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  • 700+ Servers in 35+ Countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 200,000+ IP Addresses
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, Chameleon protocol support
  • Supports all major platforms
  • Offers NAT Firewall
  • 3 Day Trial Version Offered
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VyprVPN Review 2019 – Is it Really Private, Secure and Open Internet?

Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is one of the most promising VPN providers. Although, you cannot rank it among the Best VPN services like NordVPN, PureVPN or ExpressVPN yet, this provider still has some immensely good features on offer to hook you up.

Its best offering remains its exclusively developed Chameleon Protocol, which is meant to bypass VPN blocking. Apart from that, this provider allows you a comprehensive security apparatus that is geared to protect your privacy in the online realm.

For more on this service, here is the VyprVPN review 2018 containing a complete round of all the aspects of its services by Best VPN

VyprVPN review

VyprVPN Quick Review

VyprVPN traces its roots back to Golden Frog, which is its parent firm. Golden Frog was founded in 1994 after the infamous Room641a incident took place. The people behind this firm were disheveled when they saw that, despite their complaints to the government authorities, no action was taken against alleged spying by the NSA on AT&T networks. This is when they decided to take matters into their own hands and start work towards providing users with secure tools to access a free internet.

VyprVPN is a continuation of that same goal as this provider has got a lot of power packed features that are geared to ensure maximum user privacy and freedom online.

The provider’s best hallmark feature is its Chameleon Protocol, based on the unmodified OpenVPN 256 bit protocol. This feature allows users to bypass VPN blocking on geo-restricted sites like Netflix US and restrictive government regulations like the Chinese firewall.

Its server infrastructure is robust and privately owned, currently offering 700 servers in 70+ locations worldwide. VyprVPN has multiple compatible apps to use on all platforms, with its Chameleon Protocol feature being available in all of them except for its iOS app, which is a bummer.

There is a NAT Firewall option for an enhanced router and rebound security enhancement. But its biggest downturn comes in the shape of its logging policy. Although it doesn’t keep activity logs, connection logs are kept by the provider for 30 days, which includes data on user’s IP address among other things. The company says that it keeps all of this user data physically stored in servers at its headquarters in Switzerland.


  1. 70+ Servers.
  2. Chameleon Protocol.
  3. VyprVPN cloud.
  4. Wide number of Compatible apps.
  5. Good Uptime.


  1. Keeps Connection logs for 30 days.
  2. Not suitable for Torrenting.

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VyprVPN Plans and Price Review

VyprVPN currently offers two pricing plans, both on a yearly subscription basis. The only differences in these two plans are in terms of the features offered. The first plan is offered at $60 and in it, you only get access to regular features like unlimited bandwidth and 3 simultaneous connections.

The other plan is valued at $80 for a full year’s worth of subscription, but by getting this plan you can secure access to premium features like Chameleon protocol, Vypr Cloud, 5 simultaneous connections and more.

VyprVPN Plans and Price Review

Both these plans come with a VyprVPN free 3-day trial, but it will only be unlocked if you share your email address, credit card information to choose a pricing plan.

VyprVPN Account Info

Payment Options are a bit limited and it doesn’t support Bitcoin or other anonymous payments. As far as pricing is concerned, there are some other better alternatives to VyprVPN.

For e.g. you can secure a full two-year subscription with PureVPN at just 69.12 and it offers much better features like Double VPN and Onion over VPN. NordVPN offers more than 3000 servers, SmartPlay Feature and more for just $79.00 billed once for a twenty-four-month plan.

Here is a price comparison between these three providers on a monthly basis:

Monthly Price$5.00$2.88$3.29

VyprVPN also offers dedicated VPN plans for businesses. The first one is the VyprVPN for Business plan offered at $299.00/year. This plan includes multiple user accounts, dedicated business servers, and an account manager. All the regular features of the service like unlimited bandwidth and Chameleon protocol are also included in this service plan.

The other plan is the VyprVPN for Business Cloud. Offered at $349.00 for a year’s worth of subscription, this is a plan that we like the most because it is unique.

VPN providers don’t generally offer cloud VPN services, leaving that part of online security out of the foray. But VyprVPN has gone on to take the initiative in offering a dedicated Cloud VPN plan that includes a dedicated IP, dedicated server, easy setup and access to all regular VPN features.

VyprVPN Business Plans


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VyprVPN Trial Period Review

The VyprVPN free trial is very uncomplicated. The duration of the trial is 3 days in which you can access all of the features of the VPN i.e. 70+ servers, dedicated apps, all supported protocols etc. However, the only downside here is that you need to provide your billing information to activate it. You won’t be billed till the trial period ends and you can cancel anytime.

The trial period offer is good but it can be even better. If we compare it with NordVPN, which offers a zero-commitment 3-day trial, no questions asked, VyprVPN comes up short. But, if you want to try it out, the deal is not that bad and is worth a try.

VyprVPN Payment Methods Review

VyprVPN needs to work a lot on its payment options as currently, it lags behind the Top providers in the industry according to this criteria. The number of payment options you can opt for buying a plan with VyprVPN are severely limited.

VyprVPN Payment Methods Review

Currently, you can only pay through either your credit card, Alipay or Paypal. The worst part about this is that there is no anonymous payment support i.e. you can’t pay through Bitcoin or a similar digital currency equivalent. Most customers will certainly get turned off by this because they can access a lot more modes of payment if they opt for other providers.

Market leading services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, all offer a wide diversity of payment options for potential buyers making them appear more welcoming and appealing.

VyprVPN really needs to add more options and pick its game up if it’s to break in as a top provider in the coming times.

VyprVPN Compatibility Review

It’s a norm for VPN providers to provide at least four compatible apps for the popular Desktop and Mobile OS like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We really wanted to see more in terms of browser support like a dedicated chrome extension but that was missing here.

VyprVPN does provide support on other devices like it offers an Android app for blackphone, QNAP app, but these are very niche device ranges, so not of much use for the average users.

Apart from the apps, manual setup of VyprVPN is easy on a load of other software and devices. There is APK support for SmartTV Installation, Kodi setup guides, and router manual setup run-throughs.

Its offerings are good enough in terms of sponsoring compatibility, but more can be done to improve things to an even better standard.

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VyprVPN Servers Review

VyprVPN’s server network is very well distributed and that is perhaps, one of its best features. Most VPN providers overemphasize on European and American servers and leave out important locations such as Africa, South Asia and the Middle East from their location pie.

VyprVPN Servers Review

But VyprVPN has servers in places like Algiers, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, among 70 other VPN locations, making it one of the best providers to subscribe to if you want faster speeds in offbeat regions like the ones mentioned here.

VyprVPN Servers Locations

VyprVPN’s total server count currently stands as 700+, to which they are constantly adding newer ones.

VyprVPN Protocols/Encryption Review

You can currently access a total of 4 secure protocols with VyprVPN. PPTP and L2TP/IPsec are available on all apps, while OpenVPN is just supported on the Mac and Windows apps.

But its best protocol is its trademark Chameleon protocol which uses the OpenVPN 256-bit protocol in an unmodified manner. This protocol works towards bypassing VPN blocking attempts by scrambling metadata in order to stop ISPs and authorities from running Deep Packet Inspection on your data packets.

However, according to our VyprVPN review, we need to warn you that because the Chameleon protocol hasn’t been vetted independently, there might be an underlying zero-day vulnerability that could be exploited by a wily hacker any time in the future. The firm says that this protocol is highly secure, but we recommend that you exercise caution in this regard.

Chameleon is not available on the iOS app.

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VyprVPN Customer Support Review

It’s not just about offering a feature just because everyone else has it, it is about adding value to a user’s experience through that feature, however sadly, VyprVPN fell well short in this regard.

The alleged 24/7 live chat feature that is offered on VyprVPN’s website, doesn’t work at all. We tried to pose a query towards their end and it was a good 2 hours till we were waiting for the reply. It’s not that the reply came, but we closed that tab altogether.

In this VyprVPN review, we recommend that the provider must take immediate steps to alleviate problems like these unless it wants to just become a caricature VPN provider that has the right website but the wrong service.

VyprVPN Customer Support Review


VyprVPN Privacy Policy Review

We don’t generally approve of a Provider that keeps user logs as it compromises user security to a very high extent. After scrutinizing the privacy policy of the provider in this VyprVPN review, we found that it explicitly states that it keeps connection logs for a full 30 days! These connection logs include data on the user’s real IP address, the IP of the VPN server he/she connected to, timestamps and the amount of bandwidth consumed.

Even if it says that its logging requirements end here, the damage has already been done. Data kept is data insecure. The connection logs are enough to compromise user security as the data stove becomes vulnerable to hacking attempts, data extradition requests and more.

This even makes activities like Torrenting insecure with VyprVPN, because if you try to download and upload any material that is copyright protected, the authorities can send the VPN a notice as they see that the activity originated from its server. Now the real trouble starts. Because VyprVPN knows which VPN server you accessed and which is your real IP, it can easily discern your account among the thousands it has and then sends that legal notice over to you.

If you are into Torrenting or P2P a lot, we won’t recommend VyprVPN to you.

VyprVPN Speed Test Review

As far as speeds are concerned, VyprVPN performed quite impressively. The difference between speeds before and after turning on the VPN showed a difference of just 24%. This is well within the acceptable range. The performance on the European servers is a bit slow and needs improvement but the US servers worked just fine. What’s surprising that the upload speeds were the winner here and they didn’t show a much noticeable difference when the VPN was in action.

Verdict: According to our VyprVPN review, Speeds are good enough for streaming but not so much for other data-intensive activities like Torrenting or large P2P file sharing.

VyprVPN Kodi Review

Kodi is a very popular home media software that amplifies your experience when it comes down to watching your favorite content on multiple devices. But using Kodi with a VPN will enhance your experience with this software even further. You can install Kodi directly from its website on to your OS or device right now and start enjoying the numerous add-ons and repositories it has on offer.

VyprVPN’s dedicated apps, when installed on your system will automatically route all traffic from Kodi through its encrypted connection, but on the Linux system, you will need to run Kodi on OpenElec to allow it to function at its best.

Here’s how you can install VyprVPN on OpenElec in order to bypass geo-restrictions on content in Kodi:

System > OpenElec > Network

Scroll to find “Virtual Private Network” > Add new VPN configuration

Enter these settings in to the configuration settings:


Network Name: VyprVPN

VPN Server: Enter your preferred server name

Username: Enter your VPN username

Password: Enter the password you use to login to your Golden Frog Account

VPN DNS Domain: Leave this as it is

Show Advanced: Turn it to “Enable”

Now turn on Enable for “Require MPPE”

Now click on “Save”

Return to the Main Menu on OpenElec

Go to “Connections”

Scroll and find “VyprVPN” from the providers available and select it

Now you need to click on “Connect”

The connection is now working on OpenElec! You can now enjoy Kodi much more as VyprVPN will unblock a majority of geo-restricted content.

VyprVPN Crack Review

Currently, there is no liable crack version of VyprVPN available online. If you do come across a website or a link that says it is a crack version of VyprVPN free, then don’t ever click on it, because that can be anything ranging from malware to a virus.

VyprVPN Additional Features

Apart from its basic service package, VyprVPN offers some exclusive security features for its subscribers.

Multiple Protocols for Encryption:

The provider supports many different encryption protocols to allow the user to experience greater choice over the mode of tunneling and the level of security required. Here is the list of supported protocols at VyprVPN:

  • Chameleon
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • IKEv2 is also supported but you can only configure it manually on just the iOS



This is a specially built encryption protocol by VyprVPN that is meant to bypass VPN blocking on geo-restricted websites. It scrambles your metadata and works on OpenVPN 256 bit protocol (Unmodified)

VyprVPN protocols review



VyprDNS is an internet freedom oriented feature that allows users to bypass DNS blocking/redirecting attempts by governments and private censorship regimes. It enables users to view restricted content and websites by preventing “Man in the Middle” attacks.

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VyprVPN Login

The login process at VyprVPN is pretty easy. All you need to do is to click on the “Control Panel” option on the top right when you are visiting its website. This action will redirect you to the login page, where you will be asked to enter your user credentials i.e. your GoldenFrog account’s Username and Password. Once you correctly enter your credentials, you will be logged in to your account.

How to install/connect VyprVPN for Windows

Windows is the most popular OS out there and using it with a VPN can enhance your security on the platform manifold. VyprVPN comes with a streamlined, compatible app for Windows. This app is perhaps the best among all the apps that this provider offers. It is agile, the options are easy to access and the user interface is clean and smooth. Here’s how you can get it installed on to your system:

Subscribe to a pricing plan at VyprVPN and obtain user credentials

Now visit its app repository page and click on the option for “VyprVPN for Windows”

This will commence the download. After the setup file has been downloaded, install it on your system

Once the installation is complete, launch the app and enter your user credentials

Select a server you prefer the most and hit “Connect”

VyprVPN is up and running on your Windows OS

Ensure that you are running the latest version of Windows to avoid any problems during the installation process


How to install/connect VyprVPN for Android

In recent times, the Android OS has consistently been the target of malware attacks, virus strains and other security risks making it imperative for users to add a VPN in order to increase the protection levels. If you are to choose VyprVPN to protect your device, then here’s how you can install VyprVPN’s dedicated Android app in a stress-free way:

Buy a subscription with VyprVPN and acquire a username and password

Run over to the app repository page and scroll down to find “VyprVPN for Android”

Clicking on this link will redirect you to the app’s download page on Google Play. You can also visit Google Play directly and search for “VyprVPN” to land at the same page

Download the app and commence the installation

Launch the Android OS app on your smartphone

Now you will be required to enter your user credentials to proceed further. This requires your Golden Frog Username and Password

You can now easily access the server list and choose a preferred location you wish to connect to

Click Connect and VyprVPN are now working to protect your anonymity online!


How to install/connect VyprVPN for the router

VyprVPN will only work on routers which meet its hardware requirements. If your router matches the pre-requisites, then flash it with appropriate firmware and follow these steps to get the VPN installed:

To begin with, you will need to log in to your router’s firmware

Now click on the option for “Tools”

Scroll down to find “System Commands” and click on it

Now enter these commands depending on the type of router you have and your personal CPU’s architecture


For MIPS Routers:

eval `wget -q -O - http://www.goldenfrog.biz/downloads/VyprVPN/router/app/tomato/mipsel/install.sh`

If you receive an error, try this command instead:

eval `wget -q -O - http://dl.succentric.com/downloads/VyprVPN/router/app/tomato/mipsel/install.sh`

For ARM Routers:

eval `wget -q -O - http://www.goldenfrog.biz/downloads/VyprVPN/router/app/tomato/arm/install.sh`

If you receive an error, try this command instead:

eval `wget -q -O - http://dl.succentric.com/downloads/VyprVPN/router/app/tomato/arm/install-succentric.sh`

Once you’ve successfully entered the command, click on “Execute”.

The VPN is now installed. Refresh your Browser/tab and enter your VPN user credentials > Select a server > Click on “Connect” > Start browsing the internet.


How to install/connect VyprVPN for Mac

If you are a passionate Mac user and want to get a VPN to protect you in the online domain, then here’s how you can start VyprVPN download and get its dedicated Mac app installed in under 3 minutes (Only OSX 10.0 or higher supported):

Go to VyprVPN’s website and check out the pricing plans available

Choose one that suits you’re the best

Obtain your personalized user credentials

Visit the Mac app download page on VyprVPN’s website and download the setup file

Install the setup file on to your system

Enter your user credentials when the app is launched

Find a server from among the hundreds listed that you want to get connected to

Click on Connect and VyprVPN will now start running on your Mac!


How to install/connect VyprVPN for iOS

For iOS fans, whether they are using the iPhone or iPad, VyprVPN can be a great option for you to acquire in order to protect your anonymity online.

Here’s a rundown on the easy installation process of VyprVPN on iOS:

Select a pricing plan on VyprVPN’s website and pay for it

Now you will get your user credentials. Store them safely as you will be needing them later on

Go to the app repository page on VyprVPN’s website

Here, select “VyprVPN for iOS”

This will provide you with a link “Download from app store”. Click on this and then download the setup file from the iTunes store

Install the file on your device and launch it

Enter your user credentials > Select a Server > Hit “Connect”

VyprVPN is now running safely on your Device


How to install/connect VyprVPN for QNAP

One of the most impressive things about VyprVPN is that it offers dedicated app support for a wide variety of extremely niche devices, making it easier for the user to install VyprVPN on them in stress-free manner. QNAP is one such niche device for which you don’t generally find dedicated VPN apps, but VyprVPN does offer one.

Here’s a step by step process of installing VyprVPN on your QNAP device:

Open App Center on your QNAP device.

In the search bar, type “VyprVPN”.

Once the app has been found, install it on to your device.

When the installation has ended, you can easily access your VyprVPN app from the main menu.

Enter user credentials and then go for selecting a server that suits your requirement.

Click on Connect and VyprVPN is up and running on your QNAP device.


How to install/connect VyprVPN for Blackphone

Blackphone is one of the few Smartphone in the market built with privacy in mind. This phone ensures that your communication remains private and your data is kept safe. If you want to further enhance the security layer on this phone, you can install VyprVPN through its dedicated app:

Buy a subscription plan with VyprVPN.

Secure User credentials.

Go to Google Play Store and search for “VyprVPN”.

Download and Install the app.

Launch the VyprVPN app > Enter username and password > Select a server > Click Connect.

VyprVPN is now working on your Blackphone!


How to install/connect VyprVPN for TV

In recent times, there has been an exponential increase in the number of people switching their conventional TVs for Smart TVs and the reasons are obvious. Smart TVs can play all kinds of digital content like Netflix and also provide the option for switching to IPTV from conventional cable.

But, one big hindrance you would face in enjoying your Smart TV to the fullest is in accessing geo-restricted content on streaming websites like Hulu and Amazon Prime. VyprVPN can allow you to easily bypass these stifling geo-restrictions and watch your favorite content from anywhere.

The best way to initiate VyprVPN download and install it for TV is through sideloading (APK method). Here’s how it’s done:

Choose a pricing plan at VyprVPN, pay for it and obtain user credentials.

Using your browser either on your phone or on your desktop, go to VyprVPN’s website and head over to the app repository page > VyprVPN For TV > Download APK.

This is the APK setup file you have just downloaded. Extract it onto a separate drive so that you can easily proceed further.

Launch your Smart TV > Settings > Security & Restrictions > Turn On “Unknown Sources” from Off.

You have just given an explicit permission to your TV’s system that it now can install files from outside the Google Play Store.

There might a warning that you will be prompted with. Click on “OK”.

Now you need to Search on Google Play for “ES File Explorer Manager” and install this app on your system.

Plug in the drive in which you stored the APK files on to your Smart TV.

Just after plugging in your drive, there will be a prompt asking you whether you want to open the files in the drive through your ES File Explorer. You need to give it the permission it requires to move on further.

Now when the drive folder is opened, you need to go to “Local” on the ES File Explorer. Scroll down till you find the sub-folder where you stored the APK file and click on it when found. This will now begin installation.

There will be some permission prompts. Grant Access to all of them and don’t deny any permissions or the file won’t install properly.

VyprVPN is now installed on your Smart TV through the APK file.

Now all you need to do is to enter your username and password, select a preferred server location and hit on connect.

Now you are using VyprVPN on your Smart TV! Enjoy the latest in entertainment wholeheartedly without worrying ever about geo-restrictions.


How to install/connect VyprVPN for Anonabox

Anonabox is a special kind of a router that makes it easier to leverage all forms of online security tools like VPN. This router is different from its peers because of its intense focus on protecting user privacy and enabling the easy access to novel things like Deep Web through Tor in a much more streamlined manner.

If you have recently bought your very own Anonabox Router (Only Pro and Tunneller work with VyprVPN), then here’s how you can get VyprVPN installed on it:

Visit to access your router.

Now you need to initiate Login by entering “Root” as the username. There is no need for a password here.

If you have to update your Firmware on Anonabox, then skip this step or do it here.

In the “Services” Tab, you will see an icon named “VyprVPN”. Click on it

Proceed to check the box for “Enable VPN”.

Now enter your user credentials, i.e. your VPN username and password.

Choose your preferred server location according to your current needs.

You will be now required to select the protocol. Go for OpenVPN 256.

Now you will see an option titled “Save and Apply”, click on this to retain and enforce the changes you just made.

In VPN Status, you can easily check whether the VPN has turned on or not. It will be turned on after these steps.

VyprVPN is now working on your Anonabo router!


VyprVPN Reddit

User reviews on Reddit reiterated our own critique of VyprVPN’s service quality and extensiveness. One user commented that this service is one of the better ones out there, but it still not the best. Also, Check the best vpn reddit for more reviews and recommendations the redditors provide.

Another user was of the opinion that this VPN provider is not good for those who do Torrenting. This is because this provider keeps connection logs for a good 30 days, so any copyright troll who sends the legal notice to VyprVPN will land up with you in the end.



Here is a feature by feature comparison between VyprVPN and NordVPN:

Pricing (Yearly)$80$69
ProtocolsOpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and Chameleon ProtocolIKEv2, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, DoubleVPN and SSTP
EncryptionAES-256-CBC with a 2048-bit DH keyAES-256-CBC with a 2048-bit DH key
P2P AllowedYesYes
Based InSwitzerlandPanama
Proxy ServersNoNo
Simultaneous Users56
Added FeaturesNat Firewall, VyprVPN cloud and CyphrSmartPlay, Onion over VPN, CyberSec, and Automatic Kill Switch


VyprVPN VS CyberGhost

Here is a rundown of the feature comparison between VyprVPN and a leading service provider i.e. CyberGhost

Pricing (Yearly)$80$59.88
ProtocolsOpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and Chameleon ProtocolPPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
EncryptionAES-256-CBC with a 2048-bit DH keyAES-256-CBC with a 2048-bit DH key
P2P AllowedYesYes
Based InSwitzerlandRomania
Proxy ServersNoNo
Simultaneous Users57
Added FeaturesNat Firewall, VyprVPN cloud and CyphrAutomatic Kill Switch


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VyprVPN review FAQs

What is VyprVPN cloud?

This is an enterprising security solution for those who access private or public cloud servers. To put it more easily, it’s a VPN server deployment solution. What it does is that it provides you with an easy to use, VPN tool for cloud resources, enhancing your security apparatus.

How do I cancel my subscription to VyprVPN?

Canceling your GoldenFrog subscription is quite easy and this is how you can get it done:

After logging in to your GoldenFrog account, go to Control Panel.

On the left-hand side, there is a menu. Select “Accounts” from this menu.

Scroll down till you find the heading for “Services”. Click on “Cancel Service”.

In the Account Cancellation prompt, select an appropriate reason for canceling the subscription > Continue Cancellation.

Now click on “Confirm Cancellation” and your subscription is canceled.


VyprVPN can be a good option for security aficionados if they are looking for a long-term online VPN provider to get associated with. However, the service needs a lot of improvement to rank up there with the very best. Some big flaws like keeping logs for 30 days needs to go immediately and the price needs to come down considering the basic VPN service they are currently providing.

Wrapping things up, We would give VyprVPN a three-star rating and would recommend it to users who would like to get a VPN for some basic security needs like bypassing ISP throttling and unlocking geo-restricted content. But if you are into things like Torrenting, then VyprVPN is not for you.

At BestVPN.co, we always strive to provide users with an honest round up of VPNs and related services in order to ensure that no one’s security is compromised ever. Stay Safe!

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