Jurisdiction China
Price 2.99
Servers 26
Logs No
Encryption AES-256
Unblocks Netflix Yes
Torrenting Yes
Works in China Yes
Recommended  Yes
Website https://www.turbovpn.co/
Compatibility Android, Apple

A Free VPN Based in China With Over 50 Million Downloads.

Server Count 26
Jurisdiction China
Logs Keeps logs (Shares Data with 3rd parties
Torrenting No
Unblocks Netflix Yes (Paid Version Only)
Price $2.99/month ($35.88 for 1 Year)
Protocols OpenVPN
Bypasses China Firewall No
Data Encryption AES-256
Alternative Surfshark.com

Turbo VPN is a popular free service that also offers a premium version for $2.99/month.

Free VPNs are generally quite unsafe and nearly all of them cannot match the level of service offered by the top paid services, so as a rule of thumb, I generally don’t recommend free services.

And that’s exactly why I am a bit skeptical whenever I see a free service gain so much popularity. Is it duping people and harming their interests or is it really the free VPN service that everyone should have on their devices?

In this TurboVPN review, I am going to settle these issues by giving an unbiased and objective analysis of each aspect of this popular free VPN service and decided whether or not its worthy of being recommended:

Turbo VPN Encryption and Protocol Review

The industry standard for encryption of VPN connections is the AES-256 Encryption standard, which is so secure that it’s used by government and military agencies. All top VPNs offer this encryption standard for securing user data while in transit through VPN connections.

This provider is not any different.

TurboVPN also uses this military level encryption by default.

Top VPNs also offer OpenVPN protocol as a secure tunneling protocol option, since it’s the most secure out of all the protocols available out there.

OpenVPN is an open-source protocol and most of its security flaws get patched up quite quickly due to this.

SSH keys are used in OpenVPN to allow you to connect to VPN servers protectively. This is the same mechanism used by banks and many other financial institutions to secure online user transactions.

Again, TurboVPN uses this top-grade protocol in its security arsenal as well.

TurboVPN Review

Whether you are using its free or paid versions, you can rest assured that you will be secured by AES-256 military-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol support, keeping your connection as private as it the ones protected by top providers.

TurboVPN DNS Leak Protection Review

Even when a provider offers military-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol, leaks can be there.

These “leaks” occur due to WebRTC or DNS issues and can make expose your real IP to any smart-enough hacker.

Whenever I’ve reviewed free apps that only work on mobile-based OS devices, I’ve found them to be vulnerable to these sort of leaks.

Commendably, TurboVPN doesn’t suffer from such leaks.

I ran it through multiple standard tests and found it to be Leak-free all the way.

TurboVPN Security Review

WebRTC and HTTP Request Leaks:

  1. https://browserleaks.com/webrtc (Clear)
  2. https://www.doileak.com/ (Clear)

DNS Leaks:

  1. https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ (Clear)
  2. https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ (Clear)

DNS Leak Test

IPv4/IPv6 and Torrent IP Leaks

  1. https://ipleak.net/ (Clear)

IP Leak Test Webrtc

  1. https://ipx.ac/run/ (Clear)

Leak-free, protected by military-grade encryption and offering OpenVPN protocol support, TurboVPN would have been the perfect free VPN service security-wise if it wasn’t for its extremely problematic logging policy.

TurboVPN Logging Policy Review

TurboVPN disappointed me severely once I went through their privacy policy.

They are clear with what kind of info they exactly log but, it the part about sharing the information they obtain from users that raised alarms.

TurboVPN Logging Policy Review

TurboVPN can offer your data to entities ranging from third-party vendors to even government agencies.

This is not acceptable at all and the issue single-handedly makes TurboVPN unusable and incredibly unsafe for anyone.

TurboVPN Jurisdiction Review

TurboVPN is based in China.

And since China is not a part of any data sharing alliance like 5 Eyes and 14 Eyes, then its safe as a location for a VPN, right?

Not quite.


That’s because China itself has mandatory data retention laws.

Any VPN operating that is operating in China is going to be government regulated and the authorities can serve it with a gag data any time.

One more interesting thing that I still can’t wrap my head around is that TurboVPN is based in China, but it’s a service that’s primarily available on just app stores like iOS and Google Play store, both of which cannot have VPN apps in China.

How is TurboVPN managing this is still a big question but the provider never answered this query from me?

TurboVPN Pricing Review

TurboVPN is a free service but the provider is offering a paid version as well.

TurboVPN’s Pricing Plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $11.99/month billed once
  • Yearly Subscription: $2.99/month ($35.88 billed once)

But before we discuss the prices, let me tell what’s the difference in the free and paid versions.

  • In the paid version, Netflix US works so that’s a major plus
  • The free version has limited servers and is served by ads

So there are reasons to opt for TurboVPN’s paid service, but is the price good enough?

Not quite.

The monthly payment plan is priced prohibitively.

Almost $12 for such limited features? Not a good plan to go for seriously.

TurboVPN’s best deal is its yearly subscription plan which is priced at a relatively cheap $2.99/month.

But for the same price tag, you can get a subscription to NordVPN, a provider that offers a whopping 5700 servers and exclusive features like Double VPN and Onion over VPN, along with a clean logging policy.

This is a no-brainer seriously.

When you can get a service like NordVPN for $2.99/month, you shouldn’t go for less and opt for TurboVPN.

TurboVPN Free Trial & Payment Method Review

TurboVPN has a free service but if you want to go for its paid version, you have a cushion of 7 days to get your money back.

TurboVPN Free Trial

Its not a lot if you compare it with the industry-standard 30-day refund period. But since there is a free service on offer as well, it evens it out.

TurboVPN also has no other payment options other than you paying for its plans through the Google Play or the iOS app stores.

So you will have to process your refund through these stores.

TurboVPN does not support credit card, Paypal or any other such method currently.

And since there is no form of support available, you will not be able to contact TurboVPN if you cannot get your refund back.

Pretty unfriendly trial and payment policies in my opinion.

TurboVPN Server Infrastructure Review

The provider offers two different types of server parks. One for the free users and the other for the paid version.

In the free version, you get a total of 8 servers in places like Canada, Germany, India, USA, UK, Netherlands & Singapore.

Free Server Locations

The paid version has 26 servers with special ones for unblocking streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.

The number of servers is too less, but let’s come back to this point in a bit.

In the free version, the VPN will often force you to go on a specific server instead of letting you choose a server of your choice, which is not an issue I have encountered at any other VPN so far.

The connection time to servers is good, but unless you have the paid version, more often than not, the app will dictate a server for you.

TurboVPN’s server park is not a match for such huge server parks offered by top VPN providers for the same price.

Turbo VPN Netflix Unblocking Review

Turbo VPN does work with Netflix, but only in the paid version of the service.

On TurboVPN’s app, you can see specific servers demarcated as “Netflix Servers”, but you can only use them if you are using its paid service.

TurboVPN Netflix Review

And this makes sense too, since unblocking Netflix is an incredibly difficult undertaking since this popular streaming sites has enforced a VPN ban.

Due to this ban, a VPN has to constantly change IPs that it uses to bypass the geo-restrictions on Netflix, faster than the streaming giant can blacklist them. This can take up a hefty amount of financial resources, so no provider can afford to give this functionality in its free version.

Still, Turbo VPN gets a thumbs up from me for being able to unblock Netflix US.

Turbo VPN Torrenting Review

Turbo VPN Review

The provider explicitly mentions that you cannot use BitTorrent on its service or you stand the risk of getting your account banned.

So its a no for Torrenting by Turbo VPN.

Turbo VPN Speed Test

From the face of it, Turbo VPN appeared like a VPN that wouldn’t disappoint us on the speed front at least.

After all, it’s name is “Turbo”.

But the speeds were abysmal with some servers having speed loss of more than 90% in upload speeds and 70% in download speeds.

Here is the speed test result from its server in San Francisco, USA:

  1. Ping: 94 Ms
  2. Download Speeds: 6.12 Mbps
  3. Upload Speeds: 3.85 Mbps
  4. Base Speed without VPN: 48 Mbps

Too bad to use. It is definitely far from anything related to the word “Turbo”.

Turbo VPN App Compatibility Review

Turbo VPN will work only on your mobile phones.

Since it just offers apps for mobile-based platforms i.e. Android and iOS.

Turbo VPN has no support for desktop devices. It doesn’t even offer setup files so you can make the service work on desktop devices manually.

TurboVPN Compatibility Review

The apps are well designed and easy to navigate. They don’t lag or crash which is a very good thing as stability of the app is crucial towards determining security, especially when the VPN doesn’t offer a safety valve like kill switch to terminate internet connectivity if the app fails or the VPN connection fails.

Turbo VPN Support Review

You cannot contact TurboVPN’s support team in any manner whatsoever.

With no live chat support or even email support, Turbo VPN leaves you high and dry as a user.

Whether you need technical assistance, ask for a refund or just even pose general queries, you have no place to talk to the guys at TurboVPN.

Even their social media handles don’t respond.

Not good at all, seriously.

Is Turbo VPN Recommended?

No, not at all.

TurboVPN shares data with third parties, is based in China, has too few servers, doesn’t offer support through chat or email among other glaring problems that are too big to ignore.

There are some positives but they can not outweigh these significant negatives.

If you want a good enough VPN that doesn’t suffer from these issues, the best alternative to TurboVPN is Surfshark. It will cost you just $1.99/month and offer supreme security, powerful features and great support.

To know more about what Surfshark offers, read this comprehensive review of the service.

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