AnonVPN Review 2022

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
We have evaluated all the aspects a user can think of before subscribing to AnonVPN.

We’ve done our best in our AvonVPN Review 2022 to cover the service’s strengths and weaknesses so that readers can make an informed decision when choosing a VPN.

AnonVPN is a VPN service established in the United States that has only been active for a few years. AnonVPN boasts that its service provides unrestricted bandwidth, anonymity, and access to content from anywhere in the world.

However, there is insufficient proof to back up such assertions. Does Netflix work well while streaming from any place and is the server speed adequate? Extremely difficult to identify.

The VPN has all the bells and whistles, including 256-bit AES encryption and the strongest protocols available today. Connectivity with AnonVPN io is reliable, and there are no caps on data transfer. The network servers are placed in the United States, Canada, and the Czech Republic. The actual server count, however, remains unknown.

This is the first VPN service to offer an AnonVPN Voucher Code Payment Mechanism, which allows users to remain anonymous even after purchasing at a brick-and-mortar store.  The company relies solely on retail partners, and never directly approaches end users. This may result in a long registration procedure, but your privacy is guaranteed.

If you’re trying to protect your online privacy, AnonVPN io is the way to go. Not only do they have one of the most reasonably priced monthly rates, but their quarterly and annual plans are also quite reasonable. The provider goes over and above by additionally offering a rare lifetime membership in the VPN market.

AnonVPN Pros and Cons

AnonVPN Review consists of a few key advantages and disadvantages, which are as under.


  • Dependable connectivity.
  • Fantastic security.
  • Zero logs.
  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • Torrenting is allowed.
  • Competitive Pricing.


  • The trial period is lacking
  • No money-back guaranteed
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

Jurisdiction – Where Does AnonVPN Operate From?

AnonVPN operates in the United States. The website does not include any details on the location within the United States, but it is all the information we have at the moment. AnonVPN is a member of 5/9/14 eyes states, you should be aware that your information may be shared with several other countries.

Pricing – How Much Does AnonVPN Cost Exactly?

The service’s prepaid membership model is competitively priced. It offers four distinct price tiers, which are shown below.

  • $9  for a 01 Month Plan
  • $19 for a 03 Months Plan
  • $69 for a 01 Year Plan
  • $199 for a Lifetime Membership

There is no risk-free trial period or refund policy. It is explicitly stated in the terms of service that unhappy consumers will never receive a refund.

Considering that you may sign up for AnonVPN using a fake email address, this is a sensible step toward safeguarding your personal information.

Unfortunately, when searching Google for “AnonVPN membership card“, we found that no results appeared within the first twenty pages. The website itself was unable to provide any merchants who offer AnonVPN memberships.

AnonVPN Payment Methods

The great news is that you may acquire an AnonVPN subscription in complete anonymity at a local or a web store. It will only require you to input your postal code. After that, click the submit button to find out if a nearby local merchant has a prepaid subscription card for Anon VPN.

Servers – How Many Servers Does AnonVPN Have?

There are not many servers available on AnonVPN’s list. It only has servers in three countries, and they are the United States of America, Canada (Toronto), and the Czech Republic (Prague). 

It does not provide obfuscated servers, which are necessary for accessing websites that are active in China. On the other hand, the specific AnonVPN list of servers is not revealed anywhere on the website.

Security – Can AnonVPN Keep You Safe Online?

The security capabilities of AnonVPN are unknown. Despite the site’s assurances that it will keep its customers safe, I couldn’t locate any details about the security precautions it utilizes.

Given that the kill switch is often only provided by more premium VPN services, and because AnonVPN offers no indication that it is one of them, we may confidently presume that it does not have one.

Encryption & Protocols

The only information we have is that this service supports the PPTP tunneling technology, which is notoriously insecure and generally known to have several flaws. PPTP uses insecure encryption that can be readily broken using brute force.

There is nothing on the Anon VPN website to indicate that the service uses conventional encryption protocols such as 256-bit encryption. It deviates from the norm in that it does not employ encryption.

AnonVPN Logs

There is no doubt that VPN services have become a vital tool for countering the growing threats of internet surveillance. However, not all VPN service providers focus strictly on anonymity as one might hope. Some VPN services log user location, addresses, contact data, IP addresses, and other private info.

Using Anon-VPN, on the other hand, boosts your safety. The service does not keep any sort of logs, which means you leverage the utmost level of anonymity. This saves you from the prying eyes of governmental agencies/aggressive marketing firms, allowing you to enjoy a completely untraceable internet experience.

anonvpn logs review

However, our AnonVPN review indicates that although “No Logs” implies high security – without access to the privacy policy, you cannot be sure exactly. We do not know what logs are kept and for how long. This makes us wonder: if the service is reliable or not.

Leaks – Does AnonVPN leak Your IP, DNS & WebRTC?

AnonVPN test of leaks was an easy task for AnonVPN to pass. I tried AnonVPN by connecting to its server in the United States. The whole list of test results may be seen down below:

DNS Leak Test

Anon-DNS leaks test

IP Leaks Test


WebRTC Test


AnonVPN Virus Test

I used VirusTotal to see if the Windows program is malicious. The scan turned up zero instances of malware, including no Viruses and Trojan horses.


Does Private Tunnel Support P2P?

There is no indication on the AnonVPN website or inside the service itself that a P2P connection is permitted on any of the servers.

Not only have we been unable to ascertain whether or not AnonVPN supports any other ciphers, but there is also no evidence to suggest that it provides a SOCKS5 proxy, which is useful for torrenting.

AnonVPN torrenting speeds are good and to prevent interruptions in torrent downloads caused by sudden connection drops, AnonVPN probably doesn’t include a kill switch.

Streaming – Does AnonVPN Unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms?

I conducted a Netflix test to determine if AnonVPN could access the American service. My attempts to access the US library from a different country were fruitless since AnonVPN not working and was unable to bypass geo-blocking for Netflix in the United States.

AnonVPN has so few US-based servers, and Netflix blocks access to them all. Because of unproductive servers, you can’t even access Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Disney+, or BBC iPlayer from abroad, which is a pity because it’s a great streaming service but is only available in the UK.

Speed – How Fast are AnonVPN Servers?

AnonVPN downloading and uploading speeds are not limited by AnonVPN’s limitless bandwidth. However, in practice, there are always constraints, such as your usual connectivity speed, the distances between your computer and the server you’re connecting to, etc., that restrict the pace at which you can transfer data.

There are only five server locations available on AnonVPN. In addition, these servers are situated in:

  • Midwest America
  • West coast of the US
  • East coast of the US
  • Prague
  • Toronto

The average AnonVPN speed is at its best. It was the US server that I used to test how quickly it loaded. After connecting to their server, my internet speed dropped to 34 Mbps. When I accessed the server in the United States, I saw speeds of 9.43 Mbps.

AnonVPN Speed Test

Compatibility – Can I Use AnonVPN On All My Devices?

AnonVPN devices compatibility is awesome. It works on iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Windows, as well as Android 4.0+ devices, although there are no AnonVPN Android or iOS applications available. You will be required to manually configure AnonVPN on both of these systems.

Trustworthiness – What User Thinks of AnonVPN Logs?

Although AnonVPN has a US presence, it does not appear to be sharing useful information. It has a strict no-logging policy given that it does not attempt to keep any. Here’s evidence, straight from AnonVPN Privacy Statement.

“Only your email address and password are stored. No information regarding login times, actions taken, or originating IP addresses are kept.”

For those who still have doubts that AnonVPN will send up user information, they have an answer ready. “Nothing can be asked that we don’t already have.”

Therefore, users must not worry about using this service as in the light of picked evidence they are bound not to store any other information other than those which are indicated.

AnonVPN Customer Support

There appears to be just one way to contact customer service, and that’s via submitting a ticket via email. Phone and live chat help are not offered. It takes a minimum of 24 hours for your issue to be handled through the ticketing system, but that’s no assurance it will be.

AnonVPN VPN Alternatives

Is there a service that outshines AnonVPN as the fastest VPN? There are plenty of other VPN services to choose from, and some of them may be adequate substitutes for AnonVPN. I did a lot of research and tried a lot of different things, and I think the best options are:

Do I Recommend AnonVPN?

In this AvonVPN Review 2022, unfortunately, I cannot endorse the AnonVPN service due to several factors. AnonVPN is ridiculously inexpensive, yet it only allows connections to just three countries. There are other VPNs available with similar impressive features as ExpressVPN.

You can’t buy it online, thus it’s not readily available in many countries. Only online and web stores offer this product. This service is only available within the United States and is thus not available internationally. Its capabilities, as a whole, are not very appealing.

AnonVPN Review – FAQs

How to set up AnonVPN on android?

Here is how to set up AnonVPN on android devices

  • Download the configuration files for an android device from the official website.
  • Install the app through configuration files
  • Launch AnonVPN, and provide your login information to sign in.
  • Tap to make a connection selecting the server.
  • Now you may access websites and services normally unavailable to you.

Is AnonVPN safe?

Actually yes, AnonVPN is safe to use, it protects the data with 256-bit AES encryption and the most secure current protocols. If you have any doubts about the data leaks or information selling please refer to our review on AnonVPN and read out the whole article.

Is AnonVPN any good?

Yes to some extent AnonVPN is good. Data security is at its best and it offers limitless VPN speed as well. The VPN has high and consistent connectivity, and it supports P2P communication and torrenting.

Does AnonVPN work in China?

No, it does not work in China as the obfuscated servers are required for viewing content on websites blocked in the region that are not provided by the service.

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