Best VPN for Windows – Complete Setup Guide for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 and 10

Hamza Shahid February 09, 2018

Microsoft has been a top contributor in the marketplace of operating systems that offer exceptional intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and remarkable support. Its “Windows” product is one-of-a-kind, getting its name from the then-new layout of operating systems, where users had to use a mouse to open each process/application, a separate frame, or file/folder menu.

Best VPN for Windows

Fast-forward to recent times and now Windows has become more advanced. With its seamlessly moving, semi-transparent windows that glide across the screen and attractive design, users can perform a number of tech-related tasks easily. Thanks to common business applications like Microsoft Word/Excel, the operating system has now become a de facto standard for most individuals and corporations. Read this extensive guide by best vpn.


Supported Windows VPN Protocols

Microsoft was among the very first operating systems to allow for VPN protocol support. You can easily establish secure connections on a variety of protocols, which include Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2, a.k.a. VPN Reconnect), Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP), Layer 2 Tunnelling with Internet Protocol Security (L2TP/IPSec), and Point-to-Point Tunneling (PPTP).

Supported Windows VPN Protocols


What to Look for in the Best VPN for Windows

When it comes to selecting a VPN, you cannot just opt for any provider. It is imperative that you do your due diligence in research and gains insight into different VPNs before you make a final decision. To help you out, we have highlighted a few critical factors to consider when selecting the best VPN for Windows:


The best VPN providers will not limit connectivity support to only ONE protocol. Therefore, when finding a good provider, make sure to check out their protocols. You should have the ability to establish connections on PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.


The internet is not exactly a secure place for your digital information. To keep your activity anonymous and private, the best VPNs offer a number of advanced features, which include but are not limited to: automatic kill switch, NAT firewall, split tunneling, SOCKS5 proxy, DoubleVPN, DNS/IPv6 leak protection.

Logging Policy

The last thing you need is paying for a VPN service that logs your connection/session information. Look for providers that have a transparent privacy policy and keep ZERO logs. This way, even if local ISPs or government agencies approach the provider in legal cases, your identity will remain secret.

Payment Methods

The best VPN providers allow potential customers the ability to pay via a multitude of methods. Among these include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. For instant online payments, PayPal and WebMoney should be available. Also, to leverage the utmost level of privacy, you should have the ability to pay via Bitcoin.

Server Availability

When it comes to unblocking websites and bypassing geo-restrictions, it is vital that you have access to a huge database of servers spread across countries all over the world. Do not settle for providers that offer only 5/6 locations for connectivity.

Concurrent Connections

VPNs are handy tools that allow you to access pirated content and engage in P2P/Torrenting activities. However, if you can only use it on one platform, things can get a little complicated. Subsequently, always look for a provider that grants concurrent connections across multiple devices/OS.

Bandwidth Throttling

The whole purpose of using a VPN is to keep your identity secure while bypassing geo-restrictions to stream content online, download torrents, or play games. Bandwidth throttling will get you nowhere. So, make sure to select a provider that imposes zero data caps or bandwidth restrictions.


Best Windows VPN



Best VPN for Windows 10

Undoubtedly, Windows 10 is the best product of Microsoft, which is a massive improvement on its predecessor. The entire operating system is smooth and user-friendly, creating an intuitive atmosphere that allows you to engage in multiple activities. However, if you are a little tech-savvy, you probably do know that Windows 10 does come with a trove of privacy issues.

Best VPN for Windows 10

The information synchronization with Microsoft servers, the addition of the Cortana assistant, and integrated advertising help in personalizing your experience, but they also blur the line between privacy and security. A clause from Microsoft’s privacy policy states that the corporation has the ability to access, disclose, or even preserve personal data, including content in private folders and emails.

What to Look for in the Best VPN for Windows

Though you can disable most of these vulnerabilities, there are some, which require additional assistance. This is where VPNs come in handy, encrypting and anonymizing all your online activity. So, without further ado, let us look at the list of the best VPN for Windows 10, based on reliability, performance, support, server availability, privacy, and features.


1) ExpressVPN

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is a popular name in the marketplace of VPNs. It offers unmatched privacy and anonymity, boasting a no logs policy that even shook the Turkish Authorities. You also receive low latency, fast speeds, and best-in-class support from the provider.

best vpn for windows 10 is expressvpn

The monthly pricing starts at $12.95, which is a little pricey, but you have a 30-day money back guarantee available, along with a FREE trial for mobile users. The VPN supports all protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP, while offering 1500+ servers in 148 cities spread across 94 countries.


  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • No Logging Policy
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Connect to 3 Devices Simultaneously


  • A bit costly – but worth it!


2) NordVPN

NordVPN is a Panama-based provider, which comes packed with plenty of advanced security and privacy features. The app boasts one of the largest server bases with numbers exceeding 2870, spread across 59 countries around the world, which offer excellent speeds and performance.

NordVPN for Windows 10

The provider even offers DoubleVPN technology, which lets you connect to two consecutive VPN servers at the same time, masking your real IP remarkably. Since the VPN operates in Panama, it is free from mandatory data retention laws. Monthly pricing starts at $11.95.


  • OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols
  • Anti-DDoS, DoubleVPN, Tor Servers
  • Six Simultaneous Connections
  • 2870 Servers in 59 Countries
  • Free Trial Available


  • Monthly plan is expensive!


3) PureVPN

Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN ranks among the very first providers, who managed to amass a huge number of users. Its product offers plenty of advanced features for maximum anonymity, which include Ad blocking, Split Tunneling, Automatic Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, and DNS/IPv6 Leak Protection.

PureVPN for Windows 10

Monthly pricing starts at $9.95. For the best value, you can opt for the yearly, which adds a 50% discount. If you want to unblock websites, the provider even offers 750 servers in over 140 countries, while offering support for all protocols: L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.


  • 80,000+ IP addresses
  • 24/7Live Chat support
  • 750+ VPN in 150+ countries
  • Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Strict Refund Policy
  • No Free Trial


4) CyberGhost

Based in Romania and founded in 2011, CyberGhost exists as one the most secure VPNs, thanks to its location, which boasts convenient internet censorship laws. The monthly pricing starts at $10.99 per month, which offers unlimited bandwidth, refund guarantee, and technologies like an automatic kill switch.

CyberGhost Vpn for Windows 10

In terms of server availability, you have over 1309 choices spread across 52 countries worldwide. The provider does not keep any logs and even issues a transparency report, which outlines all malicious activity on their servers, along with DMCA notices and government requests.


  • Zero Logging Policy
  • 1309 Servers in 52 Countries
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection
  • Multi-Logins on 5 Devices
  • 77% off on 3-year plans!


  • No Free Trial (Refund Available)


5) PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a Sweden-based provider that defies all odds to ensure your identity remains secure and anonymous. In addition to boasting a zero-logs policy, the provider offers 256-bit AES Military grade encryption to keep your internet/torrenting traffic anonymous.

PrivateVPN for Windows 10

You can easily connect to the VPN on 6 devices simultaneously, while unblocking sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime. Monthly pricing starts at $8.21, backed up by a 30-day refund. For connectivity, you have 100 servers spread across 56 locations around the world.


  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • Zero Data Logging Policy
  • 6 Simultaneous Devices
  • Servers Available in 56 countries


  • Slow Browsing At Times


6) Ivacy VPN

Based in Singapore, Ivacy is another safe and secure VPN service. Its location is a plus, thanks to its convenient laws on data retention and internet censorship. All data is safe under the Personal Data Protection Commission, guaranteeing your anonymity from local ISPs and governments.

Ivacy VPN for Windows 10

Monthly pricing starts at $11.95. For the best value, you can opt for the 3-year plan, dropping the price to $2.04 per month (backed up by a 7-day refund). The provider even offers multi-platform support, while providing a huge list of 275+ servers in 50+ countries and 100+ locations.


  • Split Tunneling
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • IPV6 Leak Protection
  • 275+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • No Live Chat


7) VyprVPN

Created by Golden Frog (a software developing company since 1994), VyprVPN labels itself as the “World’s Most Powerful VPN”. The service uses impressive technologies like Chameleon, which fights against VPN blocking and throttling, setting it apart from the competition.

VyprVPN for Windows 10

For connectivity, VyprVPN give you access to a huge list of 700 servers, spread across 70 countries. This allows you to maintain access to an unrestricted internet and appear local anywhere. You can use the application on all popular platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


  • 200,000+ IP addresses
  • Netflix US Accessible
  • Connection to 3 Devices
  • NAT Firewall and VyprDNS
  • Servers in 70 Countries Worldwide


  • Keeps Connections Logs for 30 days


8) IPVanish

IPVanish is a Florida-based VPN service that offers a high level of security, promising to make your real IP untraceable to local ISPs and government agencies. The service has an extensive spread of 1000+ VPN servers across 60+ countries. It also offers 40,000+ shared IPs for completing cloaking of identity.

IPVanish Vpn for Windows 10

The provider keeps no logs to respect user anonymity and offers exceptional capabilities in streaming. You leverage unlimited bandwidth with some of the best site unblocking features to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer. You can even establish connections on 5 different devices


  • Automatic IP cycling
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Support for Netflix US Streaming
  • 1000+ VPN Servers and 40,000+ IP’s
  • Features like Kill Switch, IPv6, DNS Leak Protection


  • No Free Trial


9) Buffered VPN

Established in 2013 and located in Gibraltar, Buffered VPN is a privacy-dedicated service that boasts incredibly user-friendly and intuitive apps for Windows and Mac. It allows for the connection to 5 devices simultaneously, while offering unmatched BitTorrent downloading capabilities.

Buffered VPN for Windows

Another plus point of using Buffered VPN is that you can unblock the hit streaming service, Netflix. Moreover, the VPN resides in an optimal location. Gibraltar is outside the reach of the UK government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and National Security Agency (NSA).


  • Good Privacy – No Usage Logs
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Servers in 39 Countries
  • Unblocks Netflix US
  • Based in Gibraltar


  • Expensive – Starting Price at $12.99!


10) Hotspot Shield Elite

Based in the US, Hotspot Shield Elite is a VPN product created by AnchorFree. The provider offers a premium and free version for users of all types to enjoy an unrestricted internet. Thanks to its remarkable unblocking features, you can even access Netflix through the service.

HotSpot Shield Elite for Windows 10

Monthly pricing starts at €15.99, which is probably the highest among all providers, but the plan is backed with a 45-day money back guarantee. You can establish connections to five devices simultaneously, while downloading apps for all platforms and browsers like Chrome and Firefox.


  • Multi-Platform/Browser Support
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Connections to 5 Different Devices
  • Free Trial Version Available
  • Kill Switch and WebRTC/IPV6 Leak Protection


  • Servers in 25 Countries
  • Unclear Privacy Policy


How to Setup Windows 10 VPN

  1. From your desktop screen, click on the “Network” icon, located in the Windows Taskbar (next to the clock at the bottom right corner). Then, click on “Network Settings”.How to Setup Windows 10 VPN
  2. In the menu, under the Network & Internet title, select VPN and then click on “Add a VPN Connection”. Tick the advanced options, if to add windows 10 vpn
  3. You will now be required to enter some information. We established a PPTP configuration from It is a good resource for manually setting up to install windows 10 vpn
  4. Once you have filled out all the bars, click on the “Save” button to create the VPN connection. Return to the previous menu, click on the connect button, and enjoy using VPN via PPTP protocol!windows 10 pptp vpn


Best VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1

Microsoft platforms have been a hit in the marketplace for years, but Windows 8 tend to be the most criticized creation of Microsoft (after Vista). Many security vulnerabilities and design flaws led to Microsoft introducing a new Windows 8.1. Regardless of which one you are using, here are some of the best VPNs you should be aware of:

Best VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1


1) Avast SecureLine VPN

The popular antivirus program creator has gone the extra mile by offering a VPN product that encrypts and secures your internet traffic. The provider supports a number of locations, which include US, UK, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Czech Republic and Germany.

Avast SecureLine VPN is best vpn for windows 8 and 8.1

It supports all famous protocols, while even allowing P2P/Torrenting on all its servers. This enables you to unblock torrent websites and download your favorite movies/TV shows, programs, music, games, etc. Best part of all: your internet is protected by 256-bit AES encryption.


  • Budget-Friendly VPN Service
  • Free Trial Version Available
  • Connection to 5 Devices Simultaneously
  • Up to 2 Gbits/s Speeds
  • Zero Bandwidth Cap


  • Limited Server Locations


2) Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN

Norton by Symantec is another famous Anti-Virus service that offers a VPN product. The Wi-Fi Privacy is one-of-a-kind, guaranteeing the utmost level of privacy, securing your internet with bank-level encryption. This way, you can protect your identity from the prying eyes of local ISPs and governments.

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN for windows 8 and windows 8.1

The best part of all: the provider does not use Google DNS servers, but its own hardware for providing a secure, uninterrupted internet. Pricing starts at $4.99 per month for access on one device, but you do have the option of adding more devices for a higher price.


  • Cheap Annual Pricing
  • Connections to 10 Devices
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Zero Logs Provider
  • Ad-Blocking Features


  • No Free Trial


3) HideMyAss! (HMA)

Though HideMyAss is a highly popular VPN provider, many users stay away from it. The reason being their cooperation with legal authorities and providing logs. Nevertheless, if you are just looking for a VPN provider to unblock websites, the provider is not a bad choice.

HideMyAss VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1

Monthly pricing starts at $11.52, which is incredibly expensive, but backed by a 30-day refund guarantee. You can subscribe via any payment method, which includes credit/debit cards, SOFORT Banking, UnionPay, iDEAL, and bank/wire transfer.


  • Access to US Netflix
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Supports All Famous Protocols
  • Connect to Five Devices Simultaneously
  • 720+ Servers in 190+ Countries and 320+ Locations


  • Keeps Logging Information


4) OverPlay VPN

Based in the UK, OverPlay is a relatively new provider in the marketplace that focuses strongly on privacy. It has a large pool of servers around 50 countries in the world, while offering remarkable anonymity, supports unlimited P2P/Torrenting, and even offers speeds as high as 6 Mbps.

OverPlay VPN for Windows 8 and windows 8.1

Best part of all: you have dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The provider even offers OpenVPN support for manual connections on routers and other platforms. The VPN keeps no logs and offers military-grade 256-bit AES encryption for maximum privacy.


  • No Bandwidth/Data Caps
  • Servers in 50 Countries
  • No Logs Maintained
  • Cancellation Policy with no Penalty
  • Compatible with routers and devices like Xbox 360


  • No Refund Guarantee
  • No Wire Transfer/PayPal


5) Boxpn

Based in Seychelles, Boxpn is a mid-range VPN service that offers a competent service, very fast speeds, and good server availability. You receive over 7 Mbps for downloading and streaming, which is good enough for leveraging entertainment in the form of movies/TV shows.

Boxpn for Windows 8 and 8.1

Since the provider is based in Seychelles, it is completely away from the reach of the US Patriot act or mandatory retentions laws, adopted by other countries. The provider also keeps NO logs and offers 256-bit AES with 2048-bit encryption. If you opt for the annual plan, you only have to pay $2.99 per month.


  • Three-Day Free Trial
  • P2P/Torrenting Allowed
  • Seven-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Choice of OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP
  • Connection to Five Devices Simultaneously


  • Monthly plan is expensive


How to Setup Windows 8 and 8.1 VPN

  1. Head to the search bar and type in “VPN”. Select the second result labeled “Manage Virtual Private Networks (VPN)”.How to Setup Windows 8 and 8.1 VPN
  2. To add a VPN connection, click on the “+” to add windows 8 and windows 8.1 vpn
  3. Fill out the information required by finding a provider that offers server addresses for L2TP/IPSec to install windows 8 and windows 8.1 vpn
  4. Right click on Network in the Windows Taskbar and select “Network and Internet Settings”.windows 8 and 8.1 Network and Internet Settings vpn
  5. From the Status menu, select “Change Adapter Settings”.change adapter settings on windows 8 and windows 8.1 vpn
  6. You will find the VPN connection you created. Right-click and select “Properties”.windows 8 and windows 8.1 properties vpn
  7. Click on the “Security” tab and select L2TP/IPSec from the “Type of VPN”.windows 8 and 8.1 L2TP/IPSec vpn


Best VPN for Windows 7

After introducing three service packs for Microsoft’s hit OS, Windows XP and the failing of Windows Vista – the leading multinational technology company – introduced the famous Windows 7. This platform was a huge upgrade to older operating systems, boasting one of the most easy-to-use outlooks with top-notch security features. Refer to the list below for the best VPNs for Windows 7.

Best VPN for Windows 7


1) Cryptostorm VPN

Based in Iceland and Canada, Cryptostorm is a VPN service that is gaining in momentum. It is the preferred choice for many who share files, tend to be privacy freaks, or want to surf the DARK WEB. Therefore, you can feel assured the provider keeps no connection/session logs.

Cryptostorm VPN for Windows 7

For additional anonymity, Cryptostorm employs a special DNS utility. This ensures that you are completely safe from DNS leaks, which could give a hint of your source location. Monthly pricing starts at $7.44. There is no free trial available.


  • Token Based Authentication
  • Supports Bitcoin Payments
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • P2P/Torrenting Enabled


  • Complicated Pricing Plans


2) Private Internet Access (PIA)

The Michigan-based provider is a famed name in the marketplace of VPNs. It offers a huge list of 3236 servers across 29 countries, while offers support for all protocols, including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. The privacy policy is incredibly transparent, confirming the VPN is completely secure to use.

Private Internet Access PIA VPN for Windows 7

There is no logging of session/connection information. For maximum security, the provider imposes AES-256 Ciphers with strong SHA256 for authorization and a handshake of RSA 4096, unmatched by other VPNs. Monthly pricing starts at only $6.95, which is incredibly reasonable.


  • Cost-Effective VPN
  • Highly Strong Encryption
  • 3236 Servers in 29 Countries
  • Excellent Guides and FAQs
  • Multi-Platform Support


  • Does Not Unblock Netflix
  • Kill Switch Fails Sometimes


3) VikingVPN

Based in the US, VikingVPN is a relatively new VPN in the marketplace. It boasts one of the most expensive pricing plans, starting at $14.95 per month. For the high price, the provider does not offer anything distinctive but provides a good and secure overall service.

VikingVPN for Windows 7

For streaming and downloading, you can enjoy connections to 1Gbps servers that guarantee blazing fast speeds. You can get the app on any platform, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux, while even establishing connections on DDWRT and Tomato Routers.


  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Easy-to-Use VPN Client
  • Good Privacy – No Logs
  • Leak Protection by Default
  • Dedicated IPs Available


  • Very Expensive Service
  • No Free Trial/Refund


4) UnoTelly VPN

Based in Greece, UnoTelly VPN has grown into a large multinational organization. The provider does not use Google DNS servers, but actually uses physical hardware to provide you with the utmost level of protection. The client offers exceptional features like kill-switch and a built-in parental control.

UnoTelly VPN for Windows 7

No logs are recorded by the provider, be it timestamps, bandwidth, data used, connection/session information. The VPN even offers further protection via ad blocking and Malware features, which work on all devices/platforms. Monthly pricing starts at $7.95.


  • Free Trial
  • SmartDNS Available
  • Good Support System
  • Excellent Knowledgebase
  • 14-Day Refund Guarantee


  • No Dedicated Applications
  • Does Not Support Torrenting


5) WiTopia VPN

WiTopia is another famous name among VPN providers. It offers a huge server base that provides access to over 40 countries around the world, while leveraging high-speeds of 2 Mbps to 9 Mbps – depending on the proximity of servers and the websites you access.

WiTopia VPN for Windows 7


  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Intuitive Software App
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Multi-Platform Support


  • Poor Browsing/Streaming Speeds
  • Setup Guides Need Work


How to Setup Windows 7 VPN

  1. Open the Start menu and type VPN in the search bar. Select “Setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection”.
  2. You will now be required to enter the IP address or domain name of the service. Use for details.
  3. Click on the save button to set up the connection. Select “Don’t Connect Now”, if you still need to enter username and password.
  4. Once done, click on the network icon. Select “Change Adapter Settings” and select the VPN connection you just named.
  5. Hit the connect button, enter your log-in credentials and enjoy using a VPN via the PPTP protocol on Windows 7!


Best VPN for Windows Operating System – Who is the Winner?

Each VPN listed in the above headings have been added after conducting a thorough analysis of a number of vital factors, including reliability, support, performance, privacy, security, and compatibility. Based on these influences, there is no way determine the best VPN for Windows, as different users may find better compatibility with varied services. However, if we were to single out, then NordVPN definitely wins!


Best Free VPN for Windows 10

If you are not willing to spend money on a VPN service or just want to save, then you do have free VPN solutions available for Windows 10. Though you may not receive the same level of performance, security, and support, the names below offer a relatively good service, in comparison to others in the marketplace.


1) Windscribe

Based in Canada, Windscribe is a relatively new service in the marketplace of VPNs. It offers a well-designed and easy-to-use VPN product that boasts a strong focus on privacy and security. You can opt for the FREE version or pay for the premium, which starts at $7.50 per month.

Best Free VPN for Windows 10

If you choose the premium plan, Windscribe grants access to a huge list of servers spread across 46 locations around the world. The protocols offered boast high level of encryption, and the provider does not log any crucial IP information.


  • Potent Privacy
  • Excellent Free plan
  • Supports DoubleVPN
  • Built-in Ad/Tracker Blocking
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections


  • No Live Chat
  • Speeds Could Be Better



Centered in Malaysia, is a new service in the market of VPNs. It is popular for its astonishing anonymity, transparency, and security. Offering brilliant performance and superb privacy protection, users can leverage the free trial for testing before purchasing. free VPN for Windows 10

You also have a 14-day, 100% money back guarantee, if things do not work out as planned. In terms of connectivity, the provider offers 100+ dedicated GBIT servers in 28 countries and 36 locations. Best part of all: the VPN even gives users access to a FREE PROXY service.


  • Access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Has servers in 28 countries
  • Designed for simplicity
  • Offers a free trial
  • Live chat feature


  • Pricey Monthly Plan
  • No Uptime Guarantee


3) TunnelBear VPN

Based in Toronto, TunnelBear is a reliable VPN provider, endorsed by high profile websites like LifeHacker. The VPN keeps minimal connection logs and offers excellent encryption across all protocols while providing reasonable speeds for torrenting and streaming on your mobile.

TunnelBear Free PN for Windows 10

It gives access to servers in over 20 countries. The best part of all: you have a free trial available, which allows you to use 500 MB of data. Monthly pricing starts at $9.99, but if you opt for the yearly plan, you receive a 50% discount. This lowers the pricing to $4.99 per month, totaling to $59.88 annually.


  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Servers in 20 Countries
  • Strong Encryption
  • Works with Netflix
  • Automatic Kill Switch


  • Located in Canada (5 Eyes)
  • 500MB Limit on Free Trial


Best VPN for Windows 10 Free Download

If you want to download and install the dedicated software client for your platform, then the best choice is to visit the websites of the names listed above: Windscribe, Hide.Me, and TunnelBear.


Best Free VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1

Not everyone has the finances to just invest in an online product to test them out, regardless of the pricing. If you do not want to spend money on a VPN service, then try out these FREE alternatives for your Windows 8 or 8.1 OS.


1) ProtonVPN Free

Developed by MIT and CERN scientists, ProtonVPN is a security-focused VPN service, which offers quite a remarkable product. You have paid plans available, but also a free version. For no cost at all, you get access to servers in 3 countries, access to 1 device, and zero logging.

Best Free VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1


  • P2P/Torrenting Enabled
  • Servers in 3 Countries
  • No Logging Policy
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Great Windows Client


  • Poor Support System
  • Swiss Data Retention Laws


2) SurfEasy

Based in Toronto, SurfEasy is an online privacy company that offers a suite of security tools/services, along with a strong VPN. Founded in 2011, the business is now a part of the Opera Software. The service runs as a separate entity and offers the ability to indulge in secure torrenting and ad-free browsing.

SurfEasy Free VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1


  • Supports OpenVPN Protocol
  • AES 256-BIT Encryption
  • Supports P2P/Torrenting
  • Free Trial Available
  • Ad-Blocker


  • No 24/7 Support Available
  • Few Location Choices


3) PrivateTunnel

Based in the US, PrivateTunnel is a service created by those same people of the OpenVPN protocol and GUI. It is the best choice for streaming movies and downloading torrents, while ticking all the right boxes for encryption to protect your identity. The free trial has a 2GB data limit.

PrivateTunnel Free VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1


  • Annual Plan Offers Great Value
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • 2GB Free Trial


  • Only email support
  • Based in the US


Best Free VPN for Windows 7

If you do not want to spend money on a premium VPN service, then try out these FREE alternatives for your Windows 7 operating system:


1) Opera Browser

The Opera Browser features a built-in VPN service that allows you to surf the internet with the utmost level of privacy and security. It uses the SSL proxy, which encrypts browser traffic with the standard HTTPS protection, routing your information to servers of SurfEasy.

Best Free VPN for Windows 7


  • Free to use
  • Excellent download performance
  • Shows VPN connection icon


  • Mobile Apps Log User Data
  • Desktop Version is Browser-Only


2) Spotflux Lite

Spotflux is a free VPN service that provides some reasonable connection speeds and good features for protecting user data. Though you have limited servers for connectivity, you can use the VPN for unblocking websites in the US, UK, and other main locations.

Spotflux Lite Free VPN for Windows 7


  • Easy-to-use
  • Mobile data compression
  • Tracker/advert/phishing protection


  • Limited Configuration Options
  • Poor Speeds Occasionally


3) Speedify

This free VPN service works with all platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can use it on two devices simultaneously, without even making an account. The moment you install and open the software, the client automatically established a VPN connection.

Speedify Free VPN for Windows 7


  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Channel bonding boosts speeds
  • 1GB per month free plan


  • Limited Support
  • No Low-Level Settings


Best VPN for Windows 7 Free Download

If you want to download and install the dedicated software client for your platform, then the best choice is to visit the websites of the names listed above: Opera Browser, Spotflux Lite, and Speedify.


Best Free and Paid VPNs for Windows Tablets

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. TurboVPN
  3. IPVanish
  4. NordVPN
  5. VyprVPN


Best VPN Software for Windows XP

  1. CyberGhost
  2. VyprVPN
  3. SaferVPN
  4. NordVPN
  5. ExpressVPN


Best VPN Software for Windows FAQ

Though we made sure to cover all bases in our guide for the best VPN for China, you can still present queries/questions. Below you can find a series of common questions, we get asked a lot regarding VPNs for Windows. So, we decided to list them down in a single location:


What Is the Best VPN for Windows 10

While finding a VPN that best suits your needs and budgetary requirements may vary individually, there are a few names, which exist as the top in the marketplace for Windows 10. Among these include: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, PrivateVPN, and PureVPN.

What Is the Best Free VPN for Windows 10

If you do not have the money for a premium VPN service, you can always opt for a FREE alternative. Some of the best names in the marketplace, based on reliability, performance, support, and privacy include: Windscribe, Hide.Me, ProtonVPN, TunnelBear, and Speedify.

Are Windows VPNs Illegal in the US

Though US is part of the five eyes alliance and imposes strict data retention and internet censorship policies, the Government has not yet banned VPN services. You can easily download and install any extension, without the worry of legal hassles.

Is It Ok To Use Cracked Windows Version for VPN?

While there is no harm in using cracked versions of different VPNs, it is usually advised to actually pay the premium. Most cracked files often come packed with tons of anti-viruses and malware, which could corrupt all data. It is certainly not worth the risk.


Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you find the Best VPN for Windows, based on your needs and requirements. Each name mentioned has been added after extensive research and analysis. We try being as accurate as possible, but if you think there are better solutions, do not hesitate in dropping a comment below!

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