The best VPNs for Android in 2019

Last updated: November 6, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Here's what we focused on to pick the best Android VPNs; Play store ratings, app UI/UX, price, performance, speed & more

Leveraging online privacy and security on your Android smartphones/tablets is more important than ever with the increase of cyber attacks around the world.

So, I put 70+ hours into testing different VPN services, which allow you to leverage maximum security and anonymity on everything that is ANDROID.

List of The Best VPNs for Android

Here is a list of 5 best VPN for Android apps that are tested and verified for 2019:

1. Ivacy: $1.99/mo. on a 2-Year Plan

2. Surfshark: $1.99/mo. on a 2-Year Plan

3. PureVPN: $1.65/mo . on a 5 Year Plan

4. ExpressVPN: $8.32/mo. on a 1-Year Plan

5. VyprVPN: $6.67/mo. on a 1 Year Plan

I’ve described the VPNs in detail below, after analyzing and comparing their costs, trust pilot user-ratings, performance, features, and ability to cloak your identity:

1. Ivacy

Ivacy Ranks 1st for Best Android VPN

Famed for bypassing the “Great Firewall in China”, Ivacy has been in the marketplace since 2007, and is also the creator behind the infamous “Split Tunneling” technology.

It may not have a prominent place in the marketplace, but the VPN is in fact a great service for Android users, who want to stream or engage in downloading of torrents.

Yes, the Ivacy Android app is quite amazing, user-friendly, and intuitive, with easy-to-understand menus and different modes available to help you in whatever activity necessary.

This includes unblocking of VoDs like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, while at the same time receiving unmatched capability for access in regressive countries like China

For this purpose, the provider makes available 1,000+ servers in 100 locations around the world, which further helps in gaining fast speeds and performance, with lesser server load.


  • $1.99/month (2-Year Plan)
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • 1000 servers in 100 Locations
  • 100,000+ App Downloads
  • Size: 37MB (4.2 Ratings)
  • Verified "no-logs" policy


  • No Free Trial Offered

Read this Ivacy VPN review for more information!

What I Liked Most: Netflix US is accessible on Android app. No logging policy protects you from ISPs and copyright hunters. Simultaneous connections on 5 devices. Budget-friendly plans starting at $1.99/mo.

What I Didn’t Like: Sometimes the app may lag, but this problem also could be possible because I was using an old phone for testing.

Ivacy Google Play Rating

Their app earns a solid 4.2 rating on the Google Play Store.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark Logo

A VPN currently offering one of the best VPN deals, Surfshark is the most deserving candidate for the title of best, unlimited Android VPN as it remains unmatched in a lot of areas as of yet.

Surfshark is a lot newer but even then it is a great option as an Android VPN.

This upcoming provider offers a clean Android VPN app with server connections taking nothing more than a simple tap. The app is lightweight and won’t affect the performance of your Android smartphone in any manner or even slow it down.

Once you activate its service, the VPN app will keep running in the background and protect all of your internet browsings through its military-grade encryption and OpenVPN default protocol.

There is no limit on how many devices you can use a single Surfshark subscription on, so even if your whole family has Android devices, Surfshark will extend its protection over them all.

The app allows you to scroll through the 500 servers offered in 50 different locations and just tap on the one you need to connect to.

Now coming to Surfshark’s best part i.e. its price. The 2-year plan will cost you just $1.99/month, making it an extremely affordable option as a secure Android VPN app.

You won’t have to do any further in-app purchases with Surfshark as it offers all of its premium features within its subscription.


  • $1.99/month (2-Year Plan)
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • 800+ Servers in 50+ countries
  • 100K Android App Download
  • Size: 17MB (4.1 Ratings)
  • Verified "no-logs" policy


  • No Free Trial Offered

Read this Surfshark VPN review for more information!

What I Liked Most: Simple and lightweight Android app, Netflix US is accessible on Android through it, doesn’t store any data from its app or your device, best for multiple Android mobile devices with unlimited multi-logins, 30 days free trial for easy app testing, cheap subscription plan suitable for long term Android users.

What I Didn’t Like: Speeds can go down on servers in Far East Asia sometimes on Android app.

SurfShark VPN for Android

Their app earns a good 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store.

3. PureVPN

PureVPN Logo

An industry-leading cheap VPN service, PureVPN starts at a minimal $1.99/mo. on a 1-year plan. Its Android app can be a great pick considering the diverse set of features on offer.

And just like you would expect from a top tier VPN app for Android, PureVPN’s app has a great UX and UI with optimized options that can be accessed very easily.

The best part about its app is that it allows you do Split Tunnelling of your mobile traffic so that only those apps which need VPN protection get secured, while other apps can pass off without any extra load. This feature will come in extremely handy when you want that extra boost of speed on some of your favored sites and apps.

PureVPN doesn’t let the guard down on its Android app either and you can be sure of being protected with premium security features like OpenVPN protocol support on your mobile too, thereby guaranteeing a safe experience.

The Android app from PureVPN is perhaps the best recommended if you want to do unblock major streaming sites like Netflix US or BBC iPlayer on mobile. But you will need to contact their live chat support to ask for currently working servers.

Another incredible feature that the service can afford you is that you can use their VPN on your Android by creating a Hotspot through the PureVPN windows app.

VPN users will also be able to select between 180+ server locations on their Android devices, giving them enough options to connect to the nearest location and optimize their speeds.

PureVPN also has an ad-blocking feature that works well on Android phones and can serve as a great experience optimizer gave the high amount of nuisance ads you can filter out with it.

Android VPN subscription package by PureVPN will cost you $1.65/month on the 5-year plan or $99 in a one-time payment, which might not be as cheap as Surfshark on the monthly cost but cumulatively, PureVPN is cheaper than both of them.


  • $1.65/month (5-Year Plan)
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • 2000 Servers in 140 Countries
  • 1M+ Android App Downloads
  • Size: 27MB (4.1 Ratings)
  • Ad-Blocker for Mobile


  • Sketchy Netflix Performance

Read this PureVPN review for more information!

What I Liked Most: Split Tunnelling for protecting only important apps, Kill switch for Android devices, Ad blocking for the optimized mobile experience, NAT Firewall, and DNS/IPv6 Leak Protection for added protection against mobile threats, five Android devices can be protected with a single subscription.

What I Didn’t Like: No Double VPN feature for Android, Average Speeds on mobiles.

PureVPN for Android

Their Android app has secured a 4.1 rating on Google Play Store as of yet.

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Logo

While many Android apps ask permissions to access sensitive data on your smartphones, ExpressVPN’s zero log policy ensures that users get maximum privacy if they opt for it as their Android VPN.

The provider offers the fastest speeds in the VPN sphere making its use on Android phones a breeze. ExpressVPN’s newly designed Android app is clutter-free with optimized options for everything.

The kill switch works incredibly well so even if your Wifi connection goes down, your Android phone won’t stand compromised. You can even use the VPN for unblocking websites in China.

Every Android version back to Jelly bean is supported so you don’t have to worry whether this VPN will work on your Android device or not.

In the app, you get the brilliant option of choosing the “Recommended Location”. If you opt for it, you will automatically be connected to the fastest server on ExpressVPN’s 3000+ strong server list, giving you an extra boost on the already fast speeds supported by the provider.

Its Android app can also be used on Android TVs so if you want to stream/unblock sites like Netflix US on the big screen, you can do that with ExpressVPN.

Everything is good about ExpressVPN except for its exorbitant pricing which comes at $8.32/month on the yearly plan. But if you can adjust this cost into your budget, there are not many that can match the Android experience that will be afforded by ExpressVPN’s app.


  • $8.32/month (1-Year Plan)
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • 3000+ Servers in 94 countries
  • 10M Android App Downloads
  • Size: 23MB (4.0 Ratings)
  • No Logs of Device Activity


  • No Free Trial Available

Read this ExpressVPN Review for more information!

What I Liked Most: Excellently designed Android app, fastest speeds, Recommended location option on Android app, no logging of your device activity, powerful encryption to secure your mobile browsing, reliable access to Netflix US on your mobile, options to switch between a network of 3000+ servers.

What I Didn’t Like: Expensive Android VPN service as compared to relative services.

ExpressVPN for Android

Their app earns a 4.0-star rating from Google Play Store.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN Logo

If you don’t like your speeds to slow down on your mobile, then you should opt for VyprVPN which offers one of the fastest speeds in the whole industry.

Recently, VyprVPN updated its Android app and the new version has been developed with an increased focus on offering the best-in-class experience to users.

The server network exceeding 700+ servers can now be accessed via the new search feature on the Android app, allowing you to browse faster between servers and select the one that suits your need the best.

VyprVPN subscribers can be confident in the provider’s commitment to ensuring top-notch Android security. The Chameleon ™ feature is incredibly well suited for Android phones since it can bypass more stringent blocks and geo-restrictions enforced by Government and ISPs as it avoids Deep Packet Inspection.

Their Android app will also save you from potentially harmful MITM attacks and allow you to connect to any Public or unprotected Wifi network securely.

To get a real hand experience of how the app will fare on your Android device, you can avail their 3-day free trial offer on which you will be charged nothing. The pricing is a bit on the higher side at $6.67/month on the yearly plan, however, but their Android app and performance on the platform is something that can justify the price tag to a very high extent.


  • $6.67/month (1-Year Plan)
  • Risk-Free 3 Day Trial
  • 700 Servers in 60 Countries
  • 1M Android App Downloads
  • Size: 20MB (4.2 Ratings)
  • Verified "no-logs" policy


  • No port-forwarding available

Read this VyprVPN Review for more information!

What I Liked Most:: Fast Speeds on Android phones, 700+ servers available in the app, MITM attack protection, Upgraded app with clean design, highly responsive features and Wifi failure protection via kill switch feature

What I Didn’t Like: Price is higher as compared to competitors with better options.

VyprVPN APP for Android

The app has a remarkable 4.2 rating on Google Play Store.

8 Factors We Look for in an Android VPN?

The providers featured in the list above are incredibly secure and suitable enough to offer the best compatibility with Android devices.

We ensured this by analyzing all VPNs through our 8 factors criteria and only those that met them were chosen to be featured in our list as recommended Android VPNs:

  1. Fast Speeds for the best experience on Android smartphones.
  2. Easy to use, uncluttered, lightweight Android VPN app.
  3. Unblock geo-restricted websites on Android devices like Netflix, Amazon Prime & BBC iPlayer.
  4. Protects your mobile traffic in transit with Military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption.
  5. Protect you from hackers and MITM attacks while using public Wi-Fi connections on mobile.
  6. Based in a safe jurisdiction, away from the invasive 5-9-14 Eyes Alliances,
  7. Zero Logging Policy so that your personal mobile data remains secure.
  8. A Kill Switch to protect you against unexpected network shutdowns on mobile.

You use a VPN to protect yourself first and that’s what we expect from the Best VPN for Android as well. They should protect you from all sorts of online threats and secure your connection.

Secondly, it should not downgrade your experience or be a nuisance for you by being difficult to use or by lowering your speeds to pathetic levels. It should never be a trade-off and the best VPNs are those that ensure you don’t have to compromise on anything to get the benefits that using a VPN brings.

Why I Do Not Recommend Best Free VPN App for Android?

Users are now more aware of protecting their privacy online and hence many are looking to get a VPN in order to do that. But as paid VPNs are expensive to subscribe to, users start looking for the best free VPN alternatives for Android.

However, we recommend that you stick to paid providers only because free Android VPNs don’t meet the required standards.

Free VPNs that also have a paid version of their service almost always throttle speeds on their free versions making your connection speeds often swoop down to frustrating levels.

Also, free VPN services are stripped bare of all important features that are necessary for good performance. There is a limit on the amount of bandwidth you can use, the servers you can connect to and the multi-logins you have on a single subscription in free VPN services.

Paid providers don’t do that, especially the top tier services. They have optimized speeds, thousands of servers and no bandwidth limits so that you can always be assured of great performance.

Now, even if you are willing to compromise on the performance front, free VPNs are most likely to be much more in-secure than their paid counterparts.

Free VPNs don’t make money from your subscriptions but they still have to get money from somewhere. This is where the worst part of free VPNs come to the fore. They log your data to sell it to third parties, they ruin your experience with loads of ads and they can even use your mobile bandwidth and redirect it elsewhere.

Even if you can tolerate ads, you should never compromise on your privacy or someone selling your personal data and that’s why we recommend you to go for only paid providers as they guarantee top performance and impenetrable security on your Android and all other devices.

Android VPN Apps – Google Play Store Details

To give users a better idea about the best Android VPN apps, I decided to create a detailed table. One that involves miscellaneous details about varied applications available on the Google Play Store.

Insights include VPN app release date, last updated, total installs, average apk size, in-app purchases costs, version number, overall reviews, and user-ratings for a clearer picture regarding the popularity of each name.

These 10 providers in the listing below are in my opinion currently the best Android VPNs in the marketplace. I am not saying this just because of their high-ratings in comparison to other services.

Each VPN has been carefully tested/analyzed in our comparison guide, rated in terms of jurisdiction and logging policies too, which only guarantee that you receive the utmost level of security online:

Android VPNs and their App Permissions

As a VPN user, you would not want your provider to request access to dangerous permissions, not needed by an app to function or that can compromise your privacy.

In light of this, I conducted a comparative analysis on the 80+ providers, based on the permissions that they request. The goal is to give you a better idea about “Safe” choices.

If you look at the table below, you will learn about the permissions in total, custom permissions and suspicious permissions. All tested apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store with permissions lists extracted from their .apk files.

Permissions Required by Our Top 5 Android VPNs

The Android VPNs app recommended by us require the least amount of permissions to run on your device and none of these permissions are invasive to your user privacy in any manner whatsoever.
Here is a rundown on the app permissions required by our 5 recommended Android VPNs

Surfshark Android App Permissions

surfshark app permissions

ExpressVPN Android App Permissions

Express App Permissions

PureVPN Android App Permissions

purevpn app permissions

VyprVPN Android App Permissions

vyprvpn permissions


In theory, VPN apps should only need a few permissions to function. INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE should usually be enough. However, as an average, 11 permissions are asked per VPN app, proving a lot of providers do tend to engage in suspicious activities!

Final Verdict

These 5 recommended VPN services are the best suited for securing your Android smartphones from all kinds of online threats round the clock.

Our top pick for best Android VPN is Surfshark because it leads the way by offering a holistic, well-performing service. Its fast speeds, a good server park, optimized Android app and other niche features like Netflix unblocking make it a perfect fit for satisfying your VPN needs on Android.

You can also opt for ExpressVPN as its equally as good as iVacy but its price is on the higher side.

The remaining three are all Android worthy so you can go for them as well with each one of them bringing something great to the equation.

These providers are incredibly primed to meet all your requirements for privacy, performance, unblocking, and torrenting.

And many of them are priced affordably so that you can easily accommodate them into your budget.

If you haven’t started using a VPN on your Android or any other device yet, its high time you reconsider your decision. All of the aforementioned options are the best VPN services in the market so you cant falter by choosing any one of them for the task. Go for it now!

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  1. Jimmie Wood

    Thank you for the article. It’s nice to see my vpn provider being listed in first places, it means I’ve made a good choice buying it. I’m talking about Nordvpn, actually purchased it because Netflix and Hulu access is important for me. By the way, as I’m using it not just on android but on my macbook too – can say that it’s working pretty well on both devices.


      Hey Jimmie, Glad to see your comment on our blog here. Thank you for taking out the time to acknowledge our work! Sadly, NordVPN is used to be a great service, but the recent hacking incident: has ruined its credibility. I would suggest you go for Surfshark or ExpressVPN instead, if you want unhindered access to geo-restricted sites like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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