Unblocking Netflix US is not an easy task as the majority of VPNs fail to get past the stringent Netflix VPN ban on this site. But still, some best VPN can not just allow you to access Netflix US but also enable other incredible features like faster speeds, zero breakdowns, and more, thereby amplifying your Netflix experience like no other.

ExpressVPN is one such VPN that is the best VPN for Netflix at the moment. Offering dedicated servers to power unblocking, this VPN is a user favorite in unblocking the site across the world. To know more on this, read this ExpressVPN Netflix Guide containing the best servers in the US for unblocking Netflix via ExpressVPN, major errors and their fixes, how this fares against the Netflix VPN ban and more by BestVPN.co


Does ExpressVPN Really Works With The American Netflix In 2019?

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs in the industry at the moment. It’s a bit expensive but its got the goods to justify its high price tag and among the most worthy of its features is its immaculate ability to unblock Netflix US(Check our detailed and updated ExpressVPN review for more information that you need).

Bypassing the geo-restrictions on Netflix is no mean feat as it has a VPN ban in place. This means that Netflix can recognize most connections that are routed through a VPN and when it does, it blocks access to its site unless you connect again without a VPN. But ExpressVPN is one of the very few VPNs in the market which can not only bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions and route you to the US version of the site, but it also ensures that the VPN ban doesn’t affect its service.

Netflix ExpressVPN has become a formidable combination over the past few years, eliminating the times you will have to see this error message on your screen when using a VPN.

Does ExpressVPN Really Works With The American Netflix In 2018?

American Netflix is hotcake property in the Netflix domain as it offers the best media library among all the regional libraries that Netflix offers. Many of the popular shows and movies are only available in the US and not elsewhere, making it imperative that you connect to the US version of the site in order to make the most of your Netflix Subscription.


How to Watch Favorite Shows on Netflix through ExpressVPN

For users who want to stream their favorite shows on Netflix, ExpressVPN offers great reliability and compatibility. It is among the only few providers that are successful in unblocking the VoD service. Albeit, we would definitely like seeing an improvement in Netflix servers available.

Upon testing the provider and contacting ExpressVPN’s support, we learned that the provider can only unblock Netflix via 5 servers max. These include the USA – Los Angeles 1, 2, and 3 and New Jersey 1 and 2. You can consider alternating the servers if anyone stops working.

In circumstances where all fail, a quick message to the live chat support should get you immediate access to the working servers list. Once you know which server to connect to, simply establish a VPN connection, head to Netflix, and watch any of your favorite TV show.

How to Watch Your Favorite Shows on Netflix through ExpressVPN


If you are confused regarding what shows to watch, then you are at the right place. The New Year brings with it quite a few amazing surprises. You will finally be able to continue watching the seasons for some of the most popular and entertaining titles on the platform. These include:


ExpressVPN Netflix Streaming Tips/Hacks

When it comes to unblocking Netflix and its complete list of movies and TV shows, users do have some simple hacks/tips available. While we do not guarantee that you will be able to seamlessly stream on the VoD service, you can definitely increase your chances. So, without further ado, follow the tips below for using ExpressVPN to stream smoothly!


Closest Server to Your Physical Location

While we understand that many users may want access to the Netflix US version, things may get a little difficult if you are located far away. Therefore, a better idea might be to use ExpressVPN to connect to servers that are close to your physical location. You can check out this detailed global Netflix library total guide for information on countries that might be housing the title you want to watch.


Use a Cable Instead of Wi-Fi

Using a Wi-Fi connection limits the ability to seamlessly unblocking and also offers fewer speeds for streaming. If you want to leverage a strong connection without any lags/buffering issues and leaks, then it is a better option to go CABLE.


Try Using Different Protocols

ExpressVPN supports a variety of protocols. These include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN (UDP and TCP). When you cannot gain access to Netflix, try shifting the protocol. Usually, if streamers want to leverage speed, we advise them to use the TCP protocol. However, if you want to leverage better security so that you do not get blocked, consider checking out the UDP protocol.


ExpressVPN Netflix Supported Servers

Generally, not every server provided in the country by a VPN would unblock Netflix US and providers conventionally offer dedicated servers for this purpose. This makes it easier for VPNs to bypass the Netflix VPN ban much more easily as it doesn’t allow Netflix to recognize VPN routed connections.

Similarly, like every top VPN service, ExpressVPN Netflix also offers dedicated IP VPN US servers for bypassing the geo-restrictions on the site as well as the VPN ban.

For enabling Netflix ExpressVPN, we contacted customer support to find out the exact servers to connect to Netflix US and this is what they emailed to us as a reply to our query.

ExpressVPN Netflix Servers

They listed down the main servers for unblocking US servers as:

  1. USA – Los Angeles – 3
  2. USA – New Jersey 2

Furthermore, the best thing about ExpressVPN is that they are always prepared to go the extra mile to solve the problems of their users. In the reply to our query, they even asked us what operating system were we using, what server we connected to and even that either we were trying to access Netflix US through the apps or media streamer.

This goes on to show exactly why this VPN provider has ranked on top always as an exemplary service. Customer satisfaction is the quality that makes or breaks a service and Netflix ExpressVPN has now been handled so skillfully to maintain their position as the best in the domain.


How to Use ExpressVPN Netflix – Real Test and Review

Now coming to the real deal, i.e. testing whether ExpressVPN Netflix is actually working towards unblocking Netflix US. We connected to Los Angeles 3 server and then opened Netflix. On Netflix, we searched for “Finding Dory” an immensely popular animated sequel of the famous movie “Finding Nemo”. We specifically searched for this movie because it is one of those few popular movies that aren’t available across much of Europe, Australian region, Asia and even the Middle East.

How to Use ExpressVPN Netflix - Real Test and Review

We played the movie and it played without any glitches or problems. The quality was great but you might feel it not to be so, but don’t worry, it’s just because we have to optimize our images for website performance. The original image conveyed the HD quality perfectly.

You can try it for yourself and you won’t be disappointed a bit with ExpressVPN Netflix’s great performance in unblocking Netflix US. Remember one thing, that most VPNs can give you the illusion of unblocking the site by just showing the price charts in US $ on Netflix, however VPNs are not affected by the Netflix VPN ban until you try to play the actual video/movie/TV show file.

ExpressVPN Netflix Result

Here is another screenshot of the American Netflix Library as it is evident from the “LGBTQ” category being shown. On other Netflix versions, like those in Middle East or South Asia or even South America, this category or its shows won’t be available.

Expressvpn Netflix errors


ExpressVPN Netflix Error List

Despite providing a stellar unblocking service, errors are common and many times you will find ExpressVPN Netflix not working. These problems and errors, more often than not are of a technical nature and involve the issues that your device is facing in connecting to ExpressVPN Netflix’s servers in a proper manner. Commonly, there are four types of errors that might be generating trouble for you. Here’s a list of some of the most common errors that might be affecting your connectivity with ExpressVPN for Netflix:

  1. IP Address Not Proper
  2. DNS Flushing
  3. DNS Connection Problem
  4. Browser Proxy Settings
  5. Unique Technical Problem/Contact ExpressVPN Netflix Support


ExpressVPN Netflix Not Working Fixes

Contrary to popular belief, solving technical glitches is not that difficult or complex and with a little proper guidance, anyone can easily fix them on their own. Here are the Fixes for each of the ExpressVPN Netflix, not working errors you saw listed above with proper guides on how to resolve each of them:


IP Address Not Proper

If you connected to ExpressVPN and your IP is still being shown as being placed near your original location then you need to shut down ExpressVPN and then re-launch it again. After doing this, check your IP again here. Normally, doing this resolves a majority of ExpressVPN Netflix not working queries.


DNS Flushing

The DNS entries from your ISP can sometimes get stored in your device which may generate a conflict, and thereby make you unable to make the connection to the VPN server properly. These DNS entries are stored in the DNS cache and you need to empty this cache in order to fix this problem.

Here’s how you can clear your DNS cache on Windows:

  1. On your Windows device, Click Start and then go to All Programs > Accessories
  2. If you are on the Windows 10 or 8 version then tap the Windows Key and R key together
  3. The “Run” prompt will now be opened
  4. Now type the command “cmd”
  5. Now a command prompt will be opened. Enter the command “ipconfig/flushdns”
  6. Now press Enter Key
  7. Just beneath where you entered your previous command, you will get a notification that says “Successfully resolved the DNS Resolver Cache”

Netflix DNS Flush


DNS Flush for Mac

For emptying your DNS cache on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the keys “⌘+ Space” together. Now type in “Terminal” before tapping the Enter Key
  2. Now, as Mac can be operated on many different OS, each OS will require a unique command to Flush the DNS cache successfully. To know which OS you are using, simply visit your Apple Menu > About This Mac
  3. Command for Lion i.e. Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8
  4. sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  5. Command for Yosemite i.e. Mac OS X 10.10, 10.10.1, 10.10.2, 10.10.3
  6. sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcach
  7. Command for Mavericks i.e. Mac OS X 10.9
  8. dscacheutil -flushcache;sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  9. Command for Slow Leopard i.e. Mac OS X 10.6.x
  10. dscacheutil –flushcache
  11. Command for Yosemite i.e. Mac OS X 10.10.4 and 10.10.5
  12. sudo dscacheutil -flushcache;sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;say cache flushed
  13. Command for El Capitan i.e. Mac OS X 10.11
  14. sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  15. Command for Sierra i.e. Mac OS X 10.12 and High Sierra i.e. Mac OS X 10.13
  16. sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder


DNS Connection Problem

If your device can’t connect to ExpressVPN’s DNS servers through their native client apps, then the only way left of doing so is to manually establish the DNS connection to their servers by manual configuration.

Here are the setup guides to do this for each type of popular Operating System:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Linux
  4. iOS/iPhone/iPad
  5. Android


Browser Proxy Settings

Sometimes, your browser cannot correctly configure the right proxy settings required to initiate the VPN connection properly, thereby resulting in a failure to connect to Netflix US. If you are facing the same problem, then you need to either set it to auto-detect your proxy or don’t detect it all. Here’s how you can do this for each popular browser:

  1. Opera
  2. Chrome
  3. Safari

Sometimes, the best way to solve any technical glitch/issue or error if you facing trouble when ExpressVPN Netflix not working, the best thing to do is to contact their customer support. This is highly favorable for you because sometimes the problem can be a bit complicated and you might need to be established technical assistance to properly diagnose the issue and resolve it in a streamlined and easy manner.


Netflix ExpressVPN Reddit Reviews

ExpressVPN is one of the most reputable and one of the cheap VPNs in the industry right now and that is because of its stellar performance on all fronts, whether it’s ensuring user privacy, keeping true to its word on its policy of keeping zero logs, enabling fasters speeds and now, unblocking Netflix.

So its normal that it elicits praise from its users on all social media and review domains. On Reddit, an increasingly popular social media opinion based site, one user commented that the provider is best vpn for reddit not just unblocking Netflix US but Amazon Prime Video as well.

In another thread on Reddit, users were again appreciating the service for its high level of performance in terms of faster speeds and ability to unblock Netflix US, however some of them shared an interesting insight on how, instead of contacting customer support for finding out which servers currently work for Netflix, an automated feature should be added within the app that serves this functionality. Definitely, a feature that would be incredibly useful for ExpressVPN Netflix users, but we don’t think that this is going to role out any time soon in the future, at least in the next couple of years.


ExpressVPN and Netflix Other Reviews

One thing that we seriously don’t like about VPNs, in general, is that there are no meaningful reviews or posts related to users accessing Netflix successfully. But this is not because ExpressVPN cannot do it, rather its because VPNs in general, don’t really focus too much on social media avenues like Facebook and Twitter, apart from promoting their services on these platforms. So if you are trying to find meaningful reviews on these sources, you will be disappointed. It is much better to head over to Reddit or Quora for this purpose as you will find hundreds of thousands of threads and comments related to Netflix unblocking and reviews of other features very easily.


ExpressVPN Netflix Blocked In 2018

VPN bans are becoming a common occurrence in the streaming domain as mentioned earlier as major players in the streaming industry trying to fend off attempts by VPNs to circumvent their geo-restrictions on content. Streaming providers like Netflix have many sophisticated ways of executing the VPN ban, making it immensely difficult for VPNs to get through to these type of sites.

Mostly, the VPN ban relies on identifying common shared IPs from where hundreds of connections are originating. This signals a VPN in action thereby Netflix and other streaming sites move to ban that IP from accessing their site.

Other methods of executing the VPN ban include matching the DNS server with your IP (We’ve already mentioned how to get past this problem earlier in the guide).

However, if you accessing Netflix through its native iOS or Android app, even clearing the DNS server conflict issue won’t allow you to bypass the geo-restriction. This happens because the apps often access the original default ISP by forcing your device to do so. And that’s the biggest reason why many VPNs cant bypass the VPN ban on smartphones while they continue to do so successfully on desktop OS like Windows and Macs.

ExpressVPN works perfectly well in bypassing the VPN ban on Netflix, but it can sometimes become unable to do so, if it gets affected by any such error mentioned above. Mostly the problem lies with Netflix identifying users swarming from a single IP or some very similar IPs, thereby making ExpressVPN unable to bypass the VPN ban at that time.

But these niggles and issues last for a very short time and ExpressVPN soon finds a way, mostly within in a few hours, to again work perfectly well on bypassing the VPN ban on Netflix and allow you to gain the most value out of your subscription on Netflix.


How to Buy ExpressVPN for Netflix from Australia, Singapore, Canada and Netherlands

Buying an ExpressVPN Netflix subscription for Netflix from Australia, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia or anywhere else on the globe is a pretty straightforward process. Here’s how you can buy ExpressVPN for Netflix from anywhere in the world for yourself:

  1. Visit ExpressVPN
  2. Click/Tap on the Red Button that says “Get ExpressVPN”
  3. You will now be redirected to a page within the site that contains all the pricing plans
  4. There are three major subscription plans that ExpressVPN is currently offering
  5. Monthly – $12.95 billed once
  6. Half Yearly/6 Months – $59.95 billed once ($9.99/Month)
  7. Yearly/ 12 Months – $99.95 billed once ($8.32/Month)
  8. Choose any one that suits your budget and other requirements perfectly
  9. Now enter your email address in Step 2
  10. Select a method of payment you would like to use from the ones listed in Step 3
  11. Fill in the details that you are prompted with to move forward and initiate the transaction
  12. Click/Tap on the Green Button that says “Join Now”
  13. Now you will be provided with your VPN credentials (Username and Password) via email
  14. Download any of the native OS client apps from ExpressVPN’s site
  15. Install/Configure that client app on your system and enter user credentials
  16. Select a preferred server depending on your needs at the moment or connect to the servers mentioned above if you want to access Netflix US
  17. Click/Tap “Connect” and then open Netflix.com
  18. Enjoy Netflix US without interruptions and make the most out of your subscription by accessing your favorite shows and movies anytime!
  19. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day refund policy which you can use to cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied with the service and don’t want to continue.


Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix – Final Verdict

Yes, ExpressVPN does work excellently well with Netflix US (like other free ones) and is markedly better than many other VPNs out there who try and fail to achieve the same objective. ExpressVPN’s ability to continuously be a trusted service to unblock, not just Netflix, but also other geo-restricted streaming sites have allowed it to increase its credibility in the world of VPNs.

On top of this, they have fast and uber responsive customer support that can guide you through any type of technical problem and ensure that your usage of the service is smooth and without problems.

ExpressVPN’s best part is that it’s incredibly compatible with all types of devices and platforms. From Windows to Macs and from Android to iOS, this provider ensures that you all the support you need in the form of native client apps. Even side-loading it on niche platforms is not such a daunting task for e.g. if you want set it up on your Router or install it for Netflix on Kodi, ExpressVPN provides immaculate support and detailed setup guides to make your configuration process as seamless as possible.

If ExpressVPN doesn’t seem to work with Netflix, do try the fixes mentioned above or contact their customer support for further assistance. And the issue is not with your device, then its advisable to wait a few hours as ExpressVPN normally finds a way around each time Netflix VPN ban seems to effects it.



Netflix itself has tried itself inexhaustibly to provide the best content to its subscribers across the globe but it much of the content that it houses are still owned by others in different countries, making Netflix unable to service that content in its library in particular regions.

And until such copyright conflicts exist, Netflix cannot do anything else other than enforcing the VPN ban on its site. But don’t worry, ExpressVPN and other top VPNs can easily allow you to bypass these geo-restrictions and access your favorite content on Netflix US and its other variations any time you want. Read more on NordVPN Netflix if you want to know what are the different terms and conditions applied for NordVPN users for Netflix.

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