania, CyberGhost VPN offers great diversity to its user base. It recently introduced the new CyberGhost 6-user interface on its Mac and Windows dedicated apps. This grants for better user-friendliness, which works in favor of the provider.


However, the VPN’s reputation has suffered a little. Its Android software made an appearance in the list of “intrusive or malicious” apps. This is of course, a rare instance for a service of this stature. Nevertheless, the VPN still ranks among the greatest and safest choices online, especially for engaging in P2P activities. The monthly pricing starts at $11.99, which is quite expensive.

Subscription Information

For the budget-conscious buyers though, there is a 2-year plan available. It gives you a massive 71% discount. This drops the monthly pricing to $3.50, meaning you only pay $84 every 2 years! If you plan on subscribing to any of the plans from CyberGhost VPN. You will be pleased to hear that the provider accepts a good selection of payment methods.

Payment Methods and Encryption

You can pay through credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Direct payment methods like PayPal and for maximum anonymity “Bitcoin” are also available. Once you sign up for the service, you get access to 2850+ VPN servers in 60 countries worldwide. In addition, you are protected with 256-bit AES encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys, and MD5 HMAC authentication.

Features Availability

You have a 30-day refund guarantee available for test driving the service. The apps, in general, will definitely grab your attention. For instance, the desktop client offers users specific modes for using the VPN. You can choose to surf anonymously, unblock streaming, secure Wi-Fi hotspot, torrent anonymously, and unblock basic websites. Other features you receive include Split Tunneling, NAT Firewall, and multi-logins on 5 devices!

Read more about the provider in this CyberGhost Review!

WebRTC Leak Test

Selecting a suitable provider involves more than just exploring the pricing, support, features, and servers availability. You need to make sure that you receive maximum security online. Luckily, you do get what you pay for with CyberGhost. We conducted a WebRTC Leak Test on the provider by connecting to a server in Germany.As you can see, the public IP Address is that of a German Server. The local IP is also different than the one from our local ISP.

CyberGhost webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

In all probability, we would like to trust CyberGhost, when it says it offers unmatched security and privacy. However, things do not work that way, and at we do not trust, we verify. As such, leaving things at a simple WebRTC test is not enough. Below we conduct a DNS leak test to ensure you remain completely secure. We connected to a server in Germany, and the DNS address claims the same!

CyberGhost DNS Leak Test

Complete Privacy Analysis

It is always good to get a second opinion about whatever test you perform on VPN providers. Now, you can opt to do it manually, but then why would sites likes come in handy. If you look at the results below, you can see – there are no signs of any leakage from any aspect.

The IP address is that of a German location, including the local IP. The DNS server too is the same as the cloaked IP, which means that there are no leaks whatsoever!

CyberGhost Complete Privacy Analysis



  1. DNS and IP Leak Protection for Unblocking
  2. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 7-day Trial
  3. 2850+ Servers to Bypass Geo-Restrictions
  4. Secure Wi-Fi Feature for Security in Public
  5. Automatic Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection
  6. Mozilla and Chrome Browser Add-ons
  7. OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols


  1. Expensive Monthly Plan



torguard logo

After putting in around 24 hours to review TorGuard, we learned it is an exceptional choice for users wanting secure and fast static IPs. The provider is based in the US, so it may turn off potential customers. This is because in circumstances of government investigations and search warrants, TorGuard will comply and provide assistance.

However, since the VPN adopts a no connection logs policy, the only information agencies will be able to access is your billing information. If you sign up with Bitcoin, you can mitigate that risk too and receive maximum anonymity online. So, users can feel assured that when they sign up with TorGuard, they get good privacy online and stay protected.

Subscription Pricing

TorGuard offers fours different subscription options to users: anonymous proxy, anonymous VPN, anonymous Email, and the privacy bundle. The pricing goes as $5.95, $9.99, $6.95, and $11.54 respectively. To receive the best value, we advise users to opt for the anonymous VPN package. It offers a huge list of features and specifications.

Best part of all: the package can be purchased in a multitude of billing cycles with the added incentive of special discounts. For instance, if you opt for the two-year plan, you only pay $99.99. This gives you a massive 50% off on the monthly pricing.

Features and Specifications

Once signed up, you get access to TorGuard Stealth Proxy, 3000+ Servers in 50+ countries, and OpenConnect SSL based VPN. Users can even use Port Forwarding/Selection, not available with different providers in recent times. We even tested the provider for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks too, but found nothing that could lead back to our identity.

However, the most impressive trait out of all is TorGuard’s huge list of dedicated IPs, which are divided into two categories: regular and streaming. A regular static IP is a good choice for browsing or engaging in online banking. For entertainment-geeks, the streaming IPs are best-suited. All the static IPs locations are priced at $7.99.

Protocols and Connectivity

TorGuard offers users maximum anonymity via strong military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption and availability of a huge list of protocols. These include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Other less famous options include ShadowSocks, Stunnel, SSH tunneling, OpenConnect/AnyConnect, SSL Proxy.

Competitors do not support even half of these protocols. Giving TorGuard quite an edge in the marketplace. In terms of connectivity, users have access 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries. For multiple connections, TorGuard can support up to 5 devices concurrently.

WebRTC Leak Test

To get a better idea about the anonymity offered by TorGuard, we conducted a WebRTC Leak Test. Similar to the above providers, TorGuard managed to successfully keep our identity private, after connecting to a server in the Netherlands. You can see the results in the Browser Leaks test below.

torGuard WebRTC Leak Test

Complete Privacy Analysis

To gain a complete picture about the privacy offered by TorGuard, we conducted a complete privacy analysis from We connected to a server in the Netherlands from the US. As you can see from the results below, our identity and original US IP address is invisible. This means, users can feel assured to stay secure online with TorGuard.

TorGuard Complete Privacy Analysis


  1. 3000+ Servers in 50+ countries Worldwide
  2. Connectivity to 5 Devices Simultaneous
  3. ShadowSocks, Stunnel, SSH tunneling
  4. Port Forwarding/Selection Available
  5. Static IPs Priced at a Low $7.99
  6. OpenConnect SSL based VPN
  7. MITM attack protection


  1. VoDs Only Work with Static IPs
  2. Based in the US


Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) Logo


Reviewing PIA took us a good 36 hours. Our synopsis about the provider is that it is a great option for streamers and individuals, who want a good VPN for unblocking geo-restricted websites.

The provider is located in the US (part of the Five and Fourteen Eyes Alliances), so its credibility is poor in the marketplace. However, the VPN has never been caught revealing data.


Security and Connectivity

The FBI once did demand the provider to hand over its logs. However, since it kept no such data, it was unable to cooperate; ensuring privacy of user remained intact. “After scrutinizing the validity of the subpoena and confirming it, we restated as we always do the content of our privacy policy and then we notified the agent that we do not log any user activity.”

As such, users can feel assured that their identity remains safe with PIA. Add this to their exceptional military-grade encryption of AES-256, with SHA256 for data authentication, and RSA-4096 for handshake and the provider is definitely worth the money. For connectivity, PIA offers users an expansive database of 3272 servers spread across 25 countries worldwide.

Pricing and Subscription Info

PIA strikes the perfect balance between affordability and value. It offers some of the best packages in the marketplace of VPNs. The monthly pricing begins at $6.95, but longer durations grant you access to special discounts. For instance, if you sign up for their yearly package, you will only have to pay $3.33/month – giving you an awesome 52% discount.

This totals to $39.96 yearly, which is quite budget-friendly to say the least. However, if you want to receive the best value, we advise users to go for the 2-year subscription. This plan further reduces the monthly costs to $2.91, meaning you only pay $69.84 for two years. All plans are backed up with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Features and Specifications

When you sign up with PIA, you gain access to very useful features. MACE, for instance, is a new system offered by the service. It returns IP addresses of unwanted domain names, blocking irritating ads, saving you data and bandwidth. The provider even supports SOCKS5 proxies. This helps users receive maximum security and anonymity for their P2P/Torrenting activities.

Other features include ad/tracker/malware blocker, dedicated apps for all famous devices, and ability to connect to 5 devices simultaneously. The provider even offers its own DD-WRT Flash Routers. You can check them out here. This enables users to utilize the VPN connection even on gaming devices like Xbox, PS4, and smart devices like Apple TVs.

WebRTC Leak Test

PIA has proved itself as a reliable service – thanks to its no logging policies, which have been verified during an FBI case. However, does the VPN remain consistent in offering complete anonymity online? Yes, it does! You can see the results below, which reveal zero information about our connection to an Australian server from the US.

PIA WebRTC Leak Test

Complete Privacy Analysis

To gain an unbiased opinion about the anonymity of PIA, we decided to perform a test on We connected to a server in Victoria, Australia from our US location. According to the results, there was no information about our original IP address. The IPv4, WebRTC, and DNS all indicate that you are based in Australia, guaranteeing utmost level of anonymity.

PIA Complete Privacy Analysis


  1. 1200+ VPN Servers across 60+ Countries
  2. 40,000+ shared IPs for Cloaking Identity
  3. Simultaneous Connections on 10 Devices
  4. WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS Leak Protection
  5. 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  6. Automatic Kill Switch Available
  7. SOCKS5 Web Proxy Feature


  1. Does Not Unblock VoDs
  2. Lack of Hands-on Support


Buffered – Our Top Pick for Bypassing Throttling



Based in Gibraltar, Buffered is a relative new name in the marketplace that has quickly started gaining huge fame. Thanks to its remarkable security features, huge list of servers, and responsive customer service. The only area the VPN lacks in is its logging policy, which states that there is some session/connection logging. However, since the provider is based in Holland, there is no possibility of  receiving a warrant for providing data records.


Logging and Privacy

The remaining connection logs are deleted after 30 days to be exact. This means, nobody can target any user unless they hack the VPN service itself! Very few providers are actually honest about their logging policies and Buffered just happens to rank among them. This paves the path for an extremely transparent relationship between customers and the VPN product.

Pricing and Features

You can get started on using Buffered by signing up for their premium vpn plans. If you want to use a VPN for a short time, go for the monthly subscription, starting at $12.99. For users who need the VPN for a fixed bi-annual period, go for the 6-months plan. It is billed at $59.9, allowing you to leverage a 23% discount. However, if you are looking for the best, go for the 13-Month Special!

Billed at $99.00, you save a staggering 41% on the original monthly pricing, which is quite budget-friendly, to say the least. Once you sign up, you receive fast speeds for streaming/downloading all types of content and engage in P2P/torrenting. You also gain the ability of connecting to 5 devices simultaneously, and leveraging a 30-day refund guarantee.

Live chat support is amazing and incredibly responsive. You even have features like: Firewall based Kill switch, Port Discovery, and Auto Connect.

WebRTC Leak Test

The main purpose of signing up with a VPN provider is to leverage complete anonymity online. Your VPN connection must look legit with zero errors. No information should leak to cybercriminals, government agencies, and local ISPs. Since WebRTC API conflicts can result in the revealing of your true location, it is essential to go for a secure option. Buffered VPN manages to meet all expectations. The test below shows no leakage of local IP address or IPv6 address!

Buffered webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

It does not matter if a VPN offers strict no logging policies. If it exists outside every major surveillance alliance, or offers lightening download speeds. The minute it leaks your IP, everything goes to the garbage, as your private identity comes forward. Buffered VPN, despite being new, follows through on all its promises. The DNS leak test did not reveal our true location.

Buffered VPN DNS Leak TEst

Complete Privacy Analysis

Buffered VPN already offers excellent encryption, good streaming capabilities, and a respectable number of server locations. Now, the above results should be enough to guarantee the service does not suffer with any DNS or WebRTC leaks.

As you can see, there is no indication of your US location. There are only details about an IP address from Denmark. The DNS address also shows two locations: one from Austria and another from Norway. However, there is still no information about our local IP from within the US!

Buffered VPN Complete Privacy Analysis



  1. Strong Encryption for Browsing Internet Anonymously
  2. Servers in 41 Countries Worldwide for Unblocking
  3. Useful Port Scanning Feature and Kill Switch
  4. Fast Connection Speeds for Streaming Music Videos
  5. Native Apps for all Popular Platforms
  6. NAT Firewall for Malware Protection
  7. Central Servers in the Netherlands


  1. Some Session/Connection Logging


VyprVPN – Best Performance-Focused VPN Suggestion



Based in Switzerland and owned by the US company “Gold Frog”, VyprVPN is quite similar to Buffered. It has quickly gained momentum in the marketplace of VPN providers. The VPN offers exceptionally fast speeds, remarkable unblocking features, and huge server database. It also offers advanced technologies, like Chameleon Technology and the famous VyprDNS.


Features Availability

The Chameleon technology is tailored for offering maximum protection on OpenVPN protocol. It scrambles the packet metadata,  maximizing your anonymity online, especially from Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) attacks. The feature even resolves issues with bandwidth throttling. This makes it a good option for those who enjoy gaming.

The VyprDNS technology, as the name implies, focuses more on the unblocking aspect of websites. It adds a secure and personalized DNS into your computers’ readable address. This allows you to fool websites by bypassing their geo-restrictions, hence defeating DNS-censorship.  Pricing starts at $9.95 monthly, but if you opt for the yearly plan, you only pay $5.00 monthly. This totals to only $60 annually!

Pricing Information

To receive the best value though, it is advised to go for the VyprVPN premium. It starts at $12.95 monthly and $80 annually, adding the ability to establish connections on 5 devices simultaneously, along with access to the Chameleon Protocol and VyprVPN Cloud. P2P/Torrenting in enabled, which means you can easily begin downloading your favorite movie/TV show torrents.

For more information, read this in-depth VyprVPN review!

WebRTC Leak Test

VyprVPN enjoys a strong reputation in the marketplace for offering blazing-fast speeds. However, does it offer good enough security and privacy is the real question? We performed an WebRTC Test, after connecting to an Australian server via the Chameleon Technology Protocol. It uses OpenVPN 256-bit encryption to offer maximum security. The result were no leakages at all! The local IP address is completely different than the one provided by our ISP.

vyprvpn webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

You are probably now aware how important conducting a DNS Leak Test is for providers. You would not want to sign up with a provider that fails to meet the most basic demands of users. If you analyze the DNS Leak Test below, you will notice VyprVPN’s Australian server utilizes four different DNS addresses. However, none of them reveal any information of us being based in the US. In fact, if you look closely each address has the “AU” initials.

Vyprvpn DNS Leak test

Complete Privacy Analysis

To ensure the VPN actually offers strong anonymity, we decided to conduct a complete privacy analysis. As you can see, the results reveal that there were no gaps found in this test too. The default IPv4 address is of a Australian location. Even the DNS addresses gives no indications to our original location. This indicates strong privacy and anonymity for P2P/Torrenting or streaming pirated content!

VyprVPN Complete Privacy Analysis



  1. Unlimited Bandwidth for Streaming/Torrenting
  2. Connects to Up to 5 Devices Simultaneously
  3. 700+ Servers in over 70 Countries Worldwide
  4. VyprVPN Cloud and Chameleon Technology
  5. Free Three-Day Trial Available
  6. Based in Switzerland
  7. Zero Logs Provider


  1. May Be Expensive for Some


ZenMate – Best VPN for Unblocking VoDs



We checked Google Searches and other metrics to learn that ZenMate exists as one of the most popular choices for most VPN users. As such, we obviously had to review the provider, which took us around 24-hours. We tested its performance for facets relating to privacy, P2P/Torrenting and streaming/unblocking. Overall, we would say that the Berlin-based provider is definitely upping its game, preparing to compete with other hit services.


Digging a little into its history, ZenMate made its way into the marketplace back in 2014. This means it has been in the industry for a good 4 years. The provider has its main headquarters in Berlin, Germany – which is quite a safe location. Initially, the service was a FREE privacy extension for Chrome. However, later on it jumped the freemium bandwagon, creating premium plans too for leveraging better security.

Apps Compatibility

It may not seem like it, but ZenMate exists as one of the very few providers, which offers apps for all platforms. It even offers plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers. For connectivity, you do have the ability to connect to servers in 30 countries worldwide. We messaged ZenMate to give us an exact figure on the number of servers. We will update as soon as we receive a response.

Subscription/Payment Information

Yes, despite trying hard to meet all aspects of a top VPN, ZenMate maintains a budget-friendly outlook. It allows users to purchase their monthly plan for $9.99 only. For users who want to receive better value, there is a 1-year plan available. It offers an amazing 40% discount – lowering the monthly pricing to $5.99 only. You can subscribe via a number of payment methods. These include UnionPay, PayPal, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Maestro, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Privacy and Logging

Many may not choose to use ZenMate for its location, as Germany falls under the internet privacy and data disclosure of the EU Commission. However, there have been ZERO cases of the provider cooperating with authorities. There is some session/connection logging, according to the privacy policy, but if your premise is to engage in P2P/Torrenting or unblocking geo-restricted VOD services, ZenMate is a great choice.

Check this review out for a more detailed analysis of ZenMate

WebRTC Leak Test

Nobody wants to sign up with a provider that fails to offer the most basic facet of a VPN: PRIVACY. If there is even the slightest chance of your WebRTC is leaking, you will reek so bad. Everyone between your ISP and Copyright Trolls will be able to sniff you from miles away. Lucky for you, ZenMate passed the test, upon connecting to a Switzerland server. As you can see, there were no errors found, as your local IP and IPv6 address are both invisible.

zenmate webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

If your VPN  manages to shift your IP address, it does not mean you receive complete anonymity. Many rookie users are not aware that DNS Leaks are equally dangerous. They can easily expose your identity to your local ISP. To ensure ZenMate is safe to use, we performed a separate DNS Leak Test. From the results below, you can see only a single DNS server is visible. It is from Switzerland (the server we connected to).

zenmate dns leak test

Complete Privacy Analysis

Oftentimes, relying on one or two privacy tools is just not convincing enough and we understand that. One must always be willing to go the extra mile to test a service, and leaves no stone unturned. For users who are still confused about signing up with ZenMate, you can check out the below privacy analysis. As you can see, the VPN successfully hid our true US location. It rather showed a Switzerland-based IP for our IPv4 and public address. Also, there were no DNS leaks or WebRTC leaks.

zenmate complete privacy analysis test


  • Firefox, Chrome, & Opera Extensions Available
  • 256-bit-AES and HMAC SHA-384 Authentication
  • 3000+ shared IPs and Servers in 30 Locations
  • Ad-Blocker and Automatic Kill Switch Features
  • Cheap Pricing: $5.99/Month for One Year
  • Supports IPSec IKEv2 & L2TP/IPSec
  • Five Simultaneous Connections


  • Limited Server Locations
  • Based in Germany



Mullvad – Best VPN for Maximum Anonymity



Mullvad is one of those ANNOYING providers, not in the sense most would think though. It just has too many FEATURES to analyze, taking quite the time off my routine. The provider surely has done its research concerning the increasing restrictions/algorithms of different VoDs/software/websites that impose content/geographical limitations. Overall, we were quite impressed with the provider, despite it putting us through some tremendous amount of work.


Based in Sweden, Mullvad is undoubtedly one of the most privacy-focused VPN services in the marketplace, second to NordVPN. In addition to its strategic location, as mentioned earlier, the provider offers a huge range of advanced anti-censorship technologies. For instance, it is rare for VPNs to be blocked, but countries like Russia, Iran, and China are quite strict when it comes to blocking western services and keeping their network secure.

Protocols and Encryption

Mullvad gives users the added bonus of using the OpenVPN protocol on the famous TCP Port 443. This allow you to route through the Transport Layer Security (TLS) used in HTTPs. Not only does this boost your protection in regressive countries, but it also makes it hard for firewalls and other technologies to spot you. This option will protect you even if snoopers are using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

In addition to this, Mullvad supports ShadowSocks, which helps in circumventing internet censorship in China via a special Socket Secure (SOCKS5) Proxy. This can be added to your uTorrent/BitTorrent client for boosting your overall security when engaging in P2P/Torrenting . Then, you have Port Forwarding available to route network requests to specific devices. For the more tech-savvy and privacy-geek crowd, there is Port Selection available. It allows for better configuration of protocols to boost your security at all times.

Encryption and Pricing

If that were not enough, Mullvad offers dedicated clients for all platforms and support Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Features include DNS Leak Protection, Teredo Leak Protection, and 4096 bit RSA certificates (with SHA512) for server authentication! The best part of all: you get all these privacy features for only €5/month! The provider accepts Swish, PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash – in case you want to sign up.

For more information about the provider, read this in-depth Mullvad review!

WebRTC Leak Test

One of the worst things that can happen to use is engaging in P2P/Torrenting only to find out that your IP leaks, and you have to pay a HEFTY DMCA FINE! Below we conducted a WebRTC Test from Browser Leaks for Mullvad. The process involved connecting to a server in Singapore. As you can see, the results below show that Mullvad successfully managed to cloak your identity, with no leakages!

mullvad webrtc leak test

DNS Leak Test

Users need to make sure the provider they select, offers maximum privacy and anonymity. As a result, there should be no DNS leaks. Below we conduct a leak test to ensure that you are not caught by government agencies or copyright infringement trolls in your country. We connected to a server in Singapore, and the DNS address claims the same. Nothing points to our original US location, which means you are completely secure when using Mullvad!

mullvad dns leak test

Complete Privacy Analysis

To ensure that the results we received for both WebRTC and DNS leak tests were accurate, we decided to conduct a complete privacy analysis on the provider using If you look at the results below, you can see no signs of any leakages. The IP address is that of a Singapore location, including the local IP. The DNS server to is the same as the cloaked IP, verifying that your identity remains secure!

mullvad complete privacy analysis test



  • Obfsproxy and Shadowsock bridges
  • SOCKS5 proxy and Multi-hop VPN
  • Port forwarding/Port Selection
  • 4096-bit RSA certificates (with SHA512)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • DHE for Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • €5 per month only!


  • Limited Server Locations
  • Turtle Support System


Best Netflix VPN

Undoubtedly, Netflix exists as one of the most popular streaming platforms online, which offers a huge selection of movies/TV shows, along with the broadcaster’s originals. However, since the website imposes geo-restrictions i.e. Netflix Ban, only people in the US, Canada, UK, and selected countries can access content.

best netflix vpn

Nevertheless, regional restrictions are now a thing of the past. You can simply use a VPN to bypass geo-limitations. Simply connect to a server in the US and enjoy watching your favorite content. Refer to the list below for the best VPNs for Netflix.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost

Best VPN No Logs

Keeping user activity logs is a clear invasion of user privacy by a VPN service. Logs, basically put, are records of different kinds of metrics pertaining to user activity online. These can range from websites visited, usage hours, and connection timestamps among others.

Best VPN No Logs

Most VPNs these days advertise a zero logs policy. However, we advise you to go through a VPN’s privacy policy before you sign up for it. This is because it can give you a really good idea on how much lying is involved. Many users can get easily fooled through these misleading statements flashed on VPN sites.

Our service always promotes user privacy of the highest order.  We always strive towards assisting users in identifying the fakers as well as the most trustworthy services For the Best VPN No Logs, you can opt for any of these three providers:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Torguard

Best VPN for Kodi

Created by XBMC, the Kodi open-source, multi-platform app is the ultimate choice for entertainment. The software transforms any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC into a TV box, which streams high-quality movies/TV shows. It uses official and third-party add-ons to deliver content from various resources.

Best VPN for Kodi

However, since streaming pirated content can get users into legal hassles, especially in countries with strict copyright infringement and anti-piracy laws – it is advised to use a VPN service. Below is a list of the best VPNs for Kodi, based on reliability, performance, support, features, and server availability.

  1. NordVPN
  2. PrivateInternetAccess
  3. PureVPN (Offers Dedicated Client Repo for Kodi)

Best VPN for iPhone

The iPhone created by Apple is famed worldwide for being a highly stable and secure smartphone. However, this does not mean that iOS does not have its own issues of privacy and security, especially in today’s climate of security breaches and hacking.

Best VPN for iPhone

This is why it is crucial to use a VPN service to ensure you retain your digital privacy and identity, while exploring the internet online. This also helps in circumventing censorship and accessing geo-restricted content, while avoiding legal hassles.

Now, there is no shortage of VPNs available, which offer good iOS support for iPhone. You can find many that offer an easy-to-use platform, while advanced features for users to tweak configurations. However, if you are in search for nothing but the best, refer to the Best VPNs for iPhone list below:

  1. NordVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. PrivateVPN

Best VPN for Ethical Hackers

If you have not heard of the term “Ethical Hackers”, you might be a little confused, considering this to be an oxymoron. After all, everyone invests in a VPN solution to protect their identity from cybersecurity criminals. However, just like you, even hackers need their privacy.

best vpn for ethical hackers

In fact, these individuals heavily rely on anonymity and location-shifting to confuse us normal people, large organizations, and even government entities. If this does not happen, they might get caught and jailed. So, without further ado, check these Top 3 VPNs for Ethical Hacking for exposing security flaws:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. AirVPN

Best VPN for Banking

20 years ago, banking was an in-person experience, which required individuals to make visit to the physical location and wait in life for chatting with support or making a deposit. With the introduction of web technologies, soon enough things started shifting to the online world.

Best VPN for Banking

This has of course raised plentiful of security concerns for which banks deploy a number of user data protection measures to keep your information private and completely secure. However, there is still a high risk of getting robbed, especially if the users themselves are not proactive.

This is where VPN services come in, protecting users from all sorts of attacks, by encrypting your incoming/outgoing network. It allows users to safeguard themselves from attempted identity threats, while being able to access their bank accounts on public Wi-Fi networks. Refer to the list below for the Best VPNs for Banking:

  1. PrivateVPN
  2. TorGuard
  3. ExpressVPN

How Do I Setup Best VPN for Windows OS

When it comes to manually setting up a VPN on Windows, you have two choices: PPTP or OpenVPN. The latter requires the installation of the OpenVPN GUI for loading configuration files, which is quite simple. However, most users struggle with PPTP. So, follow the steps below to ease the process!

  1. Click on the Windows icon and then the “Gear” icon to enter settings
  2. From the list of options, select “Network & Internet”
  3. Click on “VPN” and then “Add a VPN Connection”
  4. Enter the IP Address, Name, and Password
  5. Click on “Save” and then the VPN Connection
  6. Select “Change Adapter Options” and then “Properties”
  7. Switch to the “Security” tab and select “PPTP”
  8. Click on the “OK” button and then the “Connect”
  9. Enjoy using the VPN on your Windows PC!

Best VPN Reddit Reviews

Since our vpn guide assesses customer opinions & experiences, it is only reasonable to check what users are saying about the best VPN Reddit providers. In light of this, we researched through countless Reddit threads/sub-reddits to determine the best VPNs for reddit along with what user generated Best VPN reviews can we source from this great platform.

Best VPN for reddit

Refer to the list below for more information:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Buffered
  4. SaferVPN
  5. Hotspot Shield

If you need to find a VPN for a specific purpose, you can also consider following this Reddit Thread. Here you can share your needs and a fellow Redditor will provide suitable recommendations for VPNs.

/r/vpn Recommendations Megathread #4 from VPN


What is a Virtual Private Network?

Abbreviated as “VPN”, a virtual private network is a technology used for creating a safe and encrypted connection on private/public networks. It typically establishes a secure gateway for users to access apps and websites online. VPNs also encrypt all data sent and received through their networks.

This ensures that local ISPs and copyright trolls cannot trace your identity. To secure the internet connection, the best VPN will use authentication methods, which include PINs, tokens, and passwords.

Why Should You Buy a VPN Product?

Large corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions use VPNs to grant remote users safe access to enterprise applications and other corporate resources. In simple words, VPNs are not very different from firewalls that protect your data on laptops/computers.

The only difference is; these private networks offer security for information shared “online” via a combination of encryption protocols and dedicated connections. To achieve this, you even leverage advanced features like Kill Switch, Ad-blocking, Split Tunneling, IPv6 Protection, and DNS Leak Protection.

As a popular tool for both corporate and home network users, VPNs offer a list of unmatched benefits to overcome the challenges of information privacy and security. These include:

Excellent Online Privacy

VPNs mask your IP address and shift your location to different countries. This ensures all your online activities remain untraceable and secure while protecting you from the prying eyes of hackers, copyright infringement, and surveillance agencies. Add this to the high-level 256-bit AES encryption found in the OpenVPN protocol and you can feel assured your identity remains hidden.

Lowers Your Game Pings

Oftentimes, your internet routes may not offer optimal bandwidth. This hinders the entire gaming experience, as you suffer from extremely high pings, resulting in lagging or rubber banding. By connecting to a local VPN, you can boost speeds to distant destinations. Subsequently, you benefit from smooth overseas gaming, while securing yourself from DDoS attacks from other players!

Unblocking Social Media

China, Iran, and North Korea are a few countries that have interfered and banned access to social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Users in these countries can use VPNs to regain access to their social media profiles and communicate with their friends and family members. Simply shift your location to another country!

Watch Sports Events Worldwide

Services like NBC, CBC, BBC, Sky Sports, Sony, and ESPN are often responsible for broadcasting major sporting events like the National Football League (NFL), ICC Cricket World Cup, and AIBA World Boxing, etc. However, most of these resources are geo-restricted to certain countries only. VPNs allow you to save a handsome amount of money, while tackling issues like region blocking.

Engage in P2P/Torrenting Activities

Probably one of the main reasons why anyone comes looking for a VPN in the first place! The technology allows you to download torrents securely and anonymously. ISPs cannot trace your activity, due to Jio VPN encrypting all torrenting traffic. Subsequently, you can stream/share do whatever you want, without worrying about copyright infringement issues!

Access to Geo Restricted Streams

Some hit streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime impose geo-restrictions (Read complete guide on vpn for amazon prime), which limit users from other countries to access streams. Connecting to a secure VPN in a supported country gives you access to these geo-restricted platforms. Subsequently, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows/movies, minus the hassle.

Avoid Online Censorship and DMCA Notices

By using a VPN service, you can browse the internet with great privacy and anonymity. It does not matter if you engage in torrenting or stream pirated content, as your identity cannot be easily detected by copyright infringement agencies and local ISPs. This allows you to avoid online censorship and DMCA notices, which require you to pay hefty fines.

Get The Best VPN31 Days Money Back Guarentee



When it comes to finding the best VPN, you may have some questions that need answers. To make the process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most common questions below:

Are VPNs Safe to Use?

Yes, VPNs are completely safe to use and operate, whether it be unblocking websites/streaming services or engaging in P2P/Torrenting activities for downloading pirated stuff. However, it is imperative that you choose the right one, as to protect your identity online. You would not want to compromise on online safety, hence always go for a VPN that comes equipped with advanced features, a huge list of servers, 24/7 customer support, and reasonable pricing.

Which Free VPN is the Best?

We performed a thorough analysis on 180 providers that include freemium VPN services. According to our analysis,  TunnelBear, Windscribe, and Speedify are among the Best Free VPN services. These Free services have strict data limitations but they can provide you with much needed online security. However, if you want to engage in Torrenting or streaming, you will have to invest in a premium solution. That’s because Free VPNs don’t offer such premium features or facilities.

Is Having a VPN Legal?

VPNs are completely legal, generally. However, different countries around the world may have exclusive laws which may place restrictions on using VPN service. For instance, those located in China, Russia, and Iran, Oman, can only use government-approved VPN services. In the UAE, anyone caught using a fraudulent IP address could face imprisonment or fines up to $400,000. Other countries were VPNs are completely banned include Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Belarus, and North Korea!

Which is the Best VPN Service in the Market?

Declaring a Winner in the VPN category is an incredibly hard task. This is because different VPNs have varied strengths and weaknesses. Where some may offer better compatibility for streaming/unblocking, others may be better for P2P/Torrenting or leveraging maximum anonymity online.

What we are trying to say basically is that when discussing VPNs, “BEST” is subjective. Its rather more suitable to group the Top services in each category and then offer them to users to choose on their own. Its exactly what we’ve done during the course of the whole guide.

What is the Best VPN to Use in UAE?

Currently, there are several “working” VPNs that operate smoothly and securely in UAE, each from varying locations and backgrounds. We usually recommend using Top VPNs like Express VPN and NordVPN for usage in restricted locations like UAE and China.

This is because they offer Stealth and Obfuscated servers respectively. These special servers are optimized for bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship in countries, with tough internet laws. However, if you are looking for more options, do check out Surfshark, BulletVPN, and VyprVPN.

Best VPN – Detailed Video Guide

Check out our detailed video guide that covers the most important aspect of a VPN and information that is important before buying a VPN Service. This video is for all the user who gave feedback about the text being too long. So enjoy the video and don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps inform you about the importance of VPNs in recent times. If you want to protect your online identity, make sure to subscribe to one. That’s because nobody should enter legal hassles for simply viewing content online or downloading files! Copyright infringement hunters and government entities have no right to monitor every users’ activity. Everyone should be able to leverage good privacy and anonymity online!

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