Servers3 Regions Only
LogsStores Connection Logs
EncryptionNo Information Available
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityChrome, Firefox

Opera VPN Quick Review

Owned by SurfEasy, Opera VPN is only available on the Opera Web browser as a built-in service, allowing users to use the internet securely. There is no bandwidth limit, its free and works with Netflix! OpenVPN protocol is not supported, however, and your traffic is secured via proxy, making it vulnerable to a high extent.

On the surface, it seems like a good enough, free service. But not so fast as many free services that we’ve reviewed came up short on many fronts, especially protecting user data and privacy online.

So is Opera VPN the same or does it operate on a different line?

Read this comprehensive Opera VPN review from BestVPN.co! We have covered vpn reviews of renowned brands as well.

Opera VPN Works with Netflix

The biggest pro of Opera VPN is that it can unblock multiple Netflix libraries despite being a free service.

If you are thinking what’s big in that? Then probably you don’t know about Netflix’s VPN ban.

Netflix offers different regional libraries around the world, so what’s available on Netflix in one country might not be available in the other. To get around this restriction, users started using Netflix to jump these digital fences with ease, until Netflix came back with a vengeance.

The infamous Netflix VPN ban came into place.

And after this, you saw this screen if you tried to connect to Netflix with a VPN.

Netflix VPN Ban

This ban made numerous VPNs useless towards unblocking Netflix US, UK, and other different libraries.

And free VPNs were the hardest hit due to this as unblocking Netflix now required a high amount of resources to keep rotating IPs faster than Netflix could blacklist them.

So when I found Opera VPN working towards unblocking Netflix in all servers that I tested, it came as a major surprise.

This is the biggest highlight of this Opera VPN Review.

Opera VPN Plans and Price Review

I am not a fan of Opera, so I really had no idea about its VPN service. I just got into analyzing the provider, since a lot of users needed a better idea about their security.

While conducting my Opera VPN review, I could not find any pricing information on the site or elsewhere. This means you can use their integrated VPN service the browser, without paying a single penny.

Since Opera already has a strong reputation, I understand why many users may opt for the service. However, if we are completely unbiased, free is just a cover.

The product is not actually a “Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, but rather a proxy. So, the max you can do with Opera VPN is unblocking some geo-restricted websites.

How to Use Opera VPN?

In our whole review career, we have never come across an easier setup for a VPN than Opera VPN.

Simply download the Opera browser from the official website: https://www.opera.com.

Launch the browser

Right next to the URL bar, there is a “VPN” button. To activate it, however, I had to go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > VPN.

Opera VPN is absolutely free to use as I found no subscription plans at all.

You can change servers through the same settings pane in the browser just by flipping through the available list.

Does Opera Offer a Free VPN

Opera VPN Payment Methods Review

Since Opera VPN is a “Free” service, it does not support any payment methods. This is because it simply does not offer anything “premium” that may require purchasing.

The browser just like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is available to download FREE. Even the add-ons available in Opera’s dedicated store can all be downloaded free. There is no need for payment methods!

Opera VPN Servers and Performance Review

Opera VPN offers a very ambiguous server list.

You are only presented with just three options to connect to:

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia

No matter which one of them you connect to, you will have no certainty as to which city/location/country you are being routed from.

The servers are not protected by any sort of encryption or protocol support and they also suffer from IP leaks (I found it to be leaking my IP at least 3 times in 7 different tests).

The server list is to less if we compare it to any other top provider (NordVPN offers 5700+ servers) it impressed me that I could use it to unblock Netflix, but apart from that, Opera VPN falls way to short of commanding any sort of authority here.

Opera VPN Speed Test Review

To gain a better understanding of the reliability and bandwidth of Opera VPN, I decided to conduct a speed test on my 50Mbps connection. I have presented the results in the table below:

Server PingDownloadUpload
United States159ms32.4Mbps37.8Mbps

Opera VPN Privacy and Security

Earlier, I told users that Opera has its headquarters in Norway. Their VPN service is made available through a subsidiary called SurfEasy. Now, privacy advocates and those wary about internet laws may know that Norway upholds and protects the right to user privacy.

Many of its legislation and laws tend to be favorable for the average Joe. However, SurfEasy may not be that trustworthy! Guess why? The service that has integrated its proxy technology to the flagship browser has its headquarters in CANADA!

Now, let us not forget that Canada is a member of the Five and Fourteen Eyes Alliances. This group of intelligence includes names like United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. As such, you can expect their governments to indulge in mass surveillance.

In fact, most countries under EU and US jurisdictions even impose mandatory data retention laws. This means, not only will Opera VPN log all your information. However, when demand from the Canadian government, they will hand over private data.

Things kept getting confusing though when reviewing Opera VPN. You do not really know who owns what! In a discussion with the Android Police in April 2018, Opera PR informed that their VPN app is no longer part of their browser software.

This is either a trick to avoid the backlash of being based in Canada, or simply poor marketing and PR that has resulted in massive confusion about the real headquarters for their VPN service. Regardless, I would avoid putting my privacy at the hands of Opera’s VPN service.

Opera VPN Protocols/Encryption Review

There is virtually no information on the protocols or encryptions used by Opera VPN anywhere.

This means that Opera is not a VPN but a proxy, which hides your IP but is extremely useless if you want top-grade protection and security online.

So if you are thinking of using Opera VPN to protect you while you are doing a sensitive financial transaction, just drop the idea right now.

Opera VPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Opera VPN is not good for Torrenting at all.

It suffers from IP leaks and it has virtually no security cover to protect you from copyright trolls.

To clear any further doubts, Opera VPN also clearly mentions on its VPN page that it does not support P2P/Torrenting. Therefore, it is imperative that users avoid sharing/downloading torrents at all costs while using Opera VPN.

Opera VPN Privacy Policy Review

As mentioned earlier, Opera VPN is not exactly a virtual-private-network service, but rather a proxy server. While it does provide all the functionality you need from a VPN, a majority of the capability is only restricted to your browser data.

This means, the provider only encrypts data transmitted from your web browser and the internet. As a result, the service may not be completely safe. In fact, it is similar to locking the door of your home but leaving the windows open.

The locked door does ensure some safety, but intruders can still break/unlock the windows. This reduces the level of security you receive obviously. I examined the old Privacy Policy page (when Opera VPN had its own dedicated site) for further details on the VPNs protection.

The service states it does not log connection/session info, but as I uncovered earlier, this is false. Of course, since it is a free service, you do not have to provide a name, email address, and other important personal information.

However, agreeing to the Opera VPNs rules also means that you accept SurfEasy’s Data Policy because it is the governing service. While there are no clear details on what information is stored, it is your responsibility to use caution before sharing personal data.

Is Opera VPN Safe?

Opera VPN is a proxy so don’t mistake it for a VPN just because its there in the name.

It doesn’t offer any sort of encryption, protocol, kill switch or literally any other barrier that other VPNs do to keep your anonymity protected online.

Opera VPN Customer Support Review

Opera VPN does not offer any sort of customer support at all.

Live chat, contact form or even generating a ticket? You won’t be able to find anything like that for Opera VPN.

The only support available is through a FAQs section.

You will receive detailed answers to common questions. That is just about it.

As an alternative to the FAQ, you can consider asking questions on the Opera forum, but even that doesn’t have a dedicated section for Opera’s VPN service.

There are many VPNs with bad customer support, but Opera VPN is probably among the very worst.

Opera VPN Device Compatibility Review

Opera VPN is available for Opera Browsers only, period.

No app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or even other browsers.

The iOS and Android were discontinued by the provider, so now its there on the Opera Browser only.

But the problem here is that Opera browser is not the world’s most popular or even a popular browser for that.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are the two most preferred browsers but Opera VPN doesn’t work on them.

On the compatibility front, Opera VPN doesn’t even deserve to get a ranking from us.

Opera VPN Review Reddit

My Opera VPN review and best vpn reddit unveil that the service has a very active presence on Reddit. You can find various threads where users are looking for solutions regarding problems faced with the browser add-ons and smartphone applications.

You have many active community members present for providing solutions to varied issues. Below you can find a thread where users are discussing Opera VPNs action on removing its website and apps, leaving only one Windows browser VPN offers:

Opera VPN alternative from androidapps

Final Verdict


If you were to ask me how good is the Opera VPN? I would say, its one of the most undesirable VPNs out there, even as a Free one.

Apart from unblocking Netflix, Opera VPN does little else.

It’s basically a one-trick pony.

Opera VPN won’t protect your security online, it has no apps, it has no form of customer support, it doesn’t support Torrenting, its server park is meager and there is ambiguity on what jurisdiction it operates from.

There is absolutely no reason for us to recommend it in this Opera browser VPN review.

The Good

  1. Unblocks Netflix.
  2. Free VPN Service.

The Bad

  1. No Customer Support.
  2. No Cross-Platform Compatibility.
  3. Uses Google DNS Servers Instead of Proprietary.