Last updated: January 5, 2024
William Sams
William Sams
Ranked as one of the cheapest VPNs, British Virgin Islands-based PureVPN successfully passes our security and streaming tests. After reports of them keeping logs, the VPN resurfaces with an audited policy. With 6500+ servers, strong security, and Netflix unblocking, it's a great low-cost option!
Jurisdiction British Virgin Islands
Price US$ 3.29 /mo on a 2-Year Plan
Servers 6,500+ in 78+ Countries
Logs No Logs Certified
Encryption AES-256-CBC
Unblocks Netflix Yes
Torrenting Yes
Works in China Yes
Recommended  Yes
Website https://www.purevpn.com/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox

PureVPN is well-known for its speed and generally positive feedback, and it offers strong data encryption, a choice of secure protocols, and features tailored for easy torrenting and streaming.

As a result, it is a fantastic alternative for people looking for a VPN to improve their media consumption experience. Nonetheless, PureVPN’s adversaries have expressed worries about its unpredictable speed performance and security reputation, provoking conflicting feelings.

However, this VPN has recently experienced a significant change. Notably, it was the first to implement an Always-On Audit, suggesting a major advance in its security features.

Thus, we conducted a thorough evaluation of this provider and addressed every relevant issue like is PureVPN reputable? or “Is PureVPN legit?” when considering their VPN options, as they seek to ensure the service’s authenticity and reliability.

PureVPN has earned a spot on our list of the best VPN, and there are compelling reasons for this inclusion. Continue reading our PureVPN Review to discover more about PureVPN and why it is considered one of the premier VPN options available.

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PureVPN Review : Pros & Cons

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Enables access to Netflix
  • Facilitates torrenting
  • Ensures no DNS leaks
  • Compatible with Android TV
  • Offers port forwarding support
  • Password manager add-on feature available
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Weak connections
  • Minimal Linux app
  • Several features don’t function with WireGuard

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PureVPN Review: Rating Criteria

  1. Plans & Pricing: How much does PureVPN cost exactly?
  2. Streaming: Does it work with Netflix & other VoD services?
  3. Speed: How fast is PureVPN?
  4. Servers: Is It P2P Compatible, does it work in China?
  5. Security: Is PureVPN Really Safe?
  6. Leaks: Does It Leak Your IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  7. Compatibility: Apps and supported devices
  8. Customer support: does it offer 24/7 live chat?
  9. Trustworthiness: Trustpilot ratings, Reddit & Customer support

Moreover, we recommend you check out our FAQs section, if you have any further queries

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Plans & Pricing: How Much Does PureVPN Cost Exactly ?

If you might be curious and ask, “Is PureVPN free?” then it’s important to note that PureVPN offers three unique subscription plans: Standard, Plus, and Max. The Standard plan just provides VPN services for $15.95/mo only, whereas the Plus plan includes PureKeep password management as well as PureEncrypt file encryption at a price of $3.33/mo.

Although the Max plan is the most expensive, it provides a bigger set of features, including a password manager, file encryption, and the Personal Privacy Manager.

However, there are three subscription periods available in addition to the plan options, with longer commitments enabling more cost-effective pricing. When compared to competitors like NordVPN, Usually its best price starts at US$ 3.29 /mo , and stands out as a cost-effective solution.


PureVPN subscription plans

PureVPN provides a 31-day money-back guarantee for all its plans. They also present a seven-day trial at the cost of just 99 cents, which subsequently renews at $69.95 for an annual plan. Interestingly, when we installed the PureVPN app on a Chromebook, we were pleasantly surprised to obtain a complimentary seven-day trial.

Not only this, but we have another good news for our PureVPN users, you can also avail discounts on PureVPN and can save a handsome amount, with the upcoming Black Friday VPN deals.

You can also cancel PureVPN subscription anytime you want.

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Streaming: Is PureVPN good for streaming?

While PureVPN is not the best choice for streaming, it does have the capacity to unblock geo-restricted content depending on the server you use. Furthermore, the inclusion of a specialized Apple TV app is a huge benefit.

PureVPN offers a Proxy Control tool for individuals who choose a better streaming experience above security. This function allows you to browse geo-restricted websites without encrypting your connection, which may result in faster speeds in exchange for less security.

Here is the list of the platforms that work with PureVPN:

  • Netflix
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Hulu

Unblocking Netflix with PureVPN

Fortunately, we were able to access the US Netflix collection on our first attempt. The VPN also unlocked the Japanese library with ease.

PureVPN faced problems when attempting to unblock the French and German libraries, as Chrome displayed content from the user’s own country.

It’s worth noting that some customers have claimed that Netflix does not load when using this VPN. Nonetheless, your experience may vary depending on aspects such as tunneling protocol, server selection, and web browser.

unblocking-netflix -through-purevpn-in-USA

PureVPN was able to unblock Netflix

Does PureVPN unblock other platforms?

PureVPN’s ability to unblock BBC iPlayer pleasantly surprised us. Nonetheless, the connection was rather slow, with regular buffering issues. This could be the result of a very loaded server.

Accessing geo-restricted video on YouTube was simple, as it’s uncommon to come across a VPN that doesn’t unblock this particular streaming provider.

In conclusion, PureVPN offers a reasonable selection of streaming options. However, it is apparent that a bigger selection of unblocked streaming sites would be a nice addition.

Speed and performance: Is PureVPN fast ?

To evaluate PureVPN’s performance in various regions, we conducted a series of PureVPN speed test USA. Initially, we used the OpenVPN protocol to assess the VPN’s performance in various places.

However, when compared to the WireGuard protocol, which consistently maintained an average of roughly 70% of the initial connection rates, the results were less spectacular, check below:

Server Download Upload Ping
US 16.64 Mbps 35.53Mbps 99ms
UK 31.86 Mbps 138.32 Mbps 102ms
Australia 56.64 Mbps 171.78 Mbps 87ms
Singapore 64.22 Mbps 161.13 Mbps 120ms
France 169.26 Mbps 260.52 Mbps 111ms

In any event, PureVPN is generally quite quick, even though the speeds aren’t as fast as those of some other top VPN companies, like NordVPN. Be selective in choosing a server location that is close to your actual location if you want to maximize speed.

After having a thorough look at the speeds offered by this VPN, you may also get answers to ‘Does PureVPN allow torrenting?’ With dedicated average-speed servers optimized for P2P sharing, PureVPN offers robust encryption and privacy features, making it somehow a top choice for torrent enthusiasts seeking security and anonymity while downloading their favorite content.

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PureVPN Servers and Locations: P2P Optimized Servers

PureVPN has an extensive global network of 6500 servers in 78 countries. The highest number of servers that PureVPN has is in the European region, followed by North America.

Here is a breakdown of the server count region-wise:

Regions Countries Server Counts
North America 9 1780+ servers
Europe 32 2740+ servers
Asia 18 570+ servers
Ocenia 2 448+ servers
South America 6 165+servers
Central America 1 15 servers
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Does PureVPN work in China?

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, and it has 12 servers in China, which is a relatively unusual characteristic. This configuration promotes fast connections while also allowing consumers to improve their online anonymity in the face of government prohibitions. Furthermore, the VPN offers users unlimited bandwidth and enables up to five concurrent connections.

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Is PureVPN Really Safe ?

High security features like AES-256 encryption help PureVPN to enhance online security and provide a dependable always-on audit. To discover additional details, we encourage you to continue reading our comprehensive PureVPN review.

Encryption and Tunneling protocols

Every tunneling protocol offered by PureVPN includes AES-256 encryption, which is the industry standard for encryption. Because of the encryption’s complexity and the astonishing 2256 potential key combinations, it has earned the trust of agencies such as the US government, the military, and organizations managing sensitive data.

Does PureVPN collect data?

PureVPN does not keep connection logs or track your VPN usage. When you use their service, they have no knowledge of your surfing, downloading, or uploading activities.

Is PureVPN always on audit?

PureVPN is subject to audits at any moment, without the need for prior notification, This commitment to transparency and the preservation of your privacy assures that your online actions remain completely confidential and private. Moreover, we recommend you try PureVPN 7 day trial to get more clearer idea of the app.

What is the PureVPN controversy?

In 2017, PureVPN provided information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which ultimately led to the arrest of a cyberstalker in Massachusetts. The inquiry found that the individual had used PureVPN from two different IP addresses, one at home and one at work.

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Testing PureVPN: Does It Leak Your IP, DNS & WebRTC?

For this PureVPN review, we even conducted a thorough leak test, involving the usage of over 6 different tools. PureVPN passed all tests, indicating it does not leak any information whatsoever.

WebRTC and HTTP Request Leaks:

The WebRTC technology enables calls through services like Google Hangouts without the need for a plugin or application. The drawback is that the websites that employ it can see your IP address. Your identity is thus made public to the website and ISP.

DNS Leaks:

The DNS converts domain names for the sites you visit into IP addresses. Your ISP will be able to observe what you are doing online if your DNS entries are exposed.

IPv4/IPv6 and Torrent IP Leaks:

Your real IP address will be visible to the sites you access if the VPN fails to conceal it. Your true location can be found when this occurs. To cross-check if your IP is not leaking, connect to the VPN and do the following test below.


PureVPN bypassed our IP and DNS leak tests successfully

PureVPN Compatibility: Apps and Supported Devices

One of the few VPN providers compatible with all the major platforms and devices. This VPN is best to use on multiple devices , too. Below is a complete list of devices that the provider supports, according to my PureVPN review:

  • Kodi
  • Roku
  • Routers
  • Xbox
  • Android TV
  • Boxee box
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Now TV Box
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Chrome cast
  • Play Station
  • iOS App (Relaunched)
The best part of all: PureVPN has upgraded their subscriptions to support 10 simultaneous connections, which further improves user experience, across all devices (previously they only supported 5 multi-logins).
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PureVPN for iOS

PureVPN’s iOS app was not available for a long time, as it was removed due to violating the iTunes policy. A new one has made its way back to the apple store, though, and is built on the same framework as its Android counterpart.

The overall UX and UI of the iOS app are quite remarkable and do not get affected by the varied screen sizes of the iPhone/iPad. Connection times were also quick and did not take longer than 10 seconds on average. Overall, the app scores a 10/10!


PureVPN server connecting time on iOS was impressively quick

PureVPN for Android

Thanks to its lightweight structure, PureVPN’s Android app will not bog down even the worst and slowest of Android devices. Navigation is seamless, similar to its iOS counterpart, and connection times were also impressive.

This implies that the developers did put effort and thought into designing a UX specifically suited to the platform. Netflix and other VoDs worked fine and the speeds have improved massively too. On the rating scale, the Android app gets 9/10 from us.


PureVPN android app delivered great server connecting speed

PureVPN for Windows

The Windows app targets both audiences; the tech-savvy and amateur VPN users. And that is why it is a hit among Windows lovers. For the layman, the default settings work perfectly for browsing, torrenting, and unblocking.

You have specific modes available that connect you to relevant servers i.e. if you want to download torrents, click on the “File Sharing” mode and enjoy maximum security and fast speeds for torrenting.

Then, once you enter the “Preferences” menu, the app is a pure haven for the tech-savvy. It presents a myriad of protocols, encryption, and app tweaking options for further boosting your security and privacy online.


PureVPN on Windows App

PureVPN for Mac

Similar to the Windows counterpart, my PureVPN review of its Mac app shows it uses the same design and style. It offers a remarkable list of features for both rookie and tech-savvy VPN users, which contributes to its overall likability.

You have the same intuitive mode selection option, configuration tweaking, and other modifiable settings that make using the app dead easy. At the same time, the look of the app does not bore you and looks quite modern!


PureVPN For Mac

PureVPN for Linux

PureVPN does not offer a GUI-based app for Linux, similar to most providers. However, it is still a great option for those who can understand and implement coding for establishing VPN connections.

Most reviewers would agree that setting up non-GUI-based apps on Linux is a challenging task. Even so, PureVPN does pretty well at streamlining the configuration process. You can follow their guide here for more information.


PureVPN for Linux

PureVPN for Firestick

PureVPN on FireStick works seamlessly with its dedicated app optimized for the platform. You can download it either from Pure’s website or by visiting Google Play Store and simply typing in “PureVPN”. Even it is listed on top of the guide of free VPN for firestick .

This allows users of the platform to leverage maximum security on their Amazon Fire TVs, all while gaining the capability of unblocking platforms like Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, and more. Besides that, you can also use PureVPN to watch movies on BBC iPlayer .


PureVPN on Firestick is secure enough to stream on different platforms!

PureVPN for Kodi

PureVPN is the only provider in the marketplace that currently offers support for Kodi. You can easily download and install the add-on on the entertainment platform to keep your identity secure.

For instructions on how to install PureVPN Kodi , you can follow this guide. Once the app is installed, you can leverage great security when streaming pirated content, saving you from hefty DMCA fines!


PureVPN offers support for Kodi

All dedicated apps function smoothly and responsively, which adds to the likeability of the VPN. Add this to a large number of servers available, dedicated IPs, and the Hotspot feature, and PureVPN provides good value for your money.

Not to mention, it has recently joined the ranks of logs providers and even unblocks Netflix and other streaming platforms directly through its browser extensions. You can get a plan for US$ 3.29 /mo from here.

PureVPN for Apple TV

PureVPN works perfectly well with Apple TV as well. You can get your hands on the app from Apple TV App Store. Simply download the app, log in with your credentials, and connect to any nearby server to gain secured access. In case you’re skeptical, we’d like to assure you that it offers a user-friendly interface with a search bar to look up a specific server easily. So get started today!

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Support: What Customer Support Does PureVPN Offer?

If you encounter any issues while using PureVPN, you have several support options available. You can visit its support page to explore setup guides, troubleshooting solutions, and frequently asked questions.

Additionally, you can submit a support ticket, even with PureVPN free account to do so. Another quick option is to utilize the in-app troubleshooting feature, which can promptly resolve various issues.

PureVPN also provides live chat assistance 24/7. Starting a chat session is a simple process that only requires your name and email address. In less than a minute, you’ll be connected to a customer service representative. Alternatively, you can get help directly from the app by utilizing the built-in chatbot.

Check out PureVPN free trial hacks to get the benefit of more such features.

Trustworthiness: Trustpilot Ratings, PureVPN Reddit Review & Customer Support

PureVPN has a higher rating than even the most famous providers in the marketplace, *coughs Nord and Express*. From over 8,654 reviews, it has gained a 5-star rating, indicating more than 85% of its users have had a positive experience.


Trustpilot reviews of PureVPN have positive ratings

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PureVPN Review Reddit

PureVPN Reddit is a place where users can share their experience and ask questions like Is PureVPN safe and secure? And more.

Below, you can see a few embedded PureVPN review Reddit threads talking about PureVPN’s price and choice of servers. Most, if not all, are positive, with of course, some users having a negative experience.


Here a user talks about how he’s been using PureVPN for the past 2 years and considers it to be one of the best unblockers in the market for accessing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer etc.

PureVPN Reddit Review-in-USA

Naturally, where there were positives, We did come across some reviews that were negative. Mostly, they were concerned about the VPN logging policy, which recently has been audited.


PureVPN’s Customer Support

The British Virgin Islands-based provider has a very proactive customer support team, be it from live chat, ticket, or email support. All representatives are quite helpful and detailed in their responses. Besides that, you can anytime opt-out of a subscription by asking the PureVPN support team to cancel your account.

Usually, other execs redirect you to a link or blog to save their effort. However, I observed that unlike other VPN services and their chat support team, PureVPN’s executives did not mind elaborating on their answers.

We even recorded the response times after sending the VPN four questions via email at intervals. Among them, two were general queries, and two were a little more technical. See the statistics below:

Question Initial Response Time Number of Emails
How to download PureVPN? 20 Minutes 1
Why is PureVPN so slow? 15 Minutes 1
How do I get a refund from PureVPN? 25 Minutes 1
Why is my PureVPN not connecting? 22 Minutes 1
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PureVPN Alternatives Review

PureVPN already exists as a famous provider that is suitable for all your VPN-related needs at a budget-friendly price. However, if you want another inexpensive deal , do consider signing up with Surfshark (starts at $1.99/mo).

On the other hand, if you do not mind paying a little higher for effective and more reliable service, then I would suggest going for one of the fastest , ExpressVPN (starting at $6.77/mo) that has a verified/audited no logs policy for keeping you protected 24/7!

You can also look at other alternatives to PureVPN below and other VPN comparisons of pricing, features, unblocking capabilities, torrenting/streaming performance, setup and interface, servers, security offered, customer service, and more:

Do I Recommend PureVPN?

Yes, we highly recommend PureVPN to those looking for an affordable yet feature-packed VPN service; even PureVPN review Trustpilot frequently mention its features, emphasizing their importance in improving online security.

Although, there are improvements required in bypassing “The Great Firewall”, but overall you receive good protection and security.

How to download and install PureVPN?

Following are the steps to download and install PureVPN:

  1. Visit the PureVPN official website.
  2. Choose your PureVPN subscription plan.
  3. Download and sign in to your account.
  4. Click on “Connect” option and you’re good to go!
Get PureVPN Now!31 Days Money Back Guarantee

FAQs – PureVPN Review

PureVPN was established with Uzair Gadit as one of its co-founders, and he is located in Pakistan. Founded back in 2007, the company collaborates with contractors in various regions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Pakistan, the British Virgin Islands, and previously, Hong Kong.

No, Purevpn does not maintain connection logs or monitor your VPN usage. They have no knowledge of what you browse, download, or upload when you use their app.

If you are having trouble accessing Netflix, then you might be missing out on an important step; continue reading below for complete guidance from PureVPN download to connecting it to Netflix:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. After PureVPN login, check your real IP before connecting.
  4. Choose a server that supports the desired country’s library.
  5. Confirm the VPN is connected correctly.
  6. Enjoy seamless Netflix streaming without proxy errors.

PureVPN has recently begun the process of upgrading its server infrastructure , moving from 10Gbps to 20Gbps. This improvement means more throughput and better performance for its consumers.

To begin, make sure you’re running the most recent version of your VPN program, as premium providers routinely offer updates to quickly address any bugs. If the problem persists, consider restarting or reinstalling your software, as client issues may be interfering with your connection to a VPN server.

When it comes to the best VPNs for gaming in 2023, PureVPN stands out as a solid alternative. It provides all of the necessary tools for gamers to improve their gaming experiences, thanks to its extensive server network, specialized gaming servers, and supplemental services such as port forwarding and dedicated IP options.

Yes, we encourage you to take advantage of PureVPN free trial. Additionally, if you’re wondering if PureVPN free version secure, you must take advantage of their full refund if your experience with PureVPN during the first 31 days does not meet your expectations.

PureVPN can cause a noticeable decrease in your internet speed, as is typically expected with VPNs; while it won’t hinder your ability to stream services such as Netflix, it might not be the best choice for individuals seeking to maintain consistently high-speed internet connections.


In conclusion, PureVPN offers a robust and secure VPN service with its commitment to data encryption and privacy protection. It provides a wide range of user needs with a large server network, gaming optimization, and a free trial period. Our guide on PureVPN review will help you get along with any queries you may have.

Compatible with device: Windows, Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox,

33 Responses to PureVPN Review 2023: Features, Security & Price [Updated 2023]

  1. Sebastian says:

    Signed up with PureVPN after reading this review and I have to tell you i was reallly impressed using the service… certainly wasn’t expecting such versatility for such a low price.. I recommend it!

  2. Daniel Paul says:

    Not bad for the price..everything works as advertised! I use it for unblocking so I like the popular websites menu, its quite effective.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Great to see you commenting here and interacting with us Daniel. Glad your experience has remained positive with the provider. Do still let us know if you need answers to any questions regarding the provider! 🙂

  3. Danny says:

    Got the paid account after reading this review and now after using it for 3 days ive decided to sign up with them. Great service for a cheap price.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Great to see you commenting here Danny. Indeed, the provider is quite the value-driven service for something that costs just $2.91. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Rodrigo Lopez says:

    I signed up with PureVPN two years ago and I have to say this VPN has worked perfectly for me. I did lose trust in them when they kept logs but since then they have really improved. Its the best for unblocking and torrenting and their browser extensions also work for Netflix, which is why im giving it 5 stars.

  5. Michelle says:

    I just needed a vpn to stream on netflix and purevpn just does the job perfectly…

  6. Kenny says:

    I live in Beijing China and your guide helped me get the app working here. The service works well if I compare to others used before like Proton. Thank you.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      We are glad to hear that our research on PureVPN and its capabilities in China helped you out. Please keep visiting this review for information on the latest features/updates regarding the provider. Happy unblocking!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This VPN IS AMAZING! It does everything expressvpn would do but better and i love that there is a “mode” available for even the simplest of tasks. never been happier!

  8. Zackary says:

    I signed up for PureVPN recently when they were offering a lifetime deal. I wasn’t expecting lot from this vpn but it has worked amazingly for unblocking Netflix. I now have their app on all my devices at home, but have been getting error every time I add a new device idk why. Can you help me out?

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience here Zackary. You might have exceeded the simultaneous connections limit. PureVPN supports only 5 multi-logins on a single subscription. You would have to buy another plan to add more devices sadly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    the support is really helpful. Had an issue with the iOS app and it was resolved quickly.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Thanks for commenting on our review. The iOS typically had been removed by the Apple Store, which is why PureVPN has created a new one that meets the store guidelines. Glad you had a pleasant experience with the support team. I will add this in my next update.

  10. Abrielle says:

    PureVPN has really turned around over the past year. the support is quicky quick, i unblock netflix at the click of a button, the speeds are great too!

  11. Jeremy Edith says:

    I have been a regular of PureVPN having bought the one year plan twice and the service has improved a lot in the past year. although I really miss the ios app which pure is not offering currently. I had to sideload it on my iphone but after that, there were no major problems.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Mr. Edith,
      Great to see you commenting here and interacting with us on this review.
      and about your personal experience, the service has really improved in the last year unbdoubtedly. We did contact PureVPN’s team to take an update on the iOS app and we can tell you that its management told us that the previous app had some flaws which needed to be corrected and the new one is in its final stages and will be launched very soon.
      Thank you!

  12. Gerald bernard says:

    I have the trial account right now and I am on my second day. not impressed at all, average speeds and a very badly put together app for windows.. not buying it surely

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Mr. Bernard,
      Great to see you commenting here and interacting with us.
      And about your bad experience with PureVPN, can you please specify as to what kind of issues were you exactly facing with the service, so that we can also look into them and update our review accordingly?

  13. Douglas Woods says:

    I previously registered with Vypr VPN but I had major problems with it due to its lack of apps and because it didn’t unblock quite a lot of sites. I went for Pure despite reading lots of controversial reviews and comments from users and it has turned out fine. the speeds are still not up to my expectations certainly but it sure does unblock.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Mr. Woods,
      Great to see you commenting here and interacting with us,
      we will come to PureVPN, but first let know which websites were you specifically looking to unblock with VyprVPN as it usually unblocks most geo-restricted sites. If you can share details, we can also check them and update this in our review?
      Now for PureVPN, yes, it does have a lot of controversy surrounding it, and there is some truth in it, but mostly, its blown out of context. Glad that it has met your expectations.

  14. Evan logan says:

    Put PureVPN on my router so i don’t have to go through the major pain of installing apps on my devices. the live chat was pathetic till last year but now it has improved a lot and I know think they are definitely not using chatbots like previously.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Logan,
      Great to see you interacting with us on this review,
      setting up any VPN on a router is a great option if you are using a VPN enabled connection on multiple devices. Live chat has definitely improved but its still not up to our mark and expectations. PureVPN does have its downs and we have recommended the service to improve on them so that users like you can benefit out of it.

  15. Luis McVay says:

    The default protocol in PureVPN is ikev2 not openvpn so I had to manually go change it and it does have some problems in connecting to some servers. taking a good 5 minutes to connect sometimes or so. I primarily bought it for Netflix streaming and I haven’t been disappointed here as it works fine and easily most of the time.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey McVay,
      Great to see you interacting with us on this review.
      Yes, we know that the default protocol is not OpenVPN and we’ve covered it in the review as well. PureVPN should correct it as soon as possible. As far as streaming is concerned, PureVPN is one of the best VPNs in this regard and we are glad that our review facilitated you in subscribing to this service and getting this benefit out of it.

  16. Sándor Adony says:

    The service is good till now and it has worked well for my streaming needs. Speeds do go down every once in a while which is a real pain and a not so good experience, the windows client also has some glitches which need to be dealt away with it like taking a long time to connect to some servers. But in this price, pure is a good enough choice.

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Mr. Adony,
      Great to see you commenting here and interacting with us on this review.
      Your personal experience of the service will undoubtedly help a lot of other users in making the final decision about subscribing to this service. And yes you are right about the fluctuating speeds on some servers as we know this from our own experience reviewing the service.
      Thank you!

  17. Brad park says:

    Brad Park is my name. These guys are awful. Service does not work for Netflix. Then I asked for a refund. They said they OK. then the next day they said they can’t refund due to “merchant limitations”. And they offered me a gift card!!!! Don’t sign up. The service is crappy and they are dishonest

    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Brad,
      Great to see you commenting on our post here.
      Now coming to your concerns, Yes, we have also allayed it in the review above that PureVPN’s Refund policy is not entirely transparent.
      If you exceed a certain number of GBs (Bandwidth consumed), the refund becomes invalid. This is not mentioned clearly anywhere on the provider’s website currently, but we know about it, because it was there some while ago and was removed just recently.
      We recommend to not just you, but all of our users, that they need to read our reviews carefully in order to find out more on the service they are trying to opt for.
      We conduct in-depth reviews for the sole purpose of facilitating users like you towards buying the Best VPN according to their own needs. We shed light on every single factor so that users dont have to do the research on their own.
      Read our reviews, they are called “Reviews” for some reason!
      Coming to Netflix unblocking, it would be great if you tried to unblock Netflix through their Chrome extension rather than any of their clients, because it only works reliably through it, nothing else!
      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Brad,
      To begin with, we extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you have faced. However, your problem had been adequately resolved by our customer support team.
      Customer satisfaction is PureVPN’s topmost priority, that’s why we took complete responsibility of your unsatisfactory experience with our product and refunded all of your money in good faith regardless of the fact that you paid for the subscription via a non-refundable method.
      All of the above-mentioned details had already been communicated to you earlier. Feel free to reach us via live chat or email us at enquiry@purevpn.com if you may have any more queries or concerns.

  18. Charley says:

    I have bought a 2-year VPN from purevpn but had lots of problems:
    1- Unstability (many times),
    2- Many servers do not work at all,
    3- I can not use any feature BUT DEDICATED IP!!! ( no STREAM,no INTERNET FREEDOM , no …no…).
    4- Most of the time it is VERY VERY slow,
    5- A stubborn UPDATE WARNING (even after it is applied) would not want to go away!!
    6- No refund even after 3 hours:
    Purevpn (PureVPN)

    Nov 15, 10:26 UTC


    We hope that you are doing well.

    It is to inform you that your subscription can not be refunded since you have paid via non-refundable payment method/processor.

    You can view the details regarding the refundable and non-refundable payment processor in the following link.


    • Bestvpn.co says:

      Hey Charlie, great to see your comment on our thread! We see that you’ve had multiple problems with PureVPN relating to things like instability, server errors, bad streaming support etc and we truly acknowledge that these would have caused great inconvenience to you definitely.
      But having said that, we clearly mentioned in our review above that they do have a strict refund policy which implies that they are quite stringent when it comes to the terms and conditions which govern refunds. The email which you quoted here does mention that you paid through a non-refundable payment method and it’s a common practice in the industry that there are certain methods, which if you pay through, you will not get a refund.
      And this is the very reason that we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of reading our reviews thoroughly. We put an incredible amount of work to review a service in order to save users from the same inconveniences that you had with the refund.
      As far as the problems are concerned, we believe that the VPN client that you downloaded wasn’t functioning properly, because these issues don’t stem from actual VPN performance issues but rather from VPN client issues. Can we know which client you were using and its version?

    • Hi Charley,
      To begin with, we extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you have faced. However, your query had been adequately resolved by our customer support team 4 months ago.
      Our representative reached out to you with a list of specific servers that work in Iran uninterruptedly, and we did not receive a response from you after early October. Also, our refund policy is crystal clear. Only a handful of payment methods don’t qualify for a refund and you willingly chose to pay for the subscription via a non-refundable payment method.
      All of the above-mentioned details had already been communicated to you earlier. Feel free to reach us via live chat or email us at enquiry@purevpn.com if you may have any more queries or concerns.

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