Jurisdiction Singapore
Price $2.99/mo. (On 1-Year Plan)
Servers 8 servers in 7 countries
Logs Maintains Logs
Encryption Unclear
Unblocks Netflix Yes
Torrenting Yes
Works in China Yes
Recommended  No
Website https://www.turbovpn.co/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, Desktop

My first impression of TurboVPN was that of a service that underwhelms in every important category. However, I found out that it is a mixed bag with both positives and negatives.

On the positive side of things, with barely single-digit servers, the service can unblock all libraries of Netflix as well as supporting torrenting to the hilt. But that is where the positive aspects of these services end.

I was disappointed to learn that TurboVPN logs all of its users’ data as well as their entire usage through the service. This was further aggravated by the fact that there is no customer support to speak and finally, the service is unusually quiet about its encryptions. For these reasons and more, I would say that users would be better served going for a service like Surfshark instead thanks to its thousands of servers, safe jurisdiction, as well as a transparent logging policy.

Rating Criteria

  1. Jurisdiction: Where Does VPNSecure Operate From?
  2. Security: Can VPNSecure VPN Keep You Safe Online?
  3. Leaks: Does VPNSecure VPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?
  4. Servers: How Many Servers Does VPNSecure Have?
  5. Streaming: Does VPNSecure Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?
  6. Speed: How Fast are VPNSecure VPN Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Can I Use VPNSecure On All My Devices?
  8. Pricing: How Much Does VPNSecure VPN Cost Exactly?
  9. Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About VPNSecure VPN?

Jurisdiction: Where Does VPNSecure Operate From?

Based out of Singapore, it gives it an immediate advantage over most other VPNs. That’s because the country does not participate in the notorious 5/9/14 Eyes alliance.

However, there have been continuous questions over whether the service can offer users the kind of protection it promises since the country continues to cooperate with different intelligence agencies around the world. The country has so far been free of any past controversies that would lead me to question its degree of safety but that being said, I can’t be 100% certain of its pro-privacy status.

Security: Can VPNSecure VPN Keep You Safe Online?

No, TurboVPN is not a safe VPN to use. The reasons for that are fairly self-evident i.e. a logging policy that enables it to share user info with third-parties and little to no information available regarding its encryptions and protocols.

VPNSecure Logging Policy

The service’s logging policy comes under an increased microscope because of its pricing policies that I’ll cover later. In short, yes, the service does keep logs.

To their credit, TurboVPN does not try and hide this crucial bit of information at all. They lay out the facts in their privacy policy about how they deal with such information and why they feel the need to store this information.


However, honesty aside, I don’t see the need to have third-parties involved as well as the admission of selling info to them. Overall, this was by far one of the most unsafe logging policies I’ve ever reviewed.

Encryption & Protocols

It is as if the service is trying its best to dissuade users from ever using this service. TurboVPN does not indicate at all what kind of encryption it uses, simply stating that users are protected via strong military-grade encryption.

Similarly, no clear information is available regarding the protocols used by them. However, I found a single option to use OpenVPN through their app. This lack of different protocols does not reflect well and indicates that the service is not as versatile as it claims to be.

VPNSecure Virus Test

I conducted a virus test to see if the service is free from any malware or viruses. Here is the result of that test:


As users can see, there are no major viruses to worry about.

Leaks: Does VPNSecure VPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?

I wanted to see if the service can keep my IP, DNS, and WebRTC info truly safe. Hence, I conducted a series of tests for potential leaks. Here are the results of those tests:


As users can see, there are no major leaks to worry about.

Servers: How Many Servers Does VPNSecure VPN Have?

I have seen VPN services that offer an extremely low number of servers but TurboVPN may take the cake as the worst one yet. It offers just 8 servers based out of just 7 countries.

Does VPNSecure Support Torrents?

This was a genuine surprise as I had considered it an almost certainty that the service would not support any form of torrenting.

However, I was surprised when it turned out that users can enjoy as much P2P sharing as they want. It seems that some of its servers may not be as bad for torrenting as I may have imagined as it allows enough IP masking that users can continue with using and downloading torrents to their heart’s content.

Does VPNSecure VPN Work in China?

I found it surprising that a service that seems so minuscular and inept was able to unblock content from China. Furthermore, it turns out that it is one of the most popular VPN options in countries like China and Iran.

Despite no local Mainland Chinese server, the service has continued to defy the odds and remained active in the country. It is popular for its ability to unblock YouTube, Facebook, and Google for users.

However, Chinese expats that want a VPN that can give them access to local geo-restricted content may not want this service as lucrative as users inside the country.

Streaming: Does VPNSecure Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?

TurboVPN continues to defy my initial expectations. For a service with single-digit servers, it can unblock Netflix with absolute ease.

Users may find it surprising to know but it seems that the service can not only unblock the US library but all the different libraries the service has on offer. I am highly impressed by the fact that TurboVPN has managed to dodge the infamous VPN detection systems that Netflix has.

Similarly, the service can unblock all other major sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar, and BBC iPlayer. This all comes across as incredibly impressive considering VPNs with thousands of servers often fail to do the same.

Speed: How Fast are VPNSecure VPN Servers?

I won’t hide that I still find its 8 servers to be severely insufficient as far as VPN needs go. But quality above quantity, I conducted a speed test to see if its servers can make up for their numbers in terms of speed. Using a 100Mbps connection, I connected to servers in Germany, Canada, UK, India, and Singapore.

Here are the results:

Server Download Upload Ping
Germany 34Mbps 28Mbps 189ms
Canada 32Mbps 27Mbps 112ms
UK 42Mbps 38Mbps 284ms
India 31Mbps 33Mbps 320ms
Singapore 48Mbps 38Mbps 292ms
Average 38Mbps 33Mbps 239ms

Compatibility: Can I Use VPNSecure VPN On All My Devices?

Finally, TurboVPN’s limitations started to show. This one category highlighted how such a low number of servers can affect a service’s ability to provide diligent service across the board. While users can expect to use the service on their Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS, there will be a visible gap in performance. TurboVPN emphasizes its support for Android and iOS while admitting that users may find its desktop clients to be slower and less functional than the handheld ones.

Pricing: How Much Does VPNSecure VPN Cost Exactly?

TurboVPN uses a freemium model. This means that while users can continue to use the service for free, the paid version comes with different features and functions that are sure to increase the overall performance of the app. There are three options to choose from i.e. Monthly, Yearly, and free version.

  • Monthly ($11.99 per month)
  • Yearly ($2.99 per month)


VPNSecure Refund Policy

TurboVPN offers users a 7-Day free trial. This is the default refund period as the service will begin charging the stipulated fee after the 7th day depending on what plan you’ve subscribed to.

VPNSecure Payment Methods

I found TurboVPN incredibly confining in terms of payment options. For instance, users can only buy the app through Google Play or the App Store. This means that whatever method you have installed on Google Play or the App Store is the de facto way of paying for services online.

This also means that there is no support for cryptocurrencies or PayPal which is a major drawback of using this service.

Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About VPNSecure VPN?

I didn’t want my own opinion and experience with TurboVPN to be the sole voice in this review. Hence, I wanted to include what others feel about the service on various popular platforms like Reddit and Trustpilot. Unfortunately, the service is not available on Trustpilot. So, I had to rely on just Reddit and my review of its customer support. Here’s what I found out:

VPNSecure Reddit Review

TurboVPN is somewhat of a pariah on Reddit considering the bad reputation it holds on the service. Users noted how subreddits that mention the service are usually removed.


However, of the few subreddits that I did see on the service, most were highly suspicious of the service’s “free” offering. I found this to be the common factor in almost all the comments reviewing the service on Reddit.

VPNSecure VPN Customer Support

To my shock and disappointment, no customer support exists on the service’s website. Forget a 24/7 live chat support, there is no support at all for users meaning that there will be no way for them to have their problems resolved in an instance.

Users are therefore completely reliant on TurboVPN’s Facebook page to be in any sort of communication with the service and have their queries resolved. Despite this, there is little to no information on these pages either meaning that users are left with generic one-liners to deal with their issues.

There are no guides, company information, or manuals at all provided by the service.

VPNSecure Alternatives

TurboVPN certainly doesn’t stand out for any important reasons.

When I learned that the service does not have dedicated customer support and the fact that it openly accepts that it keeps users’ logs. I’ve never been happy recommending a service that keeps logs on its users’ activities, plus tends to share these logs with third-parties without specifying who these third-parties are.

This is why I have no qualms in recommending Surfshark instead thanks to its iron-clad no logs policy that is further consolidated by the fact that it is based out of a highly pro-privacy location meaning users will never have to worry on that front.

Do I Recommend VPNSecure?

No, I do not recommend TurboVPN. The primary reason is how in almost every category, TurboVPN manages to deliver its services in bits and pieces.

While the service did surprise me with its ability to unblock Netflix, other streaming services, as well as offering complete support for torrenting. These are some extraordinary features that reflect incredibly well on TurboVPN.

However, what good is a VPN that keeps logs, and is highly secretive about what info it shares with third-parties and possibly law enforcement agencies? This is just one of the reasons why users are better off going for a service like Surfshark that is based out of a safe jurisdiction and has thousands of servers making it easy to navigate the entire internet seamlessly.


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  1. Ezra says:

    As TurboVPN is based in China, the service must be keeping their users’ logs. The service does not offer so many servers plus they only offer an OpenVPN protocol in terms of security.

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