Jurisdiction BVI
Price $6.67/month ($99.95 for 1 Year)
Servers 3,000+
Logs No Logs
Encryption AES-256-CBC
Unblocks Netflix Yes
Torrenting Yes
Works in China Yes
Recommended  Yes
Website https://www.expressvpn.com/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox

Starting at a high $8.32/mo  on a yearly plan, ExpressVPN may be expensive, but it is a remarkable universal service. It is a perfect choice for all your VPN needs, hence why it ranks #3 in our listings.

The provider even boasts a massive network of 3,000+ high-performing servers in 160+ locations around the world, which deliver amazing average speeds of 85.29Mbps in download and 76.92Mbps in the upload.

As for its reliability, the VPN does not fall under 5-9-14 eyes jurisdiction and is based in the British Virgin Islands.  It is also compatible with all the major devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, game consoles, and Smart TVs.

Overall, ExpressVPN is a power-packed and effective provider, but because it is expensive many users are hesitant in opting for it. Users looking for affordable services usually opt for Surfshark or PureVPN.

An Analysis of ExpressVPN’s Security

On the basis of ExpressVPN’s location, security audit, warrant canary, and logging policy, my in-depth analysis reveals that the provider is a suitable option for the privacy-conscious. Below is a more comprehensive overview on their security:

Located in British Virgin Islands (A Safe Internet Jurisdiction)

This is a small country that, despite coming under the purview of the British Monarchy, is completely independent in managing its internal affairs; British Virgin Islands.

That is where ExpressVPN has its headquarters, which works in great favor for the provider, as the location is free from invasive mass surveillance and data retention laws.

For ExpressVPN, this increases its credibility and protects its service from undue tinkering by the law authorities elsewhere. They have even published a full-scale explanation regarding BVI and its data laws.

ExpressVPN Headquarters

Logging Policy – Can You Be Traced?

ExpressVPN avoids keeping any logs, period. No metadata, user browsing history, user’s own/real IP or that of the VPN server connected to, DNS queries etc is logged by the provider.

They even state this clearly on their website, as you can see in the screenshot below. Also, let’s not forget the incident where Turkish authorities seized ExpressVPN servers.

This was following an incident, where the Russian ambassador of Turkey was assassinated, and the off-duty cop responsible, deleted his social media accounts using ExpressVPN.

Upon the seizing of servers, no logging information was found, verifying that ExpressVPN is indeed a logless provider (read the official statement here).

A Clear Logging Policy

Protocols and Encryption Information

ExpressVPN supports all popular VPN protocols. These include PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec (on iOS devices), and OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) on all other platforms/devices.

For the OpenVPN protocol, it uses AES-256-CBC ciphers with HMAC SHA-256 data authentication on the data channel, and AES-256-GCM ciphers with RSA-384 handshake and HMAC SHA-256 data aunthetication on the control channel.

Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) is provided via the DH-2048 Diffie-Hellman key exchange. There is literally no way you can get through and decipher this form of encryption, even by the most sophisticated brute force attack.

ExpressVPN Military Grade Encryption

WebRTC/DNS/IP Address ExpressVPN Leak Tests

To just remind you as to why is ExpressVPN valued so highly in the whole industry and by users across the world alike, I conducted a WebRTC/DNS/IP address leak test.

The results, like always, were excellent. No such leak was detected. The provider is a hallmark of greatness in the industry, so if you want to subscribe to it, do it without any apprehensions.

  1. https://ipx.ac/run – Passed
  2. https://ipleak.org/ – Passed
  3. https://ipleak.net/ – Passed
  4. https://browserleaks.com/webrtc – Passed

ExpressVPN App WebRTC Leak Test

ExpressVPN Server Locations: 3,000+ Servers in 94 Countries

ExpressVPN now has 3000+ servers, spread across 94 countries and 160+ locations around the world. This is one of the highest numbers of servers sported.

Such a large server network made sure that I experienced no bandwidth or crowding issues on any server connected to during my streaming, torrenting, speed, and leak testing phase.

Since the network is well-distributed as well, you will always have a server located very close to you, whether you are in Luxembourg, Calcutta, or Hong Kong it does not matter!

ExpressVPN Servers and Performance Review

Speed Test on Different Servers (US, UK, Australia, Germany, France)

On an average, ExpressVPN delivered 85.29Mbps in download and 76.92Mbps in uploads. The provider manages to defy all odds and offer commendable speeds. Testing different server locations on speedtest.net revealed phenomenal results:

Server US UK Australia Germany France Average
Download 95.23Mbps 79.43Mbps 85.18Mbps 76.89Mbps 81.55Mbps 85.29Mbps
Upload 69.21Mbps 60.49Mbps 70.99Mbps 60.72Mbps 59.27Mbps 76.92Mbps
Ping 105 ms 111 ms 62 ms 79 ms 70 ms 85.4 ms

Do ExpressVPN Servers Work with Netflix US?

You will be pleased to hear that ExpressVPN successfully manages to unblock Netflix and other VoDs like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, making it quite the remarkable option for entertainment!

For your convenience, I have even created a blog and provided a working list of servers for Netflix below, which is regularly updated to ensure you experience no troubles while streaming.

5 Working Servers for Netflix US
  1. Los Angeles 5 (Ultra HD)
  2. New Jersey 3 (Ultra HD)
  3. Los Angeles 4 (Ultra HD)
  4. New Jersey 1 (Ultra HD)
  5. New York 2 (Ultra HD)
4 Working Servers for Netflix UK
  1. Berkshire – 2 (Ultra HD)
  2. Berkshire (Ultra HD)
  3. London (Ultra HD)
  4. Kent (Ultra HD)
2 Working Servers for Netflix JP
  1. Tokyo 1 (Ultra HD)
  2. Tokyo 3 (Ultra HD)
2 Working Servers for Netflix DE
  1. Nuremberg (Ultra HD)
  2. Frankfurt – 2 (Ultra HD) 

ExpressVPN Netflix

How to Watch Netflix with ExpressVPN?

If Netflix is not working with ExpressVPN, there could be two reasons: either the server connected is blocked or you have used a unsupported protocol. Follow the steps below for Netflix unblocking via ExpressVPN:

  1. Get the relevant app for your operating system/device
  2. Go to settings and ensure you are using the OpenVPN protocol
  3. Connect to any of the above mentioned “working” servers list
  4. Enjoy unblocking different versions of Netflix via ExpressVPN!

Does ExpressVPN Allow Torrenting?

Yes, it does! ExpressVPN is a fast, leak-free and logless provider, making it a solid option for downloading torrents. Majority of its servers are p2p friendly and it has apps for all major devices.

As such, torrenting with ExpressVPN is incredibly safe and secure. You can use their apps to download torrents from anywhere and on any device, with features like kill switch and split tunneling further enhancing the experience.

ExpressVPN Bypasses the “Great Firewall” in China!

ExpressVPN shows the middle finger to the Chinese Government and detection techniques of the Great Firewall by utilizing obfuscation, which makes VPN traffic appear as normal HTTPS traffic by redirecting it through port 443.

The best part of all: the BVI-based provider is among the only few that offers a dedicated Chinese page for residents in the country to download their apps and enjoy a free internet experience:

ExpressVPN Customer Support Review

The best customer support in the entire VPN industry is offered by ExpressVPN. Every single query or question is answered by extremely well-trained executives.

However, customer support does not just end there with live chat support. If you are looking for an instant solution, there is a troubleshooting page available too.

ExpressVPN Support Review

Here you can find all information about how to get started with the service, the usage of different features, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the VPN.

ExpressVPN Troubleshooting Support

If the above options do not prove helpful enough, you can always visit the setup tutorials page. Here you can receive manual guides on how to set the VPN up on different platforms.

ExpressVPN setup tutorials


ExpressVPN Costs, Trial, Refund, and Payment Methods

The pricing plans at ExpressVPN are divided into three silos: monthly (starting at $12.95)6-months ($9.99/mo.), and 1-year at $8.32/mo.) Longer durations give you the ability to leverage better discounts.

At almost $13 each month, its monthly subscription is way over budget, even if its the best VPN in the world. The same goes for the 6-month plan: It’s too expensive at almost $10/month.

However, at $8.32/month for a year’s worth of subscription, ExpressVPN is a great option, especially when you consider its unmatched commitment to privacy, streaming/torrenting, and security.

expressvpn pricing review

ExpressVPN free trial unavailable? Yes, the provider claims to offer a “risk-free” VPN trial that lasts for 30-days, but they are actually fooling customers, when in reality this incentive is only available for their money-back guarantee.

By nature, a free trial means that you can sign up for a “free account” and utilize the VPN service to its full or limited potential to test whether or not, it suits your needs.

In circumstances of ExpressVPN, clicking on the “get free trial” CTA will redirect you to their subscription page, where you will have to sign up for a plan and enter your payment details.

With regards to payment methods, the provider supports a huge list of options. Among these include credit cards, direct payments, and the anonymous Bitcoin.

ExpressVPN Payment Methods Review

How Do I Download ExpressVPN?

  1. Go to https://www.expressvpn.com/ and click on the “Get ExpressVPN” button
  2. Select a suitable plan. (I recommend going for the 12-months subscription).
  3. Enter your email address and select the preferred method of payment.
  4. Complete the checkout process and save all login information.
  5. Click on the “products” tab on the top fold of the website
  6. Select the device you want to use ExpressVPN on
  7. Download the app with a simple click!

You will find an ExpressVPN app for almost every device imaginable. Whether it’s for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or even Firestick, the provider has a dedicated, compatible app for it, downloadable directly from the website.

ExpressVPN Apps

We also checked all of their apps on VirusTotal.com for any viruses, malware or engines. And all the tests came out squeaky clean, indicating the VPN is a good option.

ExpressVPN VirusTotal Test

How to Install ExpressVPN on Amazon Firestick

  1. Launch the “Google Play Store” on your Amazon Fire TV
  2. Search for the “ExpressVPN” app
  3. Click “Download” and wait for the process to complete
  4. Sign in using your ExpressVPN login credentials

How to Install ExpressVPN for Kodi

  1. Sign up with ExpressVPN by getting a subscription
  2. Download the VPN app for the device you are using Kodi on
  3. Connect to any secure location to activate the VPN
  4. Launch Kodi and enjoy streaming safely on your device!

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly a great service for all your online privacy, streaming, torrenting, and browsing needs. However, since it is a little expensive, users may be looking for suitable alternatives.

Among the best include the Hong Kong-based, PureVPN, which starts at $2.91/mo . on a 5-year plan. For a more budget-friendly option, you can consider signing up with Surfshark, available for as low as $1.99/mo. on a 2-year plan.

Do I Recommend ExpressVPN?

Yes, I do recommend ExpressVPN to all those users in search of an effective all-rounder service and do not mind paying a high subscription price of $8.32/mo. It’s security, privacy, torrenting, and streaming capabilities are unmatched.

You have a huge network of 3,000+ servers with excellent distribution. It allows you to receive maximum performance for downloading torrents and streaming/unblocking VoDs like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The VPN is also away from internet enemy jurisdictions and offers apps for all popular platforms and devices. This includes a router app that you can use on any third-party DD-WRT or Flashrouter devices. You can get a plan for $8.32 from here.