JurisdictionSwitzerland (Unsafe)
Price$6.67/month ($80 for 1 year)
LogsNo Logs
Unblocks NetflixYes
TorrentingDiscouraging Stance
Works in ChinaYes
Recommended Yes
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Desktop

VyprVPN – Considered a Very Secure and Fast Service!

In this VyprVPN review, I will be putting to test all the good things that VyprVPN has been reputed for like fasts speeds, China unblocking capabilities, Netflix access and more.

VyprVPN is a costly service undoubtedly with its most cheapest plan costing $6.67/month, much higher than providers with much better features, so it has to be very good in what it does in order to justify this price tag.

Headquartered in Switzerland, VyprVPN made its way into the marketplace back in 2009. It is founded by Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis, who are also owners of the VPNs parent firm, “Golden Frog”. A global internet privacy and security solutions firm, which has its offices in Austin, Texas.

Its parent firm states that it created in reaction to a spying incident involving the NSA, in which the spy agency was allegedly gathering user data by getting into internet cables from a big American ISP.

The premise seems good, but is the VPN that good as well?

Let’s check the different features of VyprVPN to check whether this VPN is actually good enough for users to secure their anonymity online?

VyprVPN Jurisdiction Review

VyprVPN claims to have its headquarters in Switzerland, while its parent company is located in Austin, Texas, US.

The US is a founding member of the Five Eyes Alliance and indulges in mass surveillance and data retention, constantly seeing new ways to get more involved in the digital life of citizens.

It is important to realize too that Switzerland, although resides outside Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes countries, does not have favorable laws as many people claim.

From 2002 onwards, the government had allowed agencies to indulge in some data retention, in particular storing of emails for a six-month period for whatever reason.

Fast-forward to 2017, a new law from Switzerland now actually makes it a “cooperative” jurisdiction, which may pressure VPN services to reveal info, upon issuing a subpoena with a gag order.

This law, according to Swissinfo.ch, allows the FIS to indulge in targeted surveillance, bugging of private properties, phone lines, and wiretapping computers, which were previously disallowed.

Thus as far as jurisdiction goes, VyprVPN is not as safe as those providers located in countries that have no mandatory data retention laws like Surfshark which is located in the British Virgin Islands.

Vypr VPN Logging Policy Review

VyprVPN had a very questionable logging policy in the past as it stored things like the user’s original IP for a period of 30 days.

Here is the proof that VyprVPN did so:

VyprVPN Review

However, when I checked their privacy policy again now, I see them guaranteeing a strict zero logs” policy.

VyprVPN Logging Policy

As of now, we can consider VyprVPN to be strict zero-logs provider, but since the provider did keep some problematic logs in the past, you will need to proceed with caution here.

VyprVPN Encryption & Protocol Support Review

For encryption, VyprVPN uses the standard AES-256 military-grade cipher, which is impenetrable. So there are no problems there.

On the protocol front, VyprVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and Chameleon protocol (TM).

OpenVPN is the most secure protocol in the industry at the moment with no security issues ever reported. No bugs have been found in it either allowing VPNs to trust it fully. VyprVPN also runs it on all its apps.

But the main catch here is the Chameleon protocol offered by VyprVPN which roused major interest.

This special protocol, developed and offered by VyprVPN exclusively, works to make your metadata appear as if it’s emanating from a normal and not a VPN based connection, thus allowing to bypass VPN bans in countries like China, Iran or UAE.

According to our review, VyprVPN offers probably the best protocol options in the entire industry.

VyprVPN WebRTC/DNS/IP Address Leak Test Review

We performed tests relating to WebRTC/DNS/IP address leakages on VyprVPN.

The provider aced all these tests and we did not even find even a single way through which VyprVPN leaks your original IP. 

  1. https://ipx.ac/run – Passed
  2. https://ipleak.net/ – Passed
  3. https://dnsleak.com – Passed
  4. https://browserleaks.com/webrtc – Passed
  5. https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ – Passed
  6. https://www.perfect-privacy.com/check-ip – Passed


The results you see below are from the test conducted on the Turkey server. The VPN did, fortunately, keep my original IPv4 public and private IP address safe from leaks.

VyprVPN IPX Test


According to the IP leak test, your IPv4 address and DNS is secure. However, the DNS test did reveal an additional Netherlands server, along with two unidentifiable addresses.

Considering that these addresses do not have any indication towards the DNS and IP I get from the local ISP, users do receive anonymity with the provider.

VyprVPN IPLeak Test

DNS Leak

The DNS leak test did not show that I was using a Turkish server, but rather one located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This confirms that VyprVPN does deploy Virtual Servers.

VyprVPN DNS Leak Test

Browser Leaks

I performed a WebRTC Test, after connecting to a Turkish server via the Chameleon Technology Protocol to check whether or not I remain secure.

The results displayed no leakages at all. My local IP remained invisible.

VyprVPN Browser Leaks Test

Perfect Privacy

To ensure the VPN actually offers strong anonymity, we decided to conduct another DNS and IP check test. As you can see, the results reveal that there were no gaps found in this test too.

The DNS addresses are the same as in the test conducted via IPLeak and they do not indicate my true location, but the test does make it clear that VyprVPN is using Google DNS servers instead of its own bare-metal servers.

VyprVPN Perfect Privacy Test

VyprVPN App Safety Review

To ensure that a provider’s apps are safe to use from any kind of virus, malware or other issues, we need to run a test on the installation files of every app offered by the provider on Virustotal.com

I have posted the results for two apps from the provider below.

The .exe file for Windows is clear from all viruses, passing all 69 checks from the tool.

VyprVPN Apps File Check

Same is the case with their .apk file for Android, .dmg file for Mac, and .ipa file for iOS. All apps were clear from viruses, passing all tests with no issues reported at all.

Vypr VPN Apps File Check

VyprVPN Transparency Review

VyprVPN is among one of those rare VPNs that conducted an independent security audit.

This audit was conducted by Leviathan Security Group incorporate and is available for public viewing here: https://www.vyprvpn.com/audit.pdf

The report reiterates all claims of anonymity and is proof of how secure the provider is.

VyprVPN Pricing Review

They typically have two plans available dissected further by duration: VyprVPN Basic and VyprVPN Premium.

VyprVPN Basic:

  • Monthly Subscription: $9.95/per month
  • Yearly Subscription: $5.00/month ($60 billed once)

VyprVPN Premium:

  • Monthly Subscription: 12.95/per month
  • Yearly Subscription: $6.67/month ($80 billed once)

Before we discuss how these plans fare, let’s take a look at how these two plans differ from each other.

VyprVPN Basic

  1. Three simultaneous connections
  2. Unlimited data
  3. Free three-day trial

VyprVPN Premium

  1. Five simultaneous connections
  2. Unlimited data
  3. Free three-day trial
  4. VyprVPN Cloud included
  5. Chameleon Protocol (obfuscated servers)

From the looks of it, VyprVPN Premium plan is much better than the Basic plan as it includes obfuscated servers, Cloud services and the rest of the three features offered in the basic plan.

But is the cost justified?

Not quite.

The best plan offered by Surfshark in its Premium plan is the yearly deal costing $6.67/month. But this plan is quite costly if we compare it to services like NordVPN which offers its services for as low as $3.49/month and boasts of more servers, better security features, and prompt support.

According to our review, VyprVPN is a costly VPN service that doesn’t offer much to justify its high price.

VyprVPN Payment Options

VyprVPN offers a sufficient number of payment options, which includes most credit cards, PayPal, and AliPay.

Sadly, they offer no support for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

VyprVPN Trial Period Review

The VyprVPN free trial allows you to use its service for 3 days with all features included.

However, the only downside here is that you need to provide your billing information to activate it.

You won’t be billed until the trial period ends and you can cancel anytime.

VyprVPN Server Infrastructure Review

The Switzerland-based provider offers an expansive 700+ spread across 70+ countries worldwide.

This count might seem high to you, but again, if you compare it with Surfshark which offers 800+ servers and NordVPN which offers 5678 servers, the provider’s server count does pale in comparison.

But when it comes to VyprVPN, there is a major issue with its server network that we need to address.

Many review websites claim VyprVPN is among the few that write and host their own servers and DNS.

However, I would like to identify that this is not true. Similar to other providers in the marketplace, VyprVPN too outsources its server infrastructure to other companies.

Not to mention, most of their servers are “virtual” and have traced to data centers located in the US, which means they are not the only party who has access to your private information.

Virtual Locations Testing

This section will elaborate on why I regularly got a “Netherlands” DNS when testing VyprVPN for leaks, while also identifying all the virtual servers available from the provider.

Below you can see results from CA Technologies’ App Synthetic Monitor Ping Test on VyprVPN’s Indian server. The tool pings the address to 90 monitoring stations worldwide.

VyprVPN Virtual Location Testing

The Round-Trip-Time (RTT) in all locations was extremely high, even in India– Bangalore, which has an avg. rtt of 121.415 ms. However, if you see below, Dubai has a min rtt of 1.921.

VyprVPN Logging

The tracert tool from CA Technologies’ App Synthetic Monitor, further verify these findings, displaying an rtt of 1.603 ms in Dubai. This means the server is actually not located in India.

VyprVPN Virtual Location

You can see the end-point IP address is the same for this tracert tool, where I enter Dubai as the location, and in the normal CMD tracert test:

Vypr VPN Virtual Location Testing

Pasting this IP into the BGP Tool kit from Hurricane Electric Internet Services revealed that the original server data center is based in the US!

VyprVPN Virtual Testing

The only good thing is that VyprVPN actually reveals the usage of virtual servers, so it is all good. In addition to their Indian server, here are the other fictitious server locations found with VyprVPN.

However, virtual servers are not even half as secure as bare-metal ones as they just deflect your VPN IPs, not host them. So, according to us, this VPN’s servers are dicey and do not gain our trust fully.

VyprVPN Torrenting Review

With regards to P2P/Torrenting, I conducted a Torrent Adress Detection test on IPLeak.net, which requested downloading a magnet link and then assessing the background behind the network.

As you can see, the results show that my identity is protected, revealing a different IP from my actual location and address, indicating strong anonymity.

Vypr VPN Torrent Test

This is a good sign but not so fast, as the provider will suspend your account if it ever gets a DMCA notice based on your activities.

Here is the email which is proof of how VyprVPN suspends user accounts if they get a DMCA notice.

VyprVPN Torrent Test

By looking at this, I can say that VyprVPN is not a good VPN for Torrenting since it doesn’t offer full support for it and your account can stand suspended if a copyright violation occurs even unknowingly. VPNs are supposed to offer full cover for Torrenting activities but VyprVPN is not one of them.

VyprVPN China Unblocking Review

VyprVPN offers a StealthVPN a.k.a. an obfuscation feature.

I had a representative of mine test the service in China too, and it worked smoothly there as well.

It does so through the advanced obfuscation method in a self-developed protocol known as the “Chameleon Protocol”, which even bypasses VPN bans in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt.

VyprVPN Netflix Unblocking Review

To check if VyprVPN works smoothly for unblocking VoDs, I connected to a US server and then headed straight to Netflix.com for checking their complete database of titles.

VyprVPN Streaming Unblocking

Now, bear in mind that movies like “ALI G INDAHOUSE” are only available in the US, so when I accessed it without VyprVPN, I could not get the “play” button (screenshot above).

However, once I connected to a US-server from VyprVPN and reloaded the page, I immediately unblocked the movie and was able to stream it smoothly.

The bottom line here is that VyprVPN does work with Netflix US. 

Vypr VPN Streaming Unblocking

VyprVPN Speed Test Review

I tested VyprVPN’s performance by performing a speed test on different servers. For this activity, I decided to use the Speedtest by Ookla for VyprVPN’s UK, US, Germany, France, and Russian locations.

All tests were conducted on a 50Mbps connection. For the US, I got the highest 30.96Mbps to download and 28.70Mbps upload and for UK 30.6Mbps Download and 26.46Mbps upload.

For the France server, the speeds were quite good too. I received 30.55Mbps download and 30.16Mbps upload. For Germany, the results were not much different.

I received 29.61Mbps download and 28.45Mbps upload. For Russia, I received 24.85Mbps download and 24.39 Mbps upload, which is still quite good.

This gives VyprVPN an average speed of 28Mbps download and 25Mbps upload on your 50Mbps connection, which is quite remarkable, to say the least.

P.s. if you observe the “provider” names in front of each server, you can also notice that UK displays “Powerhouse Management”, while the other three Germany, France, and Russian servers display “UNUS”.

Both of these are providers based in the US, confirming my theory that VyprVPN’s servers are actually located in data centers from the US!

VyprVPN Speed Test

VyprVPN Chameleon Protocol Review

VyprVPN offers “Chameleon Technology” specially built encryption protocol by VyprVPN that is meant to bypass VPN blocking on geo-restricted websites.

It scrambles your metadata and works on OpenVPN-256 bit protocol (Unmodified), making your VPN traffic look like standard HTTPs traffic, fooling VoDs and DPI attacks.

This is VyprVPN’s best feature overall, but when NordVPN offers the same service through obfuscated servers at a much lower cost than the former, the importance of this feature pales in comparison.

VyprVPN App Compatibility Review

The only support VyprVPN offers is on other devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

It doesn’t offer an app for Firestick, which is highly in demand these days, so that’s a bummer.

On top of this, VyprVPN has no browser extensions available, so the app repository can be considered just “Basic”.

However, I did appreciate the provider offering an app for routers too.

VyprVPN Compatibility

VyprVPN Chat Support Review

Real support is about adding value to the user experience. However, VyprVPN fell well short in this regard.

The alleged 24/7 live chat feature that is offered on VyprVPN’s website, does not work at all.

I tried to post a query and spent a good 2 hours waiting for the reply.

It is not that the reply came, but I closed that tab altogether. Other support options you have available include a “Navigation” bar, which you can use to add queries and receive relevant results.

VyprVPN Support

On this support page, VyprVPN also posts recent updates and notices about its service. For instance, the team informed that they were investigating the issue surrounding their Chameleon Protocol on May 22.

If you are looking for social avenues to contact the provider, VyprVPN does have a Facebook and Twitter page, where they do respond quite instantaneously after the first auto-generated reply, but since their live chat doesn’t work properly, I can’t consider it a VPN that offers fast and helpful support.

Vypr VPN Support

What is the VyprVPN Cloud?

This is an Enterprise Security Solution for those who access private or public cloud servers. To put it more easily, it is a VPN server deployment solution for businesses.

It provides business users with an easy to use, VPN tool for cloud resources, and enhancing their security apparatus, especially in a time where cyber attacks are getting more common!

Is VyprVPN Recommended?

No, I wouldn’t recommend you to opt for VyprVPN.

Yes, the VPN offers a lot of good things like a high number of servers, strong encryption, the ability to download torrents, and even unblock streaming services US Netflix, Disney Plus and BBC iPlayer.

But the flaws it has stopped us short from recommending it. 

Firstly, VyprVPN uses virtual servers which are dangerous as compared to bare-metal servers, secondly, its plans are priced quite high as compared to even better services out there and thirdly, its jurisdiction is problematic.

Now, if you are looking for an alternative to VyprVPN that doesn’t suffer from these guffaws, you can opt for PureVPN which currently offers 2000+ bare-metal servers, Hong Kong-based safe jurisdiction, powerful security features including Double VPN, all for just $2.91/mo on its best plan.

You can find out more about PureVPN in this comprehensive review here.