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Last updated: July 20, 2020
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Looking for ways to watch Hostar online from outside India? Check out this guide for information on how you can unblock the Hotstar app in Pakistan, USA and anywhere in the world instantly!

Similar to Voot, the infamous Hotstar is a name that gets quite the fame among binge-watchers! Owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, the AVOD platform offers the latest in Indian TV and is now even hosting Disney+‘s entire catalog in India.

While Hotstar is officially available in the US and UK, a huge chunk of the Indian content is still geo-restricted. This is because distributors partnered with Hotstar have licensing agreements that prevent different movies/TV shows from being displayed elsewhere.

This makes it crucial to use a VPN service. Now, you can simply click on the link below, get that VPN subscription, connect to an Indian server, and enjoy streaming on Hotstar, or choose to read our complete guide ahead of it…

How to Watch Hotstar Online from Anywhere

  1. Subscribe to a PureVPN plan.
  2. Get the relevant app for your device/platform.
  3. Launch it and connect to an Indian server or;
  4. Tap on “Popular  Websites” and select Hotstar.
  5. You can now unblock the Hotstar app or website!

Hotstar Unblocking Option PureVPN

How to Watch Hotstar Anywhere: VPN Suggestions

Below is a list of the best Hotstar VPNs in the marketplace, based on performance, server availability, advanced features, support, and pricing:

  1. PureVPN: Our top pick for Hotstar. 9 Servers in India for unblocking the VoD. Available for $3.33/mo
  2. Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN for Hotstar. 3 Indian servers for the streaming platform. Costs $2.49/mo
  3. NordVPN: Fast and secure VPN for Hotstar. 32 Indian servers are available for the VoD. Priced $3.71/mo
  4. ExpressVPN: Value-packed Hotstar VPN. 3 servers in India for accessing Hotstar. Priced at $6.67/mo
  5. IvacyAn upward trending VPN for Hotstar. 3 servers in India for streaming on Hotstar. Costs $2.25/mo

Why Do You Need a VPN for Hotstar?

As mentioned earlier, Hotstar is officially available in the US. You can download the relevant app for your device easily from Google Play, Apple, and Amazon Stores. Simply download the Hostar subscription USA app and run it.

You will now be asked to either “sign in” or “sign up” at and then enter the code displayed on the screen. If you already signed up for Hostar India services, the account will not work on the US Hotstar login page.

As such, you will have to sign up for a different account, as the pricing, policies, and terms of services in the Hotstar US login page vary from that of India. For instance, where the Indian Hotstar costs only $19 yearly, the same will cost you $9.99 or $99.99 yearly in the US.

For me, using a VPN and connecting to an Indian server makes more sense, as it saves you more money. At the same time, it allows you to watch all content that may be geo-restricted in the US version of Hotstar. Therefore, you get access to a broader range of entertainment.

Nevertheless, if you still wish to go ahead with the Hotstar US service, simply visit the page and click on the “Sign up” link. After entering all the necessary information, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Here you will have to select a subscription and then enter your credit/debit card details. Once done, sign into your Hotstar account, where you will see a code. Enter that code when setting up the app on any of your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Where Else is Hotstar Available?

The only “outsiders” granted access to Hotstar are those located in Canada and the US, accessible via the and domains.

Users pay $9.99 for Hotstar USA and $12.99 in Canada for a monthly subscription. Even so, the content library will differ, as part of licensing deals and copyright laws.

So, what about those, who are not located in India, US, or Canada? Well, the site typically blocks users from unauthorized locations, giving this error, “Hotstar Content Not Available in Your Region.”

The AVOD platform uses IP filtering and blocking algorithms, which instantly block users from accessing content on HotStar if they do not reside in India or supported countries like US or Canada.

This practice is quite similar to VoD sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime, all of which are famed for their content. So, if you can unblock these sites, how do you do the same for Hotstar?

If you want to bypass these geo-restrictions, you will need to invest in a VPN solution. These tools mask your original location, giving you an IP address from a server in another country.

How to Sign Up with Hotstar

Hotstar presents users with the option to sign up for both: a free and premium account. The former has a ton of entertaining content available from Hotstar. Meanwhile, the latter gives you the ability to watch premium content, such as Cricket Tournaments on Hotstar Live.

Free Account

Signing up with Hotstar does not require any rocket science. Simply visit the main website and click on the “SIGN IN” option, at the top right corner of the page.

A pop-up box will appear. On the bottom right corner, click on the “Sign Up” option. Enter a valid email address, a reliable password, and your age.

Select your gender and then hit the “SIGN UP” option. This will give you access to the “free” version of the website and all the content with it.

Premium Account

For the premium, sign in to Hotstar using your existing Indian account and visit this page. Here you will find two subscriptions: the Disney+ Hotstar Premium and Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

The former will cost ₹299/month or ₹1499/year (roughly $19). Meanwhile, the latter will set you back by ₹399/year (roughly $4). Enter your card details and enjoy streaming on Hotstar premium.

Note: This sign up method will only work if you have an Indian credit/debit card available. The VoD does not accept credit cards issued outside India. 

How to Change the Region in Various App Stores

If you want to watch Hotstar in countries where the service is not officially available, you can change the region in different app stores to download the app. Below I provide details on how you can change the region on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon Store:

Google Play Store

  1. Click here and sign in using your Gmail ID
  2. Go to the “Settings” option on the left sidebar
  3. Edit and change the country to “India”
  4. Add a fake Indian street address from here

Apple App Store

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon on your iOS device
  2. Select your name and Tap on “iTunes & App Store”
  3. A popup will appear. Tap the option “View Apple ID”
  4. If asked, Authenticate the sign up into your Apple ID
  5. Tap “Country/Region” from the list of options
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to change settings

Amazon Store

  1. Click on this link after signing into your Amazon account
  2. Tap on the “Settings” tab on the top right corner
  3. Select the “Change” button under the “Country Settings”
  4. From the list of options, select “India”

Where Can I Download Hotstar from?

If you want to watch your favorite Indian movies/TV shows on smartphones, you will be pleased to hear that Hotstar offers dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Though we would like seeing a little bit more variety, there is news of an Apple TV and Roku app “coming soon”, according to Hotstar.

Nevertheless, you can always access the website for watching your favorite content, across all devices and platforms until then.

For iOS and Android particularly, you will have to visit the iTunes and Google Play Store!

How to Download Movies and TV Shows Videos from Hotstar

One of the best things about using Hotstar to watch your favorite Indian movies, TV shows, and soap operas is that you have the ability to download them to watch at a later and more convenient time.

Offline viewing is not supported by a lot of VoD services, but Hotstar goes the extra mile by granting this reliable feature. To figure out how to download movies/TV shows via Hotstar, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Hotstar app on your iPhone or Android mobile
  2. Make sure you have a proper internet connection
  3. On the home screen of the app, select any video to watch from the various categories
  4. You can even use the search button for quick navigation to your favorite movie/TV show
  5. After selecting a movie to watch by tapping on the title, tap on the “Download” symbol
  6. Select an appropriate resolution to allow the download to start in the background.

How To Watch Hotstar With Subtitles

I am one of those individuals who simply cannot enjoy watching a movie if there are not any subtitles available.

It is because sometimes the varied accents are difficult to comprehend. Therefore, it feels like you are not really understanding anything going on.

This is why I always use subtitles and know users of Hotstar might be looking for the same. Lucky for you, there is a solution.

Those of you who wish to read subtitles with the media being played on Hotstar simply go to the bottom menu bar of the video and click the captions button. This captions button will display with every video that has been embedded with subtitles.

To ratify this fact, I contacted Hotstar support who diligently responded to my query and confirmed the same. Shweta at HotStar Support also confirmed that subtitles cannot be turned on using a 3rd Party App.


Remember that not all Hotstar media is offered with captions & subtitles.  All movies, TV shows, sports events and premium content with subtitles will show the captions icon in the video panel.

Wrapping Things Up

Hotstar is a powerful service that can satisfy all you are cravings for entertainment. You can unblock it from anywhere using the VPN services we have listed above.

Regardless, if you encounter any issues/problems, do not hesitate on commenting below. I will respond personally to help you access all the content Hotstar has to offer!

Also, help a brother out by sharing this guide. Thanks in advance and hope you guys have a wonderful day ahead. Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #BestVPN to tweet.

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