Best VPN for Firestick 2019 – VPN Setup Guide For Firestick & Fire TV INCLUDED!!

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Firestick or Fire TV are streaming boxes powered by Amazon. They are amazingly capable of transforming bland, cable reliant televisions into ultra-modern Smart TVs. However, streaming services are bound by geo-restrictions, severely limiting the experience a Firestick can bring to a user. This is where Best VPN comes in! Using a top VPN will unblock every geo-restricted site ensuring that you continue exploring the vast arrange of content online freely. To guide you further with the most renowned providers, which offer dedicated apps, top-tier security and a whole lot more, here is an all-inclusive Best VPN for Firestick 2019 guide.



What is Amazon Fire TV stick, Fire TV and Fire Cube?

The rise in popularity of dedicated online streaming sites, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have definitely influenced the way we consume entertainment in recent times. We turn to these services, whenever we feel the need to kick back, relax and allow our minds to be enthralled by the exclusive content categories on offer.


However, to access these streaming services through your big screen televisions, you need special set-top boxes. The Fire TV stick by Amazon is a portable HD streaming set-top box that you can stick directly into your telly’s HDMI port. Once you set up the device, Firestick will start streaming content from premium services, like Prime, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

Costing just $39.99 and coming with an Alexa voice assistant enabled remote to make viewing even easier than ever, the device is the perfect option for everyone who loves a good show in prime HD quality. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies/TV shows on a single platform, creating a remarkable theatre experience.

*Here is a feature highlight comparison between Fire TV Stick and Fire TV, both of which are products of Amazon*

DeviceFire TVFire TV Stick
4K ResolutionYESNO

The reasons for buying each of these two devices are entirely different. For e.g., if you do have a TV capable of supporting 4K video quality, then we recommend that you opt for Fire TV and if not, then spending extra would not be such a good idea.

However, whether you buy Fire TV or Fire TV stick, you need to understand that in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, many of the content is geo-restricted and even if you have a Fire device, you won’t be able to run all the content that you might want to.

This is why you need a VPN, as they allow you to spoof your IP and re-route your internet to a different location. As a result, you gain access to any country-specific sites in services like Amazon Prime and HBO, while leveraging encryption to protect your identity online!

VPN for Firetick 2nd Generation:

For those of you who are not aware of it, Firestick has come out in two different configurations till now i.e. the 1st Generation Firestick and the 2nd Generation Firestick.

The 1st Generation came out earlier and has now been stopped in production by Amazon. This device doesn’t provide support for a lot of things but according to the intent of this guide, discussing VPN support is important here. VPNs are not supported on the 1st generation device innately. Why? Well there are a lot of technical reasons behind it and there is no need to go into the details here as that would be overburdening you with too much information.

The 2nd Generation device does support VPNs innately and all the installation guides that inform of you on how to setup VPNs on your Firestick through the App store are for this device only.

But, still if you want to use a VPN on the 1st Generation device, you can do it too, but through other means like using a VPN enable router. I have written about the setup guides for that later in this guide, so if you have a 1st Generation device, I won’t disappoint you.

Why you need Best VPN for Firestick/Fire TV?

For enabling either Firestick or Fire TV to perform at their best potential, you need a VPN. That’s because the streaming services you want to access through these dedicated devices won’t work well, without the aid of a VPN.

Why you need Best VPN for Firestick/Fire TV?

Sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime present different versions of their services in different countries, for e.g. a show available on Netflix US might not be available on Netflix Spain, which means your subscription is a total waste.

To save you from exactly that scenario, the Best VPN for Amazon Firestick are an indispensable option to provide full value for your subscription money on streaming sites. However, since not every VPN works great with Fire devices, you need to know exactly which factors to look for.

* In our testing PureVPN worked the best with Amazon Firestick with all generation devices

Get PureVPN Now



Cable TV has been providing great visual media experience for decades, but since many of them do not provide inherent compatibility to stream media from online sources, we need to rely on streaming boxes to enhance their capabilities.

Firestick or FireTV is exactly such streaming boxes, which turn your telly into a smart telly, eliminating the need for a TV upgrade that might cost you a lot of money.

With an amazing array of capabilities and platform apps, a FireStick is the best option for using your TV for streaming anything from Amazon Prime to Hulu to HBO, anytime you want.

What’s more is that they render content in HD, UHD, and 4K video qualities, making for a fantastic viewing experience every time you tune in. FireStick devices are quickly becoming a must for every household that has a TV to enjoy entertainment like never before!

Best VPN for FireStick of 2019

The popularity of streaming boxes like Fire TV and FireStick is only set to grow in the times to come. More and more people in the upcoming years will definitely get accustomed to watching the premier content being streamed in mind-blowing HD, quality whenever they want. And more users means substantially more data and wherever there is data, there are hackers.

If you believe that hackers or scammers exist only in the Windows, Macs, Android and IOS biosphere, you might want to reconsider your opinion. Data is the new oil and holds a substantial amount of value in all forms, so it’s a no-brainer that if devices like FireStick start accumulating more user data, hackers will come to get it.

The data that is produced over time on devices like FireStick for e.g. logs of movies and shows watched in the past one month can be used for social engineering the message sent to you on other platforms like email. This makes these messages much more believable and hence more enticing to click on, spelling doom for you valuable financial and personal data

It is high time that you secure your Firestick device also and ensure maximum security across the wide repertoire of devices you interact with on a daily basis.  Maybe there is an attempt being planned right now or is being executed or someone has a plan on how to do it. There might be a zero-day vulnerability that someone is looking to exploit.

On the other hand, VPNs are also great for supplementing the viewing experience on streaming devices like FireStick, making them perform even better than they could do otherwise However, you do not just need any VPN, you need a great VPN, that is able to muscle protect your data; encrypt all data packets, blast through geo-restrictions and more.

Here is our list of the Best VPN for Amazon FireStick and FireTV:


IPVanish ExpressVPN PureVPN NordVPN PrivateVPN
$6.49per month
$8.32per month
$2.88per month
$2.99per month
$3.88per month
Reviews on Trustpilot
TrustPilot Reviews

Reviews(938)| Excellent

TrustPilot Reviews

Reviews(661)| Excellent

TrustPilot Reviews

Reviews(6382)| Excellent

TrustPilot Reviews

Reviews(264)| Average

TrustPilot Reviews

Reviews(10)| Great

Number Of Servers
1000 Servers
1500 Servers
2000 Servers
4843 Servers
80 Servers
Streaming Speed
24800 Kbps
25600 Kbps
28200 Kbps
28700 Kbps
19800 Kbps
Military Grade Encryption
Simultaneous Connection
05 Connections
03 Connections
05 Connections
06 Connections
06 Connections
Unblock US Netflix
Refund Policy
7 Days
30 Days
31 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Customer Support
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
69% Off
35% Off
88% Off
75% Off
64% Off
More Info

1) IPVanish

A top grade VPN provider and one of the few trustworthy names in the VPN domain, IPVanish is excellent option to pair up with your FireStick. The best part about the pairing is that IPVanish provides a dedicated app for use with a second-generation Firestick device that can be downloaded from the Amazon store.

Best VPN for FireStick of 2018 is ipvanish

On the security front, IPVanish provides AES 256, military-grade encryption, a zero logs policy and multiple protocol support including OpenVPN and L2TP. Yet, there’s even more than that if you are willing to subscribe to the service including access to 1000+ servers, Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, automatic IP cycling and more.

What’s better is that IPVanish provides 6 simultaneous connections with a single account, meaning that not just your Firestick, but almost every other device could avail the online security cover afforded by the service. It also offers blazing speeds, zero bandwidth throttling and potential to unlock geo-restricted content on sites like Netflix, making each experience go through flawlessly.

However, the only drawback remains that there is no free trial, but that mostly does not come to play often, as you wouldn’t want a refund after getting such a high quality of services along with a power packed feature list. Definitely recommended for everyone, especially Firestick users.


  1. 1000+ VPN Servers and 40,000+ IP’s
  2. Unblocks Geo-Restricted Content like Netflix
  3. Multiple Protocol Support including OpenVPN
  4. Features like Kill Switch, IPv6, DNS Leak Protection
  5. 5 Simultaneous Connections


  1. Doesn’t offer a free trial yet



2) ExpressVPN

Based in the British Virgin Islands, away from data shark countries, ExpressVPN’s reputation has grown consistently as the top go-to VPN for any online security need in the recent few years.

If you are a FireStick user, finding a VPN whose performance remains stable is of utmost importance and that’s why ExpressVPN is on this list. All of its features work great and there are no reported DNS leaks, speed lags, server bottlenecks or kill switch failures.

ExpressVPN for Firestick

Even its zero logs policy is so formidable, as evidenced by a recent case in Turkey, that you can be guaranteed that your data is extremely safe while passing through ExpressVPN’s servers.

The server infrastructure at ExpressVPN consists of 1700+ VPN servers in 148 locations, allowing you great diversity and options in selecting a preferred one to connect through.

But the Best part for Firestick users remain the dedicated ExpressVPN app for the platform, that work’s fantastically well and is immensely user-friendly, even for first-timers.

The only thing that we don’t like at the service is its expensive pricing plan and the low count for simultaneous devices, which stand at just 3 devices supported at one time. These two factors definitely are a downer for otherwise, an exceptionally good service.

Read our detailed expressvpn review.

ExpressVPN needs to bring its prices down a bit to make them more affordable and increase the number of the simultaneously supported device to give the service a bit more appeal than it currently has. We recommend that you opt for this service through the 30-day free trial that is offered with an unlimited data cap, and check the service out for yourself.


  • Based in a Data Friendly country
  • Prompt Customer support available
  • Zero Logs Policy
  • Automatic Kill Switch and NAT firewall
  • Limited feature free trial available
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee for paid starters.
  • Military Grade 256 AES encryption


  • Pricing remains expensive as compared to similar services
  • Just 3 simultaneous device connections available



3) PureVPN

A gritty, formidable service, PureVPN is definitely up there with the very Best out there. The provider has gone from strength to strength with the passage of time and now works great with all kinds of devices and niche software including Windows, Mac, IOS, Kodi and a wide variety of others.

PureVPN for Firestick

Its incredible pricing plans that offer some of the lowest rates among all top VPNs make it a great choice for FireStick users who would a reliable, long-term service to rely on. However, the price is not the only thing firing up PureVPN; it also offers a dedicated VPN app for FireTV and Firestick, enough to make it an instant favorite in the domain.

The streaming speeds are highly consistent and the customer support is always there to provide you with the list of dedicated servers for unblocking geo-restricted content. The only drawback remains its refund policy which definitely is a tad bit too long and complicated. It’s not your regular “No questions asked” money back guarantee.

Read our detailed purevpn review.

However, if you are a Firestick user, then with 80,000+ IP addresses, 7-day free trial facility, multiple protocol support, dedicated streaming IPs and other impressive features, we recommend that PureVPN is a service not be missed out on.


  1. 750+ servers spread over 140+ countries
  2. Split Tunnelling
  3. 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  4. Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall
  5. Unlimited bandwidth
  6. Supports all major encryption protocols


  1. The refund policy is a bit difficult to go through



4) NordVPN

While NordVPN is a great option if you want a gritty VPN provider with features right from the top drawer, it still does not offer a dedicated app for Firestick or FireTV. This does not let it be on the same pedestal as the three other top VPN providers that offer innate platform compatibility, but it still is a name worth mentioning.

Without a dedicated app, it is difficult but not downright impossible to run Firestick with NordVPN. However, you can definitely install the VPN by deploying the downloader app on your Firestick device and if you want to know more on how to do that, we have a provided a detailed guide later in this article for furnishing that exact need.

NordVPN for firestick

NordVPN offers incredible features like double encryption, more than 3300 servers, multiple protocol support, a dedicated smart play feature and more, making it a top favorite for every VPN user out there.

Read our detailed nordvpn review.

But just because it doesn’t have a dedicated VPN app for Firestick and is a tad bit too expensive in terms of pricing, we recommend that you only go for pairing this with Firestick if you are already a user of the service on other devices. However, if you still want to try it out, there is a free trial period on offer by NordVPN


  1. Free Trial Period
  2. Double Encryption
  3. 3359 servers in 60+ countries
  4. Bitcoin accepted
  5. OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols
  6. SmartPlay feature for streaming sites


  1. A bit pricier at $11.95/month and the deals only get good when you are ready to engage for a very long time. (There’s currently a deal offering 3 years subscription for just $99)



5) PrivateVPN

We were highly surprised when we found out that PrivateVPN still didn’t offer a dedicated app for Firestick because this service is among the top innovators and one that lavishes attention on every niche category.

PrivateVPN for Firestick

Based in Sweden, a data-friendly country, PrivateVPN is renowned the world over for its unmatched uptime which comes in at almost a 100%. On top of that, it offers AES-256 military-grade encryption with 2048 bit key and multiple protocol support that includes OpenVPN and L2TP compatibility.

If PrivateVPN did offer a dedicated app for Firestick, it would be a no-brainer in recommending this service to users, but since it still does not do that, we recommend that you try it out with other devices before moving it to Firestick.

It does offer immensely powerful unblocking geo-restricted content so installing it through the manual setup process is definitely worth a try, it is mightily worth the effort.


  1. 30 Day Free Trial
  2. 98% uptime record
  3. Zero Speed Throttling
  4. Never experienced a data breach
  5. 56 server locations
  6. 2048 bit encryption with AES 256
  7. Protocols include Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, Ikev2 & IPSec
  8. Ipv6 Leak Protection


  1. No long-term pricing plan available
  2. The UX of the app is a bit difficult to get accustomed to at the start

To learn more PrivateVPN read our complete and updated PrivateVPN Review



6) Torguard:

A fast growing VPN service that has built itself to become one of the top competitors in recent times, Torguard is a provider to reckon with in the VPN industry.

Offering blazing fast speeds and highly optimized servers, Torguard has become incredibly suitable for streaming making it one of the best VPN options for your Firestick device.

Torguard for Firestick


It offers over 3000 servers in 50 locations worldwide giving it a high edge in unblocking geo-restricted streaming and content sites in major locations like the US and the UK.

Apart from that it has dedicated clients, supports OpenVPN protocol, has military grade encryption and live chat support to guide you through all kinds of troubleshooting.

It even has a coupon code “TGLifetime50” that reduces the price of its plans by 50% solid. A pretty good deal in my opinion.

Torguard also has a special Stealth proxy feature, but its probably not suitable to be discussed on a Firestick guide.

Here are its pricing plans:

Torguard VPN pricing plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $9.99 billed once
  • Quarterly Subscription: $19.99 billed once
  • Semi Annual Subscription: $29.99 billed once
  • Yearly Subscription: $59.99 billed once



  • 3000+ servers as a VPN for Firestick
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • OpenVPN Protocol for sharing VPN through Hotspot
  • Coupon Code that reduce pricing plans by 50%
  • Military Grade Encryption


  • Doesn’t offer a dedicated app yet for Firestick


Best Free VPNs for Firestick

Free VPNs conventionally cannot match their paid counterparts in terms of features and security standards. The VPN industry is quite capital intensive and maintaining a great quality of service requires a high amount of investment, which most free VPNs cannot afford.

And that’s exactly why you won’t find much compatibility with Firestick when aligned with Free VPNs. Creating a dedicated app for such a niche platform is out of the purview of such services but you can set up a free VPN provider with your Firestick through the manual installation process.

Most free VPNs are not trustworthy because they need to make money somehow if they are not accomplishing that goal through subscription money. This makes them highly insecure and subject to a high level of scrutiny.

The Best free VPNs for FireTV, however, are among the few in their category to have a high amount of credibility. These great free services do have their limitations when it comes to things like bandwidth usage, server infrastructure and more, but if you still want to give them a try, here are the Top free VPNs you can use with your Firestick!


1) Hotspot Shield

A service that’s been around for a very long time and introduced many of us to what VPNs actually are and how they function, Hotspot Shield remains, probably one of the Best free VPN services out there. They provide an amazing data limit of 750MB per day, which is quite generous considering that other freebies provide no more than 2-4 GB of bandwidth per month.

Best Free VPNs for Firestick

Hotspot doesn’t have a compatible app to work with FireTV, but it does provide an Android app, which you can definitely upload to your FireTV through Apps2Fire (Tutorial Below). However, keep in mind that it has become notorious in recent times for serving user adverts a lot making it a nuisance to use the service and its privacy policy is a bit vague as well.

Despite these shortcomings, it’s still inherently easy to deploy and doesn’t have a very difficult interface and with regularly fast speeds and IPs in 14 countries, it could match up great if you intend to check out how a VPN works in tandem with FireTV.


  1. Android app available that can be uploaded to FireTV using Apps2Fire
  2. Fast speed
  3. Incredibly easy to use
  4. More features compared to other free VPNs.
  5. IPs in 14 countries.


  1. Serves adverts
  2. Privacy policy not clear


2) TunnelBear

Probably the safest among all Free VPNs, TunnelBear is immensely different from its counterparts in terms of nearly all service standards. Every other Free VPN makes money off of either legal or shady means, but TunnelBear doesn’t indulge in either of that.

Tunnelbear for Firestick

Its advert free and fast service is probably the biggest reason that it has risen in recent years to rival much older and established names in the Free VPN world. Even the paid ones sometimes fumble to match its credibility when it comes to sturdy encryption, zero log policy, DNS leak protections and more such incredible functionalities.

However, with a data cap of just 500MB/ month, tunnelbear on firestick, it’s not one of the Best options with FireTV and nor does it offer a compatible app for the platform either, but if you still do want to test a Free VPN, we highly recommend you to move ahead with the service.


  1. 5 device can be simultaneously connected
  2. Sturdy encryption
  3. Zero Logs Policy
  4. Simple and easy to deploy


  1. Usage cap is too low
  2. Doesn’t support peer to peer or P2P


3) ZoogVPN

The name might be a bit peculiar but the service is anything but that. ZoogVPN is faster than the other VPNs we tested with Firestick, but it does not work that well with unlocking geo-restricted content.

ZoogVPN for Firestick

The data cap is on the higher side at 2GB/month and there is not a lot of bandwidth throttling on its servers, as is the case with similar peers. ZoogVPN does provide a fewer IP set than what would be desirable, but that limitation does not affect its service quality that much.

Try ZoogVPN, if you want to check out how Firestick works best with a VPN and that too for free, before opting for a better, paid service.


  1. 2 GB data cap
  2. Encryption is strong
  3. Servers are crowded lesser
  4. Faster Speeds


  1. Logging practices not clear
  2. Fewer Number of IPs

4) Windscribe VPN

With 11 server locations and an immensely generous data cap of 10GB/month, Windscribe is one of the Best free services to use with your Firestick. 10GB is more than enough to check and judge how a VPN works when deployed with FireTV, and considering the above average speeds, you won’t have a lot of trouble accomplishing that goal.

Windscribe vpn for firestick

The encryption standards are bit weak than we would like them to be at Windscribe and even the customer service is a tad bit too slow to answer questions, but the Best the firewall and ad-blocking features more than makeup for these shortcomings. Windscribe is definitely worth a shot for every FireTV subscriber/user out there:


  • Unlimited device connections
  • 10 GB data cap
  • Features ad-blocker and firewall
  • Supports P2P


  • Doesn’t support Open VPN
  • Customer Support is slow


5) Zenmate:

One of the oldest providers in the industry, Zenmate has been a go-to service for a reliable free VPN for years now. It has a highly user friendly policy which suits the needs of low requirement VPN users. Zenmate is one of the few VPN services that do not put a cap on bandwidth usage for its free users. Apart from that it offers 4 server locations on the free service along with other significant capabilities like a Nat Firewall etc.


Zenmate for Firestick


It officially says that its free service is not suitable for streaming, but as I have personally used this VPN for streaming multiple times, I can vouch for the fact that it does support streaming fantastically, even for slower connections ranging between 2-5 Mbps. Maybe, the firm does this to try and funnel people to buy its paid plans. But overall, one of the best VPN services in the market for Firestick.

The only downside here is that, Zenmate’s free version offers just the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions as VPN clients, so you will need to use streaming on Firestick via the Chrome or Firefox browser. Pretty inconvenient definitely, but that’s the thing with free services. They always keep loops so as to lure people in to buying their paid plans. Choose for yourself!



  • Offers 4 server as a Free VPN for Firestick
  • Supports best streaming despite being a Free service
  • No bandwidth usage limit


  • Doesn’t offer any support on its free service except Firefox and Chrome browser extensions


What to look for in Best VPN for Firestick?

VPNs are not one-size fits all service and when talking about niche categories like choosing the Best VPN for Amazon Firestick, you need to dig deeper to find the perfect match. There are a wide variety of other metrics that can make or break your user experience standards.

To ensure you find nothing but the best, we have performed a holistic analysis of which factors top out in importance with regards to selecting a VPN, which is best suited to a FireStick device. This way, you can never be misguided when you make your final choice!


Providing a dedicated app for a platform requires significant investment in terms of time, money and strategy. There are a select few VPN providers, among the hundreds that exist, who are willing to go to such great lengths to provide such an exquisite quality of service to their users. Some names include PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish.

These top providers have made it inherently easier to deploy your FireStick with a VPN-enabled connection by providing dedicated apps to work with the device. We recommend that you must only opt for VPN providers that have dedicated apps because manual setup is too time to consume that it spoils the whole experience.

These apps are not just to set up a VPN connection, but also allow you to optimize your viewing time by providing extra options and great control over how you want your VPN to function.

Logging Policy:

If you are one of those willing to overlook this factor in choosing a VPN, then you might increase your chances of getting into trouble. Your data, even the movie-watching list you generate over time with your FireStick device, is of immense value and as with everything valuable, there will be attempts to steal it.

A VPN provider who keeps logs is never to be trusted, irrespective of whatever device or OS you are using, because no one should have the inherent right to use your data in any manner whatsoever. If you find a VPN provider that doesn’t keep any kind of logs of user activity then you are one step closer for finding your Best VPN for FireStick.

Location of servers:

When you’ve spent so much money on the Firestick device, selecting a VPN service with a low number of servers, would only make your experience worse.

The number of servers hosted by a VPN determines the range and capabilities of that service in unblocking geo-restricted content and stopping bandwidth bottlenecks from taking place.

The top VPNs conventionally have hundreds, if not thousands of servers incorporated in their infrastructure, to afford a sublime experience to their users with FireStick. Never opt for a VPN if it offers less than 100 servers in its service pack.

Simultaneous connections:

While FireStick devices are just meant for working with televisions, VPNs have a larger function to perform. Nowadays, users have multiple devices each one of which requires top-grade security cover online, so spending on a VPN, which does not offer at least three simultaneous connections is a waste of your money.

Your Firestick might work great with a VPN that just supports a single device, but its not a great value for your money considering the prices these VPNs services charge in the long term.

Bandwidth Limitations:

FireStick devices consume tons of data and associating them with a VPN that limits the amount of bandwidth you consume is perhaps the biggest spoiler you can encounter. Most paid VPNs don’t have limitations on bandwidth usage, so its better that you opt for exactly such a service, especially if you among those who watch whole seasons in one go!

*PureVPN worked the best with Firestick and has all the features mentioned above, making it the best VPN for Firestick

Get PureVPN Now


Recommended: How to Install VPN on Fire TV Stick Fire TV & Fire Cube From Amazon Appstore:

The best and the easiest way through which you can use your Firestick with a VPN is to get a provider that offers a dedicated app for Firestick. The Amazon App store, which offers all such compatible apps is now being filled gradually be most of the Best VPN provider’s apps like IPVanish, ExpressVPN and PureVPN.

If you want to know how to install it, then follow the steps below: (We are using PureVPN’s app as an example here but you are free to choose from any provider that you deem best)

  • Plug your Firestick in to your television
  • Now open the FireTV app on your TV
  • When the HomeScreen for your FireTV appears on your television, you need to go to “Apps” option. You can do this by pressing the button placed in the middle of your FireTV remote
  • In the App store, you will need to go to Sub Menu > Categories > Utility
  • Now search for “PureVPN” in the search bar and the app will show up in the results
  • Select “Get” and the download of the app will commence. The installation will also be done automatically here
  • Once the app is installed, select “Open”
  • Now enter your VPN credentials i.e. username and password
  • Once the PureVPN app is open, you are now to choose a particular server you wish to connect to
  • Press “Home Button” to return back to Firestick Home Screen
  • Enjoy tons of content with zero geo-restrictions blocking your way!

VPN For Firestrick: Alternative Installation Methods

Install VPN on Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, & Fire Cube with ES Explorer

ES file explorer is an immensely popular file manager and downloader that provides great versatility in managing app downloads on devices such as Firestick.

Here is how you can use ES Explore to install VPN on Firestick in the easiest way possible!

  1. Turn on your Firestick and once prompted with the Home Screen, go to Settings
  2. Select “Device”
  3. Now opt for “Developer Options
  4. Here, the default setting is that Apps from Unknown sources are barred from the download. For setting up a VPN, you need to change this to “ON
  5. Now go back to the Main Menu and go to the search bar to find ES File Explorer
  6. One ES File Explorer turns up in the search results, tap on it and select “Install”
  7. Once installed, you need to launch ES File Explorer
  8. Select “Tools” and opt for Download Manager from the Sub Menu
  9. Now, select “+New” and enter the designated path for your VPN. For e.g., if you are intending to use PureVPN then type in “
  10. Select “OK”
  11. Now enter “PureVPN” name in the command bar
  12. Select “Download Now”
  13. After the download is complete, tap on “Open File” to commence the Installation process
  14. Return to the Home screen, where you will now see the icon for your PureVPN app
  15. Launch the PureVPN app and enter user credentials.
  16. The VPN is now working with your Firestick!

Install VPN on FireStick with Downloader App:

Installing a VPN on Firestick through the downloader app is pretty similar to doing it with the ES Downloader app, but the downloader app is a whole lot easier to use for installing a VPN on Firestick than ES File Explorer.

There is a pre-requisite for using the Downloader app to install a VPN on Firestick, which is, you need to have VPN provider that offers an APK file which can be directly downloaded. Now again, many top VPN providers can easily offer their APK files to you if you buy their subscription.

downloader app for firestick

The setup process is pretty straight forward and here’s how it goes:

  • Open your Firestick and go into the appstore to search for “Downloader” app
  • Select “Download” to start the download and installation procedure of the Downloader app
  • Once the app is installed, open it and now you will need to enter the direct URL link for the VPN’s APK file you wish to install on your Firestick. Here is the APK file download direct URL link for PureVPN, but you can choose any other provider you deem is better for the task
  • Now, a browser sort of thing, will show up on your screen asking you whether you want to install the APK file or not. Click on the “Download APK” file link and the download process will commence
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded on to your Firestick, you will need to install it. You will either be prompted to do it directly or you can visit the Downloads folder in the Downloader to click on the APK file to start installation
  • The VPN app will now be installed and ready to run
  • Just enter your VPN user credentials, select your preferred server, turn the VPN service to “On” and you’re perfectly good to go.
  • NOTE: The only thing you need to be careful of here is that, mostly, VPN providers don’t directly offer their APK files. You might come across a Downloads section on a VPN website which will contain all the latest dedicated clients the provider offers, but the APK file will rarely be seen here. For this, you either need to search
    it up on the website yourself or go to the live chat support (if it exists) to ask for the link to the provider’s APK file.
  • Don’t ever download and install a VPN APK file from a third party website even if you think its authentic because it never is. There is no reason to risk your system and data by being enticed by a free way to install and use a VPN. I simply deter you from doing that.
  • Go the authentic way and ask you VPN provider to provide you with the VPN APK file download link. Another thing you need to know here is that VPNs work just on the 2nd generation Firestick device and never the 1st one, so if you’ve been trying to do so on 1st one by following all the right steps, then you need to stop right there and upgrade to the 2nd Generation Firestick to access all such functionalities.

Install FireStick VPN using Apps2Fire

Cross-Platform compatibility provides greater utilization of devices in the current era and Apps2Fire is a program the does that job in the most perfect manner possible. Just as the name suggests, Apps2Fire can upload any application that runs on the Android operating platform to your Fire TV or Firestick, even VPNs!

How to Install FireStick VPN using Apps2Fire

Apps2Fire is easily available on the Google Play store and can be easily downloaded on any Android Mobile and tablet device. Now, download the dedicated VPN android app, also from the Google Play Store. Once you have both the apps, here’s how the installation process will proceed!

  1. Open Fire TV and opt for “Settings”
  2. Now go to “System” from the submenu that has opened
  3. Select “Developer Options”
  4. Once here, turn the “Allow apps from Unknown Sources” on
  5. Return to the Home screen now and once again open “Settings”
  6. Select “About” -> “Network”
  7. Here you can see your Fire TV’s IP address. Note it down
  8. Now exit Fire TV and launch Apps2Fire
  9. Select “Setup” and type in the IP address noted previously from FireTV
  10. Search for your downloaded VPN app from the “Local Apps” option
  11. Select “Install”
  12. A notification will come up from FireTV once the installation process is fully complete and the VPN is ready to launch


VPN for Firestick: VPN on a WiFi Router

Installing a VPN is usually done through the way of a dedicated app directly onto a device or by side-loading an app on to the device. But, do you know that at, we highly promote the use of router enable connections to make it easier to power VPN access to all devices with minimal fuss?

A VPN, when installed on a router, allows you to enable all of your devices to automatically pass through an encrypted connection and access the internet through an unblocking server.

For niche devices like Firestick, its way more better that you use a VPN through this route as it makes the process not just easier but far less complex to control.

For e.g. if you need to change your server from the US to the UK, its usually complex to do that on your Firestick, but if you are using a VPN on your router, changing the server via your laptop is not that hard as it powers great ease of access.

You can even commit to these steps with popular providers. Here is how these working pair-up tutorials:

  1. Setting up a Virtual router on your PC. Through this method, you can wirelessly route a shared VPN connection between your FireStick device or Fire TV, and your computer.
  2. Setting up a VPN connection through your DD-WRT router. This method allows all of your devices to proceed to the internet connection with a VPN by default, including your Fire TV or Firestick device

Via VPN-enabled Virtual Wifi Router:

The first alternative method is by using your laptop or computer as a router through which you can send a VPN enabled connection to your Firestick.

Most of the people who use smartphones might be really familiar with the idea of creating Hotspots to export connection access to nearby devices. Its become so commonplace now that people do it all the time, so its not something out of the book.

What I am going to tell you here is how to use your device and turn it into a router so that you can use internet on your Firestick through it. By this method, if you are running a VPN on your device, then your Firestick would automatically run on a VPN enabled connection. This will even allow you to run a VPN on the 1st generation Firestick device.

Here is the step by step guide on how you can do this on Windows 10:

  • To get started, you will need a Broadcom Wifi Adapter, a VPN subscription that supports OpenVPN protocol and administrator access
  • Go to the search bar (The magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen) and write “Hotspot
  • Now select “Change mobile Hotspot Settings
  • Turn Mobile Hotspot Option to “On”
  • Check whether the “Share my internet connection over option” is turned to “Wifi
  • Now click on “Edit” and change the network name and password according to your preferences
  • Keep the “Network Band” to 2.4 GHz as its compatible with more devices than other options on the list
  • Now come back to the previous screen of “Change Mobile Hotspot Settings” and scroll down to “Related Settings” option and click on “Change Adapter Options
  • A list will open now showing all type of internet connections that you have been connected to. Check for the one which is enabled at the moment i.e. through which you have your internet connection coming through. It might be named as “Local Area Connection 95” or something similar.
  • Remember your connection name and then go check for another connection that is from your VPN provider. For e.g. if you are using ExpressVPN, it will say “ExpressVPN Tap Adapter” or if you are using NordVPN, it will say “Tap-NordVPN
  • Right click on this VPN adapter and then go to “Properties” > “SharingTab” and then check on the box for “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” and choose the adapter for your internet provider from among the options below an option titled “Home Networking Connection”, like “local area connection 95” and then click “Ok
  • Your VPN adapter connection, for e.g. ExpressVPN Tap Adapter will now show a “Shared” property notifying you that this connection is now easily shareable through the Mobile Hotspot option
  • Now, just simply go over to your VPN client and turn it on after choosing a particular server and you will have a working Mobile Hotspot connection with the name and password you set earlier
  • Connect your Firestick through this network connection just the same way you would connect it to the internet and you will now be using it through a VPN whenever you want it to.


Best VPN for FireStick Reddit Reviews

The threads on Reddit are always great in presenting the views of users first-hand on anything and everything and the Best part about them is that these opinions are highly trustworthy. For the Best VPN with Firestick, users stuck to the most popular VPN providers out there and reiterated their quality of service that stands unparalleled over other, lesser-known VPNs.

NordVPN and PIA got rave reviews for their supreme standards and impressive features like no logs, ad-blocking functionalities and is not so expensive.

Best VPN for Firestick Reddit Reviews

One user said that if you are looking to unblock geo-restricted content through a VPN, then NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the only ones that are worth mentioning. The comment of that user further pointed out that cheaper VPN services won’t ever provide you with the same user experience as afforded by the more expensive but popular VPN providers.

Other user favorites for Best cheap VPN with FireStick included PureVPN and users noted this service for its blazing fast speeds, a sign of top-grade, server infrastructure at work. Our roundup of all the threads on Reddit that discussed the Best VPN for FireTV, is that the popular VPN services take the cake by providing users with the Best experience possible and remain perched on top even in this niche category.

While we were expecting that there would be mentions of setting up dedicated IPs, personal VPN connections, off beat VPN providers, we found none of those here. This implies that users in this niche category are zero-fluff, everyday users, who vouch for reliable services they can count on anytime.

Another added advantage of using these popular VPN providers is that they are the first to provide immaculate support to new, emerging platforms like FireStick and that’s the primary reason why you see just these few names dominate the conversations on Reddit.

Our recommendations are not very different from those observed in the Reddit threads, and we advise our readers to opt for only those VPN services that have years of market credibility and offer high-quality features and you won’t stand disappointed too often. But if you’re still not able to find your desired VPN provider, then do take your time and check out the best vpn reddit for 2019



Best VPN for Firestick Kodi

Pairing up Kodi with Amazon’s FireStick seems like a very natural option considering the fact that Kodi is one of the most popular streaming apps in the world.

For Firestick users, Kodi is a one-stop solution for all of your streaming needs. However, the hundreds of great add-ons for Kodi will not work well without the aid of a VPN in unlocking geo-restricted content. If you want the ultimate viewing experience then the Kodi VPN combo is unmatchable in catering to that need spectacularly.

Here is how you can get that combo within minutes:

  1. Launch Fire TV and go to “Settings
  2. Select “Develop Options
  3. Here, you will see an option i.e. “Apps from Unknown Sources”. Turn it on
  4. Return to the Home screen again
  5. Select “Apps” from the menu
  6. Opt for “Collections” and select “New Releases and Updates
  7. Search for “Downloader” app by scrolling down
  8. Download it to your Fire TV
  9. Once the downloading process is complete, open the app and go to “Browser Options
  10. Type the web address of your VPN provider for e.g. ‘’
  11. Now, select “Get ExpressVPN”
  12. Now click on ‘Get PureVPN’
  13. If you don’t have JavaScript enabled previously, you would need to do it now. (This can be done by going to settings and selecting “Enable JavaScript”)
  14. Return to the Browser option and select the three line menu located on the right side
  15. Click on “Apps” -> “Download”
  16. The file will now start downloading and normally takes a few minutes
  17. Once downloading is complete, select “Install”
  18. Now click on “Done”
  19. Return to the Home screen and go to “Apps and Games”
  20. Here select the installed VPN app for e.g. “ExpressVPN”
  21. Enter your login/user credentials
  22. Enjoy using Kodi
  23. Click Home Button > Apps and Games > PureVPN
  24. Login User ID and Password
  25. You’re ready to use Kodi on Firestick VPN
  26. Enjoy the unlimited Add-ons Kodi has on offer and stream content like never before!


How to Un-install/Remove/Delete VPN for Firestick

While there are loads of solutions available on how you can get a VPN on your Firestick, you will be met with utter silence if you try and Google the query “how to uninstall VPN from Firestick”.

The process to do so is extremely easy and straightforward, not requiring much effort at all, but as many of these providers are commercial services, they just wont tell you how you can uninstall their app from your Firestick device.

I don’t exactly know the twisted logic behind this one seriously.

But, as per this site’s policy i.e. to facilitate VPN users through all means, I cover the way to uninstall a VPN app from Firestick:

Lets take ExpressVPN as an example here and here’s how the un-installation can be done in under a minute at max:

  1. Visit Google Play Store and search for the query “ExpressVPN”
  2. Select the “Uninstall” Option and your app will be easily uninstalled

I also contacted PureVPN’s support to know how can a user uninstall their app from the FireTV device and they gave a detailed reply complete with the method to do so:

how to uninstall vpn for firestick

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage All Installed Applications
  2. Find “PureVPN” and you will be prompted with two options i.e. Delete and Uninstall, select either one of them and you are done with it!

And Oh, PureVPN is not offering Smart DNS service anymore! Not very relevant here, but since I was probing their support for answers on the un-installation/removal process for their VPN service from FireTV in all forms, I came across this answer.

how to remove delete vpn for firestick

Their chat support also stands transformed these days as they are seemingly better adept at answering tricky queries but also while honestly telling us about their service’s shortcomings!

VPN for Firestick FAQ:

What channels are free with the Firestick?

Firestick doesn’t offer any channels for free except when they are themselves offering their services for free for e.g. you will have to pay for a Netflix subscription if you want to use Netflix on Firestick and the same goes for all such paid services.

Can you get local channels with Amazon Fire Stick?

Mostly, popular local channels like BBC and HBO can be viewed on your Fire TV stick but some low popularity channels, like those that offer coverage for just a single city, wont be supported on the platform.

1st/2nd generation FireStick VPN Comparison

Here is the feature highlight comparison between the 1st and 2nd Generation Amazon FireStick.

Features1st Generation2nd Generation
Voice search supportYes, but with remote sold separatelyYes, with Alexa search enabled
VPN App Compatibility NOYES
System RequirementsHD TV with HDMI inputHD TV with HDMI input
Internal Storage8GB8GB
Cloud StorageFree till 5GBFree Cloud Storage for All content by Amazon
GPUVideoCore4Mali450 MP4



The Best VPN for FireTV, according to our informed opinion and the overall review, are those that provide dedicated apps for the platform. This makes it a whole lot easier to configure VPN on your device and cuts it down to just two-three steps until you are ready to go.

The manual installation process is quite cumbersome and tends to take up a lot of time and effort, so we recommend that you avoid that much effort if the same quality of service is available with a minimum level of fuss.

Niche support is our key basis for supporting a VPN for FireStick and until the apps for the platform become mainstream, this will definitely gain the maximum weight while making a decision to opt for a VPN to work with the device.

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