VPN Baron Review

The VPN Industry is fast becoming extremely cluttered as new providers are springing up every single day. And while the biggest, VPN providers hog all the limelight, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify and promote services who don’t operate on a big scale, yet are incredibly efficient at what they do.

VPNBaron is one such service which a majority of VPN users might not know of, yet it is offering an incredibly efficient and fast service that we definitely felt the need to describe more about.

So here is the full-fledged review of VPNBaron containing insights on its pricing, features, unblocking capabilities and more by BestVPN.co!


VPN Baron Pricing Review

First things first, one of the most important decisions that can either promote a positive or a negative perception of a certain service is how its pricing compares to the value it offers.

We at BestVPN.co, are not stingy with our pricing sensibilities at all and we don’t want to promote the notion that only the cheapest vpn prices are the best prices. Just take a look at ExpressVPN, which has one of the highest priced pricing plans in the industry, but boy do they offer great value in return or what.

VPNBaron offers three pricing plans currently, which are quite peculiarly named after some popular ornamental metals:

  • The Bronze Plan: $11.99/month billed once
  • The Silver Plan: $8.33/month ($49.98 billed once)
  • The Gold Plan: $5.99/month ($71.99 billed once)

vpnbaron pricing review


All of these plans offer the same features except for the number of multiple log-ins you can get. The Bronze plan will let you use the service on just one device at a time, the silver plan will let you use the VPN on 2 devices simultaneously and the gold plan will allow you up to 3 simultaneous log-ins.

Coming back to the pricing, the monthly plan is a bit overpriced in our view as the features offered like 32 servers, one device log-in, unlimited bandwidth, Netflix unblocking among others, don’t allow you to charge such a high price. These are good features, but there are no out of the ordinary features, so we will downvote the monthly plan as undesirable.

The Silver Plan, which costs the user $8.33/month is better than the monthly plan definitely in terms of affordability and the user can definitely opt for it but it lies in the middle ground between affordability and expensiveness.

But one thing to note here is that VPNBaron’s 6-month plan is well priced if we compare it similar plans by equal competitors. So if you want to opt for a good enough VPN service for a short duration, you should definitely consider the plan.

The Gold Plan is VPNBaron’s best plan by a good distance, as it offers the service at just $5.99/month, making it appear the most valuable deal out of the lot. The subscription period of this plan is 12 months, so the overall price that you have to pay is quite good as compared to the value you are extracting out of the service.


VPNBaron Payment Methods and Refund Policy Review

With the immense variety of payment methods that users exercise these days to pay for things they buy online, its becoming imperative for services to offer as many payment methods as they can in order to facilitate users in the payment process.

VPNBaron’s payment method offering is simple to describe it succinctly. You can for the pricing plans through credit cards, Paypal or even cryptocurrencies. VPNbaron allows its, users, to pay in 10 different cryptos including Bitcoin, therefore ensuring that users have an anonymous payment option at their disposal.

VPNBaron Payment Methods and Refund Policy Review


However, if you pay through cryptocurrencies, you can’t secure a refund, which is what the standard industry practice is on crypto payments. VPNBaron says that you can claim a refund within 7 days with no questions asked, but as reviewers, we don’t settle for things unless we dig into the details and that’s exactly what we did.

We went to read their terms of service, which clearly mentioned that the refund will be only valid if you’ve used less than 10 GB of data or have done fewer than 50 sessions with the VPN.


In our view, this limitation would only allow us to secure a refund in the first 5 days, because as heavy users, we would have exhausted our limits by now, so if you are thinking of subscribing to this VPN, you will need to a quick decision on whether to stay or ask for a refund until its too late to do that.


VPNBaron Client and Security Features Review

We are a big fan of good VPN clients that don’t just offer us an interface to access the service’s features from but do actually feel like they are making the service come alive. This depends majorly on the work gone into the UI and UX development of the VPN clients.

We seriously dislike cluttered clients that have one too many options and features but we were relieved to see that VPNBaron’s Windows client wasn’t one of them.

With a clean, smooth, light interface, the Windows VPN client was a breeze to use and we could easily switch our servers, access the killswitch functionality and turn the client on or off without breaking too much of a sweat.

But VPNBaron’s best feature, by a fair distance, has got to be the security it affords to its users. When we reviewed its privacy policy, we were surprisingly pleased to know that this VPN is GDPR compliant and it doesn’t keep any user logs whatsoever.

It only collects information on active connections so as to limit the number of simultaneous connections as per its policy, but we don’t count this as keeping logs by any means.

VPNBaron supports the OpenVPN protocol, but you can also opt for L2TP and IKEV2 protocols if you want to, so the protocol options are quite comprehensive.

For mobile devices, the Ikev2 protocol has a VPN-On-Demand functionality that allows the user to stay secure irrespective of whether it stays on the same connection or switches it.

The provider can also work perfectly fine towards unblocking the Chinese Firewall which is immensely useful for all those users who wish to travel to the country soon.

For this purpose, it has an anti-deep package inspection protection over SSL and OBSFProxy, therefore making the security apparatus holistically immaculate towards performing the job of protecting the user’s privacy and anonymity immaculately.


VPNBaron Unblocking Review

The benchmark for Top VPN services these days is how well they unblock geo-restricted sites, especially the ones for streaming. In today’s world, users demand ever more access to global content and they will easily opt for services that can open up geo-restrictions for them as easily as possible.

And from now onwards, you need to count another name on the list of VPNs that can actually stand true to their word in performing this task i.e. VPN Baron, this provider is fast enough to support streaming and it unblocks major streaming sites like Netflix.

VPNBaron offers dedicated streaming servers for those users who want to unblock Netflix US and when we tested these servers out, we found out that the service does indeed work extremely well towards performing the aforementioned task.

And mind you, unblocking Netflix is no mean feat as the site has a VPN Ban in force which renders a high majority of VPNs useless for the purpose. So we can assuredly say that VPNBaron does have a high-quality team, the resources and above all, the dedication to provide users with the best experience.

We tested the service to unblock Netflix US and you can see that Ex-Machina, sci-fi movie only available in the US, doesn’t appear in the results without the VPN connection.


But, when we connected to the dedicated streaming server by VPNBaron, Netflix US was unblocked and we could finally access Ex-Machina.

The only thing lacking in VPNBaron’s unblocking capabilities is that its functionality is limited to desktop devices like Windows, Linux, and Mac but it doesn’t work on mobile devices which is a bummer as many users opt for mobile to satiate much of their streaming needs. VPNBaron needs to add mobile functionality for Netflix Unblocking as soon as it can to ensure that its service remains competitive.


VPNBaron Support Review

The only thing that let us down with VPNBaron was the non-existence of a live chat support feature as the provider offers support through email only till now. This can make the process cumbersome for most users as they require speedy solutions to their problems. Email support doesn’t specify a certain time of reply and this allows uncertainty to creep in.

The email support feature does offer replies within an hour or two at max and the attention to detail has definitely been more personalized than one gets in a live chat support feature, but in this fast day and age, users want convenient solutions more than comprehensive ones.

Still, it’s not something that should stop you from subscribing to this service as its menial compared to the other powerful features and user security afforded to a user by VPNBaron.

But apart from this, we found that the provider does offer plenty of easily understandable tutorial videos along with step by step guides that offer users with plenty of solutions to the most common and some not-so-common problems.

So if you have an issue with the lack of live chat support and email seems too long a process to continue with, you can head over to their knowledge base page in order to get streamlined solutions on resolving most of your queries.


VPNBaron has some small flaws but most of them get overpowered in the light of the amazing benefits that this service offers. Its fast, light, efficient and packed with great features to provide a worthwhile VPN experience.

We recommend that you try out the service at least once as we know that standards of quality maintained by the provider probably won’t disappoint you ever.

It’s a smaller service as compared to the bigger providers out there but it can stand tall amongst them due to its robustness and user-centricity at its heart. Do try it out and tell us about your experience in the comments thread below!