Speedify Review

Speedify is not a very old service, unlike a majority of others I’ve reviewed so far in the journey to know more about the best VPNs in the industry.

It started off just back in 2014, making it a comparative “newbie” in the industry.

However, they might be new, but they are surely ambitious.


They don’t use OpenVPN protocol, which is the industry standard. So what exactly do they use?

Channel bonding.

Speedify review

Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is as I will be covering this and other facets of the service in this full fledged Speedify VPN review, complete with all the goods and the bads of the service.

The Positives

As the name suggests, Speedify has focused itself on making its service as easy and as fast as it can for users to benefit off of.

To serve this purpose, the provider has introduced many different features that you wont find aplenty in the industry. They are mostly focused on security and this is where this provider’s biggest selling point lies.

New Protocol and Upgraded Encryption

Mostly, VPN providers opt for the OpenVPN protocol as its known to be the most secure protocol out there. Crowdsourced, never known to be broken into, sturdy and fast, not many have thought of out doing it, but not Speedify.

The provider has introduced its own in-house developed protocol named Channel Bonding as I mentioned in the start of the review.

Channel Bonding increases your speed and stability by allowing you to use multiple internet connection points at once.

Whether its your Wifi, your mobile data connection or anywhere else the internet is being routed to your device, this protocol connects all of it and beams it directly.

I found that this feature allowed me to continue a download even when my Wifi went down as the Channel Bonding feature switched the connection over to my mobile data connection.

Extremely impressive indeed! If its just for stabilized downloads or uploads, this VPN is one of the best software you can get.

Now coming to encryption.

AES-256 encryption is the norm these days for all VPNs and that’s because it unbreakable.

But still, Speedify offers an even more advanced version of this technology i.e. Cha-Cha 256 encryption. Its too technical to explain the difference between the two but still, the increase signifies that this provider has worked hard to bring the best in modern day online security and privacy protection to users through the medium of its service.

A High number of Servers

Usually, smaller VPNs don’t even offer 500 servers. And its always that if you want a big server park, then you need to look at the top VPN services in the industry with the likes of PureVPN servers with 2000+ servers and

Speedify wont let you go though as its already got over 1000 servers in 28 different locations.

speedify servers review

And these are no ordinary servers, they are speed servers.

These speed servers are located in the cloud and they combine with the Channel Bonding feature to spread out all of your connection load to give you a more reliable and faster connection.

The high number of servers also means that you have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a nearest location, even if you are in places like Asia or Africa i.e. the places which most VPNs don’t put servers in.

Tor Compatibility

Among many internet privacy tools, Tor is regarded highly.

That’s because this browser keeps your IP private by routing it through multiple end points. But still, it doesn’t offer encryption or protocol support, so even if your IP is safe, your data can get compromised.

Now the problem is that most VPNs are not compatible with Tor, thereby undermining iit and not allowing it to give the user a highly secure experience online.

Speedify is not one of those services as it offers great compatibility with Tor, allowing people who use the browser a great option to latch onto.

Presence of a Kill Switch

Even if a service has military grade encryption and secure protocol support, your IP can still leak through many loopholes which providers don’t tend to plug generally.

One of these loopholes is the absence of a Kill switch.

When your VPN connection drops, your IP becomes suddenly exposed and even if you turn your connection off, the small window in between is enough for even a mediocre hacker to know your IP.

A kill switch prevents this by cutting off the internet connection if ever the VPN connection also drops.

Speedify offers this great feature on all of its apps.

Support is Top of the Line

Whenever I see email support instead of a live chat feature, I get disappointed because email support is so 2000s these days.

And that’s because its an impersonal way of providing support when live chat can really help augment a better experience.

However, I was really surprised when Speedify’s email support answered my queries highly professionally. No automated bots, no stupid answers, just some incredible support from a highly qualified support exec trained in its craft.

Other providers should take a leaf out of Speedify’s books in this case definitely.

A highly generous free trial that can be continued infinitely

VPNs these days are quite stingy and greedy at the same time and want you to pay them up first, and use their service later.

So not many providers offer free trial these days, only a refund policy.

But not Speedify.

Not only does this provider have the generic 30 day refund policy like everyone else, it also offers a zero-commitment free trial with a whopping 5 GB of bandwidth limit/month. Yes! Each month the 5 GB allowance will be renewed unless you are absolutely ready to pay for the service.

Incredible, just incredible.

Now that’s something that can definitely be described as “Highly user friendly”.

Affordable and Simple Plans

Most of you might be surprised to see as to how pricing is in the pros? Isn’t this supposed to be something that is just needed to be told?

No, even pricing can come under the pros or the cons section, and that depends on how much your pricing plans can justify the kind of service you are offering.

ExpressVPN’s plans are highly expensive but I don’t consider them bad because of the provider’s value, credibility and reliability, hallmarks of being the best in the business. However other VPN services like Surfshark, are feature packed and comes with low pricing.

So its not like that you are good only if you are a cheap VPN. You just got to justify it.

Speedify’s pricing plans are simple with just the monthly and the yearly plans being available.

  • Monthly: $8.99 billed once
  • Yearly: $49.99 billed once ($4.16/month)

Speedify Pricing review

This is the individual plan and according to me the yearly plan is very affordably priced. The monthly plan is a bit expensive but not one that cannot be considered.

Yes, there is the family plan and the team plan as well available with the provider and they both are differently priced from the individual plan. And even they are not priced overboard.


The provider is good till this point, even one that should be recommended, but are these benefits all that there is to the service?

Speedify also has its fair share of cons that I need to highlight in front of you as well so that you can make a more balanced decisions after reading this review:

Netflix Not Supported

Since Netflix’s VPN ban came in to effect, not many VPNs can allow you to access the different libraries in different countries offered by Netflix.

A VPN that can still bypass the VPN ban is a definite winner and it can be its unique selling point, bigger than anything else.

However, Speedify itself says that its servers cannot do that, so it’s a no-brainer on how disappointed I was to see this.

This one is a definite con.

Torrenting not available

After Netflix didn’t work with the provider, I thought maybe Speedify will be good with Torrenting, but as they always say, don’t have big expectations or you will be disappointed big time!

And that’s exactly what happened to me when I saw that Speedify also doesn’t support any major sort of Torrenting.

Combined with the Netflix uselessness, no support for Torrenting are two of Speedify’s biggest weaknesses.

US Jurisdiction and some logging

Data retention laws of a country are quite an important point for a provider to consider before setting up camp in any country, but I guess Speedify overlooked this aspect while choosing one of the worst locations in world on such laws i.e. the United States.

US is a member of not just many data sharing alliances like 5 Eyes and 14 Eyes, but it also has very bad laws on data retention itself that can put a user in serious trouble if even a data extradition notice is served to the provider.

So yeah, the base of Speedify is one of those things that I seriously don’t like about.

And the same goes for the logging policy of the provider.

Speedify says that it’s a “Zero logs provider”.

But its seriously not.

It logs the following kinds of data:

  • Name, phone number, email address, personal address, and company name
  • IP address, page accessed, browser type and operating system (Only on their site)
  • Connection timestamps
  • Bandwidth consumed
  • Approximate location

speedify logs privacy review

Although these logs are not something serious and they don’t actually undermine your privacy to big extent, but still, I’ve seen better logging policies like that of MullvadVPN, who doesn’t even collect your email.

Speedify needs to remove these small logs it keeps in order to offer maximum security and privacy of the highest classes to its users.

Device Support

While the client apps by Speedify are super easy to use and contain some incredible features like the speed test, which is a one-of-a-kind feature that I’ve come across in the VPN industry, the provider’s app library is still somewhat limited.

Speedify offers dedicated clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Speedify download

These four apps do cover the most popular platforms out there but still, there is room for more.

For e.g. PureVPN offers dedicated apps for Firestick & Kodi along with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions for a more holistic support experience.

I really recommend Speedify to add an app or two soon, if it really wants to stand in there with the Top draw providers and compete.


Speedify is a good service with some highly ambitious features that I put in high regard, however there are still some shortcomings that prevent me from recommending this service in a full blown manner. But nothing of the sort that cant be fixed easily or done away with if the provider puts in a bit of effort.

You can try the service, especially if you use the great free plan to check whether it can sit your needs. For me, the service needs to pack in a bit of a more powerful punch to get the nod.