PureVPN Netflix – Is it Really Capable of Unblocking Netflix US?

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
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Netflix is the world’s largest streaming service at the moment, offering the best collection of TV shows, movies, kids content and much more. But do you know that Netflix is geo-restricted and it offers different content catalogues in different countries?

That’s correct, Netflix isn’t the same in every country and the best library offered by the service is the US library. But since its geo-restricted and Netflix has also enforced a VPN ban on the site, only the best VPN service can allow you to reliably unblock Netflix US.

This time round, we are conducting a PureVPN review of how well it woks on Netflix, and checking out this popular provider’s capabilities to allow us to not just unblock Netflix US but also provides other user friendly features like unlimited bandwidth, dedicated VPN clients and much more.

For a more in-depth analysis of the service’s performance as a Netflix VPN, here is our comprehensive PureVPN Netflix review for 2019:

How to get PureVPN to watch US Netflix?

Acquiring a PureVPN subscription in order to use it to unblock and watch Netflix US is a pretty straightforward process and you can get done with it in under a minute. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN.
  2. Once you have signed up, you will receive your VPN credentials, i.e. your VPN username and password in your email inbox.
  3. Download the VPN client for your OS. PureVPN offers a wide range of dedicated VPN apps for all popular OS and many niche devices, so finding the one for your OS is a straightforward task.
  4. Install the VPN client on your system and login using your user credentials.
  5. Connect to a working US server. As mentioned above when I was explaining the VPN ban, PureVPN often keeps changing its servers that are dedicated for unblocking Netflix US, so it would be great if you could ask the live chat support for the exact server to unblock Netflix US
  6. Open Netflix.com and enjoy the best shows, titles, and movies from the US library which is the best Netflix library among them all!
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PureVPN Dedicated IP Netflix

You must’ve understood the Netflix VPN ban by now. So, let me tell you that there are two ways to go past it.

Firstly, you can use PureVPN’s usual Netflix unblocking service i.e. through exclusively shared servers that are part of the original server park.

Secondly, by getting a dedicated IP VPN for yourself.

A dedicated IP is more useful for purposes like Netflix unblocking and that’s because, if you subscribe to this service, you will get an IP that will solely be used by you, thereby decreasing the chances of Netflix identifying it as a VPN enabled IP.

Can you stream Netflix in China using PureVPN

Dedicated IP is fast becoming a big preference for people looking to unblock streaming sites with VPN bans as they encounter fewer problems and interruptions with that.

Yes, it’s a bit expensive to get one as it comes as an add-on with the regular plans, but the amount of reliability you will get with it is unmatchable.

You can subscribe to a dedicated IP as an add-on by PureVPN for Netflix unblocking in just $3.99/mo.

PureVPN’s Dedicated IPs are present in the following countries and each one has to be bought separately:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Malta
  6. UK
  7. Singapore
  8. USA
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How to check PureVPN Netflix Working Properly?

How to check PureVPN Netflix Working Properly

While many other VPN sites which include similar instructions will tell you that you need to conduct DNS tests and other technical tests in order to check whether a VPN is working for Netflix US or not, I don’t recommend such things, because they will waste your time.

Here is when I connected to the US server on PureVPN. You can see in the image below that my connection was now being routed easily from New York, US.

Now, to check whether PureVPN or any other VPN is working perfectly towards unblocking US, you only need to do one thing i.e. search for content that is not available outside the US. If it comes up during the search and it is playing perfectly fine, then PureVPN is working perfectly.

purevpn netflix ip address

Let me give you a list of shows and movies here that will help you in determining whether you are in the US library at the moment on Netflix or not:

  1. Quantico
  2. Peaky Blinders
  3. Finding Dory
  4. Marvel’s Agent

In this image below, you can see that when we searched for Quantico without connecting to a US server from PureVPN, the show didn’t turn in the search results.

Netflix shows

And here is an image of the search results for the same query, but after turning on PureVPN! Quantico is now appearing the search results.purevpn netflix real testing


How to bypass Netflix Throttling by your ISP?

Ever experienced the sensation while using the internet that your connection doesn’t go up from a certain speed? This threshold is where ISPs are putting the bar on the internet speed available to you.

Throttling is one of the biggest bummers for me and a lot of other people out there, especially while streaming. That’s because, if the speed of the internet connection is slow, internet experience, including streaming, becomes pathetic to say the least.

Bypassing speed throttling by ISPs gains even more importance when you are using Netflix as streaming requires high speed in order to provide you with HD video quality.

But don’t worry yet as PureVPN can easily allow you to bypass throttling as it secures your internet connection through way of encryption. This makes your ISP incapable of tracking whether you are using Netflix or not, so it can’t throttle your internet connection.
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Why use PureVPN Netflix?

As I’ve told you earlier in this review as well, PureVPN is a top VPN service and its doing a commendable job of providing its subscribers with stellar unblocking capabilities, not just for Netflix US but for other geo-restricted streaming sites like Hulu as well.

Sure this VPN has had its fair share of controversies and guffaws, which have made many of its previous users turn up disappointed of its service. But, to its great credit, PureVPN has bounced back resoundingly, especially in the past one year.

Why use PureVPN Netflix?

Here are the features offered by PureVPN that makes it a perfect choice for a Netflix VPN:

  1. Multiple dedicate clients will allow you to easily run the VPN for unblocking Netflix on almost all popular and niche devices. From the Windows app to the Firestick app, there is no dearth of choice when it comes to powering compatibility for user ease by PureVPN
  2. PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to binge as many shows and movies as you want, without fear of you running out of the VPN’s coverage
  3. It offers the excellent live chat support feature which will allow you to get all kinds of troubleshooting support that you might need. For e.g. if you want to know the working US server to connect to for unblocking Netflix US, you can ask the live chat support anytime for it
  4. There’s a 31-day money-back guarantee being offered on all of its pricing plans so in case that you don’t like the service or its performance, you can get your money back easily
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PureVPN Netflix Not Working:

Sometimes, you might run into trouble when trying to unblock Netflix US using PureVPN. These issues and problems are quite common and don’t point towards any sort of alarming situation. Even when using other VPNs, you will encounter many of these same problems.

Here is a list of such common problems of Netflix not Working and how to workaround them to get back to streaming:

Check your internet speed to see whether its goods enough to keep Netflix streaming running. If you are getting a slow speed, Netflix’s website will open and you will be able to browse through shows and movie files but they wont play. When the speed is down, ask you internet service provider to check whether there is any trouble with the connection or not

Update your PureVPN VPN client by checking for notifications within the app

Ask the live chat support whether they have changed the US server reserved for Netflix unblocking. If yes, then get the new server information and connect to it

Disable your anti-virus or any other security software that you might be running as it can interfere with your VPN connection.

Why Netflix Bans VPN?

For those of you who are not aware of what VPN bans actually are and why do they exist, you need to first know that the content on nearly all streaming websites out there is usually bound by copyright laws.

These copyright laws stipulate and define the territories and regions where the content can be legally aired or made available. Any attempts to access that content from outside the regions its available in, are viewed as violations of the copyright laws.

Streaming websites like Netflix place geo-restrictions on content so as to keep themselves within the legal frames of protecting the copyright laws that accompany the content.

But since VPNs can be easily used to bypass these geo-restrictions, many streaming websites initiated an additional blockade on their websites known as a “VPN ban”. This VPN ban disallows VPN enable internet connections from accessing geo-restricted content on these websites, serving the purpose of protecting copyright laws well.

This VPN ban is quite a recent phenomenon and it was mostly initiated after 2015 by major streaming sites. But none of these streaming sites has as strong a VPN ban as Netflix and rightly so, because Netflix is, by a distance, the world’s largest streaming site and hosts thousands of titles, shows and movies which are geo-restricted by copyright laws.

The Netflix VPN ban is exceedingly sophisticated in recognizing VPN enabled internet connections and although there are lot of technicalities involved in enforcing such a ban effectively, the major part of this ban works by identifying too many connections emanating from either a single server or very similar IP addresses.

Purevpn netflix

Most people suspect that Netflix even uses user registration data, payment details and other personal means to match its internet connection with what the user’s actual location should be in order to make the VPN ban stronger, but till now, this is just talk and no one has proof of this.

So coming back to servers being used as identification points by Netflix for enforcing its VPN ban, this step has made almost every other VPN provider useless in unblocking Netflix US or Netflix UK and the like.

This leaves very few VPN providers that you can trust on to access geo-restricted Netflix US content and among these names are providers like PureVPN..

This makes PureVPN a top contender as a vpn mainly because it’s the cheapest vpn among all the top VPNs that can actually unblock Netflix. Its prices are almost half or even lower than that compared to other VPN providers that offer the same functionality in unblocking Netflix reliably.

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People Also Ask:

Can you stream Netflix in China using PureVPN?

PureVPN does manage to unblock Netflix across the whole world generally and it even does so in China. But do remember that you need to download PureVPN from outside China before going in to the country, because the provider’s site is banned in the country.

Which VPN works with Netflix if PureVPN doesn’t?

PureVPN does work with Netflix but if you are looking for alternatives then some top of the line providers for this task are ExpressVPN Netflix, NordVPN Netflix, Surfshark and some others. Zenmate is the only free VPN which unblocks Netflix through its Romania Server

How do I turn off PureVPN Proxy or Unblocker?

If you are using PureVPN proxy through the Chrome Extension, then simply click on its icon on the top right of your browser and flip the connection button to “OFF” to turn the proxy off.


Let’s conclude our PureVPN Netflix review in short. PureVPN is a well-rounded VPN service and is nearly perfectly suited for your Netflix unblocking needs. The VPN ban on the Netflix site is becoming increasingly stringent and sophisticated by the day so trusting the right provider, like PureVPN, is a must if you want access the Netflix US library from anywhere in the world.

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