16 Best VPN for Android – Paid and Free Apps Setup Guide for TV Boxes and Tablets

Hamza Shahid Last Updated: May 30, 2018

Android exists as the predominant and most favorite OS in the world of smartphones, thanks to its user-friendliness, intuitive design, and convenient policies surrounding third-party extensions. Latest versions of the OS even pair with outstanding technologies to provide you remarkable assistance in your daily life. The only problem: there are certain security vulnerabilities, which may put your privacy at risk! Since the OS allows third-party apps to access phone features, there is a high probability your personal data may be exposed to hackers, local ISPs, or even governmental agencies. This is why it is crucial to invest in a BestVPN solution, which shifts your location by masking your IP address with one from a different country. See our detailed best vpn for android guide below.


Can VPNs be Trusted on Android Devices?

YES, you definitely can trust VPNs on your Android device, but also need to watch out for some. There are providers that log IP addresses, timestamps, and bandwidth used, while also keeping an eye on the types of traffic passing through the network.

Where some may be transparent about their logging policies and provide details regarding the removal of logs after a certain time, you still have to watch out for those that hide their gimmick really well. After all, if a provider logs data, it goes against the whole purpose of a VPN, doesn’t it?

Best VPN for Android

Therefore, when looking for the best VPNs to trust, learn about their logging policies and encryption. The best ones will not be concerned about what you do online and will do their best to protect your privacy. In fact, they will introduce various technologies to boost your anonymity online, regardless of what activities you engage in.


Why You Need VPN for Android?

Why You Need VPN for Android

There is a reason why Virtual Private Networks are famous worldwide! In addition to keeping your identity protected from local ISPs and governmental agencies, they offer a number of advantages to users. Among some of them, include:

  1. Military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption to secure the internet and torrent traffic passing through your network.
  2. Gain access to the home or office networks from anywhere in the world via dedicated IP, used in large corporations.
  3. Help protect your digital identity when engaging in activities like streaming/downloading pirated movies via torrents.
  4. Unblock websites that impose geo-restrictions, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and other hit streaming platforms.
  5. Boost efficiency of your network to bypass throttling imposed by ISPs to enjoy a faster internet connection.

Features to look out for and Risks Involved in Android VPNs

Choosing a provider that offers a product in accordance with your budgetary needs and online protection requirements can sometimes be difficult. This is why it is crucial for users to be aware of certain factors and risks. Make sure the VPN you select offers:

  1. Advanced features like DNS/IPv6 Leak Protection, DoubleVPN, SOCKS5 Proxy, Split Tunneling, NAT Firewall, and Automatic Kill Switch.
  2. Support for a multitude of network protocols for connection, which includes OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, SSL, TLS, and SSH.
  3. A no logging policy, as the last thing you need is paying for a service, only to find out it stores connection/session information.
  4. Variety of payment methods for subscription, which include Debit/Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and even Bitcoin.
  5. Huge lists of servers around countries from all over the world. Avoid providers that only offer 5/6 servers for connectivity.

Most importantly, be aware of VPNs that boast fishy policies. Free VPNs typically pose many risks and may rig your computer, laptop, or smartphone with Malware and Viruses to make money off your data. Moreover, they may even impose:

  1. Tracking – Yes Foxy VPNs in the marketplace are taking advantage of consumers by collecting data and selling them to third-parties.
  2. Browser Hijacking – This is also a way to make money, as they can redirect your browser to partner with websites and advertisement companies.
  3. Stolen Bandwidth – Similar to P2P services, VPNs have the ability to boost/reducing speeds. A foxy provider may route other users through your internet connection to run their own service.
  4. Frauds – Some fake providers may steal your data and give access to third-parties, causing identity theft and financial fraud.


How to Select the Best VPN for Android

If you want to leverage the best security and privacy online, things go way beyond than just relying on and looking for advanced features mentioned above. The provider you choose to sign up with must meet certain criteria, especially if you plan on using the VPN on Android. When analyzing a list of providers, make sure to look for:

  1. Reasonable Pricing – The best VPNs for Android maintain a balance in the pricing. They are not too expensive and not too cheap either – yet provide good value overall. Paying for costly subscriptions does not necessarily guarantee you receive top security and anonymity online, especially when looking for something specific for your Android device.
  2. P2P/Torrenting – Since the main purpose of VPNs is to explore an unfiltered and unrestricted internet, it is imperative that you go for one that supports P2P/Torrenting and offers features like dedicated IPs, SOCKS5 proxy, Split Tunneling, and DoubleVPN for maximum anonymity online. This way, you can avoid paying hefty fines deriving from irritating DMCA notices.
  3. Server Availability – When it comes to selecting the Best VPN for Android, it is vital that you select a provider that goes the extra mile in offering you a huge list of locations/servers available for connection. This makes it easier for users to unblock geo-restricted websites around the world, without compromising on privacy.
  4. 24/7 Live Support – There are lots of issues that can arise when using a VPN app. Sometimes the software may be glitchy or give weird issues. In such circumstances, having technical support at all times is definitely necessary. This way, you can always be sure to enjoy the Android app without any hassles/troubles or at the minimum get them sorted quickly.


Best VPN for Android in 2018

Judging by the security concerns and important factors to consider mentioned above, it is only wise for Android users to opt for the Best VPN technologies. To ease the search process, we have listed the top 5 services for Android in 2018, based on our analysis and Google Play ratings!

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
    • 30-day Money Back Guarantee Available
    • WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS Leak Protection
    • Simultaneous Connections on 6 Devices
    • Dedicated Servers for P2P & Streaming
    • 5,228 servers in 62 countries worldwide
  2.  $12.99  
    Per Month
    • DNS and IP Leak Protection for Unblocking
    • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 7-day Trial
    • 3000 Servers to Bypass Geo-Restrictions
    • Secure Wi-Fi Feature for Security in Public
    • Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection
    • Mozilla and Chrome Browser Add-ons
    • OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols
    77% Off
  3.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android Apps
    • “Stealth VPN” Servers for Regressive Countries
    • Excellent WebRTC and DNS Leak Protection
    • Split Tunneling and Automatic Kill Switch
    • 2,000+ Servers in 148 Countries Worldwide
    • SmartDNS and Network Lock Features
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    35% Off
  4.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • 300,000 + IPs & 2000 + Servers
    • Dedicated Streaming Servers Available
    • Split Tunneling/DNS Leak Protection
    • P2P/Torrenting, Port Forwarding, Static IPs
    • L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols
    • DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
  5.  $4.95  
    Per Month
    • 130+ servers in 47 countries
    • 15 days money back guarantee
    • 3 Simultaneously connections
    • Compatible with All Major OS
    • Excellent protocol support
    • Offers browser extension
    • Free trial available (for 6 hours)
    No Offer


NordVPN is a Panamanian-based provider. As such, it does not follow the same internet censorship and data retention laws of Canada, US, China, Russia, and other countries. Pricing is expensive, but for the best value, opt for the 2-year plan. It drops the monthly pricing down to $3.95!

nordvpn for android

To unblock websites and shift your location, you have 2419 servers available in 56 countries around the world. The provider even offers high-level 256-bit AES encryption, access to all protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec), and advanced features like Double Hop, Tor, and Stealth Mode.

nordvpn android app reviews


  1. 2048-Bit Certificate Authentication Encryption
  2. 2419+ Servers in 56+ Countries
  3. Six Simultaneous Connections
  4. SmartDNS Service and Tor
  5. Dedicated IPs Available


  1. Pricey Monthly Package

Visit NordVPN


CyberGhost is a Romanian-based provider of VPN services, which means it is free from the laws of the Five Eyes Alliance. It is the best choice for engaging in P2P/Torrenting with the monthly pricing starting at a high $11.95. For the best value, opt for the 2-year plan, which offers an extraordinary 71% discount.

cyberghost vpn for android

In terms of connectivity, users have access to 1000 VPN servers in 30 countries worldwide. For privacy and security, the VPN uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys and MD5 HMAC authentication. This ensures your identity remains anonymous online.

cyberghost vpn android app reviews


  1. Based in Romania (No spying from Government or NSA)
  2. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. DNS and IP Leak Protection
  4. Automatic Kill Switch
  5. “Protect Wi-Fi” Feature

  1. Some Connection Logs

Visit CyberGhost


Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is a famous name in the marketplace of VPNs. You can get its monthly plan for $12.95. Though a bit expensive, you can leverage a 30-day extensive money back guarantee and receive the highest level of security.

ExpressVPN for Android

The provider offers a NO LOGS policy that even the Turkish authorities could not shake during a case. In addition, the VPN boasts 140 servers in over 90 countries, 256-bit AES encryption, and dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, along with custom VPN routers for maximum security.

expressvpn android app reviews


  1. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  2. Excellent Referral Program
  3. Multi-Platform Support
  4. Zero Logging Policy
  5. Live Chat


  1. Extremely Pricey
  2. No Free Trial




PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based provider, which offers budget-friendly pricing plans and excellent features. There is a yearly plan available for $59, meaning you only pay $4.95 per month while receiving access to features like DNS Leak Protection, NAT Firewall, Kill Switch, Split Tunnelling, and Ad-Blocking.

PureVPN for Android

For connectivity, you have access to all popular protocols, which include OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. If you want to unblock websites and mask your location, there are 790+ servers available in 140+ countries. The VPN even offers Split Tunneling and Advanced Port Forwarding for seamless torrenting!

Best VPN for Android Reddit


  1. Advanced Port Forwarding
  2. Dedicated IPs Available
  3. 5 Simultaneous Connections
  4. Split Tunneling/DNS Leak Protection
  5. Multi-Platform Support

  1. Logging of Connection/Session Data



Based in Romania – a country that boasts the most lenient internet policies – ibVPN is a solid option for those who want to leverage the utmost level of anonymity and protection online. The monthly plan is available for a low $7.95, backed up with a 15-day refund guarantee.

ibVPN for android

Once you subscribe to the VPN, you will gain access to 100 servers in 47 countries, Kill Switch & auto reconnect and multi-protocol support (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP). There is even a DoubleVPN service, which routes your traffic between servers in two countries for maximum security and anonymity.

ibvpn android app reviews


  1. Zero Logging Policy
  2. SmartDNS Service
  3. Servers in 47 Countries
  4. Access to US Netflix
  5. Three Simultaneous Connections


  1. No DNS Leak Protection

Best VPN for Android – Users Choice

The suggestions mentioned above are all good choices for leveraging top security and anonymity online on your android. However, if you are looking for nothing but the best, then you should consider signing up with NordVPN. With its remarkable features and VPN-enabled routers, you can feel assured to receive maximum security and privacy.


Worst VPN App for Android

The main aim of BestVPN.co is to provide users with unbiased opinions regarding different services. In light of this, we do not only review providers with a known reputation, but also those that have developed recognition for the worst. Beware of these worst apps for Android, based on Google Play Ratings and reviews from users.


VPN Free Location Changer

This free app by Weather Droid has amassed the lowest ratings by far of any VPN service on the Google Play Store. After reading many reviews on different websites and testing the service out, it was clear the VPN suffers from frequent disconnection issues.

Worst VPN App for Android


2) Super VPN-Fast Proxy Unblock

If you want to leverage strong privacy and security, then it is best to avoid Super VPN-Fast Proxy. Similar to the above provider, this VPN suffers from disconnection issues. While it may be free of cost, reconnecting can become a menace after some time!

Super VPN-Fast Proxy Unblock for android


VPN Master is Best Free VPN for Android

Almost every rookie/newbie service in the marketplace of VPNs claims to be the “BEST”. However, this is far from reality, especially for VPN Master. The app is blacklisted by many, as it may contain malware and other dangerous viruses, which could harm your smartphone!

VPN Master is Best Free VPN for Android


Hot VPN Unblock Websites Free Proxy

Hot VPN is another name in the Google Play app store, which suffers from low ratings from users. The service is completely FREE but lacks many advanced features like the automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection, DNS Leak protection, all of which are crucial for ensuring your online anonymity.

Hot VPN Unblock Websites Free Proxy for android

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android

If you do not want to spend money on a premium VPN service, there are FREE alternatives available you can test out. Though you may not receive the same level of support, performance, security, and reliability, the names below offer the best FREE product:

1) SurfEasy

surfeasy android app reviews

Based in Toronto, SurfEasy is an online privacy company that offers a suite of security tools/services, along with a strong VPN. Founded in 2011, the business is now a part of the Opera Software. The service runs as a separate entity and offers the ability to indulge in secure torrenting and ad-free browsing.

Best Unlimited Free VPN for Android is surfeasy


  1. Supports OpenVPN Protocol
  2. AES 256-BIT Encryption
  3. Supports P2P/Torrenting
  4. Free Trial Available
  5. Ad-Blocker


  1. No 24/7 Support Available
  2. Few Location Choices

TunnelBear VPN

tunnelbear android app reviews

Based in Toronto, TunnelBear is a reliable VPN provider, endorsed by high profile websites like LifeHacker. Though the free trial only gives you 500 MB of data limit, you receive good protection and security for keeping your identity secure online. Monthly pricing starts at $9.99.

TunnelBear for android


  1. Easy-to-use Software
  2. Servers in 20 Countries
  3. Strong Encryption
  4. Works with Netflix
  5. Automatic Kill Switch


  1. Located in Canada (5 Eyes)
  2. 500MB Limit on Free Trial

3) Windscribe

windscribe android app reviews

Based in Canada, Windscribe is a relatively new service in the marketplace of VPNs. It offers a well-designed and easy-to-use VPN product that boasts a strong focus on privacy and security. You can opt for the FREE version or pay for the premium, which starts at $7.50 per month.

Windscribe for android


  1. Potent Privacy
  2. Excellent Free plan
  3. Supports DoubleVPN
  4. Built-in Ad/Tracker Blocking
  5. Unlimited Simultaneous Connections


  1. No Live Chat
  2. Speeds Could Be Better


hide.me android app reviews

Centered in Malaysia, Hide.me is a new service in the market of VPNs. It is popular for its astonishing anonymity, transparency, and security. Offering brilliant performance and superb privacy protection, users can leverage the free trial for testing before purchasing.

Hide.Me for android


  1. Access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  2. Has servers in 28 countries
  3. Designed for simplicity
  4. Offers a free trial
  5. Live chat feature


  1. Pricey Monthly Plan
  2. No Uptime Guarantee


speedify android app reviews

This free VPN service works for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can use it on two devices simultaneously, without even making an account. The moment you install and open the software, the client automatically established a VPN connection.

Speedify for android


  1. Desktop and mobile apps
  2. Channel bonding boosts speeds
  3. 1GB per month free plan
  4. Easy-to-Use Client
  5. Budget-Friendly Plans


  1. Limited Support

Best VPN for Android Free Download

If you want to download VPN apps for Android, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is visit the website of the provider and head towards the “Downloads” page or visit Google Play Store. For direct links, refer to the list below:

  1. SurfEasy VPN
  2. TunnelBear
  3. Windscribe
  4. Hide.me
  5. Speedify


How to Setup VPN for Android

When it comes to setting up a manual VPN connection, you have two options: use PPTP or OpenVPN. Below we highlight the steps for both to ease the process. Regardless, if you encounter any issues, do not hesitate on commenting below:

OpenVPN Protocol

  1. Download/Install the OpenVPN Connect from Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app, once installed, and download .ovpn configuration files from here.
  3. Click the “Import” button inside the app and locate the .ovpn file downloaded.
  4. Select the file and click “Done Reading Config File” to close the import dialog.
  5. Click on the server of your choice and enter the username/password.
  6. Check the “I trust the application” box and click on “OK”.
  7. Enjoy using VPN via manual OpenVPN Protocol.

PPTP Protocol

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “Wireless Networks”.
  2. Select VPN from the list of options.
  3. Tap “Add VPN” and enter a connection name.
  4. Select “PPTP” in the type of VPN protocol.
  5. Enter the server address from freevpnaccess.com.
  6. Add username/password and hit OK.
  7. Enjoy using VPN via manual PPTP.


How to Install VPN on Android TV Boxes/Tablets

The Android OS has managed to amass a huge following in various market segments concerning technology. You can now find the operating system in Smart TVs, boxes, and tablets too. To configure a VPN, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Android TV box and head towards the home screen
  2. In the “Apps Row”, find and launch Google Play Store
  3. Enter the credentials for logging into your account
  4. Search for the VPN you want to install in the store
  5. Download the application and wait for the install to complete


Best VPN for Android Reddit

Reddit is a great community for asking questions about a multitude of subjects. Among these include VPNs. You can find many users looking for suggestions/recommendations regarding the best VPNs for different platforms. Below you can see a user mentioning NordVPN as the top service for Android.

Android Reddit


Best VPN for Android in China

The “Great Firewall of China” makes it impossible to explore the web, making life difficult for citizens and primarily expats. If you want to leverage the best security and privacy, below is a list of providers you might want to consider subscribing to: (Read our extensive best vpn for china guide)


Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is a provider that made its way into the market back in 2010. It is the safest choice for Android users, as the country protects users under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA). The apps boast plenty of features, like VyprDNS, Chameleon technology, and NAT Firewall, which guarantee the utmost level of protection online.

Best VPN for Android in China


  1. NAT Firewall and VyprDNS
  2. Connection to 3 Devices
  3. 24/7 Live Chat Support
  4. 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  5. Servers in 70 Countries Worldwide


  1. Keeps Connections Logs for 30 days
  2. No P2P Support

2) Ivacy VPN

Based in Singapore, Ivacy offers a strong focus on privacy, sheltering users under the Personal Data Protection Commission. The monthly pricing starts at $11.95 per month. You have a huge list of 275+ servers in 50+ countries and 100+ locations around the world. The app is available on all platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Ivacy vpn for android


  1. 275+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  2. 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Internet Kill Switch
  4. IPV6 Leak Protection
  5. Split Tunneling


  1. No Free Trial


Best VPN for Android Torrenting

For users who regularly engage in P2P/Torrenting activities, anonymity matters a great deal. You would not want your identity to be exposed to local ISPs, governmental agencies, or copyright infringement hunters, as you would have to pay hefty fines in DMCA notices. When connecting to a VPN for torrenting, make sure to activate all advanced features, particularly dedicated IPs, SOCKS5 proxy, Split Tunneling, and DoubleVPN. For more information, read our guide on the Best VPNs for Torrenting.


VPN for Android Apk

Once you select a VPN provider that best suits your needs and requirements for use on Android, you will have to install the native app. Users have two options for installing the Android application. Either visit Google Play Store and search for the provider or simply download the .apk file from the website directly. For users who opt for the latter, below is a list of the .apk files of all the VPNs mentioned above:

  1. NordVPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. PureVPN
  5. ibVPN
  6. SurfEasy
  7. TunnelBear
  8. Windscribe
  9. Hide.me
  10. Speedify
  11. VyprVPN
  12. Ivacy


VPN for Android Free Internet

There is no such thing as FREE internet without Wi-Fi or mobile service. If you need to establish an internet connection, it is essential to have a proper network in place from a local ISP or your telecom provider with a good data plan. Any website that shows you there is a VPN Free Internet Apk you can use for gaining access online is lying. Again, there is no way for users to get free internet on Android without a data plan or Wi-Fi. You need to have either of the two to explore the World Wide Web.


Best VPN for Android in India

If you are looking for the best VPNs for Android to use in India, then you are at the right place. We have carefully selected a few providers that offer the best service in the country, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and keep your identity hidden from local ISPs and governmental agencies.

  1. NordVPN
  2. PureVPN
  3. ExpressVPN


Best VPN for Android FAQs

When it comes to VPNs, many users get confused due to a large number of options available, asking numerous questions. Below we compiled all FAQs into a single location. Regardless, if you encounter any other problems, feel free to drop a comment below:

How to Use VPN on Android for Free Internet?

Many rookie users have a misconception that VPNs grant access to a FREE internet. They have actually misunderstood what free means in the context of virtual private networks. You will still need Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to use VPNs to access an “unfiltered” internet.

Is Orbot a VPN for android?

Yes, Orbot is a free software that is available for download on the Google Play Store. It uses the roxy with Tor technology to provide users with unblocking capabilities and fast streaming. While it may not be as strong or reliable as VPNs, you still receive good security.

Is Tor for Android as Good as VPNs?

In terms of security, both VPNs and Tor prove to be excellent in protecting user data. However, Tor may give trouble in performance, delivering poor speeds for streaming movies/TV shows online or engaging in P2P/Torrenting activity.

How to Secure My Android Phone without Using VPN

If you want to keep your digital identity anonymous and away from the prying eyes of governmental agencies and local ISPs, it is crucial to use a VPN. Without it, you cannot engage in P2P/Torrenting activities or stream pirated content, as your connection will not be SECURE.

Is there a Fastest VPN for Android which Allows Torrents?

The suggestions mentioned above are all good providers for engaging in torrenting. However, if you are looking for specific names for Fastest VPN, try out NordVPN, PureVPN, and VyprVPN. Each provider offers remarkable features like Split Tunneling and SOCKS5 proxy, which is essential for keeping your identity secure when downloading torrents.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you find the best VPN for Android, based on your budgetary requirements and privacy needs. Do feel free to drop a comment below, if you subscribe to any service mentioned above. Share your experience to VPN users alike. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day! 🙂

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