NordVPN Netflix – Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? [Sep 2022]

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Yes, NordVPN successfully bypasses the Netflix restriction of libraries. I last connected to NordVPN Netflix server #3325 from abroad to watch the hit season “Squid Game” and it worked without a hurdle. If you want to access Geo-restricted Netflix libraries then you should continue to read this guide to understand the process.

Price $3.99/mo. on a 2-year plan
Streaming Speed 97.34 Mbps
Streaming Quality Ultra HD (1080p)
Servers 5,000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
Multi logins 6 devices
Data Encryption AES-256-CBC
Other Platforms Hulu, BBC Player, Disney Plus

NordVPN works pretty well with Netflix. You can stream your favorite content with NordVPN Netflix from 11 regions including US Netflix with a super-fast streaming speed of 97.34 on a 100 Mbps connection. If you have a Netflix subscription outside the US, you may have noticed the content available is quite limited. The streaming platform typically displays different content from region to region, which can be extremely frustrating, especially because you pay the same for a subscription.

Luckily, there is a way to overcome these restrictions and that is with the help of a VPN. Bear in mind though that not all VPNs are up to the challenge or offer the necessary locations, server types, encryption, and speed needed to bypass the VPN-blocking protocols of Netflix.

This is where NordVPN Netflix comes in making it easier to reach, including content from the US, UK, and other countries. Follow the instructions in this guide and you’ll be connected in seconds!

How to Use NordVPN for Netflix

To use NordVPN for Netflix, for instance, US Netflix, follow these steps:

Step 1: Head to the official NordVPN website.

Step 2: Click on the “Pricing” tab and select a suitable plan.

Step 3: Choose a suitable payment method (I usually opt for Bitcoin)

Step 4: Complete the checkout process

Step 5: Download and launch the NordVPN app

Step 6: Connect to the Nearest server location

Step 7: Go to

Step 8: Search your favorite Movie/TV show title and enjoy streaming

Step 9: Notice how I unblock “Squid Game” through NordVPN effortlessly!


Note: If your Netflix is not working because of any error then try changing your VPN server, make sure your browser cache is clear, and turn off the CyberSec feature if it is on. And if you still can’t crack the problem, contact NordVPN’s 24/7 live chat support.

Get NordVPN for Netflix!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN Netflix Not Working in 2022? Try these fixes!

If you want to access Netflix US by circumventing geo-restrictions, please be calm and composed as a rule of thumb, because this process can get frustrating at times.

Mostly, errors emanate from some glitch present in the VPN client app or some conflict between the device and the app, creating a problematic communication channel.

Of course, there is nothing the good old “Restart your device” option cannot do. However, if the problem still persists, follow these fixes:

Netflix Proxy Error

The Netflix proxy error occurs when the website detects your real IP address and blocks access to content altogether. You can try to change the NordVPN server. If that does not work, try clearing your cache and other vital browsing data.

  1. Launch your browser and head over to the “Settings” option
  2. Select “Advanced” >  Clear Browsing Data > Clear Cache
  3. Hit the “Clear Data” button after checking relevant boxes


Proxy Configuration

In some cases, an outdated browser proxy configuration can give trouble, when a user tries accessing Netflix US. Consequently, this could also be a reason as to why you receive poor streaming speeds on NordVPN Netflix US:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the “three-dots” menu
  2. Select “Settings” from the list of options in the menu
  3. Scroll down to “Advanced Settings” and click on it
  4. Find the “Network” menu and click on “Change Proxy Settings”
  5. Open “Lan Settings” in a new window
  6. Check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN”

No Internet (Connecting VPN Server)

If your antivirus or firewall blocks NordVPN from accessing the internet, you may experience no connectivity. In such circumstances, add NordVPN to the list of exceptions in your firewall and then follow the below steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt with Admin Right.
  2. Put ipconfig/flushdns or ipconfig/renew.
  3. Restart your PC and reconnect to the servers.

Turn off the CyberSecurity Feature of NordVPN

CyberSec is NordVPN’s built-in feature of blocking annoying ads, malware, and fishy websites. However, the error that you’re facing can be because of this feature.

Just go to NordVPN’s settings, find the CyberSec toggle button in the “General” section, and turn it off.

With the feature on, your traffic has to pass through DNS servers. And when you turn it off, you should be able to escape those errors being caused by this.

And for the record, we don’t recommend the users turn this feature off permanently. So make sure you turn it on again when you’re not streaming anymore.

Talk to Customer Support

If you’ve tried everything but failed, the last resort would be talking to customer support. NordVPN offers a 24/7 live chat option on their official website. Go to the website and click on the icon placed at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You might face a proxy error sometime while streaming on Netflix with your Windows, Mac, or Linux device. It is when the streaming platform detects that you’re using a VPN.

NordVPN Netflix not working: Solutions for Windows, macOS, & Linux users

If your Netflix is not working with NordVPN on Windows, macOS, or Linux, here’s how you can get rid of it:

Step 1: If your NordVPN app is running, close it.

Step 2: Open your browser and clear the cache and cookies.

Step 3: Change DNS servers to and

Step 4: Reboot your computer.

Step 5: Open the NordVPN app.

Step 6: Connect to a VPN server of your preference.

Step 7: Open your browser, head to, and check if it works now.

NordVPN Netflix not working: Solutions for Android & iOS users

Netflix has a strong algorithm that keeps on getting better from time to time. You might see a proxy error even while you’re connected to a VPN server of a top-tier provider like NordVPN.

If your NordVPN is not working with Netflix on Android and iOS devices, here is how you can tackle it:

Step 1: Remove the NordVPN app from your phone and restart your phone.

Step 2: Install the NordVPN app from Google Play Store or App Store and log in with your VPN account. This would fix the glitches if there are any.

Step 3: Go to Settings and change the DNS servers to and

Step 4: Launch the NordVPN app and connect to a VPN server of your preference.

Step 5: Launch the Netflix app and it should work just fine now.

Is NordVPN good for streaming Netflix?

Netflix is one of the toughest streaming platforms to crack your way into. A VPN server working today might not work tomorrow as it keeps on detecting VPN-generated IPs and eliminating them.

NordVPN works tirelessly to crack Netflix’s algorithm and keeps on generating new IPs that can work on the streaming giant. So even if you face any error, you can just try another server that can get the job done. If this doesn’t work then the last option is to get in touch with customer support and they’ll provide you with a solution.

  1. Access to 15+ Netflix catalogs.
  2. Compatible with popular streaming devices.
  3. Smart DNS feature for streaming.
  4. Streaming speed of 97.34.
  5. Handy features for online privacy.

  1. VPNs from the same tier can unblock more Netflix catalogs.

Get NordVPN for Netflix!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Choose NordVPN for Netflix?

I highly recommended the service to streamers all over the world, it successfully meets the criteria for seamless unblocking and streaming on Netflix and other services like Hulu. It offers special server listings for Netflix.

Unlike other providers, NordVPN grants the ability to unblock more than 16 Netflix libraries anywhere in the world, with zero WebRTC/DNS/IP leak issues that could ban you from Netflix. Speed loss is quite less and you stream in Ultra HD 1080p.

With 5,000+ servers in 50+ countries, you can have access to maximum titles of Netflix just with a click of a button.

Moreover, it has some of the best features like CyberSec, Onion over VPN, and Double VPN to keep you anonymous and away from hackers.


NordVPN is a premium-scale VPN provider with decent pricing.

The monthly plan of NordVPN costs $11.99. The 1-year plan costs $4.99/month (billed $59.88 for the first year). The 2-year plan costs $3.99/month (billed $95.76 for the first two years).

All the plans require an upfront payment when you subscribe for the plan and all the plans are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee offer.


Speed Test

We’ve tried NordVPN on the Denver server of the US. We got an upload speed of 83.97 and a download speed of 88.87 on a 100 Mbps connection.

With these numbers, we could easily access different streaming platforms with a smooth experience.


Huge Server Network

NordVPN has a total count of 5,000 servers in 50+ countries which is one of the largest server pools in this tier. With this rich network, you’ll always find a server that’ll work on famous streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, MLB TV, Hulu, etc.

Netflix’s algorithm keeps on getting better day by day. Even high-scale VPN services are detected by Netflix and banned. However, if you have NordVPN, you’ll always find a server that works on Netflix.

Also, in case if you don’t find a server that works, contact NordVPN’s support team through live chat. They’ll provide you with a working server.



NordVPN uses an AES 256-bit encryption system and offers protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2. It also has a custom VPN protocol called NordLynx which has been built around the WireGuard protocol.

With SmartPlay, which is a secure proxy service, you can access the famous streaming platforms and bypass geo-restrictions smoothly.

NordVPN offers an automatic kill switch feature that makes sure your online identity is not leaked in case the VPN crashes. It terminates your internet connection so you don’t access the internet with your original identity and once the VPN is online, your connection is restored again.

Other features include Double VPN, which encrypts your traffic twice. This can be a useful feature if you’re an activist, journalist, or in any other sensitive profession.

CyberSec, helps you avoid malicious ads, malware, and harmful websites.

In a nutshell, all of NordVPN’s features are determined to keep you safe on the open web. They help you maximize your privacy and security.

Free Trial

Currently, NordVPN offers a 7-day free trial on Android only. You won’t have to provide any details, just download the VPN app from the Google Play Store and start using the VPN.

For other operating systems, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee offer to test the VPN service for one month, free of cost. However, you’ll need to provide your credit card information.

Don’t worry, you’ll get your money back. Just make sure you generate a refund request before 30 days on NordVPN’s live chat support.

Or you can get free VPNs for Netflix that will work for you!.

Device Compatibility

NordVPN works with all the major operating systems and famous streaming devices. It offers 6 simultaneous connections, which means that you can cover all the devices you own with a single subscription plan.

The list of devices that are supported by NordVPN:

You can also check out the complete NordVPN Review.

Get NordVPN for Netflix!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN Speed Test for Ultra HD Streaming of Netflix

Netflix requires a minimum of 25 – 30 Mbps speed for ultra HD streaming. We have tested different servers with NordVPN and the results were exceptional.

Country City Avg. Download Speed
USA San Francisco 75Mbps
UK Manchester 159Mbps
Italy Venice 114Mbps
Germany Frankfurt 90Mbps
France Paris 124Mbps
India Delhi 83Mbps
Spain Madrid 120Mbps
Netherlands Amsterdam 127Mbps
Canada Toronto 118Mbps
Australia Perth 61Mbps
Japan Osaka 110Mbps

Which Netflix Libraries Are Accessible With NordVPN?

NordVPN has a huge network of 5,000 servers in 50+ countries. It can unblock almost 16+ Netflix libraries with no hassles. We have tested the NordVPN servers for different countries on Netflix to check if we’re able to access that country’s Netflix library. The results are below:

Netflix Library Accessible/Not Accessible
Netflix US Accessible
Netflix Australia Accessible
Netflix UK Accessible
Netflix Japan Accessible
Netflix India Accessible
Netflix Netherlands Accessible on 2nd attempt
Netflix Germany Accessible
Netflix France Accessible
Netflix Italy Accessible

Is NordVPN Netflix Working in Japan?

Yes, I successfully streamed the Japanese-specific TV show, “Haikyu!!” by connecting to the “Japan – #550” server in Ultra HD quality, without any buffering issues so NordVPN Netflix Japan works well!


To read more about how to get the best Japanese servers, Click here!

Is NordVPN Netflix Working in UK?

Yes, I successfully streamed the UK-specific TV show, “Brooklyn Nine Nine” by connecting to the “United Kingdom – #1331” server in Ultra HD quality with good speeds overall.


To read more about how to get the best UK servers, Click here!

Is NordVPN Netflix Working in Australia?

Yes, I successfully unblocked the hit reality television show, “100 Humans” by connecting to Nord’s “Australia – #650” server, I did not receive any proxy/VPN error and could stream in Ultra HD quality.


To read more about how to get the best Australian servers, Click here!

Is NordVPN Netflix Working in Canada?

Yes, I successfully unblocked the hit documentary, “The Jack King Affair.” by connecting to Nord’s “Canada – #1061” server. I did not receive any proxy/VPN error and neither did I have to go through any buffering issues.


To read more about how to get the best Canadian servers, Click here!

Get NordVPN for Netflix!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What NordVPN Server Netflix is on?

NordVPN does work with Netflix by using their recommended list of servers specifically for unblocking the VoD.  I got access to these NordVPN Netflix servers after contacting their support team. Their response is quoted below:


Our customers report that currently Netflix is available in these regions using our service:

Netflix US works with any other server on desktop devices and US servers # 2352-2367, 2340-2347, 2332-2335, 2320-2327, 2312-2315, 2228-2307, 2216-2223, 2096-2203, 2052-2087, 2042-2045, 2010-2037, 1906-2005, 1862-1901, 1806-1857, 1754-1801, 1734-1749, 1709-1732, 1692-1707, 1676-1687, 1652-1659, 1640-1643, 1616-1635, 1580-1607, 1560-1575, 1520-1539, 1500-1515, 1492-1495, 1470-1487, 1422-1429, 1410-1417, 1402-1405, 1366-1373, 1358-1361, 1322-1346, 1297-1312, 1276-1283, 1260-1271, 1248-1255, 1236-1239, 1170-1195, 1146-1165, 2404-2411, 2452-2480, 1118-1141, 1054-1113, 1046-1049, 1027-1036, 1016-1020, 1008-1011, 976-999, 968-971, 956-959, 940-947, 932-935, 896-899, 856-883, 841-851, 829-836, 801-824, 769-780, 714-741, 707-710, 689-702, 679-684, 645-664, US621-640, 577-617 on mobile devices.

Netflix CA: It works with all CA servers on desktop devices and CA servers # 283-290, 295-314, 315-318 on mobile devices.

Netflix HK: It works with HK servers: # 15-18, 35, 38-43, 45-48, 53-60 on mobile devices.

Netflix NL: It works with all NL servers on desktop devices.

Netflix UK: It works with all UK servers on a desktop and mobile devices.

There’s an article, where we share the latest known information regarding the Netflix availability:

Get NordVPN for Netflix!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN Netflix: Common FAQs

Does Netflix work on NordVPN?

Yes, Netflix works on NordVPN. It helps you to access and stream your favorite content from anywhere in the world including US Netflix despite the geo-restrictions.

How do I change my Netflix region with NordVPN?

The process is simple and just requires you to connect to a server from that specific region. For instance, if you want access to the US version of Netflix, simply connect to a US server.

Can you watch American Netflix with NordVPN?

Yes, you can watch American Netflix with NordVPN by using their specialty servers available on their dedicated Netflix support page.

Has Netflix blocked NordVPN?

Netflix blocks all VPNs actually, so NordVPN is not a special exception. The VoD bans unblockers in order to protect their licensing agreements with production houses.

How does NordVPN bypass Netflix?

NordVPN connects you to a server located in another country which makes Netflix think that you’re actually accessing it from there. Hence, you get to see content that is geo-restricted in your region. However, unblocking Netflix is not a piece of cake. NordVPN works hard to crack the algorithm and provide a new server every time Netflix blocks one of NordVPN’s optimized servers.

How does NordVPN avoid the Netflix proxy error?

Top-tier VPNs like NordVPN too can sometimes struggle hard to get around streaming giants like Netflix. NordVPN with its SmartPlay feature becomes a combination of VPN and proxy service, which helps you access Netflix’s content smoothly.

Which NordVPN servers work with Netflix?

Try the NordVPN servers 2332, 2320, 940, 947, 1312, and 1492. However, if you still cannot access Netflix USA, then try contacting NordVPN’s customer support via live chat. They’ll provide you with a server that works on Netflix.

NordVPN Netflix: Wrapping Things Up

NordVPN Netflix is a top provider in the VPN industry and it pairs excellently well with not just Netflix US but other geo-restricted streaming sites across the world.

If you keep yourself constantly updated with the newest servers for streaming on VoDs, you will surely be able to unblock Netflix from any region.

Regardless, if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, do not hesitate on dropping a comment below. Also, feel free to share the article. Have a lovely day ahead! 🙂

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