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BestVPN.co is a service supported by our valued readers:

Our financial requirements to run this site are met by commissions we earn through promoting our affiliate partners on our service.

What actually happens here is that, we earn a certain sum, as commission, when a visitor to our site clicks on an affiliate link and proceeds to buy or subscribe to one of our partners (listed below).

Being an affiliate partner means that you enter into an agreement with a service in which you promote their service on your site and earn a commission when their link is clicked on and a sale is initiated.

  • Surfshark (https://surfshark.com/)
  • ExpressVPN (https://www.expressvpn.com/)
  • PureVPN (https://www.purevpn.com/)
  • NordVPN (https://nordvpn.com/)
  • CyberGhost (https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_US/)
  • Private Internet Access (https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/)

Nearly, all VPN Review sites deploy and use this revenue model. However, most of these sites and services do not issue a declaration that they are doing so. This is wrong as transparency on all fronts should be a tenet followed by every business out there.

Users have the right to know about each major facet of your business and that is exactly what we are doing here, by disclosing our revenue model and who we are currently partners with.

Are We Earning Commissions From Any Other Source?

Apart from the affiliate partners listed above, we do not have any sort of agreement with any other VPN provider, or other related services, through which we earn commissions or source any sort of revenue.

Why Did We Have To Use Affiliate Links To Earn Commissions In The First Place?

When we started off with this service, it was out of our passion to let people know more about VPNs by conducting honest reviews of each facet of each service out there.

But, with time, we found out, that reviewing VPNs requires us to invest a lot of resources to keep our work top of the line. From the best system infrastructure to acquiring top broadband speed, everything we require is expensive.

Our other option to source revenue was through running advertisements and serving pop-up ads, like many other sites on the internet, but we decided against it as doing that would have created an incredible nuisance for users visiting our site.

Therefore, the only other plausible and morally acceptable option to earn revenue we were left with was to monetize through becoming affiliate partners with some of the best services we’ve reviewed so far.

Do We Promote Our Affiliates Over Other VPN Services?

The answer to that is a plain NO!

Our service is based on honesty and trustworthiness, and despite how much commission a provider is offering to us, we will never include anything that is untruthful and could lead our users in making a wrong decision.

If a service has a bad point, it’s going to be highlighted in our review, irrespective of whether it’s an affiliated provider or just another VPN service.

The decision to click on an affiliate link and buy a subscription to a VPN service rests solely with our user.

We try our utmost best to ensure that users can make informed decisions on whether to subscribe to a certain service or not and in no way do we promote a certain service over others just to earn a commission.

How Do We Ensure That a VPN Review Is Honest and Is Not Biased, Even If It’s Our Affiliate?

There are over 250+ VPN services operating in the market right now, with each one claiming to be better than the rest. But we don’t buy such claims at face value, but rather we review them through a painstakingly long process.

We critique each important facet that constitutes a VPN service, and then only do we give our final verdict on whether we recommend users to subscribe to it or not.

But still, that doesn’t necessarily mean, that you don’t do your own cross-verification.

We always recommend our readers to verify our claims and inform us of other their experiences. If our users notify us of any problem in a certain service, we check it, verify whether its true or not and then adjust our review accordingly.

We duly understand that not one VPN can claim to be the “Best VPN” service out there and neither do we promote such claims on our reviews. This is subjective and will remain so, but we do ensure that every facet of a service is checked and its performance duly gauged before a ranking table is meted out on our site.

We review VPNs and rank them by ascertaining their performance and claims on many different factors. Here are some ranking signals we generally follow:

Verifying whether a provider keeps any logs or not

  • Ensuring that we check a VPN’s history, its current location and for exactly how many years it has been operating till now
  • Conduct tests to check for Download & Upload Speeds as well as Ping rates by connecting to 5-7 different server locations offered by the provider
  • Check whether they unblock various streaming sites like Netflix US, Hulu or iPlayer
  • Ascertain their policies on Torrenting and P2P activities and whether they offer any specific or optimized servers for these activities.
  • See whether their apps contain malware or not
  • Conduct leak tests on 2-4 servers like DNS and WebRTC leak tests
  • Check their encryption level and the protocols offered
  • Looking for any other extra security features like Kill switch, ad blocker etc.
  • See as to how many simultaneous connections they offer.
  • Look in to how many different client apps they offer and for what different niches
  • Check how usable their apps are in terms of factors like UI/UX, responsiveness etc.
  • See what method of customer support they offer and how responsive and of assistance they are on it
  • Ascertain whether their pricing plans match the kind of value that they bringing to the table

Why Are We Telling You All About This?

One word answer “Honesty”. If we are earning commissions from a certain provider, just because you are subscribing to it by clicking on our affiliate link, you definitely need to know about that. This keeps our conscience clear and allows us to ensure that our reviews remain unbiased and free from any sort of manipulation.

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