Best VPN For Netherlands in 2024 (Fast & Secure)

Revised the pricing of all top 5 VPNs & updated ExpressVPN simultaneous connection count

Whether you’re a tourist in the Netherlands or a permanent resident, connecting to the internet via a VPN is advisable. The best VPN For Netherlands Safeguards your online privacy and enables access to websites unavailable in the Netherlands. For instance, top-rated VPNs for the Netherlands can facilitate accessing your US Netflix library while in the Netherlands.

Moreover, the best VPN I suggest has servers in Holland, providing a Dutch IP address that allows you to stream local content like NPO, Ziggo Go, or KIJK when you’re overseas. Additionally, VPNs enhance your security and privacy by encrypting your internet traffic, making it impossible for ISPs and external entities to monitor your online behavior.

Further into the text, you’ll find comprehensive reviews of each recommended provider, guides on their usage, and answers to frequently asked questions about VPNs.

For those pressed for time, I begin with a brief overview of the best VPN in Netherlands options available:

Best VPN for Netherlands – Quick Overview

Choosing the right VPN service can be hard, and I am here to help you. Below is a brief description that will give you an exclusive look into the features of the best VPN for Netherlands:

  1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN for Netherlands. Offers more than 3000 servers in around 105 countries with 3 fast servers in the Netherlands (Holland) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Features a high-tech MediaStreamer that allows you to access geo-restricted sites on VPN-incompatible devices and other amenities.
  2. Surfshark: The budget-friendly VPN for Netherlands. With more than 3200 + servers in 100 countries and 1 server in the Netherlands (Holland).
  3. NordVPN: The largest server network VPN for Netherlands. NordVPN has more than 6000 servers in around 61 countries and has 200+ servers in the Netherlands (Holland). It features an excellent security system and abundant servers that ensure both security and a superior online experience.
  4. CyberGhost: The user-friendly VPN for Netherlands. Offers over 7900 + in more than 100 countries with 276 servers in the Netherlands (Holland). Offers features like a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial at just EUR 1.86 /mo (US$ 2.03 /mo ) .
  5. IPVanish: the fastest VPN for Netherlands. Includes over 2200+ in over 75+ countries, with 68 servers in the Netherlands (Holland). It offers when of the fastest upload and download speeds in the VPN industry.

5 Best VPNs for Netherlands in 2024 [In-depth Analysis] | FAQs

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Best VPNs for Netherlands – at a Glance

One of the most daunting tasks can be picking one VPN service out of hundreds that all promise the best online experience you can imagine. I don’t want you to review every VPN service and go through that inconvenience; for your ease, I have prepared a table of the top VPNs for the Netherlands. This table is perfect for you to briefly analyze the VPN services and pick your favorite for the Netherlands (Holland).

The following table compares the best VPN for Netherlands:

VPNs 1tiny-expressvpn-noback 3tiny-surfshark-noback NordVPN-logo-1 cyberghost-tiny ipvanish-tiny
Ranking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Ratings 9.7/10 9.5/10 9.4/10 9.3/10 8.8/10
Number of Servers in the Netherlands 3 200+ 200+ 70 160
Minimum Cost EUR 6.12 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free EUR 2.29 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee EUR 3.66 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend EUR 1.86 /mo (US$ 2.03 /mo ) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free $2.25
Contract Length Range 1 month- 2 years 1 month- 2 years 1 month- 2 years 1 month- 1 year 1 month- 3 years
Works with Netflix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Torrenting Yes Yes Yes yes yes
Five Eyes Member No yes yes No sometimes

What to look for in a VPN for the Netherlands?

The foremost motivation for employing VPNs is often to enhance online anonymity, making it a crucial consideration. Seek a VPN with a rigorously enforced no-log policy that has received independent verification, and ensure it provides 256-bit AES encryption for optimal security. Additionally, consider VPNs offering features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection, further bolstering your online privacy and safeguarding your data integrity.

5 Best VPNs for Netherlands in 2024 [In-depth Analysis]

I want you to make the best decision for your online experience, and for that, I had to eliminate the lackluster VPN services that didn’t perform up to standard. I conducted significant research and testing to determine the best Netherlands VPN that will allow you to unblock any website you desire on the internet. After testing over 150+ VPN providers, I have curated a list of the right Netherlands VPN to complete the job.

Check out this in-depth look into the best VPN for Netherlands for more information:

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN for Netherlands


Key Features

  • Offer 3000 servers in 105 + countries with 3 servers in the Netherlands
  • Has a Kill switch
  •  Provides a Split Tunneling feature
  • Supports Netflix
  • Supports torrenting

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netherlands as it features some of the most incredible amenities a user can have – with ExpressVPN, you will always be satisfied. With ExpressVPN, it doesn’t matter if you are downloading, gaming, streaming, or torrenting; every online experience will be perfect.

Server locations

As per the ExpressVPN server list in Netherlands they offer 3000 + servers in 105 countries with 3 servers in the Netherlands. This VPN service is the ideal choice for unblocking any online local or global content with ease


ExpressVPN firmly answers “Is ExpressVPN Safe in Netherlands?” by offering top-tier security and privacy measures, distancing users from cyber threats. Its robust security suite includes the ExpressVPN Kill Switch in Netherlands and a strict no-logging policy, DNS and IP leak protection, and AES 256-bit encryption.

Further, The added feature of ExpressVPN Split Tunneling in Netherlands offers a blend of security and convenience, establishing ExpressVPN as a leading choice for VPN users in the Netherlands.


ExpressVPN DNS and IP leak test results were promising.

Independently audited

ExpressVPN stands out for its commitment to transparency and security, having undergone independent audits to validate its no-log policy and data protection standards. These audits provide an added layer of assurance, demonstrating ExpressVPN’s dedication to maintaining user privacy and reinforcing trust in its services. As a result, users can rely on a verified, secure VPN experience with ExpressVPN.


I had an extensive testing stage that helped us analyze the ability of ExpressVPN media streamer in Netherlands. I attempted to access local Netherlands (Holland) content like Net 5 and HayU and international content like Disney Plus. 

You will have access to the entire catalog of every region-specific streaming platform with ExpressVPN, including Amazon Prime Video, Comedy Central, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN Plus, Netflix, Peacock TV, Disney Plus, etc.

As I opted to watch Netflix with ExpressVPN in Netherlands, It delivered satisfactory results:


I could easily unblock Netflix Netherlands using ExpressVPN.

Speed test

ExpressVPN’s blazing-fast speed is not something that should be doubted. Offering a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.46 Mbps over a 100 Mbps internet connection, the ExpressVPN Speed test in Netherlands ensures that every streaming experience in the Netherlands (Holland) is going to be fast and interruption or buffering-free.


ExpressVPN delivered blazing speeds for seamless browsing and streaming while connected to the Netherlands server.

Ease of Use

Offering a simultaneous connection of up to 8 devices, you can easily share your ExpressVPN subscription with friends and family, and the service works well with every major operating system, like Linux, iOS, FireOS, Windows, macOS, etc. ExpressVPN on routers in Netherlands works exceptionally well; however, it supports every kind of device, like PCs, Roku, smartphones, laptops, Smart TVs, tablets, Kodi,

Additionally, the process to set up ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV in Netherlands was quick and straightforward.


Regarding ExpressVPN cost in Netherlands, Its best deal starts from EUR 6.12 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.

You can always utilize the 30-day money-back guarantee for a full refund if you are unsatisfied and want to cancel ExpressVPN within 30 days. If you are still on edge about this purchase, try out the ExpressVPN free trial in Netherlands; this 7-day free trial can be a test run showing you this VPN service’s capabilities.

Customer service

The 24/7 live chat support can address any question you may have

If you have any more questions about this VPN service’s capabilities, take a peek at my ExpressVPN review in Netherlands!

  • Swift server connections in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague
  • Elevated download and video streaming speeds
  • Robust encryption, security, and privacy measures
  • Rigorous adherence to a no-logs policy
  • Round-the-clock, knowledgeable customer support

  • Advanced users might encounter limitations in the more sophisticated features.
  • Its cost is higher relative to certain other VPN options.

Get ExpressVPN for Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

2. Surfshark – The Budget-Friendly VPN for Netherlands


Key Features

  • 3200 servers in around 100 + countries, with 1 server in the Netherlands (Holland).
  • Has a Multi-hop
  • Provides Camouflage Mode
  • Has a Kill switch
  • Offers a Split Tunneling
  • Easily unblocks Netflix
  • Allows torrenting in the Netherlands

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN for Netherlands due to its very low price. It features one of the most incredible quality services; Surfshark is the best cheap VPN that provides all the resources needed to ensure a stable and fun online experience for every user, whether browsing or streaming.

Server locations

According to Surfshark Server list in Netherlands, they offer more than 3200 servers across 100 countries, with 1 server in the Netherlands (Holland).


In the context of online safety in the Netherlands, Surfshark shines, especially when users question, “Is Surfshark Safe in Netherlands?” The service prioritizes user protection against external threats. Key features include the Surfshark Kill Switch in Netherlands, ensuring uninterrupted privacy.

Alongside this, Surfshark offers a comprehensive security package: an ad blocker, camouflage mode, WebRTC leak protection, and robust AES 256-bit encryption. With a strict no-logging policy and advanced protocols like WireGuard and Shadowsocks, Surfshark stands out as a reliable VPN choice in the Netherlands.


Surfshark successfully passed my DNS and IP leak testing.


Notably, Surfshark work with Disney Plus in Netherlands, allowing you to dive into a vast world of entertainment, ensuring you have access to your favorite Disney Plus shows. Additionally, if you’re keen on a broader variety of content, Surfshark works with Hulu in Netherlands as well, guaranteeing smooth streaming of Hulu’s extensive library.

Moreover, Surfshark’s capabilities don’t stop there. It flawlessly unlocks other global streaming platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ESPN Plus, Peacock TV, and Netflix, providing easy access and HD-quality viewing.

I accessed TCL using Surfshark and received satisfactory results:


Surfshark could effortlessly unblock various streaming services, including TLC, in the Netherlands.

Speed test

Don’t underestimate the lighting-fast speed of Surfshark. My Surfshark speed test in Netherlands showed that it can make every streaming experience one of the best you’ll ever have with a download speed of 81.32 Mbps and an upload speed of 76.12 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection, with no lags or delays.


I had amazing speeds for seamless browsing with Surfshark VPN.

Ease of Use

Through Surfshark’s simultaneous connection feature, you can leverage its elite capabilities across unlimited devices simultenously with its smart DNS feature, making it a top contender for the best VPN for the Netherlands. Whether you set up Surfshark on Windows in Netherlands for your PC or configure “Set up Surfshark on Android in Netherlands” for your mobile device, Surfshark ensures a seamless and secure browsing experience.

Its compatibility with every major operating system, including iOS, Linux, FireOS, and macOS, along with support for a wide range of devices from smartphones and Smart TVs to gaming consoles, makes Surfshark a versatile choice for users seeking comprehensive protection and freedom online


Below is a brief overview of Surfshark Pricing in Netherlands:

Surfshark plan Monthly cost 1-year plan     2-year plan
Surfshark Starter $15.45 $3.99 per month $2.49 per month
Surfshark One $17.95 $4.09 per month $3.19 per month
Surfshark One+ $20.65 $6.49 per month $4.97 per month

If there is a chance that Surfshark might not work out for you, try the 30-day money-back guarantee through which users can get a full refund if they cancel Surfshark within 30 days of purchase. The Surfshark free trial in Netherlands for macOS, iOS, and Android devices is also a chance for you to take a peek into its features; use this 7-day free trial before as a test run.

Customer service

The high-quality 24/7 live chat support is perfect and useful for resolving user queries and receiving prompt responses. Surfshark is truly the most premium cheap VPN out there.

Look at my Surfshark review in Netherlands if you still crave more information about this VPN service.

  • Compatible with Netflix in the Netherlands, the US, and the UK, enabling access to your preferred library while overseas.
  • Provides round-the-clock live chat support.
  • Boasts high-speed servers worldwide, with locations in Holland.
  • Offers applications for every major platform.
  • Prioritizes user privacy as a core value.

  • Features a few servers that are slower than other servers.

Get Surfshark for Netherlands30-day money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – The Largest Network of Servers VPN for Netherlands


Key Features

  • 6000 servers in 61 countries, with 200+ servers in the Netherlands (Holland).
  • Offers a Multi-hop feature
  • Provides Camouflage Mode
  • Has a Kill switch
  •  Split Tunneling available on Windows and Android
  •  Unblocks Netflix
  • Provides secure torrenting

NordVPN is the largest network of servers VPN for Netherlands, ensuring you can successfully bypass any internet restrictions with its extensive server network. NordVPN is the best no-log VPN with a robust security system to ensure user safety.

Server locations

According to the NordVPN server list in Netherlands, they offer over 6000 servers in more than 61 countries, with 200+ servers in the Netherlands.


NordVPN’s commitment to top-tier security is evident, making it a prime choice for those wondering, ” Is NordVPN safe in Netherlands?”. The self-crafted NordLynx protocol stands out, ensuring your digital footprint remains elusive to hackers and unwanted third-party tracking.

This commitment to safety extends to NordVPN Split Tunneling in Netherlands. This service allows you to manage which apps use the VPN and which connect directly to the internet, optimizing security and speed.

Notably, the NordVPN Kill Switch in Netherlands feature is a testament to its robust security measures. It instantly cuts your internet connection if the VPN drops and ensures your data remains private. With an extensive suite of security protocols, including multi-factor authentication, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and AES 256-bit encryption, NordVPN sets the standard for secure, private browsing in the Netherlands.


No leaks were detected when testing NordVPN servers in the Netherlands.


NordVPN’s most incredible feature is its DNS feature called Smart Play; through this, you can access geo-restricted sites. You can also easily bypass geo-restriction on international streaming platforms, including NordVPN Disney Plus in Netherlands, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ESPN Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Comedy Central, Starz, Hulu, Peacock TV, and more.

I received seamless results while accessing NordVPN Netflix in Netherlands. This combination proved to be a reliable choice for enjoying my favorite shows and movies without any geo-restrictions


I had no trouble accessing US Netflix in the Netherlands with NordVPN.

Speed test

You can’t expect anything other than the best regarding NordVPN, and my NordVPN speed test in Netherlands proves this. Offering a download speed of 83.82 Mbps and an upload speed of 44.64 Mbps over a 100 Mbps base connection, it doesn’t matter if you’re streaming, gaming, or torrenting.


I got excellent streaming speeds with NordVPN’s Canada servers.

Ease of Use

Since NordVPN offers a simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices, you can share your account with family or just use NordVPN yourself on multiple devices at the same time. Although I experience that NordVPN for Mac in Netherland works best, it also shows compatibility with other operating systems, like NordVPN for Windows in Netherlands, iOS, Android, FireOS, Windows, macOS, and more.

With NordVPN Netherlands server, you can access any restricted site on any device, including PlayStation and other gaming consoles, Kodi, smartphones, laptops, Smart TVs, PCs, Roku, tablets, and more.


Here’s a concise summary of NordVPN cost in Netherlands:

NordVPN plan           Monthly cost 1-year plan     2-year plan
Standard        $12.99 $4.99 per month $3.79 per month
Plus    $13.79 $5.79 per month $4.59 per month
Complete        $14.99 $6.99 per month $5.79 per month

Moreover, You can try out the NordVPN free trial in Netherlands feature to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the VPN service before you purchase it. Its 30-day money-back guarantee is always available if you want a full refund as a new user and cancel NordVPN within 30 days.

Customer service

NordVPN’s 24/7 live chat support is the perfect tool for answering user questions and queries and explaining how to solve them.

For more info, read my NordVPN review in Netherlands.

  • Manages over 200 servers across the Netherlands.
  • Offers robust security measures and encryption capabilities.
  • Adheres to a stringent no-logs policy, catering to users prioritizing privacy.
  • Provides round-the-clock live chat support.
  • Supports connections on up to 6 devices concurrently.
  • Compatible with apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Android

  • Some servers are occasionally slow.

Get NordVPN for Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

4. CyberGhost – The User-Friendly VPN for Netherlands


Key Features

  • 7900 in more than 100 countries with 276 servers in the Netherlands (Holland).
  •  Has a kill-switch feature
  •  Supports Split Tunneling
  •  Seamlessly unblocks Netflix
  • Has optimized servers for torrenting

CyberGhost is the most user-friendly VPN for Netherlands because it features an incredibly easy and user-friendly interface and has a great customer support team. It works wonders with every operating system.

Server locations

According to the CyberGhost server list in Netherlands, they have over 7900 servers in 100 countries with 70+ servers in the Netherlands.


CyberGhost prides itself in its no data leaks and policy and its dedication to user safety and security. With CyberGhost, you won’t ever worry about hackers or prying eyes near your online data. It has multiple premium security measures, including a CyberGhost Kill Switch in Netherlands Obfuscated servers, AES 256-bit encryption, malicious website and ad locking, multi-factor authentication, IPv6 leak protection, DNS and IP leak protection, OpenVPN, no logging policy, IKEv2, WireGuard.


CyberGhost successfully passed my DNS and IP leak testing.


I ran multiple tests with CyberGhost to determine the extent of its abilities and discovered that CyberGhost Work with Netflix in Netherlands with exceptional speed and ultra-HD quality.

CyberGhost’s DNS feature, called My Smart DNS, is perfect for accessing geo-restricted or censored content on VPN-incompatible devices. You can also access other popular yet region-specific streaming platforms, like ESPN Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Peacock TV, Disney Plus, and Starz.

I watched my favorite content on BBC iPlayer with the help of CyberGhost:


I could easily unblock international websites, including BBC iPlayer, in the Netherlands with CyberGhost.

Speed test

Our CyberGhost Speed test in Netherlands displayed outstanding results and proved its abilities. With a download speed of 75.47 Mbps and an upload speed of 69.34 Mbps over a 100 Mbps base connection, CyberGhost is exactly what you need to maintain a consistent and interruption-free online experience. The VPN service’s unlimited bandwidth also ensures every streaming experience is only in 4K UHD quality.


CyberGhost Provided excellent streaming speeds with its Netherlands servers.

Ease of Use

CyberGhost allows you to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. You can share your account with friends or use the service on up to 7 devices. CyberGhost is a delight no matter which operating system it works with, including Linux, iOS, FireOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Moreover, CyberGhost on Android in Netherlands and CyberGhost on Mac in Netherlands both work well and are the most compatible.


Regarding pricing, It cost:

Subscription term Monthly 6 months        2 years
Cost    $12.99 $6.99 $2.11

Moreover, If you’re uncertain, especially about choosing it for the Netherlands, try the CyberGhost free trial in Netherlands; it allows you to explore its features, including those beneficial for Dutch users, before committing.

Plus, the 45-day money-back guarantee ensures you can get a full refund if you cancel the subscription after further consideration.

Customer service

Moreover, CyberGhost customer support in Netherlands is available 24/7 via live chat, ensuring that every user’s queries and issues are resolved.

Have a look at my CyberGhost review in Netherlands for a more exclusive glimpse into these features and more!

  • Manages more than 400 servers within the Netherlands.
  • Provides access to a wide array of geo-restricted content from overseas.
  • Offers some of the quickest streaming servers based on my evaluations.
  • Features user-friendly apps, especially suitable for beginners.
  • Permits simultaneous connections on up to seven devices.

  • Not recommended for those who want advanced features.
  • It does not work in China.

Get CyberGhost for Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

5. IPVanish – The Fastest VPN for Netherlands


Key Features

  • Features over 2200+ in over 75+ countries, with 68 servers in the Netherlands (Holland).
  • Has a Camouflage Mode
  • Offers a Kill switch
  • Split Tunneling is available for Windows
  • Unblock Netflix
  • Provides seamless torrenting 

IPVanish is the fastest VPN for the Netherlands. Its incredible speed ensures that every online experience with IPVanish is an interruption- and lag-free.

Server locations

Moreover, IPVanish features a network of over 2,200 servers in over 75 countries, with 150 servers in the Netherlands (Holland). With IPVanish, you will undoubtedly have a satisfactory and fun online streaming or browsing experience.


IPVanish stands as a dependable VPN choice for the Netherlands, ensuring your online activities remain entirely private and secure. With IPVanish, your data is protected from leaks, hackers, or unauthorized surveillance. It employs advanced security protocols such as DoubleVPN, AES 256-bit encryption, L2TP/IPsec, IPv6 leak protection, DNS and IP leak protection, OpenVPN, a strict no-logging policy, IKEv2, an internet kill switch, WireGuard, among others.

These robust features guarantee a secure and uninterrupted online experience, making IPVanish a reliable VPN solution for anyone in the Netherlands.


IPVanish easily masks your IP address.


In my tests, IPVanish excelled at accessing local Dutch platforms such as WOW Presents Plus and Veronica and global streaming giants like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Beyond these, IPVanish effortlessly unblocks many international platforms, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Max, among others, making it a versatile and trustworthy VPN choice for expansive online access within the Netherlands.


You can watch all exclusive movies easily on Hulu while living in the Netherlands.

Speed test

With a download speed of 82 Mbps and an upload speed of 80 Mbps over a 100 Mbps base connection, IPVanish that its claim of being the fastest VPN service out there is true. You can enjoy endless interruption-free streaming with IPVanish. IPVanish’s unlimited bandwidth is why the fast speed is always paired with a 4K UHD streaming quality.


IPVanish delivered the fastest speed results when connected to the Netherlands server.

Ease of Use

With a simultaneous connection of unlimited devices, IPVanish is the right choice for accessing geo-restricted sites on multiple devices together. IPVanish is exceptional with every operating system, including Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, FireOS, and macOS. Smart TVs, smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, Kodi, and gaming consoles also work well with IPVanish.


IPVanish is a hidden gem available for only:

Subscription duration Monthly          1 year  2 years
Monthly price $12.99 $3.49 $2.99

You can try the free trial from IPVanish, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, to explore the service before buying it.

Customer service

Lastly, with IPVanish’s 24/7 live chat support, you can ask any question related to the service and receive a prompt and effective response.

For more information, check out my IPVanish review in Netherlands for more details.

  • Can unblock multiple websites and streaming platforms.
  • Features a good amount of servers in the Netherlands (Holland).
  • Very fast speed for HD streaming on most servers.
  • No user traffic log.

  • Does not work in China.
  • Unreliable customer service

Get IPVanish for Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

How to choose the best VPNs for Netherlands: Testing methodology

It was not easy to narrow down over 150 VPN providers to just 5 when I started curating the list containing the best Netherlands VPN. But after months of dedication and hard work, I pulled it off. However, I had to evaluate every VPN service on a few specific factors, like security and privacy features, number of servers, level of speed, unblocking ability, etc. These factors determined the VPN services that made it to my final list of Netherlands VPN.

Below is a detailed look into the factors analyzed in mysearch for the best VPN for Netherlands:

Number of Servers

A VPN provider needs to have an abundance of servers at its beck and call. This ensures that no overcrowding or congestion occurs and users can experience a stable and fast connection. A VPN provider must have multiple servers in countries all around the globe. My priority was VPN providers that had an abundance of servers in the Netherlands (Holland) and other major countries.

Speed Performance

A VPN provider needs to have a high level of speed and the fastest DNS server Netherlands to ensure every user can stream or browse without being interrupted by lags or buffering. My list contains the top speed level VPN providers, like ExpressVPN with a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.46 Mbps over a 100 Mbps internet connection.

Security and Privacy

The VPN provider should be able to protect you from hackers, third-party sites, and cybercrimes. It should also have an iron-clad no-logging policy and encryption method to ensure that a user’s data is not being recorded and sold to marketers for targeted ads. Some minimum security protocols required are AES 256-bit encryption, no logging policy, automatic kill switch, and DNS and IP leak protection.


Certainly, I rigorously assess the user-friendliness of each VPN’s applications on various devices, ensuring ease of use for newcomers. I favor VPNs compatible with Netflix, torrenting platforms, and other streaming services such as Hulu and Prime Video. The VPN should also support split tunneling, allowing us to direct part of my traffic to the public network, conserving bandwidth. Naturally, I verify that my IP address is consistently replaced with a new one each time I connect.

Unblock Geo-restricted Channels

A VPN Netherlands service’s main job is to unblock geo-restricted content. Most users won’t be satisfied or be able to access the content they desire, no matter where they are. I tested hundreds of VPN providers and only included those in my list that could bypass geo-restrictions on almost every major platform or website.


My list includes VPN providers that are more on the expensive side and the cheaper side. Just because a VPN provider is more affordable, it does not mean it is inferior to expensive VPN providers. During my testing, I noticed affordable VPN services had the same quality, if not higher, features as expensive ones. Users should be able to access any restricted or censored platform they desire with the best internet in Netherlands.

Why do I need a VPN in Netherlands?

VPN services cater to both personal and corporate users, providing a layer of protection for sensitive client information. Expatriates in the Netherlands commonly resort to VPNs to access entertainment, news, and sports content from their native countries, which might be unavailable locally or only offered in Dutch.

Despite the country’s commitment to online freedom, some content remains region-locked. As internet threats increase, a VPN offers essential protection.

Geo-restrictions limit access to region-specific content globally, but a VPN in the Netherlands can bypass these barriers and safeguard your online privacy and security. Amidst increasing threats from hackers and data breaches by third-party sites, a VPN serves as an effective tool to protect your online presence.

A VPN masks your IP address and swaps it for one from another country, enabling you to overcome geo-restrictions and access various websites or platforms. It enhances security with advanced protocols, safeguarding your data from hackers and improving your online experience by unlocking new possibilities.

How do I get a Netherlands VPN?

The following steps are here to guide you on how to get the best VPN for Netherlands:

  1. Register for ExpressVPN and take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN app on your device. It’s compatible with all key platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chromebook.
  3. Link to a server in the Netherlands for a seamless, private, and secure Internet browsing experience.
Get ExpressVPN for Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

Netherlands content you can watch with a VPN

There is a ton of VPN Netherlands (Holland) content you can watch, and you’ve already figured out how to get a premium VPN service in the Netherlands (Holland); the first step in the right direction. Now you’ll be able to easily stream all your favorite movies and TV Shows from around the globe. I have also created a list to help you out if you’re confused about what content you can view with the best VPN for Netherlands:

  • Netflix Netherlands
  • Veronica
  • Disney Plus
  • SBS 6
  • ViaPlay
  • Net 5
  • HayU
  • NPO
  • Ziggo TV
  • MTV Netherlands
  • Filmzie
  • WOW Presents Plus
  • Magellan TV

Can I Use a Free VPN for Netherlands?

Yes, but we don’t recommend them. Free VPNs are a tricky tool and have a lot of disadvantages, which is why we suggest that you avoid using a free VPN Netherlands (Holland). With a free VPN, you can never know what type of service you’re about to get. Although there are a few top free VPN services, they still fall short compared to premium paid VPN services. Free VPNs also have a lot more drawbacks that make them very unsafe to use.

Most free VPNs have a low number of servers – this causes a lot of overcrowding due to an influx of users trying to connect to these few servers. Unblocking geo-restricted or censored content will also become a challenge with free VPNs as an abundance of servers is required for a stable and fast connection. Moreover, free VPNs have an endless amount of security issues- they do not have the adequate security measures needed to protect users from hackers and cyberattacks and often sell user data to third-party sites.

You won’t ever have to face these issues with a paid VPN service – they always provide a service equal to the amount you pay for it if not more. You can bypass any geo-restriction on any website you choose because paid VPNs offer tons of servers worldwide that deliver a good connection. They also make user security and privacy their priority- you won’t ever find them breaching your privacy or selling your data. They have premium features in place to protect you from harmful online entities. ExpressVPN is my go-to paid VPN service.

FAQs: Best VPN Netherlands

Yes, VPNs are completely legal in the Netherlands and most countries. VPNs are simply tools that will change your IP address and allow you to bypass any geo-restrictions or censorship that stand in your way. Moreover, the Netherlands has strong privacy laws and allows users the right to use VPN without any restrictions. However, keep in mind that if you commit criminal activity, like infringing rights, with a VPN, it is considered illegal. Invest in a VPN service that adheres to local laws, like ExpressVPN.

The fastest VPN in the Netherlands is ExpressVPN. This VPN service features a blazing-fast speed due to an abundance of servers around the globe. It makes streaming, downloading, or simply browsing incredibly easy and quick. You don’t want your online experience to be lackluster because of a VPN service’s bad speed performance. Although ExpressVPN is the best and fastest VPN service, other VPNs like NordVPN or Surfshark can do the job.

Individual torrenting falls into a gray area where it’s not categorically illegal, with a tendency to overlook copyright claims. In the Netherlands, personal use is specifically protected, excluding software. Consequently, it’s legal to torrent movies and music in the Netherlands.

The best free VPN for the Netherlands is Windscribe or ProtonVPN. These free VPN services displayed top-notch results in our speed tests, and have a good ability to unblock restricted or censored websites. They can also access multiple geo-restricted streaming platforms around the world. You can also try ExpressVPN’s 7-day free trial or use its 30-day money-back guarantee as a free trial if you want to find out how a premium paid VPN service operates.

A VPN is a simple tool that conceals your original IP address and changes it to the IP address of your desired country. This will allow you to access region-specific content only available to a few specific countries. So if you’re traveling and want to access your local Netherlands Netflix, just subscribe to a premium VPN service and you’re good to go.

Moreover, as Netflix is always trying extra hard to prevent VPNs from accessing its region-specific library, ensure that you use one of the VPN services in our list. They will successfully allow you to stream Netflix Netherlands. Try out ExpressVPN!

Almost all major VPN providers offer at least one Dutch server, including ExpressVPN. Because of this, accessing local content becomes easier and quicker; you can just connect to a Dutch server. This will also ensure you have a faster speed –proximity to servers increases the speed performance and is overall better for your online experience. You’ll be completely safe and secure with these premium VPN services while streaming your favorite content in the Netherlands (Holland).

Yes, ExpressVPN does work in the Netherlands. It is the best and fastest VPN service out there that will get the job done in the blink of an eye. It offers incredible features for users and has a top-notch security protocol that ensures every user is protected while they surf the internet. ExpressVPN is your best bet at getting the most out of the internet if you’re traveling out of the Netherlands (Holland) and need to access local content or want to access geo-restricted content in the Netherlands (Holland).

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re traveling outside the Netherlands (Holland) or staying in the country, both cases will require the best VPN for Netherlands to experience the internet’s true potential fully. Traveling abroad means you’ll be missing out on a ton of exclusive online local activities.

However, with a VPN service, you can easily access local content and enjoy every website or streaming platform. A VPN service will also ensure your online safety from the likes of hackers. Try ExpressVPN – With this VPN service, you can unlock every corner of the internet.

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