ExpressVPN Free Trial Review: Is it Real or Fake?

Last Updated: October 26, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Lear about the terms to quality for ExpressVPN's trial (if available) by reading this comprehensive guide from for accurate information.

ExpressVPN does market that it offers a free trial, but they are actually fooling customers. In reality, this incentive is only available for their refund.

By nature, a free trial means that you can sign up for a “free account” and utilize the VPN service to its full or limited potential to test whether or not, it suits your needs.

In circumstances of ExpressVPN, clicking on the “get free trial” CTA will redirect you to their subscription page, where you will have to sign up for a plan and enter your payment details.

To be honest though, you won’t need a free trial for ExpressVPN, as the service received is quite remarkable. Sign up for their 1-year plan to get the best value. You will not regret it.

Is ExpressVPN’s Free Trial Reliable?

Before we start, let us make it clear that ExpressVPN does not offer a free or even a paid trial. The provider certainly has a dedicated landing page labeled “Free Trial”.

If you dig a little, it is not hard to figure out that they are actually promoting a 30-day refund. And subsequently, you will be required to add your payment details to get it.

ExpressVPN Free Trial

ExpressVPN is not the first VPN to wrongly market a perk. Many providers in the industry attract buyers by making them think there is a free trial available.

In reality, they need to sign up with the service, give their credit card information and if needed then avail the refund. The same goes for prospects of ExpressVPN, with the exception of iOS users.

Only those with an iPhone or iPad device can leverage a free trial of 7-days from the provider. We learned about this when testing the app on iOS. For support on the iOS free trial, check this support page out.

ExpressVPN Full Version Free Download

Downloading the full version for ExpressVPN on varied devices requires no rocket science. You can find dedicated apps for desktops OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphones: iOS and Android, and browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari on the website.

You can even get an ExpressVPN app for DD-WRT routers. The provider itself also makes available pre-configured ExpressVPN Flash Routers, so that you can establish VPN connections on your Apple TV.

Users of iOS and Android can also download apps from Google Play or iTunes stores.Bear in mind though that downloading full versions for different platforms does not mean you access a FREE version of ExpressVPN.

The free trial is only available for iOS devices. To use the VPN on other devices, it is imperative to sign up for an account by selecting a subscription!

ExpressVPN Free Account – How to Get A Risk-Free VPN Trial

If you want access to ExpressVPN’s free account, you need to have an iOS device. This could be either your iPhone or iPad.

While the provider does not market its free trial, you can download the dedicated app for iOS from the website or iTunes store.

After installing the software, you will automatically gain access to a 7-day free trial. To continue using the service after the trial, simply click on the “Upgrade” option.

You will have three plans available. If you want the best value, go for the 15-months package. It typically reduces the monthly pricing from $12.95 all the way to $6.67/mo.

This means you will only have to pay $99.95 for the first 15-months and the 12 months thereafter. While some may still consider this expensive, ExpressVPN is worth the money.

ExpressVPN APK Cracked

It is quite evident that ExpressVPN only offers two methods for testing their service. One is the 7-day free trial available with the iOS app.

The second is a 30-day refund guarantee, which you can avail if the service does not meet your needs and requirements.

Therefore, if you come across any website/service, which is providing a so-called CRACKED version for ExpressVPN, do not fall for the fraud!

Such websites always have an ulterior motive that revolves around releasing viruses or planting malware that may steal private data.

ExpressVPN Free Account

Make it a habit to always check the provider’s official offerings to avoid falling into cracked swindles. Also, remember that the max you can find online for leveraging better pricing is discount/coupon codes.

Alternatives for ExpressVPN Free Trial

Since ExpressVPN only offers a free trial on iOS devices, users might be looking for alternatives that give more. I suggest opting for cheap VPN services instead that offer great value.

After all, you can only know the right VPN for your needs and requirements, upon testing their features and overall service, right?

Lucky for you, has conducted an analysis of over 150+ providers to figure out the ones with amazing free trials. Top choices include:

  1. NordVPN – Based in Panama, NordVPN offers great anonymity online, and a 7-day Free Trial to access its complete feature sets, after which you only pay $3.49 monthly!
  2. Zone – The Seychelles-based provider is offering a 3-day free trial to test its service. You gain access to all 141 locations but will have to deal with a 1GB data limit.
  3. HideMyAss – Located in the UK, HMA is a renowned VPN service. It is currently offering a 7-day free trial with the added benefits of unlimited bandwidth and data!
  4. VPN Hub – Created by PornHub, the infamous VPN Hub service might be new, but continues to grow quickly. Just like the above, you have a 7-day trial available.
  5. VyprVPN – The Switzerland-based provider is famed for its performance when streaming and P2P/Torrenting. It is offering users a 3-day free trial!

What Real Users Have Experienced about ExpressVPN Free Trial

ExpressVPN enjoys quite the solid reputation in the marketplace. Of course, there are some users that might have had a bad experience, but most reviews are often positive. A simple look at the tweets below will give you a good idea about the reliability of the provider!

Alternatives for ExpressVPN Free Trial

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you understand more about the “Free Trial” offering of ExpressVPN. To summarize, you only have a 7-day testing period on iOS devices. For other platforms, you can only avail the 30-day refund guarantee.

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