EncryptionOpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2
Unblocks NetflixYes
Works in China
Recommended Yes
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Desktop

VPNs rarely improve their performance levels over time and remain stuck in the same place offering the same old service levels. But, it was quite refreshing to see that one VPN did break that monotony by actually getting better considerably over a period of time.

Keep Solid VPN Unlimited, not to be confused with an Android VPN app of the same name, has grown from strength from strength in recent years and is now poised to challenge even the most established list of VPNs with its high-performance levels on a lot of fronts. Sure, there are some glitches still that need to be ironed out to make this a truly star VPN service, but overall we would definitely recommend our readers and general VPN users to give this a try, at least once and they won’t be disappointed with their experience.

Do you want to know why? Then read this exclusive review of VPN Unlimited which include critiques on its pricing plans, speed performance, server infrastructure, geo-restrictions and firewall bypassing capabilities and more.

VPN Unlimited Review


VPN Unlimited Pricing Plans

Since the VPN industry is based on a subscription model, prices and the duration of the subscription that they entitle the user to, are of grave importance to a potential VPN customer.

Most VPN users are now becoming increasingly price sensitive as more and more providers try and compete with each other over how low they can go while still providing the best features they can.

VPN Unlimited’s pricing plans are peculiar and are definitely not in line with the plans offered by a majority of providers currently, which is something that may take the general user by surprise when s/he sees them for the first time.

VPN Unlimited currently offers three pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99/month
  • Yearly Plan: $5.00/month ($59.99 billed once)
  • Lifetime Plan: $149.99 billed once

VPN Unlimited Pricing Plan


Lets start off with the monthly plan first, which is not something out of the box. A generic, highly priced monthly plan intended to deter users from actually buying it and diverting them to go for the plans which offer longer subscription periods.

The next plan is their yearly plan, which comes in at $59.99 billed once making it cost the user $5.00/month for the entire subscription period. Reasonably priced and can be considered but still, there are some other VPN providers that offer lower priced plans while offering their subscription for the exact same period.

We were surprised that there is no mid-range subscription plan i.e. a 3-month plan or a 6-month plan, which has a lot more potential takers especially among those who require VPNs for short-term requirements.

But their best deal, which we rarely see in the VPN industry, is the lifetime plan costing just $149.99. Yes! You read that correct, $149.99 paid and you have a VPN cover for your whole lifetime. No other deal, no matter how cheaply priced it is, comes close towards matching this ludicrous level of generosity by VPN Unlimited. At most, VPN providers offer 5 year subscription periods in their lifetime deals, but VPN Unlimited is actually living up to its name here by providing you with an option for purchasing an unlimited VPN subscription. They seriously don’t come better than this!

Now coming to the method of payments available. VPN Unlimited currently offers the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin
  • Other Methods

VPN Unlimited Payment Methods

These methods are good enough as they provide the user with a high degree of flexibility over how it wants to pay for a pricing plan. Bitcoin payment method is great because it allows anonymous payments making it secure for anyone who wants that extra degree of online anonymity. The other methods mentioned in payment methods contains more than a 100 options including AliPay, so if you don’t want to pay through these conventional methods, VPN Unlimited offers you loads of other options that you can benefit from.


VPN Unlimited Free Trial

Free Trials are a testament to a VPN’s abilities and they add to the customer’s confidence in making the final decision on buying a subscription plan. They tell a user that the provider is so confident about its performance that they don’t fear you put it to any test.

But despite all of this, most VPNs don’t offer full-fledged free trials with zero commitments. The closest any VPN comes to offering a real free trial is NordVPN’s 3 days zero commitment free trial offer. Apart from that, not a lot of them are prepared to go the extra mile.

However, VPN Unlimited does offer a zero commitment free trial currently and on top of that, they are also offering a 7 day refund period even after you pay up. VPN Unlimited is a good enough VPN that can stand a lot of user performance tests, so we appreciate the fact that they are willing to take the dive with their service.

You can definitely try and use best free unlimited VPN for Android on its free trial to know just much effort this provider is putting in order to make smartphone user’s experience a considerably better performance standard by a VPN than what you can secure as many other similar services.


VPN Unlimited Apps Compatibility Review

The availability of multiple app clients and how they enhance user experience are intensely crucial factors in establishing the reputation of a VPN in the user’s perception. A crappy, shoddy client app can get you thousands of dislikes irrespective of how well your features actually perform.

But VPN Unlimited is not privy to any of this as it offers beautiful, lightweight VPN clients that have some impressive new twists that left us pleasantly surprised.

Take a look at its client interface:

VPN Unlimited Compatibility Review


The servers are lined up in rail like in any other VPN client but they are showing how much loaded they are at the moment, which is a brilliant innovation as compared to the standard of showing ping rates below each server. The workload percentage is actually quite useful in selecting a server because it tells you which server could provide you with optimal performance.

The server list even tells you exactly as to which server has been demarcated for supporting Torrenting activities, as is evident from the screengrab presented above which is showing “Luxembourg, Roost – Bissen” as a Torrent friendly server.

Apart from this, the client has a kill switch, which is definitely needed, an account section, which in actuality is really a settings section and a bar showing the period of subscription left before your plan ends and some other features. Overall the UX and UI of the client are impeccable and we really recommend other VPNs to follow VPN Unlimited as an example in improving their own clients.

VPN Unlimited currently offers dedicated client apps for the following OS:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Mac OS
  4. Windows
  5. Linux (Ubuntu 18+ and Debian GNU/Linux 8.0, Ubuntu 14.04+)
  6. Browser Extension (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

VPN Unlimited Supported Apps



VPN Unlimited Server Review

VPN Unlimited’s server infrastructure is highly impressive as it is not just well spread out over 72 countries but also is good enough to support unblocking of many geo-restricted domains especially streaming sites.

Here is us, unblocking the BBC iPlayer UK and watching “Who do you think you are”by connecting to the Hampshire, UK server:

VPN Unlimited Server Test


And here is watching “Finding Dory” on Netflix while connected to the San Francisco, California server:

VPN Unlimited Server Test 2


These servers can be easily found on their VPN client as they are specifically mentioned as streaming servers like this:


Apart from this, VPN Unlimited offers 400 servers in total, with the locations well spread out and covering much of North America, Europe, South Asia, Southern-Far East (Near China), Australia and even some select servers in Africa and South America. If they can increase their server count in locations in places like Northern Africa and add some in places like Canada, then they would be giving a much wider coverage and allowing even more VPN users to get optimal performance.

VPN Unlimited Security Review

Now coming to the most important part, VPN Unlimited’s security standards are quite good They are offering the standard military grade AES 256 encryption for securing user data packets, OpenVPN protocol support for even better data transit security and an almost, zero logging policy. We say almost zero because they do keep logs on user bandwidth usage and connection timestamps, which doesn’t invade user privacy too much but still, they are logging some kind of data.

Overall, the security is good enough if you want to remain anonymous online and empower yourself with an invisibility cloak that keeps you and your sensitive data protected at all times.


Overall this provider did manage to impress us with its fresher features and a new take on how things could look much better in the VPN domain, but still, there are some holes they need to plug before we can refer to them as one of the top 5 providers in the industry at the moment. They are definitely on the right track and seeing the way they have transformed their service and improved on their performance standards over the year, we don’t doubt their abilities to overcome these obstacles in their rise to the top of the pedestal in the VPN domain in the years to come. If you are thinking of buying a subscription with VPN Unlimited, we would definitely be backing your decision!