Per Month


  • AES 256-bit network traffic encryption
  • OpenVPN and IKEv2 security protocols
  • No logs policy
  • 800+ servers in 50 countries
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Supports P2P/Torrenting
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Surfshark Review 2019 – Is it Really a Top VPN Service?

The VPN industry has been growing at incredible speeds for the past couple of years as more and more providers enter the foray and try and offer the best online security features and tools in their service. However, this industry, despite featuring numerous providers, now numbering in the hundreds, has not been giving due attention to the small-scale providers who can match the Top VPNs in all kinds of major performance metrics at Best VPN

Surely, these small-scale providers can’t offer thousands of servers across the world or dedicated apps for all kinds of devices, but they can surely guarantee your anonymity online and in our opinion, that should be most important USP of any VPN out there.

Surfshark is one such VPN service that we found to be incredibly gritty in its performance to ensure user privacy in the digital sphere. It has many other power packed features that are highly reliable towards delivering what they promise.

You definitely need to subscribe to this provider to know how good it is despite not matching the size of Top VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Here is our comprehensive Surfshark Review 2019, containing critiques on its pricing, dedicate VPN apps, server infrastructure, geo-restriction unblocking capabilities and more by BestVPN.co!


  • 800+ Servers in 50 Countries Worldwide
  • Budget-Friendly VPN ($47.76 for 2 years)
  • Works in China
  • Keeps Zero logs
  • Based in British Virgin Islands (Data Friendly Location)
  • Clear Warrant Canary
  • Zero DNS or WebRTC Leaks
  • Apps are free from Malware, Adware & Viruses (Tested)
  • Unblocks Netflix & Supports Torrenting
  • Client Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Firestick
  • CleanWebTM (Ad/Tracker/Malware Blocker)
  • MultiHop Feature for Boosting Anonymity
  • Legacy Simultaneous Connections (No Limits)
  • Automatic Kill Switch and Wi-Fi Protection
  • Excellent Chat Support
  • Bitcoin Payment Supported


  • Independent Security Audit only covers browser extensions
  • No Transparency about Owners behind the service
  • No Free Trial offered




Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is an overseas territory of The Great Britain.

So what are the data retention laws governing the existence of VPNs in the BVI?

None, actually.

BVI might be a British Overseas Territory but it also has a fair degree of freedom in matters governing its internal affairs. Britain might be a member of alliances like the 14 Eyes, forcing it to comply with other member countries in matters of data and intelligence, but the shadows of such alliances does not bound BVI.

And this is the primary reason why Surfshark, along with ExpressVPN have set up their base there.

Serving a gag request or filing a data extradition request in the BVI is also a complex process, unlike the ones in countries like the USA where such notices are issued on a whim.

So surely, being located in BVI makes Surfshark better suited towards protecting itself from gag orders that might require it to dish out user data.

But, since Surfshark doesn’t log any data by itself, its location in BVI is of little importance to its overall security apparatus.

Its just a good place to be in as a VPN firm, nothing more, nothing less.

Surfshark Pricing Review:

Surfshark Pricing plan include


The pricing plans at Surfshark are currently divided into three silos:

  • Monthly Subscription – $11.95 per month
  • Yearly Subscription – $71.88 billed once ($5.99/ month)
  • Bi-yearly Subscription – $47.76 billed once ($1.99/ month)


surfshark pricing plan review

The monthly plan is slightly overpriced, and its quoted price should come down within the range of $6-$8 to make it much more acceptable.

The yearly plan is a bit better and affordable coming in at $5.99/month ($71.88 billed once)

Their 24 month plan is where the provider offers its cheapest subscription rates. Getting this plan will cost the user just $1.99/month ($47.76 billed once), which is actually even lower than what the yearly plan will cost you.

This convoluted pricing strategy makes one thing pretty clear i.e. Surfshark wants you to buy their two year subscription.

In such a case, the rest of the two plans won’t be considered by any sane users out there.

Still, their 2 year plan is cheaper than most comparable providers and with a reasonably good enough service, the value you will get out of it is more than justified with the price tag you are paying for.

As far as payment options are concerned, Surfshark accepts all major payment methods like Paypal, Alipay, Credit/Debit card etc.

You can also pay through different types of Crypto Currencies as well. The addition is highly welcome as it allows the user to pay anonymously without divulging any significant financial details like credit card numbers.

Surfshark Accepted payment methods



Surfshark Free Trial and Refund Policy Review:

This provider sadly doesn’t offer a full-fledged free trial as per the proper definition of this term, but it does offer a money back guarantee on all plans which is valid for a full 30 days from the day your subscription plan commences.

But is the long validity period for the refund any good for the user?

Mostly, its useless.

That’s because, if a user doesn’t like the service, it wont take up to 30 days to realize it. These sort of things happen almost immediately.

However, to minimize the risks of getting more and more refund requests, providers offer longer policies due to the endowment effect. According to this effect, the longer a user is allowed to stay with the service, the higher affinity it develops with the service, reducing the chances that it will look to refund or return it.

Contrary to popular belief, longer refund periods are in no way beneficial to users. They are nothing more than just marketing gimmicks by the providers themselves in order to first, lure more customers in by offering them an illusion of choice, and secondly to make the endowment effect work towards benefiting their cause.

And with Surfshark offering no free trial as well, it comes off as somewhat anxious to get more users to sign up with it.

Which doesn’t make sense as it already has got quite a good service which has enough sale-ability.

Surfshark has An Independent Security Audit By Cure53, But Its Not Comprehensive:

VPNs are built for security and anonymity, but very rarely does a provider appear which is willing to put its service to the ultimate test i.e. an independent security audit by a third party, renowned security firm.

Surfshark is one such VPN that has been gaining much credibility in recent times for its stellar performance. It has gone even further to prove the reliability of its overall security by putting its service through an independent security audit.

Cure53, a renowned web security service firm which is the first choice for such comprehensive audits of VPNs, conducted a full blown security assessment of Surfshark’s browser extensions.

Surfshark aced the limited assessment, conducted in November 2018, with nothing being found except for two minor vulnerabilities that were marked “low severity”.

These vulnerabilities were not even found in the browser extension themselves, making them relatively safe to use as compared to other VPN extensions available in the industry.

As we remarked earlier, security audits by third-party agencies are akin to putting up your VPN service through a litmus test, which requires immense confidence by a provider in the work done on the security front of the VPN thus far.

Surfshark might not be as big as some other providers in the market like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, but it is definitely moving in the right direction.

However, I have one big reservation here.

Since the audit happened last year, Surfshark has added a legion of apps for nearly all popular platforms and some niche ones as well. Conducting the security audit was a good confidence building exercise, however this audit report doesn’t include the performance and security offered by its other VPNs apps.

The security audit was just limited to its browser extensions by Surfshark, which makes the audit itself, somewhat unreliable.

Surfshark Warrant Canary:

We can be sure whether a VPN logs your files or not by looking at its privacy policy, but how do we determine whether a provider has got a Subpoena or a gag order to release your data and whether they’ve complied with it or not?

That’s easy! Just look at their Warrant Canary.

A Warrant Canary is a method used by VPNs to ensure transparency on the government or legal data extradition requests they’ve received thus far and how many of them have been facilitated or denied.

Surfshark’s Warrant Canary is as clean as a whistle.

According to it, they have the following count on each such request:

  • 0 National Security Letters
  • 0 Gag Orders
  • 0 Warrants from a government organization

Incredibly impressive, further strengthening the credibility that the provider has.

And mind you, not many VPNs issue these Warrant canaries as they receive such orders and most of them comply with them.

Surfshark Logging Policy Review:

According to the provider, it doesn’t keep the following kinds of logs:

Logs regarding personally identifiable information:

These are the most sensitive kind of logs as if a provider keeps them, not only does it mean an invasion of your personal privacy but the information stored in these logs can be easily used by anyone to track you down any time they want.

  1. Incoming and outgoing IP addresses (Your personal IP and the IP of the Surfshark’s server you connected to)
  2. Browsing, downloading or purchasing history;
  3. VPN servers you use
  4. Used bandwidth
  5. Session information
  6. Connection timestamps (When was a server connected to and disconnected from and how long did the user actually stay on that particular session)
  7. Network traffic

However, Surfshark does keep logs of your personal email address and your credit card details, but this is not much of an issue as a provider requires these two things to create and manage your account while also catering to your complaints.

But, there are providers like MullvadVPN that don’t even keep your email or credit card details. They generate specific account numbers to create user accounts and run them. This increase the anonymity you have as well as your control over how your data is used and deployed by these VPN services.

No Past Scandals:

There are lot of controversial services in the VPN domain and a lot of them have been involved in scandals in the past like submitting implicating evidence of a user to the authorities. But no provider will advertise that such a thing happened to them on their website.

So you will need to dig up dirt on your own and that’s exactly what I did here.

I ran a thorough check on Surfshark’s previous record to see if they were ever subject to such a scandal, but reassuringly, I couldn’t find a single scandal, report or news that said so, compelling me to give the provider a clean chit on its background.

There is Virtually no Information on SurfShark’s Parent Company (No Background Transparency):

Despite the service being a whole lot better than even many top services out there, I do have my reservations on it and one of the most major ones among them is that Surfshark doesn’t provide any info on who its parent firm is.

This is a serious thing to not tell your users about.

A VPN’s parent firm allows us to look into the credibility of the people that run the service, making us even more sure that nothing wrong is being done under the garb of running a clean service.

But despite digging a lot, I couldn’t come through to find the provider’s parent firm, putting me in some doubt on why it choose to hide this fact.

I even talked to their chat support for this purpose, but all I could get in the form of answer is its current location and when did the service came into being, nothing else. Not satisfactory, Surfshark!

Surfshark Now Works in China

China is a like an untapped goldmine for VPN providers. That’s because, over a billion people live there and because of the intense internet restrictions enforced by the currently reigning government through the “Great Firewall”, no one can access the free internet there unless they use a VPN.

However, even most VPN sites are blocked in China, so there is no way for users to access the services, unless they offer a redirection link. On top of this, the Chinese Firewall deploys deep packet inspection which doesn’t allow VPN traffic to pass through unless its obfuscated.

But Surfshark now does both!

According to a reply by its agile customer support team on Reddit, the VPN is now fully supported in China on Windows and Android OS.

Here is the redirection link to access the provider’s site in China.


Mac and iOS apps from Surfshark are still not able to bypass the Chinese Geo-restrictions though, but the provider says that its working on them and would release them soon.

Most user reviews on Reddit on the same thread are related to how the service works easily in China, further offering credibility to its narrative on the issue.

If you want a reliable, low cost VPN for China, you should seriously consider opting for Surfshark.

Surfshark Apps Compatibility Review:

Previously, the provider didn’t offer much in the way of apps. Just a few browser extensions, a basic Android app, and that was it. But they have undergone a serious transformation and have now added a legion of new and improved apps for nearly all popular and niche platforms now.

These include dedicated apps for the following platforms:

Surfshark Windows App Review 2019

The most used app for any VPN service has got to be its Windows app mainly due to the sheer amount of users on the platform, so the app needs to be good enough to serve and satisfy the pro users as well as newbies alike.

The Newly introduced Windows client is simple and elegant, with just the “Connect” Button and the options for “All locations” appearing on the Main Home Screen. Once you get connected, your new IP will be shown to you on the center top of the client app.


The gear shaped icon on the top right leads us to the Settings menu. You have four main options to choose from here and decide what kind of features you might want to access from here to further optimize or personalize your performance:


This settings submenu deals with the way you want your Surfshark VPN to protect you. You can choose either to automatically turn the VPN on when your Windows turns on or when you initiate Startup. You can even go on an choose to turn the VPN on automatically if your device detects and connects to a Wi-Fi network.


This is where you can either turn off or on the notifications that you get when the VPN status changes like it turn on or there is a change in protocol etc.


Now coming to the most important and feature-rich part of the client i.e. the Security submenu in the Settings Pane. It has four major features that can be used to further enhance your VPN performance as well as increase your security online:

Kill Switch

This is a feature that I would advise you to keep turned on. It protects your IP from leaking if the VPN connection drops by killing off your internet connection too.

CleanWeb ™

A Malware and Trackware blocker that is effective to a very high extent. It stops threats automatically so that you won’t have to worry about making conscious decisions on whether to click on a link or not.

Whitelister ™

So this is the app’s Split Tunneling feature, that can be used to make some websites and apps bypass the VPN connection altogether.



This part shouldn’t have been advanced because it has miscellaneous features that don’t really belong in the same category. However, the features in it are also quite useful.


Through this, you can change the VPN protocols. The options available are OpenVPN/UDP, OpenVPN/TCP, and IKEv2. You can also turn it to Automatic which allows the client to determine which protocol to choose on its own but I wouldn’t advise you to use it as it’s a bit glitchy at the moment. Go for OpenVPN/UDP as its much more secure and faster than the rest.


This is an inconsequential feature that can send crash reports to the provider’s systems if the app crashes. You may turn this on.

No Borders Mode ™

So now, this feature is meant for use in places where the regime has strict internet censorship laws like in Iran. This doesn’t work well in China from what I’ve gathered reviews on.

The Windows client is well built and highly responsive. There were no major crash or malware reports when I tested it for at least 4 days straight.

The connection to a server gets initiated in less than 5 seconds which is excellent.

Locations are quite easy to access as well and the search bar above can also allow you to find your preferred server destination more quickly as compared to scrolling through the list to find one.

Surfshark Android App Review

A VPN app for Smartphones should never be an exact replica of its apps for desktops PCs. There are many issues specific to smartphones that only a specialized app can solve.

So does Surfshark’s Android app stand up to the task in 2019?

Yes, it certainly does.

Previously, when I tested this same app in 2018, it had multiple issues and a dated UI & UX design. But since then, the Android app for Surfshark has undergone a tremendous amount of change that I was left seriously impressed with.

Firstly, the app’s interface is as uncluttered as they come, which is the hallmark of SurfsharkVPN’s service.

The app’s home screen is simple with just a single button that can be used to connect to or disconnect from a VPN server. Perfect.

Apps with too many features on the home screen feel like they are trying to make everything jump on to your face at the same time, not cool at all.

Surfshark keeps it nice and simple here.

Now, if you click on the gear-shaped icon on the top left of your screen, you will be directed to the settings menu which is surprisingly loaded with specialized features. These features are all quite useful towards optimizing your VPN experience on the smartphone.

Here’s the interface of the settings page on the Android VPN app:

As is visible, there are three types of settings that you can access:


Inside this option, you can enable the feature for your VPN to automatically start working once it detects a Wi-Fi connection.

In my view, this is one of the most security oriented features of this Android app especially in today’s environment where we mostly use Wi-Fi to get access to the internet on our smartphones. And not all Wi-Fi can be trusted, especially Public Wi-Fi, because snoopers and hackers can be lurking in these connections to steal or siphon of your valuable financial and personal data.



So in this option, Surfshark offers two features:

  • CleanWeb ™
  • Whitelister ™

CleanWeb, to put it more aptly, is an adblocker which also works to block malware and trackware. This feature is useful for enhancing the internal security of your mobile and to keep it safe from dangerous elements that could infest and destroy your mobile’s performance as well as compromise your own security.

Next, up, Whitelister is what you usually call the “Split Tunneling” feature in the VPN industry. Through this feature, you can “White list” any website or app that you don’t want to be routed via your VPN enabled internet connection.


The features listed in this sub-menu are not for your use or ease, rather they are there so surfShark can gather app performance data. This includes general analytics and Crash tracking data, which won’t compromise your personal information but can give the provide some valuable information on how the app is actually functioning on a day to day basis.

These two options are on by default and you can turn them off any time you want to by just flicking the button to the left.

Surfshark Android app connection and other performance reviews:

One thing you will notice almost instantaneously after using Surfshark’s Android VPN app for a few days is how fast it is to initiate a connection.

Usually, an app takes 5-8 seconds on average to launch a connection but Surfshark takes fewer than 5 which makes it incredibly easy to sift between different servers.

Just beneath the “Quick connect” button on the home interface, you have an option named “All Locations” pressing which opens up the list of all servers available to you to choose from.

There is also a multi-hop feature here on the top right, which you can use to initiate a Double VPN connection i.e. a VPN enabled connection that bounces of not just one, but two servers to make it even harder for someone to track you down.

I chose San Francisco, USA and connected to it and it didn’t take long to do that.


To check for the app’s security, I conducted a DNS leak test, which is one of those vulnerabilities that differentiate a bad VPN from a Good VPN.

The test came out perfect. Yes, it did point the location to San Jose instead of San Francisco, but considering that the two American cities are just 42 miles apart, you can consider that a good enough match.

Surfshark iOS App Review 2019

VPN apps for the iOS platform have generally not been good as compared to similar apps for Android or even for Windows and Macs. The reason behind this is, the iOS platform is quite complicated as compared to the generally free Android eco-system.

Netflix doesn’t generally get unblocked with iOS VPN apps, which was one of my main concerns when reviewing Surfshark’s new iOS app, but boy was I left surprised.

When I say that Surfshark is a dark Horse VPN service that will challenge even the best in the business in the near future, you need to believe that.

Just look at the amazing iOS app they’ve got together, which in my opinion is better than even the iOS apps by much larger providers like NordVPN.

Here is the interface of their iOS app which looks similar to their apps for other OS i.e. nice, clean and uncluttered.


The main difference between SurfShark’s iOS app and its other apps is that, when you tap on the gear-shaped icon i.e. “Settings” on the iOS app, you will not be looking at list of sub-menus that can be navigated for opening further features and functionalities, rather you will see a list of features you can access directly.

So there are three features in the Surfshark iOS Settings menu that you can use:

Kill Switch

A well-known VPN security essential that cuts off all internet connections in case your VPN experiences a breakdown, thereby saving your IP from leaking by the sudden loss of VPN protection.

This feature worked absolutely fine.

CleanWeb ™

I talked about this feature earlier in the Android app review as well. It’s basically a Malware, Trackware and Adware blocker and it works well. But if you are looking for a more potent adblocker then I would advise you to not rely on this feature and get yourself a good enough, pro-adblocker (a paid one).

No Borders ™

A feature meant to bypass geo-restrictions in countries where there are strict laws and controls on the internet like Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. This feature is great to access social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp in countries where they’ve been blocked.

Now comes to Netflix unblocking. As I said earlier, performing it on the iOS platform is no easy feat even for the sturdiest of providers, but Surfshark does it, forcing me to place it among one of the Best VPNs of 2019 definitely.

While you cannot see the movie Avengers – Infinity War being played in this screenshot because of the platform’s restrictions, which blackens out the video from Netflix if you take a screenshot, I assure you that I watched it. If you don’t believe me, then go buy the service and check it out for yourself, You would stand disappointed.

The Multi-Hop Feature

Mutli-Hop is a special VPN security feature which is also called a “Double VPN” feature by some other providers that offer it. Basically what it does is that it allows you to bounce off your internet connection through two servers for extra, more gilded security and protection online.

Here are some of the server combinations that Surfshark offered for the Multi-Hop Feature. You can also make one for yourself based on the servers available if you like.


I choose the USA-Portugal route and connected to it.

And then I went for a DNS leak test to check whether it was actually working properly or not.


I recorded no such leak, which made me like the service and especially the iOS app even more.

For iOS users, Surfshark’s app for the platform is supremely recommended.

Tor Compatible:

Tor is another online security tool just like a VPN, but the latter doesn’t often allow you to use their service with the former.

SurfShark doesn’t do that as it fully authorizes you to use Tor with their service, allowing you to double up on your security.

Router compatibility:

If the Router you have supports the OpenVPN protocol, Surfshark can easily be set up on it.

On top of this, do take note here that your router won’t work with the service unless it can allow use of OpenVPN as a client. If it doesn’t and only supports OpenVPN as a server, then Surfshark cannot be setup on it.

This is good for you as OpenVPN is the most secure protocol out there and using any lesser protocol can make your router vulnerable to intrusion attempts.

Surfshark’s New Firestick App

The world of streaming has taken the world by storm and it is only apt that with all the geo-restrictions on what you can watch on these services and from where that VPN for firestick will have an increasingly important role to play in this domain as time passes on.

One of the most important such streaming services is Amazon Prime, which is now a highly regarded entertainment provider online after Netflix.

But unlike Netflix, which doesn’t have a dedicated streaming device, Amazon Prime is best experienced by watching it through the Firestick device.

This amazing pocket-sized device also allows you to access other entertainment services like Netflix, HBO and whole lot of others.

But many of these services, like mentioned before, have some sort of geo-restrictions or the other, so its necessary that you get a VPN that not just can bypass these restrictions but is also compatible with the platform itself all the more easily.

Surfshark, despite being a relatively small service as compared to other giants like PureVPN and ExpressVPN, now offers its own exclusive Firestick app that you can download directly from the FireTV Amazon app store.

If you want to try it out on your Firestick, here is a step by step installation guide on how to do that:

  • Launch your Firestick on your TV
  • Go to the search bar and type “Surfshark”
  • In the results, the app for Surfshark will appear, tap “Get”
  • Installation will now start
  • Fill in your credentials i.e. email and password, to log in to the app (I recommend that you complete the buying of its subscription from a desktop or a mobile device as it can get pretty complicated to do that on a FireTV with a remote that is not easy to navigate around for such purposes)
  • Launch the FireTV app for Surfshark
  • Choose a Server and connect
  • You can easily bypass geo-restrictions on nearly all FireTV streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime!



Surfshark Server Network And Speed Review:

One of the most critical things that can make or break any VPN’s credibility in the market is the performance of its servers. Servers are the most integral part of a VPN’s core infrastructure and if the servers are performing well, the VPN would be providing a stellar service as well.

Surfshark’s server network has grown tremendously in the past couple of years and now numbers over 800 servers in 50+ countries globally.

The server infrastructure, as is evident from the list of locations mentioned above, is skewed more towards North America and Europe.

However, it has added newer servers in places like Turkey, India, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica and Canada among others, allowing it to offer a more expansive network collection for a lot of its global users to connect to.

But, despite the number of servers being high, are the speeds good enough?

I conducted speed tests on 5 different servers selected randomly to get to a more balanced and unbiased analysis on the service’s performance:

But first, let me tell you about my actual internet connection speed here without connecting to a VPN.

Surfshark Speed


Ping rate: 13 ms

Download Speed: 87.39 Mbps

Upload Speed: 87.55 Mbps

I used these 4 servers for the test, picked all at random.

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Montreal – Canada
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Turkey

The speeds I got were not consistent at all, varying widely from server to server.

Lets start from the best first.

Here are the speeds from the Hong Kong server:

Surfshark servers


Ping rate: 123 ms

Download Speed: 64.74 Mbps

Upload Speed: 56.38 Mbps

While the upload speeds and ping rate were a concern, the download speed was good enough.

But my satisfaction was short lived as the speeds dropped to almost abysmal levels when I connected to the Turkey server.

Surfshark Turkey Server


Ping rate: 175 ms

Download Speed: 32.14 Mbps

Upload Speed: 16.28 Mbps

Such low speeds not unexpected from an otherwise highly regarded provider like Surfshark.

However, things got a lot better when I connected to servers in the North American regions.

Los Angeles – USA Server:

surfshark usa los angeles


Ping rate: 61 ms

Download Speed: 45.92 Mbps

Upload Speed: 67.03 Mbps


Montreal – Canada Server:

surfshark canada


Ping rate: 84 ms

Download Speed: 52.19 Mbps

Upload Speed: 34.73 Mbps

The speeds offered by Surfshark cannot be called consistent by any means. They are just acceptable. Some servers do offer some good speeds but they are far and few in between.

However, here is one little thing that impressed me highly here.

After zigzagging between the servers for myself, I contacted their live chat to know the reason behind the fluctuating speeds and they actually took out their time to guide me with instructions on how I could go on to improve them.

These instructions ranged from tweaking a few command prompts to re-installing the app, but the end result was that I could get at least a 10-20% noticeable difference in the speeds I got.

It took me more than an hour to get through with this and although what the support guys was nothing short of impressive, Surfshark really needs to work on its speed consistency to power a better experience.



Surfshark Real Time Torrenting Tests

Surfshark works with Torrenting, that’s their claim, but I don’t take anything at face value until I test it out.

And there’s a big reason for doing that.

In the VPN industry, things are so sensitive, its foolish to take things at face value.

Just take a look at how some people reported NordVPN to be unsafe as they were found out by copyright trolls while Torrenting under the provider’s cover.

So, I tested Surfshark in real time for Torrenting so check whether it lives up to its tall claims or not.

A VPN is never safe for Torrenting if it leaks your IP in any manner possible and that is what formed the crux of my tests for Surfshark’s validity as a secure VPN for Torrenting.

I conducted WebRTC leak/ip-check tests of the service while connected to its France server.

I used multiple online tools to do so, cross verifying my results, to give you a solid verdict.

Here are the results:

Surfshark web rtc leak test

  • https://browserleaks.com/webrtc: Clear

ipleak.net web rtc leak test

  • https://ipleak.net/: Clear

ipleak.org web rtc test

  • https://ipleak.org/: Clear



Surfshark ip leak test

  • https://ipx.ac/run: Clear

Surfshark came out unscathed from all these 4 leak tests to establish its credibility as a highly suitable service for your Torrenting and P2P security needs.

The test came out perfect. Yes, it did point the location to San Jose instead of San Francisco, but considering that the two American cities are just 42 miles apart, you can consider that a good enough match.

When we conducted an industry wide study on DNS and WebRTC leak tests, Surfshark fared considerably well and came out on top as one of those limited number of providers who don’t actually suffer from such problematic service security issues.

Surfshark Netflix Compatibility

Netflix is the world’s biggest streaming and entertainment platform these days. It boasts of some incredibly popular shows like Orange is the New Black, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos, Black Mirror and more along with an inexhaustible list of movies, TV shows and Special documentaries of all genres.

No one is beating Netflix as the number one choice for users to binge-watch hundreds of hours of shows each month for now.

But there is one big catch here.

Do you know that Netflix is not the same in each country?

Sure you can watch Netflix Originals like Titans, The Crown, House of Cards etc. along with a certain number of movies and other shows all across the world where Netflix is available, but there are a lot of other shows and movies that are only available to specific audiences in certain countries.

For e.g. do you know that The Avengers: Infinity War movie is only available on Netflix US and not anywhere else?

If no, then you definitely need to take a wake up call right now.

So, a VPN should be able to bypass the geo-restrictions, easy, right?

Actually No!

That’s because Netflix has a very sophisticated net that catches you if you are using a VPN and doesn’t allow you to play your content until you’ve turned the VPN off.

This elaborate “VPN ban” has rendered a majority of VPNs useless for unblocking geo-restricted content on the platform.

A VPN that can still perform this feat is akin to striking gold.

So does Surfshark qualify to be in that Gold VPN category?

Certainly, it does.

I checked for its unblocking capability for Netflix US because that is the most coveted geo-restricted version of the site that you would want to unblock.

So first comes the amount of servers that Surfshark has in the US.

Plenty I would suggest. 11 to be more exact.

So I Checked each one of them and surprisingly, 7 of them worked just fine towards unblocking the site. Exceptions to this were the servers located in Phoenix, Miami, Buffalo and Atlanta.

Here is an example of how easily I got through to Netflix US using SurfShark’s Los Angeles Server:

Once I was connected, here are some Geo-restricted US shows and movies I was able to watch with almost great video quality.

The Office:


The Avengers – Infinity War: (And Hey look, that’s our Iron Man, Tony Stark right there!)

So, yes, Netflix US is perfectly yours if you are using Surfshark to get through.


Surfshark BBC iPlayer Unblocking Review

While Netflix unblocking is hard, bypassing the geo-restrictions on BBC iPlayer is not that easy as well. And the even more complicated part about it is that, despite having a similarly elaborate VPN ban as Netflix, not many VPNs concentrate on unblocking the iPlayer outside of the UK, because of a lower number of people trying to access it.

So is Surfshark the perfect candidate for BBC iPlayer unblocking outside the UK as well?

Surfshark only offers two servers in the UK i.e. in London and Manchester, so I connected to the former to check out the provider’s capability to unblock the iPlayer.

And it didn’t work, so I turned to the Manchester Server.

Still, it didn’t work.

So I can with the assurance that Surfshark is not your VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer and the main reason behind it is that it has too low a server count to be able to beat the VPN ban on the site. The IP’s on its UK servers must have gotten blacklisted by the iPlayer algorithms by now and hence we see the dreaded geo-restriction warning on the screens.


Surfshark Support Review

The support was very responsive and helped us to understand the service in a much better light. Surfshark has a 24/7 live chat feature allowing anyone to zoot through problems or glitches at any time of the day. Definitely a starred highlight of this provider.

Surfshark also supports Torrenting and the speeds we got on its servers for this activity were reasonable, however, they can definitely be improved upon some more.

On the security front, Surfshark offers just two security protocols i.e. OpenVPN and IKeV2 along with military grade AES 256 encryption, all of this coupled with an absolute zero logging policy.


Surfshark vs NordVPN

As I mentioned earlier as well, you shouldn’t take anything at face value in the VPN domain. Every single feature is so crucial that you need to be double sure that what you are getting is absolutely reliable.

NordVPN was recently reported by a few users to be unsafe for Torrenting, which is alarming, as it is often primed as one of the best providers in the market.

When we checked out the provider for exactly this purpose, we found out that its performance has suffered greatly. Slow speeds, errors in connecting to major servers among other problems uncharacteristically arose when I used NordVPN this time.

Although there was no leaks, there are still some problems that compel me to advise you to proceed with the provider with caution.

Surfshark is no match for NordVPN’s features, as the latter beats it by a fair distance in many of them, for e.g. SurfShark’s server count is almost 1/5th of NordVPN’s, but still, there are no major reasons why Surfshark is not a better alternative to NordVPN.

I wont do the clichéd comparison here, with the tables comparing each service feature for feature, but rather I am offering you a well built, opinion on why there is not much difference in between these two services for the user.

The reports about NordVPN are alarming, no doubt, so I would advise you to go for Surfshark if you want a secure service that hasn’t had such guffaws in recent times.

Surfshark Reddit Reviews

User opinion is the most honest form of opinion there is. Its un-glittered, non-biased and is directly based on real user experiences. And chances are, that if a best vpn reddit review is honest, it won’t differ much from real time user opinion.

On Reddit, Surfshark has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Nothing that I haven’t touched upon in this review. Yes, there are a few reviews in which the flaws are highlighted like low server count but nothing serious.


However, despite the service being good enough to verify the claims made in the Reddit threads here, I did notice a few shill accounts who were blatantly promoting the provider.

These comments on Reddit seemed manufactured and too manicured too be done by real users.

If Surfshark is doing this, then this is not good at all. They’ve got a very good service so there there is absolutely no need to do this.

Here are some threads on Reddit dedicated to Surfshark reviews, so you can look in to them to know more about the opinion users have about the provider:

Reddit Thread 1

Reddit Thread 2

Reddit Thread 3


Surfshark’s Views for 2019

To know more about the plans a service has in place for the upcoming year, the only way I have is to contact the service itself and talk to a representative of its and that’s exactly what I did i.e. contact a Surfshark representative to answer any questions I had on what to expect of the service’s different aspects in 2019.

And here are all the questions along with their answers by Surfshark’s top management representative:

Q: What niche will Surfshark be focusing on more in 2019? Like unblocking, enhancing security etc.

Most of our users choose our product for privacy and security reasons, and we will continue to follow this path


Q: Do you aim to increase your server count? If Yes, then in which regions should users be expecting more servers in?

Yes, we always work on increasing servers count, as users demand grows. We listen to our users and try to fulfill their requests as soon as possible.


Q: Do you aim to introduce more client apps for any other type of platforms this year?

Most of the platforms are covered already. We will be releasing a Linux application very soon.


Q: Will you conduct a third-party security audit in 2019?

At the end of 2018, we have completed a security audit by reputable company Cure53. As our application codebase grows, we will continue to use 3rd parties to verify our security claims.


Q: How will you make more people take their privacy online much more seriously in 2019?

We use our blog and social media to actualize the issues and try to cover all the major privacy-related events in the world.


I wouldn’t say the answers are comprehensive but at least they are willing to talk and answer back which sets a really good example for others in the industry to follow, because sadly, Providers don’t usually interact with us reviewers so directly and rather leave us to their incompetent chat support, which is not great in answering such deep questions about future plans etc.

Common Problems you will face with Surfshark and their Solution

As with all services, Surfshark did throw up a few problems at different stages of me using its service. And I believe it is important for me to share the solutions of these with you so that you know what exactly to do when you face them.

“Exception of type ‘DotRas.RasDialException’ was thrown” Error:

This error kept coming up when I was trying to connect to the US server to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions and connect to the US version of their site.

I figured out that this happens if your protocol setting is set to “Automatic”, so to solve it, simply go to Settings > Advanced > Protocols and change the protocol from “Automatic” to “OpenVPN/UDP” and connect to the server again and you will easily get through to it.


Surfshark might not be a market leader at the moment in the VPN domain, but it doesn’t falter on any front when compared to any such Best VPN service in the industry. The speeds are great, there are no problems with privacy, the chat support is highly responsive, it unblocks Netflix and supports Torrenting, which is much more than what service of this size should provide. Definitely Recommended! Do give it a try and you will find yourself elated at finding such a good service you might not have known could provide such a satisfactory performance as a VPN.

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19 Responses to Surfshark

  1. Berd

    I bought Surfshark before my trip to China and this provider worked as intended to. Of course, I would like some more servers across the world, but other than that – excellent service and app.

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hi Berd,

      We are glad your experience went great with Surfshark. The provider has more than 500 servers now, which I think is a good mark for a VPN service. Whats your thought on it ?

  2. Jim

    Software still very buggy and not ready – do not buy. Big issues with viber desktop. Had to reformat my laptop after using the kill switch which messed up connectivity.

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hey Jim,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here on our site.
      But to really be honest, this is one of those rare ocassions when we heard something bad about Surfshark. We’ve been constantly testing it ourself and have come across no such issue. But if you have experience the wrong side of the service, it does need to be adressed. Can you be a bit more specific on what exact issues you faced? With a bit of more detail?

  3. Dylan M

    I bought surfshark after reading this. I works great and is so easy to use even for someone as tech-challenged as me lol. The connection is fast and the app works great on tv. We had some problems with accessing netflix but their support agent helped us and now we are able to see the usa library. 5 stars from me.

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hey Dylan,
      We know that you are one of our most loyal readers! Thank you for again entrusting us with your valuable belief on VPN reviews. We are happy to know that Surfshark worked out great for you!
      Thanks a ton!

  4. Paschendale

    Will you accept wamart giftcard as payment?

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hello Paschendale,
      Surfshark doesn`t accept this payment method as of currently, Only the methods listed in this review work as of today.

  5. Don Boucher

    Well, son far Surfshark has given me fast, secure and anonymous connections here in the U.S.A.

    I’ve tried both short-term and extra long term connections and never had a slow server or other connection trouble. I love the whitelister feature, multiHop, and CleanWeb options.

    I wonder if some reviewers had problems that weren’t actually SurfShark’s doing. After some vigorous personal use and critical testing, I’ve become very happy with my decision to use SurfShark.

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hey Boucher,
      Surfshark is undoubtedly, a great VPN in terms of reliability these days. Its almost rivaling the performance of the more established providers and yes, it performs in exactly the same manner as yo just mentioned!
      Btw, did you go for the provider after reading our review?

  6. Mitch

    This is probably the most elaborate review I’ve read and I agree with most of your points. Comparing to market leaders Surfshark does have fewer servers and I did encounter the same problem you mentioned with automatic protocol and USA servers. But overall for a newcomer it’s very well developed and I can give high praise for the speeds they offer. After fixing the protocols the streams went smoothly no matter the distance of the server I picked.

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hey Mitch,
      Thanks for liking our work here! This makes us strive ever so more to bring even better reviews for facilitating valuable user ease!
      Thanks for being such a wonderful supporter of our site Mitch!

  7. John

    I was getting some help from some of you staff but some hopeless I don t even know if I’m connected properly the only one has help me is Matthew asking me do screens and so on wish took me hours next person to come on was hopeless so I’m hoping for a refund

    • Bestvpn.co

      Hey there John, hope you are doing well. Thanks for commenting here. Can you elaborate more on the issue you are experiencing? From what i can understand, you are facing connectivity issues? A good way to check if the VPN is activated is to perform a test. Head to IPLeak.net. I’ve rarely ever encountered any Surfshark user being unable to connect. Try reinstalling the TAP-drivers too.

    • Anthony

      Exactly what happened to me John, Sarah told me to send in a report to technical dept., I had only just purchased the app. Failed to connect, Failed to stop block and failed to give any support. AVOID!!!

  8. john morgan

    I am sorry to say I have had the same experience as Roman,but I think it is my fault as much as “surfsharks” as I am no geek,I am 77yo and very little background in computers,at the same time,I have not enjoyed
    ad free football or films.These thousands of films I was supposed to see never materialised nor did the football experience,I installed a new router an”smc barricade N,smcwbr 14s-n5.I do not know if this is adequate or not for trouble free reception.There is a lady comes to our site,a computer programmer,and if she communicated with you on Tuesday of next week,would you be able to enlighten her on what I have to do to improve my reception,please advise.John.

    • Bestvpn.co

      Thanks for commenting here John. It’s great seeing that you are trying to keep up with the technological trends of today. Most people usually give up as they age sadly lol From what i can make out, you are facing trouble in understanding how to use the Surfshark app. So, i’ll be guiding you a bit.

      If you want an ad-free experience using the VPN application, you will have to activate the “CleanWeb” feature from Surfshark. You will find it the Settings > Security menu. While you are at it, also enable the “Kill Switch” feature. With regards to the limitless streaming, you need to go broader than just using a VPN.

      Let me clarify that the VPN is a tool for shifting your virtual location, IP address, making it seem as if you are located in a different country altogether. This enables you to bypass geo-restrictions on varied websites. In simple words, you will still need to sign up with varied services or download a platform like Kodi for unlimited access to sports entertainment.

  9. Roman


    Do not buy it. I had installed software on 3 PCs, notebook and android and all starts to have problems with internet, network… even if surfshark is not connected… Software is piece of crap. I paid for 24 months and I want refund after few days more than 30 days and the reject to refund.
    Do not trust SurfShark. Pay a little more and everything will at least work which won’t with surfshark!

    • Bestvpn.co

      Thanks for commenting here Roman.
      We believe that your software apps are having a problem related to the kill switch.
      Have you asked Surfshark’s support about connection issues you have been facing?

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