JurisdictionUnited States
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No

Starting at a high $25/mo, one may think that Vip72 is an exceptional service. However, this is further from the truth, as the VPN fails at fulfilling even the most basic requirements.

In addition to the outlandish prices, there are limits to how many times you can switch proxies within each plan. The website is very old school and neither do you have VPN client apps.

While reviewing the service, I honestly thought its servers were honeypots. I still tested them for unblocking VoDs like Netflix and bypassing the “Great Firewall” in China, but the VPN failed.

As such, I do not recommend the provider and advise going for the cheap yet reliable, Surfshark. Based in BVI, the provider starts at a minimal of $1.99/mo. on a 2-year plan. It unblocks all VoDs and even works in China.

What is Vip72.com?

Vip72 is a US-based provider that offers a VPN, along with a Proxy and Socks service. It promises to protect your privacy and security of data when connected to the internet.

However, with the service linked to the infamous Bunitu Trojan botnet attacks, it seems quite contrary. Around two years ago, the provider was under investigation for using infected hosts as proxies for their service.

VIP72 VPN Alternative

In our view, any other VPN is a good alternative for VIP72. That’s because the service is so incredibly ridiculous that even the worst of VPN providers seem to look good in front of it.

Since you are paying money for a premium product though, I advise going for Surfshark. You can compare both the services below and see why the former is a better choice:

VPN ProvidersSurfsharkVip72
Unblocks NetflixYESNO
SpeedsAbove AveragePoor
EncryptionOffers AES-256 encryption on all protocols it supportsOffers AES-256 encryption only on OpenVPN protocol
ProtocolsOpenVPN & IKEv2OpenVPN & PPTP (Highly Insecure)
Multi-LoginsUnlimited Connections on a single subscriptionSingle Login per account
Pricing$1.99/month (Save 83%)$25.00/month
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Vip72 VPN Pricing Review

Our Vip72 review unveils that the VPN boasts one of the most intricate and expensive pricing structures in the marketplace. There are different plans for its OpenVPN and Proxy/Socks service. The first plan known as the “DEMO” starts at $3.00 and gives you access to the VPN for only two days with a socks proxy limit of 10.

The “Start” plan gives you access to the VPN for 10 days. Priced at $12.00, you have a 90 Socks Limit. This is quite costly, as in comparison to other more prominent providers; you can gain 3-month access to secure servers for the same budget. The rates continue to increase with Month, Maximum A, Maximum B, Maximum C, Maximum D, and VIP72 plans ranging from $50 to $200. If you want a yearly subscription, you have to pay $299!

vip72 pricing review

We are not exactly sure as to why Vip72 tends to be so expensive. Most importantly, we wonder why users would settle to limits imposed on the Socks proxies usable and the number of times you can change from one proxy to another. Yes, you heard that right. In another page for its pricing, the VPN lists costs for its OpenVPN Tariff – setting limits to the number of proxy changes.

As you can see below, the OpenVPN – 1-Day plan costs around $3.00 and allows only one change in proxy. Although the numbers increase – as you opt for more top-tier plans – this act almost seems as if the VPN is ripping customers off. Since we now live in a world, which demands access to unlimited proxies and servers for lesser prices, this is definitely a shocker.

vip72 openvpn pricing

Our Vip72 review discovers the pricing getting more complicated with the individual server buying structure. On a separate page, customers have the ability to buy singular servers in different locations for their DoubleVPN service. Though there is no denying that you can leverage extra security, limiting plans to single locations is something difficult to measure.

Depending on the level of security and privacy protocols, the pricing for different locations will fluctuate. This means, what you pay for a US-based DoubleVPN server may be different in comparison to another one from Germany. What exactly is the VPN hoping to achieve with this tactic? Is pricing different VPN servers according to location a new trend in the marketplace? These are the question we would like Vip72 to clear up for all users.

vip72 high securevpn pricing

VIP72 VPN Free

When we went through VIP72’s pricing plans, for the first time in our review careers in which we analyzed and evaluated tens of VPN providers, we were left flabbergasted.

They are offering 3-day plans at prices on which you can get a full-blown 3-month subscription at other, much better VPN providers. Moreover, VIP72 VPN doesn’t even seem to offer any sort of free trial, not even a money-back guarantee sort of thing which makes us doubt as to whether it has got any subscriptions flowing into its service at the moment.

This is quite a doubtful service that was mired in big malware controversy some years back, so even if you come across a crack version of the service that offers you to use the service for free, we sincerely recommend that you stay away from it.

Vip72 VPN Login and Signup Review

Our Vip72 review unveils that you need to register for an account before proceeding to buy a plan. Luckily, the signup process is incredibly simple. All you have to do is click on the “Register” tab. Enter your username, password, a custom 5 digit PIN, and the security code.

There is no need for users to enter their email address. This ensures you remain completely anonymous throughout the entire VPN signup process. Upon clicking on the register button, the site will tell you to save your login details. You will also receive a token code. It is imperative that you keep this code safe.

Upon completion of the registration process, log in using your credentials. Click on the “Buy Proxy” tab. Select a plan that best suits your needs and requirements. Click on the “Buy Now” option and follow instructions for completing payment.

Vip72 Login Password

With Vip72 being incredibly private about offering details about its service and adding a captcha/token/PPIN system that requires your input for logging in, privacy-focused enthusiasts have become quite intrigued about the provider. Many often search for login usernames and passwords on Google, which redirects them to many YouTube videos and other scam sites. Avoid performing any tasks told to reveal the login credentials, and most importantly ignore fake videos – as the only way to gain access to Vip72 is to sign up the right way!

Vip72 VPN Cracked Version

Our Vip72 review discloses that there is no cracked version for the VPN. In fact, there is no need for you to invest time in finding hacked usernames and passwords. The DEMO plan priced at $3.00, gives you two days’ time for testing the service. This is quite convenient if you need access to a VPN urgently.

Vip72 VPN Accepted Payment Methods

According to our Vip72 review, the VPN does not provide much information regarding the accepted payment methods. However, if you purchase a plan, you do have some options available. These include automatic pay-systems, such as WebMoney, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Liberty Reserve.

Vip72 Refund/Money Back Review

Unfortunately, Vip72 does not offer any kind of refund or money-back guarantee. This proves to be rather disappointing, as the costs for a one-month plan is a whopping $30. For the same price, individuals can easily get a plan that lasts for six months, and that too with a refund!

Vip72 VPN Servers Review

Our Vip72 review unwinds that the VPN has servers in 10 countries. It offers OpenVPN servers in Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Panama, Malaysia, United States, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Latvia. You even have DoubleVPN solutions like USA-Europe, Netherlands-Luxembourg, UK-Belgium, UK-France, Germany-Sweden, Germany-Netherlands, and Switzerland-Latvia.

All servers offer decent speed and allow you to bypass geo-location restrictions, along with censorship imposed by firewalls or the government. You also have a vast selection of 25,000+ proxy servers and online SOCKS in 184 countries. The provider does not throttle bandwidth or impose data limits. Different plans impose restrictions on the amount of times you can change your server location.

vip72 servers review

Vip72 Proxifier Review

According to our Vip72 review, the VPN comes with a pre-configured Proxifier. It is incredibly easy to use and simply requires the loading of a configuration file. By connecting to any one of the proxies, you can gain access to unblocked content. The proxy service processes your request and returns you to the site that was previously inaccessible.

The only issue with Vip72 is that majority of its proxies are blacklisted – thanks to the Bunitu Trojan scenario. Even though it has been two years since the occurrence of those botnet attacks, Vip72 is under constant surveillance by Antivirus companies and security firms. The customers are entirely responsible for the risks associated with joining the service.

Vip72 Privacy and Security Review

Since Vip72 is a US-based VPN provider, it has to comply with certain data retention laws to prevent copyright infringement issues. Nevertheless, our Vip72 review finds that there is no mention on the site regarding logging of any kind of information. In fact, users are not even required to give their email address to sign up with the service.

The site utilizes the best SSL certificate for maximum security and there are zero trackers present on all pages. For visiting certain pages, there is an extra level of verification added. For instance, you need to enter a security code each time you visit the pricing page. This means, the provider really works hard in offering maximum protection and anonymity.

OpenVPN protocol is available for connection. However, if you want to leverage additional security, you can utilize DoubleVPN. There is a small term of service page that describes the acts users should avoid. If you are caught violating the terms of service, you will be charged $0.1 for each used proxy as a penalty. This is quite harsh in our opinion and makes us question whether Vip72 actually logs data or not.

Vip72 Protocols Review

According to our Vip72 review, the VPN provider only supports OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) protocols. You do not have the option to use L2PT, SSL, PPTP, SSTP, and IPSec protocols. As a special security measure, you do have DoubleVPN available – a protocol that very few providers offer.

This option enables you to leverage extra security for your online traffic via two VPN servers in different locations. If you require a high level of privacy and anonymity, this option is the right way to go. However, it is imperative to know that DoubleVPN can drastically reduce bandwidth speeds.

Vip72 P2P/Torrenting Review

Our Vip72 review discovers that the VPN grants P2P/Torrenting on all its servers with the exemption of those in the US. Since the country has strict rules against torrenting, it is highly unlikely you can download/share files via torrents.

Nevertheless, you do have the ability of connecting to other locations for bypassing internet censorship and accessing blocked torrent sites like extratorrent.cc, kickasstorrent.to, torrentz.eu and yts.ag, along with geo-restricted websites like Spotify, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO, and AMC.

Vip72 SOCKS Review

Vip72 exists as one the largest providers of Socks proxy service. It offers users the ability to access 25,000+ IP’s across 184 countries. This internet protocol routes data packets from users to servers through a proxy, which not only hides your Tor browser usage, but also blocks circumventing firewalls.

The SOCKS server typically establish a TCP connection to another server on behalf of a client. This routes all the traffic between the server and client. Users also have the option of using SOCKS5, which gives them additional security and privacy.

Vip72 Token Review

Our Vip72 review finds that the service uses VPN token for promoting better safety and security for connections. This two-factor authentication not only provides end-users with a password, but it also authenticates the device used for establishing a connection.

This ensures that only authorized users from recognized devices can connect to a VPN from the service. This token can be software or hardware-based. However, Vip72 uses software tokens for authorizing remotely connected users instantly.

How Safe Is Vip72?

The fact that Vip72 is a US-based service proves to be a huge downside, as the country boasts strong online piracy and copyright laws. This makes it difficult to believe that the service offers the utmost level of privacy and security. Nevertheless, upon observing the website and its pages, we are certain the site does not log any information.

It is not even necessary to use private email addresses for the sign-up process! This is perhaps the first service we observed respecting complete anonymity. There is also no information regarding the monitoring/storing of session data, like IP addresses, page requested, cookie values (sent/received), referrer, and user agent.

Involvement in Bunitu Trojan Botnet

Things get a little tricky upon digging deeper into the VPN provider. Previously, security researchers in the US were investigating Vip72 for possible involvement in spreading the Bunitu Trojan Botnet. Known as the “TrojanProxy:Win32/Bunitu.F”, this tricky malware would become a menace for every computer infected.

After installing itself, the malware opens ports for remote connections on infected computers by registering them as servers. Upon infecting registries, blocking antivirus, and decreasing internet speed, this botnet accepts connections from exposed ports to bypass traffic from all over the world.

Malwarebytes Labs performed a thorough experiment to figure out the main source of the attack. The findings linked back to Vip72, which even listed the security firms’ reverse-engineered Bunitu “honeypot” as an available exist IP address.

Upon further observation, Malwarebytes Labs’ report concluded the VPN provider has direct access to the Bunitu botnet server to list proxies for its service. Although Vip72 is still active, it definitely is not a safe option for users, considering the site is under constant surveillance.

Vip72 SSL Certificate Test

Every website that accepts and stores usernames, passwords, and payment information must boast a powerful and secure SSL certificate. This will activate padlock and https protocol to allow for more stability and security on the website. During our Vip72 review, we performed an SSL certificate test.

vip72 SSL Certificate Test

The findings reveal that the website uses certificate grade A+. This ensures that you leverage top security and privacy when using the website. You can feel assured your sensitive personal information remains completely confidential.

Vip72 Tracker Test

During our Vip72 review, we performed a Tracker Test. The results from Ghostery unveiled that the site boasts ZERO trackers. Most services add Google Analytics for measuring site performance, but the VPN has avoided that too.

vip72 Tracker Test

To double-check the findings, we performed another test with Privacy Badger. This software also detected zero trackers on the page. This means, there are no third-party resources present on the site looking to track/record your information.

vip72 privacy badger

Vip72 Support Review

According to our Vip72 review, the service almost has a non-existent support system. Upon visiting the website, you will notice everything is quite basic. There is not much information about the main aspects of the service, neither are there forums or FAQ sections available to solve common queries.

Live chat is not available. The site does not even have a contact form! Vip72 certainly lacks many vital elements and details. The only support customers have is through email, yahoo messenger and ICQ. You can email the service at support[@]j.vip72.org or send a request at vip72sup1 (Yahoo).

However, do not expect to get early responses. The support team of VPN is very sluggish. Numerous customers have reported delays of weeks upon contacting them. This means, when you join Vip72, you are literally on your own.

Vip72 Download

Vip72 offers a client available for all versions of Windows. There is no software for Linux or Mac operating systems. Android and iOS users do not have access to mobile apps either. The provider uses its own version of the OpenVPN client. You will need to configure the service manually.

Vip72 VPN Download for Windows 7

After creating an account and subscribing to a plan, you will gain the capability of downloading a Windows client. This software will work on all versions/updates of Windows 7.

Vip72 VPN Download for Windows 8

The same client used for Windows 7 is also compatible with the latest operating systems from Microsoft. This means, you can use the software on Microsoft Windows 8 too.

Vip72 VPN Download for Windows 10

The same goes for Windows 10 users. You need not worry about the service giving installation issues. The download file is hardly 2MB and takes few seconds to install.

Download Vip72 Socks with Proxifier

Vip72 offers plenty of different features to users, among them include the famous SOCKS with Proxifier. For the tech-savvy, you probably have an idea the role a SOCKS proxy plays in securing and anonymizing your P2P/Torrenting activity. Added with the Proxifier, Vip72 just might manage to offer exceptional anonymity online, but considering their site is highly unprofessional and ambiguous about revealing more details about this service, we will soon update this section after performing a proper testing!

Download Vip72 Socks Client Exe

For users who want to download the Vip72 SOCKS client, you will first have to sign up for an account. This can be done by checking the registration page out, where you only have to add your username, password, and a PPIN (5 digits), which will grant you access to your account. Once done, go to buy proxy and choose any suitable option: login with Captcha or log in with Token. Select a suitable plan with the SOCKS client, and you will be redirected to the download page for the client.exe file!

Download Vip72 for Mac/iPhone

As mentioned earlier in the downloads section above, Vip72 does not offer cross-platform compatibility. This means, users do not have native apps for Mac, iPhone/iPad, Linux, Android, and other operating systems. You can only download the main client for your Windows platform, which is a personalized version of the OpenVPN client. Therefore, even if you want to use Vip72 on your Mac or iPhone, you will have to rely on services like Tunnelblick!

Vip72 VPN Android Setup

Our Vip72 review finds that the VPN does not have a dedicated Android application. Users do have the capability of connecting to servers via OpenVPN. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install OpenVPN from Google Play Store
  2. Download configuration files from vip72.com
  3. Tap on “import” in the OpenVPN app
  4. Select the configuration .ovpn file
  5. Tap on “Done reading config file”
  6. Select a server of your choice
  7. Enter username, password, and PIN
  8. Check the “I trust the application” box and tap on “Ok”
  9. Enjoy using Vip72 on your Android device

Vip72 Tutorial Guides

Our findings from the Vip72 review unveil that the VPN provider does not have any sort of tutorial guides available on its site. There are no FAQs, troubleshooting pages, or any kind of setup guides pages. Although installing the Windows client is easy, users may experience issues setting up the VPN on other platforms like Mac, Linux, and iOS.

How to Use Vip72?

Using Vip72 proves to be a little complicated. Enter the service by visiting the proxy page. You will see different color designations. Red color indicates proxy you have just used. A lighter red color unwinds the proxy you used some time ago. Green color specifies the proxy you have not used.

Since you have limits on the proxies/servers with basic plans, these indicators help in avoiding bad proxies you may have used earlier. Upon selecting a proxy, a window will open displaying full statistics. Install necessary cities/countries and press the “ActivateFilter” button to start using the VPN.

Final Verdict

Our Vip72 review establishes that the VPN is quite basic. It offers no impressive features, the support is almost nonexistent, setup guides are missing, and the pricing is too expensive. There are also doubts in the reliability and protection of the service, due to it being under investigation for the Bunitu Trojan attacks.

Unfortunately, you must approach the VPN with caution. If not Vip72, you always have great alternatives like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and Ivacy by your side, which offer better encryption, selection of protocols, and list of security features!