ExpressVPN Free Trial Hack for 7 & 30 Days Account (2021)

Last updated: April 27, 2021
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Looking for a way to get ExpressVPN free trial account? Here is a simple hack that gives you 30-days of service completely free. Follow the steps below!

One of the most popular services worldwide, ExpressVPN offers exceptional performance, security, and reliability. Should you get an ExpressVPN free trial?

Well, it is indeed best to take the product for a trial run before committing to a longer subscription. For this, getting a free ExpressVPN trial is a great option.

Sadly, ExpressVPN does not offer a standard free trial. However, they do have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee available.

After availing it, if you feel the VPN is not the right option, you can simply request a refund and cancel your subscription. The process is risk-free, simple, and fast!

ExpressVPN Free Trial: Easy Setup Guide

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN website and click on the red button on the top right corner that says “Setup” or the “Get Started” button.
    ExpressVPN free trial Setup Page
  2. Choose a subscription duration, create your account, and enter your payment details. Pro Tip: Pay with Bitcoin for maximum privacy
  3. Log into your ExpressVPN account from the website by entering your credentials to access the dashboard, where you can see the “activation key”.
    ExpressVPN Activation Code
  4. Download the relevant software from the applications list and after installing it, paste the activation code from the dashboard area in the app.
  5. Make the most out of the ExpressVPN hack i.e 30-days risk-free ExpressVPN refund, but if ExpressVPN fails to meet your expectations, you can opt to cancel your subscription.
    ExpressVPN Account Setup
  6. You can use the 24/7 live chat to request your refund by asking “how do i get my money back from ExpressVPN”. Beware to contact before the 30 days are up though.
  7. After requesting the refund, it will take about five to seven business days for the money to appear back in your account (this may vary depending to the payment method).
    ExpressVPN Live Chat

How to Cancel ExpressVPN Trial Account and Get Refunded?

In order to cancel your ExpressVPN free trial, all you have to do is sign out from your account and unsubscribe ExpressVPN from your email. Since you didn’t give any payment details, you don’t have to worry about any cash being deducted from your accounts.

Based on how your trial goes though, you may want to actually renew the subscription and get one with a longer duration. Either way, you will not know whether or not the service suits you, without putting its many features and capabilities to the test.

Worst-case scenario, you can always get a new ExpressVPN account by using a different email address, in order to leverage the 7-day free trial again (on your iOS and Android devices only).

ExpressVPN Start Trial

ExpressVPN Free Trial Hack

All first-time subscribers of ExpressVPN have the ability to leverage a 7-day free trial on their iOS and Android devices (after installing the dedicated apps from Google Play and Apple Store).

The only problem is that the 7-days free trial will only work on your mobile devices. Therefore, if you try using the same credentials somewhere else, you won’t be able to use ExpressVPN.

Luckily, you don’t need a credit or debit card for this process. It is important though that you’ve never subscribed to ExpressVPN before or installed their app previously:

ExpressVPN Free trial 7 days

How to Avail ExpressVPN’s 7-Day Free Trial

The 7-day trial is only available for iOS and Android devices, which you can install via Apple Store and Google Play, depending on which device you own. Once done, just follow the steps below to quickly get started and activate the free trial.

  1. Search for ExpressVPN on the Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Download and install the application on your device
    1- Getting the Free Trial
  3. Launch ExpressVPN and click on “Create Account”
  4. Enter a valid email address and tap on “Continue”
    3- Getting the Free Trial
  5. Choose a subscription plan and press continue.
  6. Confirm that you wish to continue with the free trial
    4 - Getting the Free Trial
  7. A popup window will appear asking for payment information
  8. Click on continue and proceed with the process to activate trial!
    6 - Getting the Free Trial

ExpressVPN Money Back vs. Free Trial

By nature, a free trial means that you can sign up for a “free account” and utilize the VPN service to its full or limited potential to test whether or not, it suits your needs.

In circumstances of ExpressVPN, clicking on the “get free trial” CTA will redirect you to their subscription page, where you will have to sign up for a plan and enter your payment details.

Therefore, the trial period is actually a 30-day refund guarantee, but it still offers more incentives as compared to a free trial. Generally, free trials offer limited features.

Providers may impose restrictions like speed throttling, reduced servers, and data caps, all of which prevent you from testing the service to its full capabilities.

Luckily, ExpressVPN imposes no limits and offers the ability to try out their entire service for 30 days, minus any hassles and restrictions!

Once you have signed up, the Express VPN free activation code to set up apps on devices will be available in the account dashboard from the website.

Why Should You Get ExpressVPN for Free?

After testing over 180+ providers in the marketplace, it becomes clear that ExpressVPN is indeed the best choice out there for surfing securely, defeating censorship, and engaging in streaming/torrenting.

The speeds offered by ExpressVPN are unmatched, which is why it also ranks among the top in our speed test analysis. The VPN churns out a generous 95Mbps in download and 90Mbps in upload, on a 100Mbps connection.

Even when connected to servers located far way, I only noticed a speed loss of 12% maximum, which is exceptional and adequate enough for streaming in ultra HD and 4k quality, another famous quality of ExpressVPN.

The provider offers great speeds for streaming and unblocking platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar, Voot, Showtime, HBO GO, and more. Much of which is owed to its offering of 3,000+ in 94 countries.

All servers of ExpressVPN utilize the unique RAM infrastructure technology, which prevents the storing of logs in real-time, further securing the providers’ position as a leader for leveraging maximum anonymity online.

  1. Based in the safe jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands.
  2. Offers access to more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries.
  3. Military-grade encryption via AES-256-CBC ciphers.
  4. Ability to connect to three devices simultaneously.
  5. Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Smart TVs, routers, browsers, and Chromebook.
  6. Unblocks platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar, Voot, Showtime, HBO GO and more.

People Also Ask

❓ How can I get ExpressVPN for free

The process is simple and you have two ways of how to get ExpressVPN for free: get their 7-day trial (available only on iOS and Android devices) or the 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.

❌ How to Cancel ExpressVPN Free Trial and get refunded

Sign into your ExpressVPN account, click on “Manage Settings” under subscriptions in the left-hand panel, click on “turn off automatic renewal”, confirm when the prompt shows up, and you will receive a message of confirmation. Next, follow the steps in the guide above to claim your refund.

📥 How to download ExpressVPN for free

Only iOS and Android users have the ability to download and use ExpressVPN free account. The provider makes this possible by offering smartphone users access to a 7-day free trial only available to new ExpressVPN subscribers.

✅ Is ExpressVPN free trial worth it?

For users in search for an all-rounder to stream, unblock, torrent, and leverage strong privacy, ExpressVPN is the perfect choice for you. Although it is a premium provider, free trial and money-back guarantees make it an appealing option!

🆓 Can I use ExpressVPN for free on multiple mobile devices?

ExpressVPN offers amazing compatibility across all platforms/devices. You have apps available for iOS, Android, and other operating systems as well. The service also has a detailed setup guide for platforms where apps are not available. This is why it is a great option for smartphone users around the globe!

👮 Why go for ExpressVPN’s refund and not a free service?

Free VPNs are a risky proposition to be honest. They simply cannot be trusted. If a product is selling something for free, you are the product. For VPNs, this means you are putting you valuable data at risk. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, is a reputable name. If they fail to deliver on the promise, at least you can hold them accountable!

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you understand more about the ExpressVPN Free Trial hack. To summarize, you only have a 7-day testing period on iOS devices (which is available sometimes but mostly you will encounter troubles finding it).

For other platforms, you can only avail the 30-day refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service (chances of which are very unlikely), you can request a no-questions-asked, money back. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to comment below! 🙂

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