What is Surfshark Kill Switch?

Last updated: November 28, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
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A kill switch is a crucial feature to look for  Best VPN when it comes to online safety and confidentiality. If your VPN connection is lost, a kill switch will stop your device from connecting to the internet, helping to keep your data safe. A kill switch is one of the safety features offered by VPN service provider Surfshark.

The Surfshark Kill Switch breaks the connection if it drops unexpectedly. Until your connection is restored, neither the location nor the data on your computer will be visible. Now, Surfshark apps on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS can take advantage of this Smart feature called Kill Switch.

A VPN kill switch disconnects your device’s internet connection automatically. Kill Switch is a privacy-protecting tool. In the event of a VPN attack, you should react as the last individual to act. Which techniques are available for turning off the VPN kill switch? By default, a VPN profile and Kill Switch are installed to safeguard your online privacy.

We’ll examine how the Surfshark kill switch functions and how it can assist you in safeguarding your privacy in this post.

Why Do You Need Surfshark Kill Switch


Your digital information is protected from accidental exposure with an innovative technology called a Surfshark kill switch. If it unintentionally drops, the kill switch function will quickly cut off your internet access until the VPN connection is fixed. you are protecting your IP address and other personal data from being revealed.

To quickly identify any disruptions, the kill switch continuously checks your connection to the VPN server in real time. Your location, IP address, and other private information might be revealed if it passes through an unprotected channel. It prevents unintentional data exposure, in other words.

With this best Kill Switch VPN you can stream buffer-free while on the go with these performance results for your favorite channels. Surfshark offers users lightning-fast speeds. In our Surfshark speed test, it gave 81.32 Mbps of download rate and 76.12 Mbps of upload rate using a 100 Mbps connection.


With a 100 Mbps connection, this VPN provides the fastest download speeds.

This VPN service provider has 3200 servers spread across more than 100 different countries and 600+ servers in 25 major cities in the US. Connecting to any of these servers from the provided list can potentially unblock a wide variety of content, and if someone wants to view the complete server locations across different regions, they can explore Surfshark’s server list for detailed availability in various locations

You can watch Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and NBC on Surfshark. To enjoy even more content, you can use Surfshark with Hulu. Don’t forget to use Disney Plus with Surfshark to stream the newest episodes seamlessly. If you’re a foreign user, you can watch Netflix with Surfshark .

In addition, features like OpenVPN, ES256 encryption, Multi-hop, kill switch, and Wire Guard protocol boost security by ensuring the privacy of activities like circumventing geographical limitations and browsing anonymously.


Toggle the kill switch button to turn on the feature.

With specialized apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, Surfshark Kill Switch VPN offers limitless concurrent connections and is compatible with the majority of popular platforms and multiple devices.

You can use the Surfshark free trial to try the service out before deciding on a plan. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can cancel Surfshark subscription at any time and get a full refund according to the company’s policies.

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Benefits of Surfshark kill switch

For every privacy-conscious user on a network, a kill switch optimizes security. These are some justifications for why you need a Surfshark kill switch.

Save your information

Both the internet’s software and the connected devices aren’t always dependable. Use the kill switch feature to safeguard private information if your VPN connection is lost.

Make sure all of your communications are encrypted

All of your device’s traffic is encrypted by a VPN, shielding it from outsiders. A kill switch prevents you from connecting to the internet without VPN protection if your connection abruptly drops.

Defend your identity

The online version of your home address is your internet protocol (IP) address. By connecting through a VPN server, you can conceal it, and a kill switch ensures that it remains hidden even if your VPN connection drops.

Verify your safety

It could be risky to lose your VPN protection if your country is limiting your ability to access the internet and you are using a VPN service to get around the restrictions. However, if your VPN protection fails, your internet connection also fails, protecting your online information and IP address. This is what a kill switch does.

Keep the files you share

Peer-to-peer technologies depend on users continuously sharing files, which makes your IP address public knowledge. You may share everything and stay out of sight from prying eyes if you have a VPN and a dependable kill switch feature.

Experience a sense of security

Our gadgets aren’t very good at reconnecting to networks, and we’re not always near the most dependable internet connections. You won’t be any less safe, though, if your VPN has a kill switch feature.

Is Surfshark’s VPN Kill Switch Safe to Use ?

Yes, it is safe to use Surfshark Kill Switch VPN because the fact that the VPN kill switch is built-in and turns off the internet the moment the VPN link drops out gives us comfort. Conveniently, it reactivates automatically as soon as the connection is stable!

Due to its stringent methodology, Surfshark prevents access to the internet if a VPN connection is established. This is accomplished using a kill switch. This feature safely covers all spaces, preventing data losses while the VPN restores. It can be annoying, though, as there isn’t a notification to alert you to its existence.

Additionally, Windows users have the option to select between the “soft” setting and the “strict” switch characteristic.

Essentially, the strict tool functions similarly to a kill switch in that it instantly disconnects your internet whenever there is a disturbance. The “soft” mode simply disconnects the network when the VPN is accidentally turned off.

Undoubtedly, mishaps can take many different forms. Therefore, adhere to the strict version for the best VPN network security.

Overall, we are pleased with the performance of Surfshark’s VPN app kill switch feature, which is entirely safe to use.

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Surfshark Kill Switch Test

Testing the Surfshark kill switch was a simple, quick process that provided comfort. Our assurance is that the outcomes will dispel any uncertainties you may have. How we conducted our test is shown here:

  1. Initially, we turned on the Surfshark VPN kill switch.
  2. Successfully launched the Surfshark website in a web browser
  3. The Surfshark website was successfully opened in a web browser.
  4. We next made an effort to re-access the Surfshark website after disconnecting from the VPN server. The pop-up notification that said, “Your Internet access is blocked,” appeared this time.
  5. Surfshark’s kill switch functions! The efficiency and automation of the technology were demonstrated when it effectively blocked the connection!
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How to use Surfshark Kill Switch on your device

Surfshark’s kill switch feature is very simple to use and is engaged by turning on a toggle switch. However, each application may have a different process. Let’s examine how to activate the kill switches on the ensuing devices.

Use Surfshark’s Kill Switch on Windows

Surfshark’s Windows app makes it easy to enable a VPN kill switch.

  1. Launch the Windows version of Surfshark and log in.
  2. Select the “Settings” gear.
  3. Select “VPN settings.”
  4. The toggle switch next to the “Kill Switch” setting is where you want to click. The feature is active when it is green.
  5. Select from a “Soft” or “Strict” internet disconnect switch
  6. You can now take advantage of a safe connection by connecting to a Surfshark server!
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Use Surfshark’s Kill Switch on Android

Use Surfshark’s VPN kill switch Andriod to easily safeguard yourself against probable VPN disconnections.

  1. Launch the Surfshark Android application and sign in.
  2. On the lower right corner, tap the settings cog icon.
  3. The “VPN settings” tab can be tapped.
  4. Press and hold the toggle button adjacent to the VPN Kill Switch setting. It will operate if the toggle is green.
  5. Enjoy an encrypted VPN tunnel along with additional kill switch protection by connecting to one of the more than 3200 VPN servers offered by Surfshark in 100 different countries.
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Use Surfshark’s Kill Switch on macOS

If you want a simple kill switch solution, Surfshark’s macOS kill switch option is easy to use!

  1. Launch the Surfshark application and enter your login details.
  2. Press the settings icon.
  3. Select “VPN settings.” 
  4. Besides the Kill Switch feature, there is a toggle switch. To activate the kill switch, click this toggle. When it’s green, it indicates that it’s on.
  5. On your macOS device, you can now take advantage of the additional features of kill switch safety in case your VPN connection abruptly drops!
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Use Surfshark’s Kill Switch on iOS

The incredibly useful and user-friendly internet safety tool is the iOS kill switch from Surfshark!  It is the Best VPN with kill switch feature iOS

  1. Launch the Surfshark application and enter your login details.
  2. Press the settings cog.
  3. Click “VPN settings.”
  4. Besides the Kill Switch feature, there is a toggle switch. To activate the kill switch, click this toggle. When it’s green, it indicates that it’s on.
  5. You now know how to use Surfshark’s kill switch feature!
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Does Surfshark’s Kill Switch Feature Allow Leaks?

Surfshark’s kill switch prevents leaks. The VPN provider employs leak prevention technology to shield your actual identity and actual location from prying eyes.

We linked to the New York server and checked for WebRTC, IP leaks, and DNS in order to gauge the effectiveness of the VPN service.

Surfshark DNS Leak Test

  1. We conducted a DNS leak test using dnsleaktest.com.
  2. To get the most comprehensive results, we chose the “Extended test” option.
  3. We couldn’t find any leaks because neither the ISP nor the real address are mentioned! However, we conducted a quick WebRTC leak evaluation employing ipleak.org to ensure the preliminary results were obtained.
  4. No IPv6 leaks have been identified either. Since IPv6 is still not fully supported by Surfshark, according to the company’s support staff.
  5. An additional advantage is that the test failed to detect our VPN connection.
  6. This is excellent if you wish to use a VPN with a kill switch enabled to get around ISP throttles and bypass geographically restricted material!

What causes VPN disconnections?

There are several reasons your VPN might keep disconnecting at random; they can be as simple as connecting to a server that is too busy or as complex as device malfunctions.

Find out the most frequent and difficult reasons why your VPN keeps disconnecting randomly by reading on.

Unstable internet connection

Your internet connection’s dependability and quality can have a big impact on how stable a VPN is. Your VPN may keep disconnecting if the network connection is shaky or unstable. There is a chance that problems with other parts of your internet traffic will cause your VPN to disconnect. This can lead to frequent disconnections due to router problems, poor wifi, or mobile data signals.

Firewall and antivirus settings

The internet connection of your VPN can be interrupted by firewalls or antivirus programs. Network firewalls can prevent VPN connections by obstructing VPN-used ports, blocking IP ranges that are blacklisted, or interrupting persistent connections.

More complicated situations occur when connections using particular VPN protocols, like IPsec or OpenVPN, are terminated by a network firewall that is executing a thorough inspection, which inspects content as it passes through a network checkpoint.

VPN server issues

VPN server issues are a problem that frequently results in VPN disconnections. Lower speed and dependability in a VPN service with a limited server network can result in unplanned connection drops. A VPN is supposed to maintain a sizable, evenly distributed server network across several countries to ensure a dependable and quick connection.

Network congestion

When it comes to crowded networks, VPN servers are frequently overloaded as well. This is particularly true for services that operate smaller server parks with fewer than 1,000 servers spread across a few countries. When too many people use the same server to the point of instability, it is referred to as overcrowding.

Risks of Using Surfshark Without the Kill Switch Enabled ?

Although Surfshark is a high-quality VPN, security flaws can still disclose your IP address and private information. When your connection abruptly drops for no apparent reason, you are especially vulnerable. Among the most significant dangers of using the VPN’s kill switch are:

No backup: To function, the majority of VPNs depend on outside technology. This technology could leave you exposed if something were to happen where it didn’t sync. For instance, your ISP and other agencies have access to your online activities and can track your whereabouts.

Unsafe Wi-Fi interactions: Public connections and Wi-Fi hotspots are readily accessible to attackers and present several safety risks. A VPN is a solution. However, it has already been proven that kill switches can close security holes to shield you from unreliable network connections and that VPNs aren’t infallible.

Exposed places: Your actual IP address might become public knowledge if your VPN drops. This is particularly troublesome if you’re a writer or activist who has to stay under surveillance. If the VPN network fails, your place of residence could be tracked if you disable the Surfshark kill switch.

Track online activity: Other people can monitor your activities and compile an account of you if your VPN disconnects and a kill switch is not engaged. That means that companies, marketers, and even hackers will target you!

With Surfshark kill switch, you can secure both your devices and yourself!

FAQs: Surfshark  kill switch

Yes. you should activate your VPN kill switch as an additional safety measure. Kill Switch will cut off the internet access until you securely reconnect to a Surfshark VPN server, ensuring that no confidential information is disclosed.

To turn off Surfshark Kill Switch follow these simple steps below:

  • Navigate to your application
  • Select Settings
  • Flip the kill switcher, switch.

Examine whether the Kill Switch feature is enabled in the VPN settings of the Surfshark application. It means that the Surfshark kill switch is working and your connection is secure.

There’s a chance the kill switch feature in your VPN app has been disabled. By navigating to your settings, make sure your VPN is enabled.

The kill switch function needs to be enabled in your VPN settings. You can confirm if it’s active by looking at the same settings if you’re not sure.


VPN services are used by customers for a variety of purposes. But one thing unites them all: a concern for their confidentiality. It is more important than ever to remain anonymous when accessing geo-restricted websites.

The majority of users are unaware of what a Surfshark kill switch is or how to activate it, even though reputable VPN providers like Surfshark include it in their VPN service. For this reason, I’ve gone over every detail of Surfshark’s kill switch in this blog, which ought to make you feel safer moving forward.

Are you still not sure the Surfshark Kill Switch feature is ideal for you? See our comprehensive Surfshark review for more information.

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