Setup Dedicated IP VPN in 2 Minutes for Torrenting and Gaming

Hamza Shahid November 07, 2018

With internet laws getting strict day-by-day, people are more concerned about their online privacy than ever, leading to an increase of VPN users around the world. Though this is a good sign, many websites around the world that impose geo-restrictions are starting to recognize individuals unblocking content via a VPN. This is a result of using shared IPs, which leads to multiple users around the world, appearing in the same location.


Dedicated IPs Finder – Get a Private IP Instantly!

Dynamic IP addresses may get blocked, creating great trouble for those who want to bypass geo-restrictions or engage in P2P/Torrenting. This is why it is advised to go for Best Dedicated IP VPN. You can find them via this tool from that allows users to find dedicated IPs by Country, Price, and Provider, reducing the hassle of finding a reasonably-priced static IP that works for you!




What is a Dedicated IP VPN?

A Dedicated/Static IP address is an internet address exclusively assigned to a single account or one particular user. This means, if you have a dedicated IP, it will only be available for use to YOU – as compared to Shared IPs that give the same address to multiple users at the same. While it does not offer the highest level of anonymity, static IPs are a good choice for avid-travelers that engage in online banking, want access to their local network, or simply need to mask their identity, without being blocked!

Dedicated IP VPN

What is Static IP Address VPN?

A Dedicated IP address is an internet address exclusively assigned to a single account or one particular user. In other words, dedicated IP VPN can only be utilized by a single user and at the same time, this aspect should be kept in mind that these IP addresses do not provide the highest level of anonymity but offer numerous other benefits to its owner. You can also watch Netflix using a dedicated IP VPN.


13 Best Dedicated IP VPN Services for 2018

While it is true that dedicated IPs may not deliver the same privacy, they are necessary especially for unblocking websites, which have special protocols in place to recognize a shared IP used by multiple users. Giving a static IP is also a common practice in organizations that deal with sensitive information, as they offer the better security of data than dynamic counterparts do. Are you looking for the Best Dedicated IP VPN Services? Try out the providers below analyzed by the specialists at!


1. TorGuard Dedicated IP

After putting in around 24 hours to review TorGuard, we came to the conclusion the VPN offers remarkably fast dedicated IPs. Based in the US, TorGuard may not seem like a trustworthy option to many, as the providers’ location requires it to comply with issue warrants and gag orders by government investigations. However, the provider clearly states that it adopts a no usage or connection logs policy and is transparent in revealing that they only record your billing information. If you sign up with Bitcoin though, you can feel assured you receive the utmost level of anonymity at all times.

Since TorGuard is aware that its users may not sign up with the VPN, due to being based in the US, it even states, “Our legal representation at the moment is comfortable with the current corporate structuring in the US, however, we wouldn’t hesitate to move all assets internationally should the ground shift beneath our feet. All of the main billing infrastructure, authentication servers, and engineering staff are already located internationally.” This provides many with the trust necessary to subscribe to the VPN.

TorGuard Dedicated IP

The pricing is quite reasonable with four plans available: anonymous proxy, anonymous VPN, anonymous Email, and the privacy bundle, priced at $5.95, $9.99, $6.95, and $11.54. For the best value, you can opt for the Anonymous VPN package, which comes in various billing cycles with the added incentive of a heavy discount. For instance, you can get a two-year plan for as low as $99.99. Once signed up, you get access to TorGuard Stealth Proxy, 3000+ Servers in 50+ countries, and OpenConnect SSL based VPN.

However, the most impressive trait out of all is TorGuard’s huge list of dedicated IPs, which are divided into two categories: regular and streaming. By far this is the most extensive list of static IPs, we have seen. For those who want to simply browse or engage in online banking, a regular static IP is a good choice. Users wanting to stream, on the other hand, can go with the streaming IP. All the static IPs locations listed below, available at TorGuard are priced at $7.99.

 Germany Spain Italy Singapore London
 Israel Canada Iceland HongKong Belgium
 Hungary Turkey Austria Switzerland Poland
 Luxembourg Bulgaria Latvia Saudi Arabia Greece
 New Zealand Moldova South Korea Czech Republic Denmark

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2. AstrillVPN Dedicated IP

It took us at least two days to successfully analyze the performance of AstrillVPN, and we were qute impressed with the overall offerings and the results of its dedicated IPs. Based in Seychelles, AstrillVPN exists as one of the safest providers in the marketplace, as its strategic location grants it a competitive advantage over others. The VPN is completely away from overreaching governments. Add this to the providers no usage logs policy, and you can feel assured that all your session/connection information is safe from prying eyes of copyright infringement agencies and other cybercriminals. The VPN even offers a remarkable customer support system.

You have an FAQ, troubleshooting page, and 24/7 live chat support. The best part of all: you have apps available for all platforms, which include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Users who want to set up a VPN connection for the entire household, even have AstrillVPN’s own DD-WRT supported RouterPro available, which comes pre-configured with the VPN for boosting security. This is especially handy for users who regularly engage in P2P/File sharing processes or stream pirated content.AstrillVPN Dedicated IP

There are plans available for business and personal use, offering unlimited bandwidth and data, simultaneous connections to 5 devices, VPN servers in 50+ countries, access to OpenVPN, StealthVPN, OpenWeb, L2TP/IPSec, and SSTP protocols, all of which have the capability of boosting your overall anonymity online. Bitcoin payment option is supported for users who choose to remain unknown when signing up with the provider for whatever reasons.

There is even a Smart Mode and Site and App Filter available on the native apps, which makes the overall experience of using the VPN even more amazing and convenient. Pricing starts at $15.90 per month, $69.90 for 6 months, and $99 for an entire year with the ability to choose static IPs for unblocking VoD services or leveraging better online banking security. Each private IP is available for $5.00 per month. The location diversity you have access to, includes:

USA – 34 IPsFrance – 2 IPsItalySwedenDenmark
China – 4 IPsSwitzerlandNorwayFinlandBelgium
Canada – 3 IPsLuxembourgPolandHungaryRomania
United Kingdom – 6 IPsAustraliaRussiaTurkeyJapan
Netherlands – 2 IPsSouth AfricaBrazilKorea

What Went Wrong While Testing Astrill Private IP?

While updating my dedicated IP VPN provider reviews, I noticed something really fishy with Astrill VPN. I was already going to suggest to prospects that Astrill might have been a great privacy option but it’s not anymore.

The sudden & frequent disconnects are one major issue with both Windows and Android apps, leading me to manually configure the service in the end. But it wasn’t until I tested Astrill VPN’s private ip that really ticked my patience.

astrill private ip

Using Astrill’s private IP feature is not bad at all, it works like a gem. The issue leaps out as soon as you disconnect the private IP feature on Windows 7 PCs. As soon as you disconnect you will be greeted by this error for every website:

astrill error

So I began fiddling with my browser options and Windows Control Panel to sorts out the issue myself. To my surprise, there was no help for the issue on the Astrill VPN website. Finally, while going through my browser’s network settings I noticed all the traffic had been routed through the proxy server with no settings configured:

astrill proxy setting

Even after unchecking the options my internet traffic failed to route through the ISPs connection and eventually led me to restart the PC. Once the PC was restarted the internet connection was restored, but every time I use Astrill VPN’s dedicated IP address on Windows 7 I have to go through the same tormenting process.

I discovered another odd anomaly while connected to Astrill VPN’s dedicated IP. I accessed Google and queried websites from the Google cache: including that of my blog. The following screen welcomed me:

astrill google cache

Astrill VPN dedicated IP addresses obviously have an issue while accessing Google’s DNS server, hence, unable to fetch pages from the Google cache. It may seem like irrelevant to a home user but in case you need Astrill for work it probably best to look elsewhere.

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3. NordVPN Dedicated IP

NordVPN almost checks all the boxes of a perfect VPN and after spending around 36 hours in reviewing the provider, we are sure it is a good option for dedicated IPs too. It is a creation of Telecom co S.A, located in Panama, existing as one of the top VPN providers on many review websites – thanks to its exceptional privacy-focused service. Being based in Panama, NordVPN gains a competitive advantage over other services, as the Data Protection Law, actually supports the protection of user information. This guarantees you remain safe when streaming movies/TV shows on Popcorn Time, or downloading Torrents.

To further boost anonymity online, NordVPN imposes a zero LOGS policy, which boosts its credibility – having no such news of the provider sharing user information with government agencies. There are however a few rumors going around that the provider is linked to a data mining firm, yet those claims are still to proven true before we go on to dismantle its reputation. The pricing starts at $11.23 monthly, but there is a two-year plan that allows users to leverage a 72% discount.

NordVPN Dedicated IP

Features include CyberSec, Onion Over VPN, DoubleVPN, Automatic Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, and built-in VPN routers. Only a few providers go the extra mile in offering dual-VPN connections and routers available for creating an entire private network, hence why NordVPN enjoys a good reputation. The provider even offers static IPs to customers with varied pricing for each. The locations you gain access to for dedicated VPN IPs include:

 Albania – $15.80Australia – $7.90 Austria – $15.80
 Belgium – $16.59 Bulgaria – $15.80 Croatia – $19.75
 Cyprus – $15.01 Czechia – $16.59 Denmark – $19.75
 Estonia – $15.80 India – $14.22 Morocco – $15.80
 Finland – $18.96 Ireland – $18.17 Netherlands – $16.59
 France – $15.80 Italy – $17.38 New Zealand – $11.85
 Germany – $15.01 Japan – $6.32 Norway – $19.75
 Greece – $18.96 Latvia – $16.59 Poland – $18.17
Saudi Arabia – $3.95Serbia – $15.80United Kingdom – $15.80
 Hungary – $21.33 Lithuania – $16.59 Romania – $15.01
 Iceland – $18.96 Luxembourg – $13.43 Russia – $14.22
Slovenia – $17.38South Africa – $11.06South Korea – $7.90
Spain – $16.59Switzerland – $6.08Turkey – $14.22
Sweden – $19.75Taiwan – $3.95United Arab Emirates – $3.95

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Why Do People Use NordVPN’s Dedicated IPs?

Our review process for testing NordVPNs dedicated IPs do not just end by listing the number of countries available. We put in a little extra effort and contacted their support department to receive precise information about the main purpose for their dedicated IPs. Not all providers are the same, and their convenience may vary, based on what you need to use them for.

We asked NordVPN why most users may opt for using their VPN and for what purpose, to which they replied “As we have a SmartPlay option that works seamlessly for all streaming purposes, dedicated IPs are mostly used by users that need to have a personal static IP. E.g. whitelisting to access the office network, for online-banking etc”

This means, most users use their static IPs for receiving personal security in their offices, at public locations, or while accessing online banking, which is understandable – since the VPN is the preferred choice for many, who want to leverage maximum privacy online. Their Panamanian-location offers a strategic advantage already, and their features further advocate utmost anonymity!


Where Are NordVPN Dedicated IP Users Mostly Based?

It is always good to know where specific VPNs are most popular, as it gives you a better understanding of whether or not, you should take the leap of trusting them. If we do not reach out and ask questions regarding providers, how else would we know what they are best for? So, we have some good news for customers located in the West!

NordVPN dedicated IPs are most popular in the US. And we think there is a good reason for that. The United States of America is overcrowded with hundreds of laws, which allow for government surveillance and strict action against users, who indulge in P2P/Torrenting or streaming of pirated content. VPNs give individuals in the US a chance to show everyone the EAGLE and resume doing what they want on their internet connection via a dedicated IP from another country. Quite amazing!


4. VPNArea Dedicated IP

VPNArea definitely ranks in the list of underrated providers. Reviewing the service for an entire day, made us learn the VPN is highly secure and its static IPs are perfect for unblocking Netflix or engaging in P2P/Torrenting! Located in Bulgaria and hosted in Switzerland, the provider made its way into the market of privacy tools in 2012. Run by Offshore Security EOOD, the VPN is dedicated to offering the utmost level of privacy to customers. So far, we have not heard anything bad about the VPN and many reviews reveal it is safe to use – thanks to the long list of privacy features.

These include servers in 70 countries, simultaneous connections to six devices, and ad blocking. You also have access to all VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, SSL, and IKEv2 (that boosts your speed by 50%). When connecting to different servers, the VPNArea client even displays a “Server Load” monitor, which reveals how busy a particular server is before connecting. There is a speed test feature too that helps users determine the fastest server for them. Unlike other VPNs, the provider even promotes Account Sharing with colleagues/family/friends, perfect for secure home networking.

VPNArea Dedicated IP

If that were not enough, our VPNArea review also unveils that you have the DoubleVPN protocol available, which routes your traffic through two different servers in varied locations to boost your overall privacy. This makes it almost impossible for any government entity or copyright infringement agency to trace your identity or send you hefty DMCA notices. Since Bitcoin is available as a payment option, users can also feel assured that they stay completely anonymous when signing up with VPNArea.

For subscribing, you have a single plan available, divided into three different categories by duration: $9.90 per month, $50 for three months, and $59 for 12 months. For an additional cost, the provider even offers Dedicated IPs for users, who need access to streaming websites or simply want to ensure they stay safe when accessing their banking information on public Wi-Fi networks. Though the location variety needs improvement, for now, you have access to static IPs in the following:

UK – $30
Canada – $30
Sweden – $40
Australia – $44
Germany – $30
Romania – $30
Hong Kong – $40
Netherlands – $30
USA (CA, TX, DC, NY, GA, WA) – $20

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Why Do People Use VPNArea’s Dedicated IPs?

Similar to how we asked the above providers regarding what their dedicated IPs are famous for, we also contacted the support team at VPNArea, as part of our comprehensive review process. The provider gave quite the detailed response, “We can’t say with certainty for what purposes people use our IPs, since we don’t monitor or survey our members regarding their activity”

“Based on general inquiries about our IPs, some clients use them for business purposes, to access their corporate servers, as a static IP is required. Others utilize them to access games or web sites that also require clean IP reputation or strict firewall whitelisting. Playing poker, maintaining clean reputation on game servers are also among reasons people purchase a dedicated IP”

VPNArea also stated that since they provide every Dedicated IP owner with a private VPN server, many people buy their IPs in order to have the exclusivity of using a single server on their own. This made us a little curious as to why is there such a gap in streaming or unblocking Netflix or other VoD service, so we did not hesitate on asking them.

They responded by saying, “One reason why people don’t buy IPs to unblock VoD services like Netflix is that they have stopped being dependent on static IPs long time ago, probably 2 years now. What Netflix and other similar streaming platforms do is, they block entire IP ranges in the thousands, unless the Geo IP from databases like MaxMind or IP2Location indicate the IP is owned by legitimate ISPs”

“Luckily we have special, shared VPN servers in our network that do provide our users with access to that and other streaming service. Every dedicated IP owner has access to our shared VPN network, so they don’t need a dedicated IP to gain access to their favorite platform.” We were quite impressed by the way VPNArea talked about its service. They gave quite an in-depth answer based on the general questions they get asked about IPs. A big thumbs up to the provider!


Where Are VPNArea’s Dedicated IP Users Mostly Based?

As mentioned earlier, knowing where a particular service is popular and for what purpose is crucial to the research process of potential customers, as it gives them insider-info that the VPN may meet their needs and demands. Upon asking VPNArea regarding where most of their Dedicated IP users are based, they responded saying, “We see a high demand for IPs in USA, European countries and Australia as well, among all others”

Now, we are all quite aware about the conditions in USA, which prompt restricted users to invest in a static IP for receiving the utmost level of anonymity. However, this is quite an interesting insight that users around European and Australian countries too have started to take their privacy seriously. Bear in mind even places where the government does not allow for user surveillance is under risk of 24/7 monitoring! The internet is no longer a safe place, if you want to leverage privacy!


5. BolehVPN Dedicated IP

Another name not commonly found on review websites, BolehVPN is quite the interesting provider. After analyzing the service for a day, we learned its dedicated IPs are actually amazing to use for bypassing geo-restrictions or unblocking VoD services. Founded in 2007, BolehVPN is another underrated provider. Even after being in the industry for 9 years, the provider still has not improved its server listing, which is quite a problem, especially after taking a look at the hefty pricing. However, this does not mean that the provider sucks completely! It is actually quite a reliable VPN, which takes your privacy and anonymity very seriously.

Based in Seychelles, the VPN enjoys freedom from repressive governments that demand the monitoring of users and impose mandatory data retention laws. The provider also has offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, strictly for business processes. For now, the provider only has servers in 13 countries, but they offer remarkable security via 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption with SHA-512 hash authentication and RSA-2048. Users even have Perfect Forward Secrecy via a Diffie-Hellman-4096 key exchange.

BolehVPN Dedicated IP

The best part of all: the support of the provider is quite user-friendly and responsive. This means you can always make sure to receive the relevant assistance if you encounter any issues. You will have to go through delays though since the VPN still has to include live chat and telephone support. For dedicated IPs, BolehVPN is famous for only being available in ONE location. Though this may not sound attractive to many, the Luxembourg location is quite secure and reliable.

We have tested the IP and received outstanding speeds and security with no WebRTC/IPv6 Leaks, which can often hinder your online anonymity. Besides, not many providers offer static IPs, so just the offering of a single one is not bad to set it apart from the competition. Pricing starts at $3.70 for 7 days, $9.99 for 30 days, $16.99 for 60 days, $44.99 for 180 days, and $79.99 for 365 days. However, these rates are only visible and available to NEW users to the BolehVPN service.

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6. PureVPN Static and Dedicated IP

Reviewing PureVPN did not take us much time at all. The provider has an established presence in the marketplace, boasting quite a lot of handy features while trying its best to compete with names like ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. Operated by GZ Systems based in Hong Kong, PureVPNs focus, however, is more towards the budget-friendly side. The VPN service is incredibly cheap starting at a low $2.95 per month, if you opt for the 1-year plan, saving you 73% in total.

If you want to test out the service, you have a reliable 31-day refund guarantee available. For subscribing to the VPN, you can pay via Cashu, Bitcoin, Payment Wall, AliPay, BlueSnap, PayPal, and various others. What sets PureVPN apart from the competition? It’s ability to be cost-effective, while still offering amazing features like IPv6 and DNS Leak Protection, Anti-DPI, DDoS Protection, Automatic Kill Switch, SOCKS5 Proxy, Split Tunneling, DoubleVPN, and various others.

purevpn static ip address



  1. A network of 2000+ servers across 141 Countries
  2. Prices starting from as low as $2.95/month
  3. The brilliant new range of apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  4. Absolute Zero data & activity logging policy
  5. Split tunneling feature
  6. 5 Multi logins facility
  7. Internet Killswitch
  8. 24/7/365 Customer Support


  1. No free trial
  2. Strict Refund Policy


The service even goes the extra mile in offering dedicated IPs to customers around the world. Regardless of which package you opt for, you can get a static IP for as low as $1.99 per month! For added security and anonymity online, PureVPN even offers Personal IPs with DDoS Protection for $2.95. Locations, where you can get static IPs from the provider at cheap costs, include:

Personal IPs Pricing

  1. UK
  2. US
  3. Malta
  4. Canada
  5. Germany
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Australia
  8. Singapore

Dedicated IPs (DDoS Protection)

  1. France
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. Australia
  5. Netherlands
  6. New Zealand
  7. US and UK

PureVPN Dedicated IP Netflix

We were a little hesitant on purchasing PureVPNs dedicated IP, as we heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. However, after looking at the immensely cheap costs, we decided to check it out (do not judge us for analyzing our budget :p). Fortunately, everything worked out quite smoothly, and we were able to unblock the American Netflix using PureVPN’s US Static IP. The speeds were impressive, no buffering issues whatsoever, and it’s been two days of binging, yet no blocking of our IP.

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7. HideMyAss Dedicated IP

HideMyAss VPN is one of the vintage brands in the industry with a customer base bypassing its top 2 competitors put together. A network of over 900 global servers across 190+ countries, 12,000 IP addresses to choose from and the addition of static IP services make HMA VPN a great option for users in Europe.

Dedicated IP addresses are available on every regional server the provider caters to. To inquire about static IP addresses and HMA services simply complete this form and apply for one. Do remember it’s not free and will cost you above the cost of the VPN server itself.

hidemyass static ip vpn


  1. User-friendly setup guides
  2. Huge presence of servers worldwide
  3. 30 days money back guarantee


  1. Customer support needs massive improvement
  2. Volatile & slow speeds reported by users at times
  3. The software is a bit complex for new VPN users
  4. One of the worst data retention policies needs a massive overhaul

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Dedicated IP VPN Free

We mostly discourage our users from opting for FREE providers, as they are usually quite tricky to sign up with, especially with the increase of VPN-scams. Even some of the most prominent names have been caught with odd links to data mining firms, eradicating that trust factor in many. Nevertheless, this does not fight the need of some users, who might just need a dedicated IP for a few minutes of work. Now, while you cannot necessarily get a Static IP for FREE, you can use a proxy service in replacement.

However, where these services change your in-browser IP address, which allows for the unblocking of websites – they do not offer you GOOD security. Most proxies just shift your location but leave your data and privacy vulnerable. This is because they do not come equipped with encryption protocols that protect your incoming/outgoing traffic. If you have understood the risks that come with these solutions, but still want to use them, refer to the best proxies list below:

  1. Tuxler
  2. US Proxy
  3. Proxy Rotator
  4. Lime Proxies
  5. Blazing Proxies
  6. TunnelBear


Providers that Do Not Offer Dedicated IPs

When it comes to finding the best Dedicated IPs to use for unblocking VoDs or engaging in P2P/Torrenting, users will come across hundreds of options. However, it is imperative to do your research before signing up, as some may not offer dedicated IPs, despite being marketed on different review websites (pointing towards lack of research).

Below, we have added a list of providers that do not offer Dedicated IPs. We also describe the details, which led to the confusion of them selling static IP addresses to users:



You can find many search queries on Google regarding VyprVPN and its dedicated IP offerings. However, the second we reviewed the actual provider, we realized that they strictly say they use dynamic IPs. You can even find this in their FAQs on the support page, where the provider claims that they do not offer support for static/dedicated IPs. The confusion, we believe, stems from its VyprVPN Cloud service.

This product is only available to businesses, who are looking for a secure VPN solution. It typically offers startups or large corporations to select whether or not they want a dedicated server for complete privacy, especially when sharing files, from all over the world. The VyprVPN Cloud even allows for the connection between existing apps and programs, like Confluence and Salesforce.

Providers that Do Not Offer Dedicated IP

You can easily add multiple servers too for your Sales, DEV, and QA teams, as each account comes with 10 concurrent connections, with additional connections for purchase. Therefore, the dedicated business server offered in the VyprVPN Cloud is what has actually lead to the confusion about Golden Frog’s creation, providing dedicated IPs for sale.

This in no way indicates that VyprVPN is useless though. A service is a great option for those demanding high speeds and performance when streaming or engaging in P2P/Torrenting. It even uses advanced features like Chameleon Technology, which boost overall security and make it easier to unblock firewalls in places like China, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, etc.



Based in California, StrongVPN is another provider that has been gaining many searches on Google for “Dedicated IPs”, even though they do not offer any such feature. One reason why many may think that StrongVPN offers static IPs is because the service has been in the marketplace since 2005. Therefore, it tends to be one the oldest VPN services, which unfortunately suffered with stunted growth.

Over the years, StrongVPN still offers a limited range of 650+ servers in 26 countries and 46 cities. The provider does claim that it offers 59,000 shared and dedicated IPs. However, upon digging further into the VPN, we realized there was no way for you to buy a static IP address. Usually, VPNs list private IPs as an extra feature with the pricing differing, depending on the location you want a static IP for.

StrongVPN Dedicated IP

Therefore, if you are looking for a dedicated IP, particularly from StrongVPN, you may be misled. For other purposes like unblocking VoD services, protecting your identity, and engaging in P2P/Torrenting, StrongVPN tends to be extremely useful. Add this to the selection of “Best Available Location” and you can feel assured to connect to fast and reliable servers around the world.

Pricing starts at $10 per month, which is quite expensive, considering the limited features/tools in comparison to other hit providers in the marketplace. However, if you want to receive the best value, you can opt for the yearly package. The plan typically gives users a 42% discount, reducing the monthly costs to $5.83. This totals to $69.99 every 12-months, which is quite budget-friendly to say the least.


Static IP VPNs to Avoid

Users now have a good idea about the Best Dedicated IP VPNs. They also have good knowledge about the providers that do not offer static IPs. However, what about static IP VPNs that you are supposed to avoid? Well, makes sure to cover all angles of privacy. Do not worry, we will not let phony services let your hard-earned money go to waste. Refer to the list below for static IP VPNs to avoid.


VPN Static IP

When searching for static IPs, you are most likely to come across this website. It is imperative that you avoid using the service. Bear in mind that you must always go for reputed services with an established reputation. VPN Static IP does not have much of a reputation and often suffers from downtimes. That is a poor sign for a website that claims to offer good privacy via Personal IPs.

Add this to the ambiguity of the entire service, and things get a little paranoid. The provider provides little to zero information about the encryption and protocols available. Users simply cannot risk their identity, without having proper knowledge about security protocols. At least till VPN Static IP manages to fix these problems, we would strictly advise not to use their dedicated IPs.


Static VPN IP

If the name could not be more generic (to rank better on Google), there is another dedicated IP provider currently gaining quite the rep. It goes by the name Static VPN IP. While the website is designed quite well, the problem with using their static IPs is that you need to set them up manually. Yes, some might consider this to be something good. However, manual setups can usually get quite complicated.

You only have apps available for Windows and iPhone. At the same time, just like the website mentioned above, Static VPN IP does not provide information about their security protocols. We analyzed the entire website. The only thing we could figure out is that the provider supports PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN connections. Apart from that, there is not much information available to trust the service.


Dedicated VPN Router

If watching pirated movies or download files via P2P/Torrenting is a common thing in your household, then you may constantly be worrisome about your digital privacy. After all, even if one device gets caught streaming or downloading pirated content, you have to pay hefty DMCA fines. To avoid this, users opt for setting up a VPN router with a dedicated IP address. Some providers do offer their own customized routers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.


Best Static IP Address VPN Services for USA

Although there are numerous VPN providers available with US servers, not all offer dedicated IP addresses with their VPN services. Below are the top 3 VPN providers offering best-dedicated IP services on selected servers:

1. PureVPN
2. Astrill VPN

Hong Kong based PureVPN offers dedicated IP addresses in 8 US cities including San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington. Currently, all PureVPN dedicated IP addresses are available for $1.99/month.

Not all VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses since they limit the anonymity that can be offered to a VPN user. We have compared dedicated IP addresses with shared IPs, listed the top benefits of dedicated IP addresses and reviewed the top 3 dedicated IP VPN addresses to better understand their importance.

best dedicated ip vpn


Best Dedicated IP VPN Provider for UK

Subscribers in the United Kingdom can choose between PureVPN, Astrill VPN and Hide My Ass to secure dedicated IP addresses. Our suggested best dedicated IP VPN services for UK is PureVPN, offers a huge variety of servers ip from UK such as London, Manchester, Gosport, Leicester, Maidenhead. We tested London server and speed test screenshots are given below: (tested on 8 mbps connection)


uk dedicated ip vpn

Best Static IP VPN Client for Korea

South Korea’s cyberspace operates with fairly relaxed laws but with few limitations including self-censorship online& limits on publishing certain content. News, blogs and other content glorifying North Korea or undervaluing the South’s social values is blocked under order from the South Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC). The KCSC blocked 97,095 websites while 24,581 individual web pages were deleted in 2014 alone.

ISPs that do not follow cyber legislation can be punished for up to 2 years in jail, fined up to $9,000 or both. In February 2015, the former South Korean National Intelligence Service Chief, Won Sei-Hoon, was sentenced to three years in prison for directing an online campaign against the current president’s rivals in the December 2012 election.

Other than this, thousands of users shifted from a local messaging provider to international encrypted messengers due to fears of government surveillance. This gives credence to the usage of VPN offer dedicated IP addresses for South Korean netizens.



FlyVPN offers a dedicated IP address in South Korea located in Seoul, providing all unlimited features with the subscription. Subscribers can get a FlyVPN dedicated IP address for Korea with a normal package for an extra $5, so it will be $15/month with a dedicated IP address. Fly VPN is also a “gaming private network” and establishes a specialization for online gamers with lag and data loss issues.

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Best Dedicated IP VPN App for Japan

Japan offers one of the most comforting cyber laws in the world today, but, there are minor violations of user rights, censorship and blocking of content observed. Usually, censorship in Japan is politically instigated bloggers & journalists are not punished for criticism like China. Japanese and K-Pop entertainment are actively blocked to access outside Japan, these include famous anime series, music and soap operas.

This gives rise to the idea of a VPN with static IP addresses for Japan. A dedicated IP address allows users to easily bypass any blocks placed by the Japanese government without being identified. Similarly, those located outside Japan can register a dedicated IP address for Japan to get the latest news, music, shows and other entertainment without worrying about geo-restrictions.

Astrill VPN provides a dedicated IP as an add-on during the sign-up process. Adding a dedicated IP costs $5 per month in addition to the package you choose. The provider has a strict no log policy and unlimited bandwidth. Gaming VPN provider LimeVPN offers dedicated IP addresses for Japan, costing $9.99 per month.


Best Static IP VPN Software for China

Usually, there is no VPN provider in the world that can offer dedicated IP addresses for China. This is largely due to the fact that the Chinese government monitors everything including VPN service providers, hence there is no point signing up for something that is under strict monitoring already.


There are a huge number of shared Chinese IP addresses based in Shanghai & Beijing that you can use. As an alternative, you can always use PureVPN to get dedicated IP addresses from Hong Kong, also a territory of China. PureVPN offers its Hong Kong dedicated IP for an additional $1.99/month (the best cheap vpn deal around), find out more about the service in our review above.

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Best Dedicated IP VPN Company in Malaysia

A growing number of VPN users’ now demand the services of a Dedicated Malaysia VPN IP address all with differing needs. While online gaming and video streaming remain the two top requirements there are those who use dedicated Malaysia IP addresses for routine browsing, business and hosting servers.

DO keep in mind that there are very few providers who offer dedicated VPN IP address for Malaysia. We rifled through the internet and found only two providers that offer Malaysia dedicated IP addresses with their VPN bundle.


  1. MoreVPN: MoreVPN offers local Malaysian dedicated IP addresses for an attractive $20 per month.
  2. SuperVPN: US Based Super VPN one of the few providers that offer dedicated Malaysia IP addresses. The good aspect of SuperVPN is their ability to provide fresh Malaysian dedicated IP addresses, rather than recycling one from previous users’. You can sign up for a dedicated Malaysia IP address with SuperVPN for a $30 per month. Do remember it is an add-on you will be required to buy a regular monthly VPN account first.

For more option check out our list of tested dedicated VPN IP providers above.

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Dedicated IP VPN vs. Shared IP VPN

The IP address is the first point of contact when locating an online user. IP addresses are unique identifiers issued by your ISP to recognize you over a TCP/IP network, just like a post box number. Usually, VPN providers offer “Shared IP Addresses” from their servers. As the name implies, this refers to multiple users around the world, connecting to a single IP – masking your personal identity completely.

Conversely, a Dedicated IP Address uniquely assigns a single IP to one particular user only. This means it is not available for use to anyone else apart from YOU. For instance, you can subscribe to a dedicated IP based in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, or France. Regardless of where you are located in the world, you will get the same IP address, every time you connect through the VPN service.

Dedicated IP VPN vs. Shared IP VPN


Privacy conscious netizens even tend to configure their emails and other communications using only the dedicated IP address. This adds an additional level of security for email &VoIP services in particular, which is not easily achievable by via dynamic IPs, as anyone with the relevant tech-knowledge might be able to send a botnet, which provides all information to them about multiple users.

This leads to many people questioning, which one is the best choice? To be honest, the answer lies in the needs of a VPN user. Those concerned about their anonymity and privacy will go for dynamic IP addresses made available by almost all providers. On the other hand, people more conscious about their personal security, particularly for banking/accessing private data will opt for a static IP, and pay for the extra costs.


How To Access US Netflix with Static IP VPN

While browsing through Reddit I happened to land on a thread discussing issues around accessing the US Netflix library. The sad fact here is that Netflix Inc. has kept its crackdown on VPN users & IP addresses going after launching over 200 Netflix portals across regional cyberspaces. The crackdown has allowed them to monitor and restrict most shared VPN IP addresses, with only a handful of providers able to unblock the US or UK Netflix library.

how to unblock netflix using static ip vpn

Take this user for instance, after his ExpressVPN IP was blacklisted by Netflix he is now considering moving to PureVPN and subscribe with a dedicated or static IP address. This is a great idea though but do remember that static IP addresses are easier to track and blacklist.

PureVPN is a pioneer of the VPN industry known for its constant privacy upgrades and absolutely fabulous seasonal saving offers. The brand has offered dedicated IP addresses since the very beginning and offers a pretty decent 24/7/365 support service in case you have an issue.
During our conversation with PureVPN’s management team we were told that the company constantly updates its IP addresses ensuring that none of the blacklisted addresses remain within their arsenal. PureVPN spokes person established that both shared &static IP subscribers can access their favorite video libraries without having to change provider.
Yes, PureVPN static IP addresses offer exclusive access to the US Netflix library, without being blacklisted. Now do remember that only IP addresses from certain US cities will work with Netflix since most others have been already blacklisted. PureVPN is no exception either since Netflix slams down on every VPN provider that seeks to bypass its stringent geo-restrictions.
Another solution to the Netflix VPN ban is renting your own personal dedicated VPN server and setting up a personal VPN, as this user did, Netflix fanatics can also indulge in what we call SmartDNS servers. These specially setup DNS allow users to actively bypass the Netflix ban by virtually replacing user location and using the provider’s DNS settings rather than Google’s default DNS.


Do I Need a Dedicated IP VPN for Gaming?

joy High-Speed StreamingA static ip with vpn offers more speed while reducing lag for gamers. Since static ip come from a dedicated server, they considerably reduce lag with fewer nodes to connect through. Gamers will notice better connectivity, faster data transfer and less lag compared when connecting through a dedicated VPN server. Since time is immensely important in online games, connecting to a server close to the gaming server will radically reduce lag.

Consider a gamer from Malaysia who wishes to game online with EU gamers. Once connected to a server located either in the UK, Germany or Netherlands, the Malay gamer will experience reduced lag and better connectivity to the gaming server. The dedicated IP address bypasses the nodes between the ISP, gaming servers and your PC providing more stable connections to users.


Dedicated IP VPN for Torrenting and P2p File Sharing

Dedicated IP addresses are static, which simply means they don’t change every time you connect your VPN. Every dedicated IP address is only assigned to 1 user and they tend to be more expensive since the VPN provider is exclusively reserving this address for a single user.

The strange fact about dedicated IP VPN for torrenting is that it both enhances & reduces user security. Since you never share your dedicated IP with anyone there is no chance to have yourself blacklisted unless that’s what you are intending to do. The dangerous fact, however, is that you can be easily traced while downloading copyright torrents with a dedicated IP address.

Although shared IP VPN addresses are faster when downloading torrents, some torrent users do wish to use a dedicated IP VPN for torrenting. The bottom line is that a dedicated IP is unsafe for both downloading and seeding torrents, compared to a shared IP address.

The one reason you would want to use a dedicated IP address is for faster uploads and downloads. Yes, since you are on a reserved dedicated IP VPN server your files will download and upload much faster. Not many VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses, since they are expensive to manage & host. Also, vote for your favorite dedicated IP VPN for torrenting in our Reddit VPN survey.

VPN Recommendation?

NordVPN offers once of the fastest streaming & torrenting networks available from Fastest VPN providers from around the world.

NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses in the United States (Buffalo), Germany (Frankfurt), United Kingdom (Milton Keynes) and Netherlands (Amsterdam) which is absolutely great news. But, the bad news is that all NordVPN dedicated IP addresses for torrenting cost $70 per year, not really a bumper deal if you’re going to get noticed while downloading torrents.

best dedicated ip vpn


Why You Need a Dedicated IP Address VPN?

The internet can sometimes be a selfish place, where even privacy leaders and so-called providers sometimes “shame” other services, just because they offer a different variant. If you explore the internet, you’d find many blogs/guides that directly/indirectly tell you dedicated IPs are useless, and that you should get shared IPs – since that’s what THEY OFFER. believes that it is every users’ rights to be familiar with all aspects of a particular VPN feature, before labeling it bad. So, below we give you a complete picture of the reasons/benefits of using a Dedicated IP Address VPN:


Enjoy High-Speed Streaming

The last thing anybody needs is having to deal with buffering and lags while streaming a movie/TV show, after going through a long day at work. Now, it is pretty much obvious that if you use a dynamic IP server, they will overloaded by multiple users. As a result. you will suffer a substantial decrease in your network speeds, hindering the entire streaming experience.

If you want to enjoy high-speed streaming, then going for a dedicated IP is the best option. This is because the IP is only available to you, and not overloaded by multiple users. As such, there is a zero data traffic ratio as compared to dynamic IPs, which enables entertainment-geeks around the world, to enjoy a fast and smooth browsing and streaming experience – minus the irritating lags/buffering.


Secure Your Online Transactions

Opting for a shared IP is probably the worst option for VPN users, especially if you regularly perform private online transactions. This goes true for expats living in another country, who may need access to their banking details to access their finances. The last thing you need is someone receiving all your financial details, resulting in a great amount of monetary loss.

This is why users are often told to go with dedicated IP VPNs, as they incorporate the highest level of security and privacy needed for money related exchanges. By using a specific static IP address assigned to you, it will also be easier to log into your bank account, and perform whatever action you want to. Static IPs go the extra mile in delivering security for online transactions.


Robust Protection against DDoS

Anybody with relevant hacking knowledge can launch a DDoS attack that can literally corrupt/steal your entire data, if needed. These assaults are most commonly found on public Wi-Fi networks and those engaging in online gaming. The Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS typically attacks a machine or network source to make it unavailable to the host connected to the internet.

However, if you use a Static IP address for a server located in a different country/city altogether, nobody will be able to attack you. Ordinary web connections are vulnerable to congested pathways, creating lags, and deferrals amid gaming and exploring the internet. This helps you receive robust protection against DDoS attacks, as you will most likely appear untraceable to any entity.


Reduced Lag in Online Gaming

Dedicated IP VPNs do not only offer protection against DDoS attacks, but they also help gamers in enjoying an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience, which is free from all types of lags and congested pathways that can hinder network speed. Since the dedicated IP counters the issue of latency and lagging, you will not have to worry about unexpected pauses, when trying to defeat an enemy in a game.

Shared IPs cannot offer the same level of freedom, as multiple users connected on a single network, often leads to poor connection speeds, which actually create more lags and pauses. A dedicated IP also helps users connect to specific high-speed servers in other countries, which allows them to enjoy a quick, slack-free, and uninterrupted gaming experience.


Bypass Blocking of VoD Services

There has been an increase in VoD services blocking VPN users, by monitoring the number of similar IP addresses, which often land up on their website. This is a direct causality of the carelessness of many VPN services, who to sell their own products, forget that shared IPs are easily identifiable. VoD services are very clever and they don’t want users to access licensing content not available to certain regions.

Needless to say, they take these things quite seriously, and now it has become crucial for VPN users to use a dedicated IP – especially if they want to keep returning to a particular VoD service like network. Since you are the only one appearing on a single IP, you can feel assured that your identity remains safe, while you enjoy maximum streaming and unblocking of all geo-restricted websites.


Seamless Authentication Process

When establishing a VPN connection, users often utilize an IP address, shared by other people around the world. While this does do wonders for keeping your identity hidden, it does create some problems relating to authentication. Shared IPs often enter the block list of websites. If you are found using one, this could create authentication issues, or even result in a permanent block from your ID.

This goes true, especially if you indulge in email exchanges or online banking. You will have to constantly go through authentication measures like Google’s annoying reCAPTCHA. Not to mention, you may also risk your private data getting stolen by others on the same IP address. This is why using a dedicated IP address is preferred, especially if you want to access banking information or log into your email.


Security For Business Servers

As business processes lean more towards information technology, users require access to their office servers in meetings, while travelling, at conferences and while demonstrating products & services in different locations around the world. Static IP VPN providers are a great option for business users & workers to safely access their headquarter servers.

Accessing office servers on unsecure public Wi-Fi networks especially those in Airports, coffee shops and even when using 4G mobile networks can be very dangerous to business integrity. EBay, Morrisons, Ashley Madison Dating, the US Internal Revenue Service, Representative (Dem) Hilary Clinton’s email server, the Bank of England and hundreds of very critical businesses have been breached in the past 4 years.

A dedicated IP compounds the security a data or email server allowing only connections made through the dedicated IP address to come through. In case, an employee establishes a connection using an ordinary public IP address, the connection will be denied.

best dedicated ip vpn


Simple Steps to Buy Dedicated IP

Getting a dedicated/static IP does not require any special rocket science. The process is quite simple and just requires you to have the appropriate finances, as the pricing for dedicated IPs are usually separate than that of overall VPN subscription packages. Typically, static IPs are available as an add-on with most VPN services, which impose different pricing for servers in varied locations. Follow the steps below to get started, and get yourself a dedicated IP:

  1. Select any VPN offering dedicated IP.
  2. Go to the VPN providers’ website and subscribe for an account.
  3. Choose the pricing plan that best suits your budgetary requirements.
  4. In the add-ons list, tick the “Dedicated IP” option and select a location.
  5. Select an appropriate payment method and get off the website.
  6. Download and install the relevant native app for your platform.
  7. Setup the VPN, enter the dedicated IP address and hit connect.
  8. Enjoy using the internet securely with an address dedicated solely to you.


Dedicated IP VPN Netflix

While there are many VPNs that smoothly unblock Netflix, there are still problems of downtimes, due to some IP addresses getting blocked. Now, you can find many blogs online that will be lost down providers that will provide you access to Netflix, but in many ways, it is better to opt for a static IP. Though there are no providers offering dedicated IPs for Netflix specifically, you can go for TorGuard’s streaming IPs, priced at $7.99 only, available in 25 locations worldwide.


Dedicated IP VPN UK

The providers listed above offer multiple dedicated IPs in the UK. These include NordVPN, TorGuard, AstrillVPN, and VPNArea, which go the extra mile to meet the location needs of users from all over the world. PureVPN is another name that comes to mind. BolehVPN does provide static IPs, sadly only in one location: Luxembourg.


US IP Address VPN

Not many providers offer dedicated IPs in the first place. Those who did in the past have also opted out of the static IP market, focusing more towards the easier alternative Shared IP. The above names i.e. NordVPN, TorGuard, AstrillVPN, VPNArea, and PureVPN are still solid contributors to the dedicated IP market, so you can feel assured to find a US IP Address.


Dedicated IP VPN Reddit

Reddit exists as one of the most helpful and knowledge-filled communities online, as you can get opinions from experts to industry professionals on a variety of topics, products, and digital services. This includes asking questions about VPN services, as many users are now getting familiar with the importance of these tools to protect your online privacy. Below is an insightful comment from a Redditor, who explains how you can use a shared IP to act like a dedicated IP, so that you can save that extra $12!

Dedicated IP VPN Reddit


How to Setup Dedicated IP VPN Services

Setting up the dedicated IP VPN is not difficult at all if you are previously set up VPN on your devices. Windows users can setup Static IP either through the provider apps available after subscribing to VPN or manually through the Network & Sharing Center. For our test, we subscribed to PureVPN and tested the Dedicated IP feature on Windows and Android.

Windows Setup

Step 1
Install the PureVPN app (if not installed) on your Windows PC. Once installation completes, run the app, it will bring you to the purpose selection screen. Scroll down and choose “I want to use for Remote/DEDI IP”.

Purevpn App

Step 2
Now click the Dashboard link from the left hand menu. Within the Dashboard menu you will see the following choices:

Dedicated IP VPN

Choose the Dedicated IP option, then type in the address for the server you wish to access. I chose a US Static IP when signing up so they gave us a unique dedicated IP server address, now every time we connect using the Dedicated IP VPN feature, we receive the same US Static IP address.

best dedicated ip vpn


Dedicated IP VPN FAQs

When it comes to using dedicated IP VPNs, users around the world might encounter a number of issues, or may just have general queries about the feature. Below we highlight all the common questions:


What is Static IP VPN?

In simple words, a static IP is a VPN service that assigns a single IP to one user only, rather than multiple users, which may lead to poor speeds – due to high server load. These dedicated IPs are a good choice for users who engage in online banking and need a fixed IP for accessing VoD services, which otherwise block dynamic IPs from accessing the website, as they are mostly banned/blocked.


Can Netflix Detect VPN?

Yes, Netflix can indeed detect VPN services. In fact, after the increased usage of these services to unblock the US Netflix version from other countries, the VoD service was found to sign up with a different provider and block their complete IP address list. This is why it is preferred to opt for a dedicated IP, as it is unique as compared to the other IPs you may connect to with a dynamic VPN.


Wrapping Things Up

We hope you enjoyed learning more about dedicated IP services. The information we provided above should give you valuable insight on how static IPs can be advantageous. Do not forget to share the guide with your privacy-conscious friends, who are constantly worried about their online security. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any questions/concerns that need to be put to rest!

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  1. George

    I have a dedicated IP with Pure. I cannot recommend them. It persistently drops. The Kill switch does not work for me. Support continually tells me to switch off my antivirus and reset my firewall – NOT LIKELY. Yesterday I applied their client upgrade and then my browser would not connect. Support told me to change my DNS settings Again why should I just to accommodate their software ? Also when I originally took out the subscription I was told that I had to use L2TP which unless it is L2TP/IPsec is not encrypted. I would prefer open VPN but it seems the server does not support it. Or at least when I have asked I don’t get a clear answer> I will not be renewing and that’s why I looked at this site

  2. cyberghost

    The bottom line is that a dedicated IP is unsafe for both downloading and seeding torrents, compared to a shared IP address.

    What if service is paid bitcoins, does that give another lever of anominity ? I would like to know more details why dedicated IP is unsafe for torrent downloads. thanks

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