Dedicated IP VPN Services in 2020: Get a Private IP Address

Last updated: April 16, 2020
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Dedicated IP VPNs are the ultimate solutions to "working from home" and "remote working" amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Check out these recommendations to get a personal IP address for yourself!

Many users want an extra level of security in a more personalized and stable manner and dedicated IP VPNs or static IPs by VPNs are perfect for that.

Sadly, most VPNs use shared IPs and it is not difficult to blacklist such addresses. Multiple users appearing in the same location? It is bound to raise some eyebrows.

Dedicated IPs, on the other hand, grant a huge list of benefits. They are crucial to “work from home” amid the coronavirus Pandemic, grant faster streaming speeds, secure your online transactions, and reduce lag in gaming,

To know more about how dedicated IPs work and which other providers are suitable for the purpose of acquiring them, read this in-depth guide on dedicated IP VPNs.

  1. NordVPN: 80+ Dedicated IPs in 5 Locations
  2. PureVPN: 50+ Dedicated IPs in 8+ Countries
  3. CyberGhost: 7 Personal IPs in 5 Countries
  4. Surfshark: 10 Static IPs in 7+ Locations
  5. TorGuard: 47 Personal IPs in 35 Locations

What is a Dedicated/Static IP VPN?

A dedicated IP is an internet address exclusively assigned to a single account or one particular user, while a Static IP means the IP-address of some servers will always be the same.

Some providers offer an assortment of dedicated IPs (personal ones only assigned to you). Meanwhile, others make available a list of servers, where the IP address never changes.

Personal IPs typically have higher pricing than shared IPs, due to bearing an element of exclusivity that is limited to you. This means, you remain safe from the “bad neighbor effect”.

While it does not offer the highest level of anonymity, dedicated/static IPs are a good choice for avid-travelers that engage in online banking, or entertainment-geeks unblocking VoDs.

What is a Shared/Dynamic IP Address?

As the name implies, these VPN services use shared IP addresses, divided between multiple users (sometimes exceeding the 100 counts). These include popular US based VPN services like PIA, IPVanish and more.

They have a higher chance of getting blacklisted or flagged by websites/services around the world. Due to the “bad neighbor effect”, you may be blocked, slowed, or Captcha’d by popular websites.

However, the good thing about shared/dynamic IP addresses is that they offer unmatched security and privacy. If you use one, locating or identifying you is an incredibly difficult task.

This is because many users could be using that same shared IP address at any given time. Not only does this completely cloak your online activities, but keeps you invisible to all prying eyes!

Dedicated IPs Finder – Get a Private IP Instantly!

So, now you know about the ins and outs of both: shared and dedicated IPs. Before I go more in-depth for the less-informed, I thought I’d give you access to my Private IP tool.

It will allow you to find dedicated IPs by Country, Price, and Provider. This will reduce the hassle of going through the entire blog, and still not knowing what you need.

The tool is created in such a way that it will filter different VPNs and their dedicated IPs, based on the inputs you provide. As such, you get a dedicated IP, most suited to your demands!

Dedicated IP VPN Services for 2020

If you are in search for the best dedicated IP VPN services, check out these 5 providers below. Go for any option that is the most suitable for your requirements and budgetary limitations.

1. NordVPN: 80+ Dedicated IPs in 5 Locations

NordVPN Ranks 1st for Dedicated IP VPN

  • Subscription Price: $3.49/mo. (On a 3-Year Plan)
  • Dedicated IP Costs: $5.83/mo. ($70 on a Yearly Basis)

Creation of Telecom co S.A and located in Panama, NordVPN checks all the boxes of a perfect VPN. Its safe location gives NordVPN a competitive advantage over other services, as the Data Protection Law, actually supports the protection of user information.

If you want to get a dedicated IP address, you will have to pay an additional $5.83/mo. (or $70 on a yearly basis) over the price of their regular subscription. Nord has a total of 86 servers in the following locations: the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

To get one, you will have to log into your NordVPN account, request a dedicated IP address in ‘My Services’ section and follow the instructions. Once done, whenever you log in, you will be assigned the same IP address every time.

Whenever needed, you can also shift to any of the 5,600 shared IP servers in 59 countries worldwide. Both dedicated and shared IPs utilize strong military-grade AES-256-CBC with HMAC SHA256 on the data channel.

NordVPN Dedicated IP Locations

For more information, check out this 2020 NordVPN Review!

2. PureVPN: 50+ Dedicated IPs in 8+ Countries

PureVPN Ranks 2nd for Dedicated IP VPN

  • Subscription Price: $2.91/mo. (On a 2-Year Plan)
  • Dedicated IP Costs: $0.91/mo. ($10.92 on a Yearly Basis)

Headquartered in Hong Kong, PureVPN is a budget-friendly all-rounder that gives users incentives to unblock Netflix US, bypass the GFW in China, receive security from DDoS attacks and swatting hoaxes, and enjoy a no logs experience.

They offer users 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries worldwide that include specific servers for streaming, gaming, and downloading torrents. Additionally, they offer users dedicated IPs in more than 8 locations for added flexibility online in remote working.

If you want to get a dedicated IP address, you will have to pay an additional $0.91/mo. (or $10.92 on a yearly basis) over the price of their regular subscription. You can also pay for add-ons like DDoS protection and Port Forwarding for the same costs.

To get one, head to the pricing page of PureVPN, select a suitable payment plan, scroll down and click on the “Get Dedicated IP” button, you will be presented with a list of locations. Choose the most suitable server and enjoy!

Personal IPs Pricing

  • UK
  • US
  • Malta
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Singapore

PureVPN Dedicated IP Costs

For more information, check out this 2020 PureVPN Review!

3. CyberGhost: 7 Personal IPs in 5 Countries

CyberGhost Ranks 3rd for Dedicated IP VPN

  • Subscription Price: $2.75/mo. (On a 3-Year Plan)
  • Dedicated IP Costs: $5.00/mo. ($60 on a Yearly Basis)

Based in Romania, CyberGhost is a great service for unblocking whether that be for regular browsing or bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar, and more.

It offers the largest network in the marketplace of VPNs with 5,700+ servers in 89 countries and has 7 dedicated IPs in 5 countries worldwide, which are available for an additional cost of $5.00/month (there are no discounts for longer durations).

If you want to get a dedicated IP from CyberGhost, simply go to their website, click on pricing, choose a plan, and check the “dedicated IP” box. This will display a list of locations; choose the one you want to get access to a personal IP only accessible to you!

Best part of all: CyberGhost offers a remarkable 45-day refund guarantee to customers. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can always avail their money back. Just make sure to read the terms of service before thoroughly!

CyberGhost Dedicated IPs list

For more information, check out this 2020 CyberGhost Review!

4. Surfshark: 10 Static IPs in 7+ Locations

Surfshark Ranks 3rd for Dedicated IP VPN

  • Subscription Price: $1.99/mo. (On a 3-Year Plan)
  • Static IP Costs: No Costs (Available to All Customers)

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Surfshark is a newcomer that tackles the likes of NordVPN and ExpressVPN, all while being reasonably priced. It has a safe location, unblocks Netflix in 16+ libraries, works in China, and has an audited no logs policy.

It offers 1,040+ servers in 61+ countries worldwide and even supports a static IP network infrastructure in 7+ locations, which are quite useful for accessing banking information, avoiding the “bad neighbor” affect, and enjoy remote working during times of the Corona Pandemic.

To access Static IPs from Surfshark, launch their app, and simply click on the “Static IP” menu. Bear in mind that Static IPs are only available on Windows and Android apps currently. You do not have to pay for them, as they are accessible to everyone.

Contrary to PureVPN and NordVPN, Surfshark does not offer “personal IPs” but static IP addresses that remain same for all users. However, they still offer good performance, albeit not the same “privacy” level as you would from a dedicated IP.

Surfshark Interface Full Screen

For more information, check out this 2020 Surfshark Review!

5. TorGuard: 47 Dedicated IPs in 35 Locations

TorGuard Ranks 5th for Dedicated IP VPN

  • Subscription Price: $4.99/mo. (On a 1-Year Plan)
  • Static IP Costs: $7.99/mo. ($95.88 on a Yearly Basis)

Based in the US, TorGuard may not seem like a trustworthy option to many. The providers’ location requires it to comply with issue warrants and gag orders by government investigations. However, it does adopt a no usage or connection logs policy that has gone uncontested so far.

The provider offers 3,000+ servers in 50 countries worldwide and also has a huge list of 47 dedicated IPs in 35+ locations around the world. These are available for an additional $7.99/month, which is perhaps the most expensive out of the entire list.

If you want to get a dedicated IP from TorGuard, click on “Anonymous VPN”, choose a plan, and under “configurable options”, select dedicated IP. This will display a list of locations; choose the one you want to get access to a personal IP only accessible to you!

TorGuard Dedicated IP List

For more information, check out this 2020 TorGuard VPN Review!

Why Invest in a Dedicated IP VPN and Not “Shared”?

The internet can sometimes be a selfish place. Privacy leaders and so-called providers sometimes “shame” other services, just because they offer a different variant.

If you explore the internet, you would find many blogs/guides that directly/indirectly tell you dedicated IPs are useless. “You should get shared IPs” since that is what THEY OFFER.

I disagree with this biasness and believe all users have a right to be familiar with the varied aspects of a VPN. So, here is a brief summary of the benefits of using a dedicated IP VPN.

Enjoy Streaming at Faster Speeds!

The last thing anybody needs is having to deal with buffering and lags while streaming a movie/TV show, after going through a long day at work.

Subsequently, you have to adjust to buffering/lagging issues. To improve your experience, going for a dedicated IP VPN is the best option, as it is not shared among a pool of users granting better speeds.

Secure Your Online Transactions

Opting for a shared IP is probably the worst option for VPN users, who regularly perform private online transactions. You can put your private data at risk of hackers/cybercriminals.

By using a specific dedicated IP address assigned to you, it will also be easier to log into your bank account. Dedicated IPs go the extra mile in delivering security for online transactions.

Robust Protection against DDoS

Anybody with relevant hacking knowledge can launch a DDoS attack that can literally corrupt/steal your entire data. These assaults are most common on public Wi-Fi networks.

By using a dedicated IP address, you receive robust protection against DDoS attacks. This is because you will most likely appear untraceable to any entity.

Reduced Lag in Online Gaming

Dedicated IP VPNs do not only offer protection against DDoS attacks, but they also help gamers in enjoying the uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience.

One that is free from all types of lags and congested pathways that can hinder network speed. Dedicated IP counters the issue of latency and lag.

Bypass Blocking of VoD Services

Streaming platforms like Netflix are very clever and they do not want users to access licensed content not available to certain regions through VPNs. Why? Because they lose MONEY!

Since you are the only one appearing on a single IP with a dedicated address, you can feel assured that your identity remains safe. At the same time, enjoying unblocking of all geo-restricted VoDs!

Seamless Authentication Process

Shared IPs regularly enter the blacklist of websites. Therefore, when you indulge in email exchanges or online banking. You will have to constantly go through authentication measures like Google’s annoying reCAPTCHA.

Not to mention, you may also risk your private data getting stolen by others on the same IP address. This is why using a VPN static IP address is preferred by most security experts.

Security for Business Servers

As business processes lean more towards information technology, users require seamless access to their office servers in meetings, while traveling, at conferences and while demonstrating products & services in different locations around the world.

A dedicated IP compounds the security of data or email server. It allows only connections made through the designated IP come through. In case, an employee establishes a connection using an ordinary public IP address, the connection will be denied.

Home Security Camera Protection

As homeowners get more interested in IOT, there is a great rise in SMART devices for performing a myriad of different tasks. Even cameras use IOT, but the problem of security remains.

Since dedicated IP VPNs boast strong military-grade encryption, it will be a task for hackers to do anything. At the same time, since only you will have access to the dedicated IP, you can view the home camera recordings from anywhere.

Personal Blogs Security

What would happen if your blog gets hacked and all sorts of deliberately weird messages were posted using your name?

It could not only tarnish your reputation but could also reduce your credibility. A simple posting of a private picture could result in great havoc.

By using a dedicated IP, you can increase the security measures of your blog by only allowing your IP to log into your account.

How to Get a Static IP Address – Simple Steps!

Getting a dedicated/static IP does not require any special rocket science. The process is quite simple and just requires you to have the appropriate finances.

The pricing for dedicated IPs is usually separate than that of overall VPN subscription packages. Typically, static IPs are available as an add-on with most VPN services.

Follow the steps below to learn how to get a static IP:

  1. Select any provider from the above listing of dedicated IP VPNs.
  2. Go to the VPNs website and subscribe for an account.
  3. Choose the pricing plan that best suits your budgetary requirements.
  4. Tick the “Dedicated IP” option in the add-ons list and select a location.
  5. Choose an appropriate payment method and get off the website.
  6. Download and install the relevant native app for your platform.
  7. Setup the VPN, enter the dedicated IP address and hit
  8. Enjoy using the internet securely with an address dedicated solely to you.

Providers That Do Not Offer Static IPs

The problem with most VPN-review websites or affiliates is that they say just about anything to increase their CTR and reputation with a partnered provider.

They claim a particular provider offers dedicated IPs, not verifying whether that is true or not. So to avoid any mishaps, I decided to list down a few notable providers not offering static IPs.

Golden Frog’s VyprVPN!

You can find many search queries on Google regarding VyprVPN and its dedicated IP offerings. Despite the fact that they strictly say they use dynamic IPs.

The confusion, we believe, stems from its VyprVPN Cloud service. This product is only available to businesses, who are looking for a secure VPN solution.

VyprVPN Cloud typically offers startups or large corporations to select whether or not they want a dedicated server, especially when sharing files, from all over the world.

Therefore, the dedicated business server offered in the VyprVPN Cloud is what has actually lead to the confusion about Golden Frog’s creation, providing dedicated IPs for sale.

Strong Technology’s StrongVPN!

On StrongVPN’s website, on the page in which it describes its locations, you can see that StrongVPN has static IPs. But we have our reasons to doubt that claim.

The provider doesn’t have any extra pricing or add-on feature or even special plans through which you can buy dedicated/static IPs.

Even when we tested the service, we found that on the servers on which StrongVPN lists Static IPs, are in reality, dynamic IPs as they kept on changing after a while or so.

ExpressVPN (Static IPs Unavailable)!

ExpressVPN does not offer dedicated IPs and the provider offers its own reason for it. On its website, it states that it regularly rotates/changes its IPs on all of its servers.

This way, you will not get affected by the problems that usually afflict dynamic IP addresses, such as the bad neighbor affect and getting backlisted by a huge list of websites.

IPVanish (Unavailable Currently)!

I was given the recommendation to try out IPVanish. While the service may offer good security and privacy, it does not provide dedicated IPs to customers.

One reason could be its location in the US, which automatically makes it an unsafe choice for many. Nevertheless, the VPN has never been caught providing any information to Government Authorities.

Static IP Service Scams to Stay Away from

Users now have a good idea about static IP VPNs. They also have good knowledge about the providers that do not offer static IPs. However, what about static IP VPNs that you are supposed to avoid?

Well, I made sure to cover all angles of privacy. Do not worry, I will not let phony services let your hard-earned money go to waste. Refer to the list below for static IP VPNs to avoid.

VPN Static IP

When searching for a VPN with dedicated IPs, you are most likely to come across this website. It is imperative that you avoid using the service. Always go for reputed names with an established reputation.

VPN Static IP does not have much of a reputation and often suffers from downtimes. That is a poor sign for a website that claims to offer good privacy via Personal IPs.

Add this to the ambiguity of the entire service, and things get a little paranoid. The provider provides little to zero information about the encryption and protocols available.

Users simply cannot risk their identity, without having proper knowledge about security protocols. At least until VPN Static IP manages to fix these problems, I advise not to use their dedicated IPs.

Static VPN IP

If the name could not be more generic (to rank better on Google), there is another dedicated IP provider currently gaining quite the rep. It goes by the name Static VPN IP.

While the website is designed quite well, the problem with using their static IPs is that you need to set them up manually. Yes, some might consider this to be something good.

However, manual setups can usually get quite complicated. You only have apps available for Windows and iPhone. Static VPN IP does not provide information about their security protocols.

I analyzed the entire website. The only thing we could figure out is that the provider supports PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN connections. Apart from that, there is not much information available to trust the service.

Dedicated IP VPN: FAQs

Is a static IP safe to use?🤔

Unlike dedicated IP addresses that are assigned to you only, static IP addresses never change and are accessible to everybody. As such, they can become a security risk, as it is easier to track the computer the static IP is linked to.

Do I need a dedicated IP?🧐

Yes, if you are working from home remotely, then a dedicated IP address can do wonders in boosting your security/privacy online, while allowing you to access your office LAN network to do essential tasks.

What is the advantage of dedicated IP?🙋

A dedicated IP allows users to enjoy streaming at faster speeds, secure their online transactions, get robust protection against DDoS attacks, and even provides more stability, as compared to shared IPs.

Does a VPN give you a static IP?🛑

Not all providers give users access to static IPs. Surfshark is perhaps the only “popular” one that offers static IPs that are accessible to everyone directly through their VPN client. Other services mostly promote dedicated IPs.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope the above recommendations help users find the perfect residential/personal IP for themselves. Typically, NordVPN and PureVPN offer the best and most reasonably priced listings from all suggestions.

If you have any comments/questions or have better recommendations, do not hesitate on dropping a comment below. Also, feel free to share the guide with others, who need access to a dedicated IP VPN.

8 Responses to Dedicated IP VPN Services in 2020: Get a Private IP Address

  1. Victor Sunday

    I leave in Nigeria and I need a static VPN for PayPal creation since PayPal can’t let us to receive payments but we can only send, please which static VPN do you suggest I should go for??


      Hi there Victor Sunday, thanks for commenting here. For this purpose specifically, I believe NordVPN should meet your requirements perfectly. The providers’ Static IPs provide exceptional security/privacy. After you purchase one of their IPs, just make sure to clear your browsers’ cache and cookies and then restart it before creating a PayPal account. NOTE: Don’t forget that you will need a working phone number (from the dedicated IP location) to verify your account.

  2. George

    I have a dedicated IP with Pure. I cannot recommend them. It persistently drops. The Kill switch does not work for me. Support continually tells me to switch off my antivirus and reset my firewall – NOT LIKELY. Yesterday I applied their client upgrade and then my browser would not connect. Support told me to change my DNS settings Again why should I just to accommodate their software ? Also when I originally took out the subscription I was told that I had to use L2TP which unless it is L2TP/IPsec is not encrypted. I would prefer open VPN but it seems the server does not support it. Or at least when I have asked I don’t get a clear answer> I will not be renewing and that’s why I looked at this site


      Hi George, we are really sorry to hear about the poor experience with the provider. Lately, there has been a lot of complaints regarding PureVPN, and it seems as if the provider is becoming increasingly careless. I will test their dedicated IPs again to form a more accurate opinion on the subject, but till then i’d advise you to check out NordVPN’s dedicated IPs. We use them too, and rarely ever face any connectivity issues, regardless of which protocol/encryption we choose.

  3. cyberghost

    The bottom line is that a dedicated IP is unsafe for both downloading and seeding torrents, compared to a shared IP address.

    What if service is paid bitcoins, does that give another lever of anominity ? I would like to know more details why dedicated IP is unsafe for torrent downloads. thanks


      Hey thanks for commenting here. The reason why i said its unsafe for P2P/Torrenting is that Dedicated IPs are easier to trace in some circumstances, as compared to shared IPs. Sure, you can pay for the service via bitcoin to keep your identity hidden, but I would prefer users not take any risk. Most are not aware about the technicalities behind using a VPN service. For instance, a rookie user may not know to activate the “Kill Switch” feature in a VPN client. If the connection drops, your local ISP would be aware of the static IP you are using, and can subsequently report you to copyright infringement hunters, who will then impose heavy fines. This is why i prefer shared IPs for torrenting.

  4. Michael

    Hi, I have an UK streaming IP from Torguard.
    Is very poor, Amazon is not working, i receive a message that the bandwidth allocation is to low and Netflix is with pauses. on a speed test the result in 5 – 6 Mb maximum.
    I have an Asus AC87U and an 1000 Mb connection.
    I canceled the subscription after the first month and i am looking for something better


      Hey Michael,
      Torguard’s performance has been a bit down lately definitely, especially on the dedicated IP front.
      Some other alternatives good enough for the requirements you described are PureVPN, SurfShark, and ExpressVPN.
      NordVPN is also good for the tasks but go for their VPN as that would suffice, no need for paying extra to get your own special IP.

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