How Do I Install Surfshark on My Samsung Smart TV?

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Secure our Smart TVs by installing Surfshark on your Samsung TVs in this step-by-step guide.


In 2018, Surfshark was launched as a VPN service. The service’s original and current home base is the British Virgin Islands. Surfshark has 3200 servers spread throughout 65 countries. A huge selling point for Surfshark is that it supports an infinite number of connections at once. Due to its tight no-logs policy and military-grade encryption, it is extremely risk-free to use.

A virtual private network (VPN) lets you mask your true location online and access content from anywhere in the world without deleting your data or factory resetting your device.

Using Surfshark on Samsung smart TV, you can alter your smart TV’s region. It safeguards your connection from hackers and conceals your internet activities from the prying eyes of the government. Accessing a VPN on a Samsung TV can be difficult, but we’ll tell you about some workarounds.

Samsung TVs running previous versions of Android can get a VPN via the Google Play store. Tizen OS is the operating system powering new Samsung TVs, yet it does not allow VPN apps. There are three ways to get Surfshark on Samsung smart TV running the latest Tizen OS.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Install Surfshark on Samsung TV?

To secure your online activity, use any of these three methods to install Surfshark on Samsung smart TV.

  • Install a VPN on your router.
  • Get Windows to share your internet connection.
  • Set up Smart DNS on your TV.
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How to Set up a Connection Through Your PC?

Sharing a VPN-protected device’s internet connection with a non-VPN device, like a TV, is as easy as connecting the two using an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi may be more practical, but ethernet offers far quicker transfer rates.

If you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client installed on your Windows PC, you may easily connect your Samsung TV to the VPN by using your PC as a Virtual Router. To get Surfshark on Samsung smart TV, you’ll need:

  • PC with a Wi-Fi adapter made by Broadcom (most modern computers have them).
  • Access to a VPN service that employs OpenVPN with a valid subscription.

Perform the following steps to check whether your computer can support a virtual router:

  • Type “Command Prompt” into the Windows search box, right-click it, and choose “Run as administrator.”
  • In the new window, enter “WLAN display drivers” and press Enter key
  • Find the phrase “Hosted Network Supported” and read it
  • If the answer is yes, then you can use your computer as a wireless hotspot. So, go ahead and make one

We have provided the following instructions to demonstrate accessing Surfshark on Samsung smart TV using a virtual router.

  • Add Surfshark VPN to your smart TV.
  • Join a VPN server located in the same country as the content you want to view.
  • Launch Windows’ “Mobile Hotspot Settings.”
  • Under “Share my Internet connection from,” choose the Wi-Fi Network you’ve set up.
  • Turn on your mobile hotspot and connect to other devices so they may use the VPN.
  • You may now use your Samsung TV with the new mobile hotspot.
  • View content that is normally unavailable in your area.

How to Set up a Connection Through SmartDNS Proxy?

Here we will examine the steps necessary to configure Surfshark smart DNS on a Samsung TV. It’s a convenient way to access Surfshark on Samsung smart TV and other devices where you wouldn’t be able to ordinarily install a VPN client. Using DNS, you may watch American content on Hulu and Disney from anywhere in the world.

This manual will teach you how to use Surfshark on Samsung smart TV with a DNS proxy in two main steps:

  1. Get the Smart DNS
  2. Get your TV set up using Smart DNS

You’ll need a Samsung TV and a working version of Surfshark VPN to follow through (Smart DNS is included in the subscription charges of Surfshark’s packages)

Get the Smart DNS

To access Smart DNS, go to:

  • Visit first

To access this content, you may be asked to log in. If this is the case, enter your email address and password and click the Login button.

  • You haven’t enabled the feature if your smart DNS addresses aren’t included. If you want to enable smart DNS on your account, click the Activate button.

Get Your TV Set Up Using Smart DNS

Enable Surfshark on Samsung smart TV using DNS by following the instructions below:

  • Switch on your Samsung TV
  • Access the menu by pressing the Menu button on your remote. Choose Network from the main menu.
  • Select a Network from the menu of available options. Open the Network Status page.
  • Find the IP Settings button at the very bottom of the Network Status window.
  • Activate the domain name system configurations.

If you’ve activated Surfshark on Samsung smart TV, you may have discovered that its IP address does not match the one you entered. Your TV displays your internal IP address since Smart DNS has not yet been activated for your external (public) IP address.

Only devices on the same Network can communicate using an internal IP, which takes the form 192.168.x.x. You may safely disregard it and move forward with the Surfshark smart DNS configuration because it is invisible to the public and has no bearing on how Smart DNS is used.

  • Select “Enter” manually.

Once you’ve activated Smart DNS services, you’ll be able to view the Smart DNS it uses on your profile page.

For more information about this provider, read our Surfshark Review.

How to Set up a Connection Through a Physical Router?

The following are the general procedures to set up a router for use with a VPN. The specifics will vary depending on the router you use. Read the user manual from your router’s manufacturer first.

  • Put in a Virtual Private Network (Surfshark in our case)
  • Open a command prompt in Windows, type IPCONFIG, and then press Enter to see what your router’s IP address is.
  • Enter the IP address of your router into the “Default Gateway” field.
  • Enter your router’s IP address into your web browser to reach its administrative interface.
  • Put your router to work by following the instructions provided by your VPN service(Surfshark in our case).
  • You can now access content with your Samsung TV without any restrictions.

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Why Surfshark Smart DNS Not Working?

If you have enabled smart DNS on your device but still experience issues, Surfshark smart DNS not working may be because of a conflict with another app. Several other issues may also be the cause of this. This section provides the problems and answers you are looking for regarding smart DNS not working.

The Streaming Platform Is Inaccessible

You may do a few things if your chosen streaming service still is not working after you have set up smart DNS on your device.

  • The main solution is to test both of the smart DNS servers.

After signing up for the smart DNS service, you’ll be given two server IPs. If your device only has room for one DNS address, you can toggle between the two servers by pressing the respective buttons.

Use the same DNS server on both lines if your device supports multiple DNS servers. Try one first, then the second one if it fails.

The Internet Connection Is Lost After Configuring Smart DNS

One IP address is the limit for enabling smart DNS service. The most frequent cause of smart DNS failure is misconfiguration, wherein the user enables the service for an IP address that is not currently assigned to the device.

To remedy the situation, try the following:

  • Use your computer or mobile device to visit
  • Connect your computer or mobile phone to the same WiFi Network as the Samsung TV you intend to utilize smart DNS on
  • Visit the DNS page once you’ve logged into your account
  • Change your IP address by selecting the corresponding button. A DNS service will now get enabled for your new IP address

There Was an Error Activating Smart DNS Because IPV6 Is in Use

To use DNS, an IPv4 address must get used. However, some networks support both IPv6 and IPv4. If you are seeing this error, your computer is using IPv6.

Possible answers to this problem are shown below.

  • To use Surfshark on Samsung smart TV, please disable IPv6 on the device you intend to use it with.
  • Turn off IPv6 on your modem or router.
  • Then try connecting again.

Your TV’s IP Address Does Not Match the One Listed on

You may have discovered that your TV’s IP address does not match the one you set up for smart DNS. Although smart DNS has been configured for your exterior (public) IP address, your TV continues to display the internal (private) IP.

Only devices on the same Network can communicate using an internal IP, which takes the form 192.168.x.x. Do not worry about it; it will not be seen by anybody else and will not interfere with the clever DNS setup.

There are some cases when clever DNS won’t work. Issues with smart DNS may arise if your Internet service provider is “hijacking” your DNS (forcing you to always use their DNS) or is employing a transparent proxy (a technique that intercepts requests from your device). It would be acceptable to use another approach in this case:

  • Install a Virtual Private Network on your router.
  • Extend your laptop’s VPN connection to the group.

If the issue persists or further inquiries emerge, Surfshark’s customer support team is available via live chat and email.

Does Surfshark Work With Netflix?

Netflix is always coming up with novel methods to prevent VPN access so that users cannot access restricted material. Thus, you may find that your VPN is incompatible with Netflix.

Due to license agreements with production studios, Netflix is required to do this, but it is the viewers who must endure the inconvenience. Even though Surfshark is one of the few VPNs that consistently works with Netflix, you may still run into the dreaded Netflix proxy error on rare occasions.

The United States Netflix collection is the largest in the world, so accessing it from outside the United States is a great benefit. Even while Surfshark only supports Netflix in the United States, India, and United Kingdom, this should be more than adequate for most customers.

Surfshark’s US-based VPN servers grant access to American Netflix and permit streaming of American movies and TV episodes from any server location, including those without streaming capabilities.

To access US content, establish a connection from a location outside the above This is a fantastic addition that makes it possible for customers outside of the United States to access American Netflix without compromising their connection speed.

By connecting to a VPN server in your own country, you can bypass Netflix’s regional blocking and gain access to the region of your choice, where streaming speeds are optimal.

Surfshark and Netflix: How to Get Around Region Locks

Get Surfshark Samsung TV Netflix access by following these steps:

  • Join Surfshark’s mailing list. If you want the most bang, go for the two-year plan. You can test out the VPN for free for a week.
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) should get downloaded at this step. Ensure you download the official app from the related app store.
  • To watch Netflix from a certain region, you must first select that region. Check uNogs to find out which theaters are showing a particular film or TV show.
  • Join an overseas VPN server. To select a specific country, tap the app’s “Locations” menu.
  • When using a VPN, you can access any region’s catalog through the Netflix app or website.
  • With just one Netflix account, you may watch unlimited movies and TV episodes from any of the ten regions that Surfshark can reach.

Note that the program will automatically switch you to the US Netflix library if you connect to a VPN server that doesn’t enable streaming.

FAQS: Surfshark on Samsung Smart TV

Let us now address some frequently raised concerns regarding Surfshark on Samsung smart TV.

How Do I Change the Country on My Samsung Smart TV Using Surfshark?

The first step is to download Surfshark and have a valid subscription. Learn how to install Surfshark on Samsung smart TV from previous sections of this article.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to activate Surfshark’s GPS override function on an Android device.

The following steps shall guide you through Surfshark Samsung TV change country override and access.

Set the Mode to Developer

  • Pick Surfshark to use a location-based service.
  • Check the GPS coordinates.
  • Launch Surfshark on your Google Play-enabled device.
  • Click the gear icon, then select Advanced, and turn on Override GPS location.
  • When you try to activate this feature, a prompt will display requesting you to make certain adjustments to your device’s settings first. Select the Go button.
  • Before continuing, you must enable developer options on your Android device. Make a selection by selecting Open settings.
  • Select the About TV option from the Settings menu.
  • Get the Build number by looking further down. As soon as you quickly tap the Build number seven times, a notification will display, letting you know that you are now in Developer mode.
  • Pick Surfshark again to use a location-based service.
  • Open the Surfshark app and hit the arrow.
  • Surfshark must be assigned as a sham location-based app. By tapping the Open settings button, you can access the developer menu.
  • Under “Developer Options,” locate “Select mock location app,” and then click it.
  • All accessible imitation location apps will load in the following window. Click on Surfshark.
  • If you return to Surfshark, everything is set up correctly. Select the Close button.

Gps Location Testing

Confirm that your location has been successfully changed:

  • Connect from wherever you’d like to try out the GPS override location function.
  • Check where you are with your mapping software. According to Surfshark’s servers, your location should get displayed.

Does Samsung Have Built-in VPN?

Samsung does not offer a VPN for its users. If you require a VPN service, we have explained how to download Surfshark on Samsung smart TV in detail in the previous sections of this article.

Does Surfshark Have Unlimited Bandwidth for Samsung Smart TV?

Surfshark users don’t have any speed, bandwidth, or data limitations. You might experience slower speeds and response time (ping) than speeds and response time without a VPN. The speed may decrease by 20-30%.

There might be cases when you notice an increase in your connection speed when using Surfshark on Samsung smart TV. That might happen if your internet provider is throttling your speed.


The performance of Surfshark on Samsung smart TV is excellent. It doesn’t record any of your activity, loads quickly, and provides excellent technical security with no IP leaks. It’s great that it provides a wide variety of servers, and it’s even better because they’re all diskless machines that can be wiped clean instantly.

We were delighted with Surfshark’s 24/7 Live Chat service and the provider’s willingness to accommodate an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

Depending on their needs, many customers will appreciate the included extras, such as multi-hop VPN, Cleanweb, and Wi-Fi connection. None of these are must-haves, but they’re all pleased to have, and Surfshark’s value proposition gets better as the collection grows.

Overall, we found Surfshark on Samsung smart TV to be a reliable, privacy-focused service that met all of our criteria with flying colors.

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