Hulu VPN Block Workaround (100% Tested and Reviewed in 2018)

Obaid Chawla October 27, 2018

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services currently, boasting over 20 million subscribers. It offers 50 plus channels in its IPTV service along with an amazing streaming library in which it publishes exclusive award winning shows on a regular basis.

hulu vpn

However, Hulu is not available outside US or its territories, but don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. By using a Best VPN service, you can unblock Hulu anywhere!

Here is our guide on Hulu VPN containing exclusive ways through which you can bypass the Hulu VPN ban, top VPN services for Hulu, how to pay for a Hulu subscription outside US, Hulu vs Netflix comparison and more by!


How to watch Hulu outside US:

The interest in streaming live TV and subscribing with such services like Hulu has till yet remained largely confined to within the US. In other countries across the world, the incentives to start offering services like Hulu are not as high to justify their cost, but still, some viewers like you would love to get their hands on a Hulu Subscription, wouldn’t they?

Hulu is a geo-restricted site, which means that you can cannot watch it outside the US unless you use a VPN. But not every VPN would work to unblock Hulu because the site also has a VPN ban in force which makes a majority of VPNs useless.

Only some Best Hulu VPN, like the ones mentioned in this guide above can allow you to bypass the VPN ban and watch Hulu outside US.

Why do you need a Hulu VPN?

Hulu is an over the top IPTV service which also provides its own indigenous content through its streaming library. And since the phenomenal rise of online streaming as a major form of entertainment, Hulu has been a central player in the domain competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The platform already has over 20 million subscribers giving it a massive reach in the US market alone. Hulu follows an exclusive model, which is not currently offered by any other service yet. Hulu offers live TV Channels as an IPTV provider along with offering a dedicated streaming library, which makes it a unique service as providers usually go for either providing a dedicated streaming library or offering an IPTV service. To know more about this, continue to read on:

Hulu Vs Netflix

Netflix is definitely ruling the roost in the online domain as the go-to streaming site, but it still doesn’t offer an IPTV service i.e. live TV channel streaming. This is a phenomenon which could make its growth slow in the near future as more and more consumers start shifting to the online domain to satiate their entertainment needs.

Why do you need a Hulu VPN?

A service that offers its own streaming library filled with exclusive content along with an IPTV service could be much more effective in providing users with a much more holistic service and this where Hulu will be hitting its stride.

Hulu is not far behind Netflix in the number of subscriptions and its USP of being a comprehensive entertainment provider on the internet can definitely work in its favor in the near future.

Hulu Vs Netflix

Apart from this, Hulu offers some amazing add-ons which you can buy separately, again creating a big difference when we compare this to Netflix which only offers simple pricing plans with no add-ons.

Hulu Addons

Is Hulu Better than YouTube and Netflix?

The streaming industry these days is on its zenith, with so many options for users to choose from. However, at the end of the day, the service you would prefer more depends on what you actually want to watch and how you want to watch. And since we’re talking about Hulu here, lets compare with two of the biggest streaming services currently i.e. YouTube and Netflix.

First comes YouTube, which is unarguably the biggest streaming site in the world due to the sheer volume of the content its hosts. But above all, its free to use, therefore millions of people consume hundreds of hours of content per hour on the site. YouTube is best for watching songs, old classic movies, funny videos, dedicated channels by popular content creators among others. However, YouTube’s biggest downside is that it hosts very few new TV shows and has a limited repository of latest movies. It doesn’t stream major TV channels either and the video quality on the site is not well up to the mark.

On the other hand, Netflix is an upcoming streaming behemoth that has dazzled the world with its incredibly popular TV shows, thousands of movies, animated content among others. It the site which has given the world some of its recent classics like Black Mirror and Orange is the New Black. Netflix introduced us to the concept of “Binge Watching”, by following a never used format of uploading all episodes in a single season of a show all at once.

Comparing Hulu with Netflix or even YouTube will be quite unfair because Hulu has its own dedicated niche and within which, it is performing exceptionally well. Hulu offer live TV and a dedicated content library as well, and while the content library is a bit under resourced if we compare it to Netflix, Hulu’s main attraction is its Live TV streaming which is not offered by either YouTube or Netflix.

If you are already a user of YouTube and Netflix, don’t think of Hulu as a substitute to any of those two because its none of that. Hulu is different from both of these services because it operate in its own niche and if you are interested in that niche i.e. live TV along with a dedicated content library, we really recommend that you use Hulu for it.

We’re Sorry – Hulu Error Message:

Hulu is undoubtedly a great service so it’s a bitter disappointment that its not currently available outside the US. The reason behind its geo-restriction is that it serves content and offers channels which are only covered by copyright in the United States and its territories only.

If you try and access this service outside US, you will get a black screen on which there is a message notifying you that the service won’t work if you are outside US.

Hulu blocked - We’re Sorry Hulu Error Message

However, this black screen doesn’t mean that you cant use Hulu’s service outside US and that is what exactly this guide is about. VPNs can help you unblock the service comfortably irrespective of where you are situated on the globe.

A VPN can do this because it can route your internet connection through an intermediary server in the US, therefore making Hulu see your connection emanating from within the US.

There are a lot of other intricacies involved here like Hulu’s VPN ban, fast servers for streaming and the like, which make a lot of VPN providers unsuitable for the task of unblocking Hulu VPN.

Only a select few VPNs can get you through to Hulu by unblocking it and provide other dedicated features for streaming on the service.

Best Hulu VPN in 2018

There are hundreds of VPN providers in the bludgeoning VPN domain right now, because its now transforming into quite a lucrative industry. But this has made most of the providers that exist out there quite useless for general users because they don’t offer the features required to make it in the Top sphere.

Similarly, if you are looking for a VPN that unblocks Hulu, you will be quite surprised to know that a majority of the VPNs that exist out there won’t be of any use towards serving your purpose.

Only a select few VPN providers work tremendously well towards unblocking Hulu’s service outside the US. Here I present to you 5 such Best Hulu VPN services for which I have tested myself and found them excellent enough in all aspects and features to be recommended to my audience:


Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android Apps
    • “Stealth VPN” Servers for Regressive Countries
    • Excellent WebRTC and DNS Leak Protection
    • Split Tunneling and Automatic Kill Switch
    • 2,000+ Servers in 148 Countries Worldwide
    • SmartDNS and Network Lock Features
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    49% Off
  2.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • DoubleVPN and CyberSec for Cloaking Identity
    • Automatic Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection
    • Onion over VPN and SmartDNS Features
    • SOCKS5 Proxy for Torrenting Safely
    • 4879+ Servers in 62 countries
    • Multi-Logins on Six Devices
    • Dedicated IP Addresses
  3.  $10  
    Per Month
    • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN protocols
    • 25,000+ IPs & 225+ servers in 60+ countries
    • 5 Multi logins
    • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Upto 256bit encryption
    69% Off


1. ExpressVPN:

Best Hulu VPN in 2018

A stellar VPN service with an incredible reputation in the market, ExpressVPN is the perfect candidate for unblocking Hulu from outside the US. This provider is a user favourite when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted sites because unlike other providers who do this, all of ExpessVPN’s servers in the US can be used to unblock geo-restricted sites like Hulu.

Apart from this ExpressVPN offers more than 2000 servers across the world, military grade encryption, OpenVPN protocol support, a zero logs policy that has stood firmly despite being put to test against all kinds of situations, a live chat feature, a SmartDNS service for niche devices like Apple TV, excellent tutorial videos and a whole lot more.

ExpressVPN Hulu is the perfect combination if you are looking for a long term reliable provider.

Pricing Plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $12.95 billed once
  • Half Yearly Subscription: $9.99/month ($59.95 billed once)
  • Yearly Subscription: $8.32/month ($99.95 billed once)

ExpressVPN for hulu



  • Excellent Live chat support for US Hulu servers
  • Zero logging Policy
  • Over 2000+ servers
  • Military Grade Encryption along with an explicit zero logs policy
  • Dedicated VPN clients
  • SmartDNS available


  • Pricing plans are very expensive as compared to other providers


Feel free to explore some more updated features in ExpressVPN review for 2018

visit provider

2. NordVPN:

nordvpn hulu

Offering more than 4000 servers, NordVPN is never far away when it comes towards recommending the best VPN service for unblocking geo-restricted sites. It offers blistering fast speeds to support HD streaming on Hulu, dedicated servers to unblock Hulu in US, dedicated client apps, military grade encryption, enhanced security features like Double VPN among others.

NordVPN has been a highly dependable provider for unblocking streaming sites for a long time now because its down time is excellent and it wont go off for more than once of twice a month and that too for very short periods. NordVPN Hulu service is among the top choice available to you out there.

Pricing Plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $11.99 billed once
  • Half Yearly Subscription: $54.00 billed once
  • Yearly Subscription: $83.88 billed once

NordVPN hulu Pricing



  • Dedicated US servers for Unblocking Hulu US
  • Double VPN
  • Free Trial for 3 days
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Dedicated VPN client apps
  • Fast Speeds


  • Users might face some difficulty in connecting to Hulu if they don’t keep track of the changing servers in US through which you can unblock the site


Explore other more features in our comprehensive NordVPN review 2018.

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3. IPVanish:

ipvanish hulu

This VPN provider does exactly what its name suggests, it reliably vanishes your IP and only allows the receiving website to see its own server IP. While it doesn’t offer any special or additional features like NordVPN, this VPN is still incredibly compliant with satisfying user’s unblocking needs on sites like Hulu.

The VPN ban on Hulu doesn’t stand in the way when you use IPVanish Hulu to unblock the site due to its incredible commitment towards providing users with high value when they subscribe to its service.

In its feature package it offers access to 1000+ servers in 60 countries, dedicate VPN apps, Socks5 proxy, unlimited P2P traffic and zero logs along with military grade encryption.

Pricing Plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $7.50 billed once
  • Quarterly Subscription: $20.24 billed once
  • Yearly Subscription: $58.49 billed once



  • Dedicated VPN clients for ease in unblocking Hulu US on any device
  • 40,000 shared IPs and 1000+ servers
  • Socks5 Proxy service
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Military Grade encryption
  • Live chat support


  • The feature offering is pretty basic and doesn’t offer exclusive features like DoubleVPN or Onion over VPN


Read our detailed, unbiased and updated IPVanish Review.

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Free VPNs that work with Hulu:

Free VPNs are quite enticing because you might believe that they offer you the same services as paid VPNs but without paying up a single cent. But contrary to popular belief, free VPNs cant unblock a high majority, if not any streaming site, because having the ability to achieve that requires a high amount of investment and effort, which Free VPNs lack the resources to put in.

There might be tons of Free VPN services which are pretty good to use on a limited scale like Tunnelbear’s free version, but they are of no use in supporting streaming or unblocking geo-restricted sites like Hulu. So if you are looking for a solution to unblock Hulu Free, you might be disappointed big time.

VPNs NOT Recommended to watch Hulu:

As we mentioned earlier, that not all VPNs work with Hulu and that’s because unblocking a geo-restricted website like Hulu requires a VPN to have some incredibly important features, which a majority of the providers do not have at the moment.

The first feature that’s the most important here is having servers which don’t get affected by Hulu’s VPN ban. Hulu is only available inside the US, so its team knows that there will be attempts to unblock it from outside the US, so they put up a VPN ban which tries to identify any connections being routed through VPNs.

The way the VPN ban works is by checking for too many connections being generated from a small number of servers and once it identifies such servers, it proceeds to blacklist them, therefore making the VPN unable to power the connection to Hulu through.

Top VPNs have a way to circumvent this and all of the ones mentioned in the list above for the Best VPNs for Hulu can do this perfectly. However, there are loads of others who still can’t do it.

Other features required for Hulu from a VPN are that it supports streaming, it doesn’t throttle speeds too much and has live chat support for any problems the user might be facing in getting through among others.

Sadly, some popular VPNs don’t either currently provide these features or if they have these features, the performance is sub-par at best.

Here is a list of such popular VPN services that don’t currently work with Hulu or toward unblocking any geo-restricted site in the US:


Does Hulu block VPN access?

While other services like Netflix have announced explicitly that they have zero-tolerance for VPNs and they force a ban on them on their site, Hulu hasn’t done such a thing, but that doesn’t mean that Hulu allows VPNs to pass.

Hulu, like other geo-restricted sites, has enforced a VPN ban on its site, but you don’t get a message notifying you that you are using a VPN and therefore you won’t be allowed to use the service, like it happens on other services, most notably Netflix.

Hulu VPN ban

When Hulu does detect a VPN, it will only show you the same error of you not being able to use the service because you are outside the US.

The firewall at Hulu is pretty robust and can easily detect the weaker VPNs, so I recommend that you only opt for the Top VPNs if you want to satisfactorily unblock Hulu.


How These Services Block VPNs and Proxies:

The VPN ban, as we’ve mentioned before, is a reality in the streaming domain because most of these sites are geo-restricted because of copyright issues and need to enforce the ban in order to keep in line with their copyright agreements with media houses that produce the content.

The VPN ban is initiated by streaming services through identifying too many connections coming from a single server because that is usually what VPNs do. They route hundreds of connections from around the world through a small number of servers, so its easy for a VPN to identify them. But the Top VPN services have ways to get around this ban quite successfully.

Best VPN providers for Hulu keep changing their servers for example. The server on their client will be named as “Los Angeles – 5” but the actual server will never stay the same and keep changing in order to evade the possibility of Hulu identifying the connections emanating from it. This approach keeps the VPN one step ahead of the ban and allows it to successfully bypass the geo-restrictions and provide stellar unblocking services to its users.


How to Pay for Hulu Subscription Outside the US:

Paying for a Hulu Subscription is a bit tricky as it requires a US-based payment source, so if you do have a debit or a credit card issued in your own country, it won’t be of much use here. Don’t try to use it for buying a Hulu Subscription by adding a US zip code because that can lead you towards getting your card blocked for an unauthorized transaction.

How to Pay for Hulu Subscription Outside the US

To pay for a Hulu subscription, its best to opt for an option referred to as “Virtual Debit Cards”, which are services that allow you to pay up to load your Virtual Debit card and then use it for online transactions.

There are plenty of providers out there that offer such cards, but in this case, its best to use the services which offer dedicated US debit cards. Here are some credible examples that our team uses to conduct such transactions and they will work just fine for you when paying for a Hulu Subscription:


Best VPN block workaround for Hulu:

The VPN ban we mentioned earlier in this guide, can also get into action if it detects your traffic coming from your home IP because of your IPv6. Most VPNs and networks still provide support for only IPv4, so if your system is still running IPv6, it could be leaking your traffic to the geo-restricted site and helping the VPN ban enforce itself on sites like Hulu.

The best way to get around this is to first check whether this is happening or not. You can do this easily by visiting and checking whether it says “No IPv6 connectivity” or not. If it is saying it, then you are fine, but if its not, then you can disable it manually like this:

For Windows:

  • On a Windows 10 system, click on the network icon and select “Open Network and Internet Settings
  • Now opt for “Change Adapter Options
  • Right click on the active Network Adapter you are running i.e. the active internet connection
  • Select “Properties” and uncheck “Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv6)
  • Click “Ok” and you are done!

For Mac:

  • First open “Finder” > “Applications” > “Utilities Folder
  • Now proceed to double click to open the “” and then execute these commands
  • For Mac OS X 10.7.x10.11.x: networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi
  • For Mac OS X 10.10.3 or higher: networksetup -setv6off “Wi-Fi”
  • Now Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network > Unlock it if its locked by entering your Admin credentials
  • Select Wi-fi > Advanced > TCP/IP > Configure IPv6 > Turn it to Off


Watch Hulu on Other Devices:

You know what the other great part about Hulu is? You can watch it on almost every device imaginable! We have listed some of the most popular ones down here below and also listed the methods through which you can watch Hulu on them from anywhere under the cover of a Best VPN.

Lets begin:

On Roku:

My personal favorite streaming device, Roku offer a dedicated app for Hulu, making it incredibly easy to enjoy the service through its platform. Here’s how you can get the Hulu app and use it anywhere in the world by using a VPN on Roku:

  • Setup a VPN on your Router so that all of your devices get protected and are able to bypass geo-restrictions for any service. This will also allow Roku to enjoy the same unparalleled geo-restriction unblocking as other devices (Connect to a US server if you want to unblock Hulu)
  • Download the official Hulu app from the Roku store and install it on your device:
  • Enjoy Hulu on Roku from anywhere across the world!

On Apple TV:

While there is no particular issue in downloading and using the Hulu app on your Apple TV because the device offers incredible support for all streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc, installing a VPN on this device can be somewhat tricky if you are newbie.

The most preferred method for installing a VPN on your Apple TV is through the Smart DNS method. You can learn more about this method in our dedicated guide on Apple TV VPN here.

Once you get a VPN on your Apple TV, Hulu will work from anywhere!

On Kodi:

Kodi was the most preferred software for streaming before dedicated devices for the purpose like Firestick and Roku came along. And it still is unassailable in terms of the variety of content that you can stream through it!

It offers hundreds of add-ons through its many repositories allowing you to watch anything from the latest UFC fight to Netflix any time you want!

Kodi also allows you to run Hulu on it. The process of installing it on Kodi is a bit complex and hard for newbies to get through, but we have put in our utmost effort to ensure that acquiring Hulu on Kodi is a seamless process for users to understand and use.

By following this step by step method, you will be using Hulu on Kodi in less than 3 minutes:

  • Launch “Kodi
  • Now once opened, proceed to “Systems” > “File Manager
  • Here, you will need to click on “Add Source” option
  • Proceed to select “None
  • A URL box will appear in front of you. Type in the following address:
  • Click on “Done” and then again click on “Enter the name of media source
  • Enter the name “Fusion” here and then again click on “Done
  • Click “OK
  • Go back to the Home Screen and proceed to “Systems” > “Settings” > “Add-ons
  • Now select the option titled “Install from zip file
  • Select “Fusion” and then you will need to click on “xmbc-reports” > “English” > “
  • When the Repo titled “Entertainment Repo” gets installed, you will be notified off it through an on-screen notification
  • Again go back to the Home Screen and then move towards “System” > “Settings” > “Add-Ons
  • Select “Install from repository” > “Entertainment Repo” > “Video Addons
  • Here you will see an option titled “Hulu Movie TV”. Click on it to begin installation and once completed, you will be able to watch Hulu on your Kodi.
  • To access Hulu anytime on Kodi, just simple go to “Video” > “Add-ons

You can install a VPN on Kodi directly and many providers even offer their dedicated repos for doing so like PureVPN, we recommend that you install the VPN on the device on which you are using Kodi on like your Windows computer. This way, it will be a whole lot easier for you to not just use the VPN to unblock Hulu but also to control it with much less complexity.

On Firestick:

Firestick is one of those rare streaming devices that offer compatible support for VPNs in the form of dedicated apps. Major providers like ExpressVPN, PureVPN, IPVanish among others now offer their dedicated VPNs for Firestick. We recommend that you stick to these providers which offer their own Firestick apps as it will allow you to get through with your VPN installation in no time at all.

For installing Hulu, you just need to log on to the Amazon Store from your Firestick and search for the Hulu app. You will find it easily and once you do, download and install it to enjoy live TV channels on a wide screen experience powered by your Firestick.

For more details on VPN installation for Firestick, you can go to our comprehensive guide on the Best VPN for Firestick here.

On Windows:

The easiest OS hands down, Windows rules the roost because of its simplicity which makes it unbeatable by another OS till date.

To watch Hulu on Windows while using a VPN, just follow the few simple steps mentioned here below and you will be up and running even before you notice it!

  • Download a Best VPN app for Windows (Nearly every VPN providers offers a dedicated app for windows)
  • Install it and connect to a US server
  • Go to and login to your account
  • Enjoy all live TV channels and the dedicated content library hassle free!

On PS4:

Its high time that we break the notion that modern day gaming consoles are just for gamin purposes only as their creators are now adding some great functionalities that increase the overall value that these consoles offer.

PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles and the best part here is that you can watch Hulu on it!

PS4 has its own dedicated Hulu app and you just need to download and install it from the PlayStation’s official app store to get yourself ready for the ultimate live TV streaming experience!

The only thing that is a bit of a problem here is that, quite disappointingly, PS4 doesn’t have any native app support for VPNs, so you will have to install the VPN on your router to unblock Hulu on your PS4.

The live chat support of many top VPNs will help you in this regard and that’s because there are many different kinds of routers and the method of installing a VPN on each one of them varies. Live chat will guide you through the VPN installation process on your router seamlessly.

On Xbox:

Watching Hulu on Xbox from anywhere in the world is an almost identical process to that of PS4 which we’ve already mentioned above.

  • Just simply download and install the Hulu official app from the Xbox store
  • Setup the VPN you chose for unblocking the site on your router (Contact a VPN’s live chat support to guide you through it) don’t forget to connect to a US server if you want to unblock Hulu on your Xbox.
  • Unblock Hulu from all over the world through your VPN on Xbox!

Channels available on Hulu?

You know why we admire Hulu so much? Its because its perhaps the most incredible live TV provider with a channel line up that can put any major streaming provider to shame. Catering to almost all user categories, here are some of the topmost channels that you can find on Hulu:

  • A&E
  • Boomerang
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN
  • Fox Sports (1 & 2)
  • Syfy
  • History

Channels available on Hulu

Hulu VPN Reddit:

Reddit is the go to place for securing the best user sourced review on any problem imaginable and this stands true nowhere more than it does in the field of VPNs. This is because, on provider’s own websites, all you will see is marketing content and that’s because no one will tell you the truth because they have to sell their service to the audience no matter what. But actual users don’t lie ever and that’s the reason why I include Reddit opinions on any topic I write on.

When I turned to Reddit for finding the best VPN for Hulu, I found my recommendations stood vindicated because the users there were praising the exact same services which I found out to work the best in unblocking Hulu from outside the US.

These comments are culled from a Reddit thread regarding the Best VPN for Hulu and include ExpressVPN and NordVPN as top user choices for unblocking all kinds of services that are geo-restricted outside US.


Can I watch Hulu in the UK?

Yes, you easily can! But only if you follow the steps above and get a best VPN for Hulu to bypass the geo-restrictions and the VPN ban on the site!

Can I watch Hulu in Germany?

Hulu can also be used in Germany if the user is deploying one of the VPN services mentioned above

How to unblock Hulu at School?

Hulu and other streaming sites like Netflix can be blocked in your school because of the load they put on the school’s internet systems or because of the school’s internal policies. Either way, you wont be able to get Hulu unblocked at school unless you use a VPN. For more on this, read our guide on the Best VPN for Schools.


Hulu is an up and coming service with millions of subscribers at the moment, and that’s because the site offers great content along with IPTV services, making it a unique offering unmatched anywhere else in the online domain. So its about time you check this service out and get the best value out of your money. Using this guide as a reference, you will have no trouble accessing the service by using Hulu VPN bypass irrespective of where you are located in the world right now.

At, we strive to provide our users with the most helpful guides and the benefits they can get by using a Best VPN service on different devices. This guide is a continuation of exactly this aim and I believe that this proves of high assistance in allowing you to secure access to not just Hulu, but also to other entertainment sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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