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Works in ChinaYes
Recommended Yes
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Desktop

Cybersilent Introduction & Unique Features

Welcome to our inaugural review of Poland based CyberSilent VPN. Since it’s the first review of the provider on our vpn reviews guide, lets be gentle and assess all the features available from the Wroclaw based VPN service.




CyberSilent VPN offers its unique competency in providing undeterred online privacy no matter which device(s) & which network you use. Established with the mission to “Secure Your Cyber Life”, the provider ensures through cutting edge AES-256 bit encryption, in house hosted servers, Zero Logging policy and much more.

Read on to discover a complete preview of the service in our CyberSilent review by best VPN for 2018.


CyberSilent Pricing Plans Review

The first and most important aspect of our CyberSilent review will be the subscription & pricing of the provider. After a complete probe of the Get Now section, we discovered CyberSilent offers 3 pricing plans including:

  1. Monthly –offered for $9.90 per month
  2. Six Months –offered for $7.92 per month (onetime $47.52 per 6 months)
  3. 12 Months – offered for $5.64 per month (onetime $67.71 per 12 months)




All CyberSilent pricing plans come with the following features:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth & data
  2. Unlimited server switching
  3. 180+ servers in 40 countries
  4. Simultaneous connectivity on 5 devices
  5. 3 tunneling protocols –PPTP, L2TP, SSL & OpenVPN
  6. AES 256 bit encryption
  7. Live Chat & Email support

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CyberSilent Servers Review

CyberSilent offers 180+ servers across 47 countries with prominent locations including USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. While these numbers are pretty lower than PureVPN servers which offers 300,000+ IPs and 2000+ servers  and Surfshark VPN which offers 800+ servers.

The FAQ section mentions that you can use CyberSilent VPN for P2P & Torrent downloads in selected locations that don’t have copyright laws including Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden,&South Africa.




I loved the quick connectivity while using OpenVPN to test the service, most servers connected within 10 seconds. Below are the results from 6 prominent servers offered by CyberSilent (I used a 3 Mbps connection under controlled conditions during our test). Each test was conducted 3 times to ensure errors, the best of three results was chosen:



Considering I used a 3 Mbps connection, the results were quite brilliant. Only the USA server demonstrated below par performance with a ridiculous ping but even with that speed was ideal enough to browse and stream video. I did try using the service with Kodi but my horrendous office broadband was a big problem when used with the best VPN for kodi service. European servers offered great speeds with decent ping on the Netherlands and UK servers.

When CyberSilent claims that its server are fast they are not joking around. The highest decline in bandwidth was recorded on the US West Coast server which has a ping of 482ms and recorded speeds close to 0.81Mbps.

You can see the full list of CyberSilent servers on their dedicated server page.


CyberSilent VPN Support Review

CyberSilent offers excellent support services for subscribers including:

  1. Ticket System
  2. Live Chat (12 hours Poland time, Morning shifts only)
  3. Website FAQ
  4. Tutorials center

The ticket system is simple and allows you to provide detailed information for your queries and issues. The section does not offer options to attach images and files, there is great room for improvement in case a Cyber Silent subscriber requires advanced support. Tickets can be submitted anytime and there is a 24 hour response time attached to all tickets.



CyberSilent Ticket Form (Left) & CyberSilent Live Chat (Right)

The Live Chat service can be found on every page of the Cyber Silent VPN website. You can just click the pop-up window on the bottom right, provide your account details and leave a message in case the support service is not available. There is also a basic FAQ section to answer basic queries about VPN, free trials, P2P & torrents and maximum devices that can connect with CyberSilent. Review all CyberSilent support channels and tell us how you felt they ranked in your book.




CyberSilent also offers a tutorial page that provides illustrated guides to configure the service over your Windows, Mac, routers, Android, iOS and other smart devices. Since there are ready apps for most popular devices it is suggested to use the apps rather manually configuring CyberSilent.


CyberSilent Payment Methods Review

One feature that CyberSilent doesn’t lack is its payment methods available for subscribers. After careful review of CyberSilent’s payments page I discovered they offer 7 methods for prospect users to choose from:

  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. PayPal
  5. American Express
  6. Giropay
  7. Bitcoin




CyberSilent offers excellent payment merchants to process subscriptions, the best thing being most are all universally accepted. While some payment methods are not available in Asia & Africa, Cards and Bitcoin do the job in these cases.

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CyberSilent Compatibility Review

CyberSilent offers excellent cross-platform compatibility with apps available on Windows &Mac, while iOS & Android apps are in the pipeline. CyberSilent is compatible with:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Routers
  6. Linux Ubuntu

There is a problem currently with CyberSilent’s Windows app when connecting to certain servers including Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and some US servers. When you configure these servers manually there are no connectivity issues. It is a serious concern as not all users are acquainted with manually setting up VPN like I am or other professional users are.




CyberSilent for Windows is however a great app for those who wish to simply click and connect to VPN. A simple settings menu, server selection and favorites menu allows you to save your frequently used servers for quick access.


CyberSilent VPN Protocols Review

CyberSilent provides subscribers 4 tunneling protocols to hide behind. These include PPTP, SSL, OpenVPN and L2TP tunneling protocols.

While OpenVPN remains the best option to use, if you wish for speed rather than security then PPTP and SSL can server the purpose. L2TP is only good for transferring critical files, databases and communicating online. Comparatively, OpenVPN remains the only tunneling protocol still far from the clutches of the NSA and cannot be blocked by even the Chinese Firewall. Read our detailed openvpn reviews.

The variety of tunneling protocols from CyberSilent is ideal, offering a great mix of high security and high speeds, whichever works for your needs.

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CyberSilent Logging Policy

CyberSilent’s privacy policy dictates that the service does not log or monitor any user activities. CyberSilent ensures that no information that can point to a single user is logged and monitored over their network. To ensure you get the best privacy service, CyberSilent only requires the following to register an account:

  1. Username
  2. Email address
  3. Payment information

If you are really privacy conscious,you can always use Bitcoin to ensure they can never track your payment details either.


Why CyberSilent VPN Doesn’t Keep Logs?

As mentioned earlier, CyberSilent establishes the brand name over the premise of a free internet and values your privacy more than notices from the government. The provider believes maintaining any personal profiles is completely against user privacy. Since the basic purpose of having a VPN service is to achieve a certain level of anonymity and privacy online, retaining data would simply kill that purpose.

Do keep in mind that the following activitieshave been tagged as criminal conduct and must not be identified with a CyberSilent IP otherwise the provider will take necessary action:

  1. Cyberbullying and harassment
  2. Financial extortion
  3. Internet bomb threats
  4. Classified global security data theft
  5. Password trafficking
  6. Enterprise trade secret theft
  7. Personally data hacking
  8. Copyright violations, such as software piracy
  9. Counterfeit trademarks
  10. Illegal weapon trafficking
  11. Online child pornography
  12. Credit card theft and fraud
  13. Email phishing
  14. Domain name hijacking
  15. Virus spreading


CyberSilent Free Trial

Yes, CyberSilent offers a limited feature 24-hour free trial and you can subscribe to it using the Trial button on top of the main webpage navigation. You will see the form asking for a lot of information but don’t worry, the only details you need to fill in here are:

  1. Name & Last Name
  2. Email address
  3. Password
  4. Country

There is no requirement to give in real details, just create a fake email address with a fake name and country. As soon as you register, free trial details are mailed to you.



CyberSilent Trial Subscription

Reviewer’s Verdict

After a careful and in-depth CyberSilent review, I rank the service a very respectable 3 out of 5.

Features I Liked in CyberSilent VPN

  1. Mission & Vision
  2. Superb server coverage
  3. Customer support
  4. Wide compatibility
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Variety of tunneling protocols
  7. Good yearly plan pricing
  8. Brilliant Windows app
  9. Torrent support
  10. Numerous payment methods

Areas of Improvement in CyberSilent

  1. Mobile apps are missing on both iOS and Android
  2. Monthly pricing too high


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