Who We Are And What We Do?

BestVPN.co is a website whose main aim is to offer users with highly unbiased reviews of all VPN providers currently operating in the industry. We have a dedicated in-house team that reviews each service objectively and with due analysis.

Each review we undertake is aimed to guide users and facilitate them in making highly informed decisions on whether to subscribe to certain VPN services or not.

On top of this, we are a team of privacy advocates who are increasingly concerned about issues like cybersecurity and data anonymity. We continuously churn out information in the form of how-to guides, infographics, videos, blogs and other media in order to inform and educate users on these issues.

Our main priority is to make the online space as safe as possible, along with avowing to protect and defend net neutrality by allowing users to know more about ways through which they can bypass geo-restrictions in all its forms.

We do earn affiliate commissions if you plan to buy from one of our revenue VPN partners, but in no way, does anyone have an influence on how we present our reviews or how do we rank them.

Publishing Ethics:

Our aim is to make our work go mass market and reach as many users as possible, without ever compromising on research and our own ethics and ideals.

Each one of our reviews is undertaken by taking into consideration our intensive quality standards and ranking criteria. These factors cover all aspects governing modern day VPN services and ensures that our reviews are always top notch and backed by research before we present them to our viewers.

Since the time, we’ve been in the industry, our work has acquired credibility among not just users, but also industry gurus and thought leaders.

On top of this, we ensure that we always remain reachable for comments and suggestions from all types of users by offering complete contact information and interaction modes like comment threads at all times.

Our replies are curated by experts to ensure that nothing is left to chance, so if you want to contact us ever, you can use our official email address/ comments thread anytime you want and you will be delivered a timely response.

How We Earn:

Just like all other internet properties out there, we too rely on steady revenue streams to keep our business operations going.

For this, we do activate things like banner ads and coupon codes from VPNs on our site.

However, rest assured, that none of these offerings affect our official rankings in any manner whatsoever.

Our Review And Rating Process:

To rate VPNs, we use multiple ranking signals relevant to the industry standards. We adjudge VPNs on issues ranging from the level of privacy they offer to the customer ease they facilitate. Leaving no stone unturned, we meticulously test each service for its performance on all fronts before meting out a final review or a recommendation.

The review period for a certain service lasts anywhere from 5-7 days.

Our audience is constantly growing due to our dedication towards offering qualitative and relatable content and our mission is to cover all VPNs in the industry while remaining consistent to our core values.

Please send your queries, questions and messages on Contact us or webmaster (at) bestvpn (dot) co

Our Copyright Policy:

We do cover Torrenting related issues as they are one of the core purposes behind deploying a VPN in the first place, however, we condone piracy and copyright infringement in all its forms and have never supported it neither do we intend to indulge in anything similar in the future.

Our Policy towards Net Neutrality:

Our team believes in internet freedom and we strive towards allowing people from across the world to have the power and ease to access any site or information in the world.

Whether its government enforced geo-restrictions or those by corporate houses, we are always on the forefront fighting any draconian overstepping on this crucial individual right.

Our Humans:

  1. Hamza Shahid

Hamza Shahid is a tech-geek, who adores creativity and innovation. When he is not watching TV and stuffing munchies, he loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy and copyright infringement. Apart from writing blogs/articles on cyber laws and political affairs, Hamza takes a keen interest in writing detailed VPN reviews. On the sidelines, he is an avid car-enthusiast and music-addict. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn