Price$1.99/mo on a 1-Year Plan
Servers36 Servers in 32 Locations
LogsStores Logs
EncryptionProxy Service (No Encryption)
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityDesktop, Chrome

Browsec is a proxy add-on/extension for browsers, which makes it easier to access geo-restricted content around the globe. With a customer base expanding to 3,000,000, the proxy/VPN tends to be quite popular. Operated by Browsec LLC, the service even offers a dedicated VPN application for Android and iOS users. However, since it is Russian-based, there is a little uncertainty on the security and anonymity it delivers. For more information, read this detailed Browsec VPN review.

Browsec is good in some areas but it still misses out on offering a lot of critical security and other functional features. There are no desktop apps for Windows or Mac OS, it doesn’t support Torrenting, doesn’t have fast speeds or a kill switch. Customer support is still done through the outdated ticketing method and to top it all off, there is no support for OpenVPN and neither is it based in a safe jurisdiction.

But these problems will be there since Browsec is a mid-level service with low quality and service standards, so if you don’t want to compromise on these shortcomings, your next best alternative course of action would be to go for a feature-rich, low cost best VPN like Surfshark.

In simple words and to sum it up succinctly, Surfshark has everything that Browsec doesn’t so the smarter choice would be to go for the former.

ProvidersSurfsharkBrowsec VPN
Unblocks NetflixYESYES
SpeedsAbove averageBelow average
EncryptionAES-256 encryption on all protocols it supportsAES-256 encryption on all protocols it supports
ProtocolsOpenVPN & IKEv2OpenVPN Protocol Not Offered
Multi-LoginsUnlimited connections on a single subscription5
Pricing$1.99/month (2 Year Plan) with all features included$3.33/month on its Yearly Subscription Plan ($39.99 billed once)
ReviewsSurfshark ReviewBrowsec VPN


Browsec Encryption Review

No surprises here as Browsec also offers AES-256 military-grade encryption to protect user data that passes through its VPN enabled connections.

Its an integral security feature but not something that we would treat as extraordinary since its expected of every provider to offer the encryption level as its impenetrable.

No hacker can decipher your data if its encrypted through AES-256 ciphers.

At Browsec, this encryption level gains all the more important since the provider doesn’t offer OpenVPN protocol support, thereby turning encryption into the only barrier standing between hackers and sensitive user data.

Browsec Protocols Support Review

Our Browsec VPN review unveils that the provider falls short of its honouring its tagline “BrowsecVPN – Privacy and Security Online” by not offering support for secure protocols like OpenVPN.

BrowsecVPN’s overall security profile is good but the provider’s protocol offering is outdated and not as secure according to modern industry standards.

Those using the browser extension, technically establish a secure connection via the PPTP protocol. This is perhaps the weakest and the most vulnerable protocol security wise and most top providers have discontinued its use, but BrowsecVPN continues to use it as its primary protocol for browser extensions, which is baffling.

iOS and Android applications use IPSec and L2TP concurrently. The service does not offer support for OpenVPN (TCP and UDP protocols), which is a bit odd since the provider has got everything right like military-grade encryption and safe logging policy apart from this.

Despite the provider offering military grade encryption, which is good enough to keep your data safe, not offering safe and industry standard protocols is something that we cannot compromise upon and this makes us downgrade the provider on its security standing.

Browsec Privacy and Security Review

According to our Browsec VPN review, the service says that it protects your traffic everywhere and ensures you receive completely anonymous browsing.

To test this claim thoroughly, we needed to check whether the provider succeeds in keeping your real IP protected or not.

We ran Browsec through our standard IP leak tests and satisfactorily, Browsec didn’t leak IP through any manner possible.

WebRTC and HTTP Request Leaks:

DNS Leaks:

IPv4/IPv6 and Torrent IP Leaks:

But despite this, if you are using the service on a browser through its add-on, it is recommended that you block your WebRTC and Flash Player to keep your IP protect. It’s definitely a handicap but you can’t be leaving things open for even the smallest of vulnerabilities when it comes to your security.

Browsec Jurisdiction Review

Unusually, this is a VPN service based in Russia, a place notorious for its problematic data retention laws that force ISPs and software companies to track internet activity.

And this information too was hard to come by as we had to do a lot of digging before we found out where Browsec operates from.

Russia is not part of any data sharing alliance like 5 Eyes but its own laws related to data security are equally dangerous, putting your privacy at a lot of risks.

The only point of redemption here is that Browsec doesn’t keep any major kind of logs so even if the Russian authorities ask it to gag data, it won’t have any sensitive data from users to hand over to the authorities. Still, Browsec needs to get out of Russia as its not a safe location for VPNs to be based in anymore.

Browsec Logging Policy Review

When we checked out Browsec’s logging policy, we were pleased to find that the provider doesn’t keep any sort of personally identifiable logs of user activity.

Yes it does keep information of what sites users visitor what they download but the data from all that is kept in an aggregate manner i.e. the websites you visit will be part of a larger pile containing data from all websites visited by users, so nothing can be traced back to you that easily.

The service makes use of a freemium pricing model. This means you can use its browser extension or VPN application for as long as you want on the free plan.

However, if you want to leverage better proprietary features, you will have to go for the premium subscription.

The premium subscription will allow you to access all of Browsec’s 36 server locations as compared to being limited to just 4 while being in the free version of the service.

Other features that you unblock like getting a speed boost that would propel you to 100 Mbps is a bit overboard and I don’t really believe in it (For reasons I will reveal soon).

So for users, Browsec’s premium service just adds more locations to your server list and with that, some good features like Netflix unblocking but not in the US.

The service divides its premium plan into two options:

  1. Monthly Subscription: $4.99/month
  2. Yearly Subscription: $3.33/month ($39.99 billed once)

At $4.99/month, the monthly deal is priced reasonably as most providers don’t offer plans for monthly subscriptions that at $7 or lower. So, I can term it as a good enough deal.

The yearly subscription will cost you $3.33/month but if this looks cheap to you then you need to compare it with Surfshark or even NordVPN, who at a lesser price, offer a much wider range of features like more dedicated apps, Netflix US unblocking, agile security, Torrenting support among others.

The price of this plan needs to come down considering the many missing features in BrowsecVPN and unless its within the $2/month mark, it’s an expensive buy relatively. Browsec Pricing Review

Browsec Accepted Payment Methods And Refund Policy Review

There is no option in BrowsecVPN’s payment methods to pay for the subscription plans via any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It used to be there the last I reviewed it but since then, it’s been removed. So now there is no payment method available that could keep your personal financial details private.

You can pay for the plans through your credit cards or by Paypal and that’s just about it. This is not good as if you compare it with a provider like PureVPN who offers more than 10 different payment methods, there is certainly a dearth of choices for the user.

Now for the free plan. Its quite basic in terms of features and capabilities, which is obvious since no provider will offer premium features like full speeds or more servers in its free version.

There is a bandwidth cap of 1mbps. Not much but something through which you can get a bit of general browsing, but more intensive activities like streaming is off limits.

At the same time, you may experience interruptions and inconsistencies with your proxy connection, resulting in poor page load speeds and lagging. Users are also restricted to connecting to only four servers out of a total of thirty-six.

But apart from the free version, the provider also offers a money back guarantee on its paid plan, so you have plenty of time to test out the service before committing to its paid version.

This just goes to show the trust that BrowsecVPN has in its service. You can request a refund within seven days of purchasing the premium plan by sending an email to support@browsec.com.

Up till now, I haven’t read any complaints about the provider not going through with the refund properly, on any platform like Quora or Reddit, so it can be said that the refund policy is perfectly valid.

The service will refund the amount via the same payment method you used to pay initially.

Browsec Free Review

The buzz around the provider is mainly because of the provider’s free version but according to our Browsec VPN review, Browsec’s free VPN plan is quite basic in terms of features and capabilities.

This comes as no surprise as free VPN services are often just offered to give the user a sort of a free trial service with limited features and its just a way to push on users into buying the premium subscription deals. Browsec free VPN is there for the same purpose.

But let’s go through the restrictions on the free plan first.

The maximum speed which you will be able to get on the free service is restricted to just 1 Mbps. So no matter how fast a connection you have, your bandwidth will be throttled by the provider.

At the same time, you may experience interruptions and inconsistencies with your proxy connection, resulting in poor page load speeds and lagging.

Users are also restricted to connecting to only four servers out of a total of forty-one.

Browsec Free VPN service is available on all of its apps and extensions, but we recommend that if you are using the free version, you should do it only on browsers through its compatible add-ons because that’s where the service works best.

Browsec Premium Subscription Review

Browsec goes the extra mile in offering better reliability and convenience to users with the premium plan. Our Browsec VPN review unwinds that users no longer have to worry about a bandwidth cap, which means they can leverage unlimited browsing and downloading speeds. In fact, you get to enjoy dedicated traffic lanes, which give you remarkable acceleration when exploring the internet.

Users also gain the ability to connect to all 30-server locations with the premium plan. This means you have many options for unblocking geo-restricted websites in different countries. At the same time, users can feel relieved that they will not be experiencing any inconsistencies with their VPN or Proxy connections.

Browsec Signup Review

According to our Browsec VPN review, signing up with the service is no rocket science. All you have to do is click on the “Sign Up” tab, located on the top right corner of the page. The website will redirect you to the below page. Here you will be required to enter your email address and password. Once done, simply click on the “Sign Up” tab. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link to complete the process.browsec signup reviewUpon completion of the signup process, you will gain access to the account dashboard available on the website. Simply click on the “My Account” tab to see the expiration date, the plan you have purchased, and the amount paid.browsec premium review

If you are on the free plan, you will get access to these 4 server locations:

  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

But if you shift to the premium plan by buying out its subscription, you will unlock these 32 more server locations:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United States (West)

While the number of servers is quite low at 36 as compared to providers like ExpressVPN which currently offers more than 3000 servers, Browsec’s servers are well spread out across the globe.

There are servers in places like Turkey, Singapore, India and South Africa, which means that users from across the globe can get connected to servers that are physically close to them.

However, the provider’s server network cannot compete with bigger providers like Surfshark, NordVPN or PureVPN, which offer thousands of servers and even its speed performance is well below average, so despite offering a lot of promise, BrowsecVPN still falls short.

Browsec VPN Speed Test Review

To gain a better understanding about the reliability and bandwidth of the Browsec extension, we performed a speed test on our 35Mbps connection:

Local ISP

The results below are from our local internet connection. This is just to give you a better understanding of the difference between the primary network speed and Browsec’s premium servers.Browsec Speed Test Review

 Connected to Browsec France Server

Our US to France server tests showed poor speed levels. From 31.43Mbps, the download speed reduced to 12.28Mbps and upload speeds to 13.17Mbps, with latency up to 142ms.browsec france french server

 Connected to Browsec Germany Server

We were highly disappointed to test the Germany server, along with other locations. The VPN could not do better than 1mpbs download and 5mbps on all premium servers, excluding France.browsec germany german server

Browsec Neflix Unblocking Review

We were not even expecting Browsec VPN’s premium version to be unblocking Netflix on any of its servers as most small-mid level VPN providers don’t do that. The reason for this is that since Netflix enforced the notorious VPN ban,

Its become incredibly difficult to access the site with a VPN enabled connection, let alone bypass geo-restrictions and unblock your favourite Netflix country library.

To do that a provider needs to replace IPs consistently so that Netflix’s VPN ban doesn’t identify them as VPN IPs and ban them from accessing their site. This requires a provider to put in a lot of financial and human resources, something a mid-level provider, with its limited resources, cannot afford to commit itself to often.

But kudos to Browsec since we found that 2 of its servers can unblock Netflix, with one of them being the US West server, thereby hitting the gold standard as far as Netflix unblocking is concerned.

If only its speeds were up there, it would have been a great service to opt for if you wanted to access Netflix US.

Browsec Torrenting Review

Since the provider only offers browser-based support and cannot cover or protect any of your apps that are outside of your browser, it’s not suitable for Torrenting. Its protection blanket is not extended to your Torrenting apps like UTorrent, making this provider lose one of the most important functionalities that VPNs are supposed to offer.

However, you can still do Torrenting using it on mobile platforms since BrowsecVPN offers dedicated apps there.

Browsec Apps Compatibility Review

According to our Browsec VPN review, the service supports a good range of devices and platforms. You can use the browser extension on any personal computer that has Google Chrome, Opera Browser, or Mozilla Firefox installed. The service also offers a dedicated application for Android and iOS mobile devices. However, we would definitely like seeing a customized VPN client for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and other platforms.

Browsec VPN Chrome Extension Review

The Browsec VPN extension proves to be an incredibly popular option for Google Chrome users.

From 24.827 reviews in total, the add-on receives a remarkable rating of 4.54 stars on the Google Web Store.

The best part here is that the Browsec VPN Chrome extension is lightweight and doesn’t make your browser experience any glitches or major hick-ups.

browsec chrome extension

If you are using Browsec VPN’s free version, then don’t expect fast speeds at all while using the extension as this add-on is also subject to the speed throttling by the provider on its free version.

The extension for Chrome by Browsec is much more fluid in terms of performance than the add-on by the provider for Mozilla Firefox, which is a glitch.

So if you want to know on which browser the provider will offer the best performance, then you’ve got your answer in the Chrome extension.

This makes the extension quite a remarkable choice for unblocking geo-restricted websites.

Browsec Add-on for Firefox Review

For users who want to deploy Browsec VPN for Firefox browser, the add-on is available for free download on the Mozilla app store.

While its better to use than similar add-ons by providers like Zenmate, don’t expect too much from Browsec VPN on Firefox, especially if you are using it through its free service. You will be able to do some rudimentary level unblocking and just be able to bypass less-strict restrictions and firewalls like the ones placed in workplaces on social sites like Facebook or Twitter. But not more than that.

Browsec Mozilla Firefox Addon Review

The free service will also restrict you to switch between only 4 locations on the Firefox add-on as well and it’s not at all suitable for Torrenting because its more of a proxy than a VPN. The Browsec VPN browser plugin for Firefox can’t guarantee the same level of protection as the latter.

Overall, the reviews and rating on the Firefox store are positive, which is a good sign since it shows user confidence in the add-on offered by the provider.

To get to experience the Browsec Firefox add-on for yourself, you can install it by visiting their provider page on the Mozilla store here.

Browsec for Opera Review

The Browsec VPN extension also proves to be a popular choice for users of Opera. From 240 reviews in total, the service manages to receive a high rating of four stars. This is because it makes it easier to unblock geo-restricted websites and protect your identity from being traceable. The best part of all: the add-on is only 5.0MB in size and utilizes the same design and inutility of its Mozilla and Chrome counterparts. Users leverage excellent reliability and the same intuitive interface.Browsec Opera Extension Review

Browsec for iOS Review

According to our Browsec VPN review, the iOS application features a beautiful interface and design. The outlook of the app is incredibly user-friendly. All you have to do is select a server and slide the bar to “on” for enabling a secure connection. All traffic passes through an IPSec protocol, which guarantees good anonymity and privacy.browsec ios app review

Browsec for Android Review

Our Browsec VPN review unwinds that the Android application matches the same level of professionalism and user-friendliness as on other devices and browsers. The look and feel are very smooth and we did not encounter any hiccups or bugs. The connectivity also proves to be better than what the browser counterparts offer. browsec android review

You can also use any of Browsec VPN’s extensions for browsers on your Android if you dont want to use the app, but the app will give you much more ease of use than deploying the Browsec VPN browser plugin for mobile.

How to Use Browsec?

Using Browsec requires no expert knowledge or rocket science. You can connect to a secure location, without even signing up. All you have to do is install the extension on the relevant browser, select a server, and establish the connection. The service generates a temporary account for everyone who connects. You have the option of attaching an email to this account or purchase the premium subscription to gain access to the complete 30 server locations.

Browsec VPN Review Reddit

According to our Browsec VPN review, the service has an active presence on Reddit. You can find various posts of customers asking questions/solutions for their mobile apps and browser add-ons. Many helpful community members guide users on different problems they may encounter. Here is a thread introducing Browsec on Reddit and another explaining the difference between a VPN and browser extension. You can also check our ultimate best vpn reddit guide for Browsec alternatives.

Browsec Real Users Reviews

While a VPN service can be really good, you should know that its performance can vary incredibly between its different apps and clients. This is because not every client behaves the same way with VPNs and you need a custom approach to ensure that your service works well on a particular platform.

Users don’t generally check for reviews of a service other than on platforms like Reddit, Quora, Facebook etc. And while this gives you a good general round-up of a service, for a more app specific review of a VPN’s performance, you need to check out the reviews on the app’s own stores.

Here are some of those very reviews that we have culled from different app stores for Browsec:

Browsec VPN Chrome User Reviews

This provider offers a Chrome extension which is usually a lightweight option to run a VPN without overburdening your system too much. However, do you know that The Chrome store provides users with the option of giving their reviews about the extensions hosted there? If you didn’t know that till now, we would like to tell that this option does exist and is indeed very helpful in checking the overall reviews for a particular extension.

Browsec’s VPN extension had the following reviews on the Google Chrome Store:

browsec chrome reviews

While there are always some bad reviews of a service, Browsec mostly had positive reviews as is evident from some of the screenshots we’ve posted here.

browsec chrome user reviews

Users even retorted to asking the VPN about their problems or troubleshooting issues, and we were highly surprized to see that Browsec’s support team was quite active on the platform!

browsec chrome download

It facilitated each user who called on it and the replies even had a bit of sarcasm as can be seen from the 4th screenshot.

browsec chrome ratings

This is an excellent customer focus shown by Browsec and we hope other VPNs take notice and follow suit.

However, we would like to say that we noticed a lot of complaints about Browsec being quite slow, so we thought that there might be a major problem on the Chrome Extension regarding this issue so we tested it ourselves. And to our surprise, the users were actually telling the truth as the browser extension is indeed quite slow.

We recommend that you read these domain-specific reviews as they can give you some very important info that you might miss on!

Browsec VPN Chrome Extension Download

Downloading the Chrome Extension of Browsec is an extremely easy and straightforward process and here’s how you can get it done in under a minute!

  1. For the Free Version, just simply go to the Chrome Store and search for “Browsec VPN
  2. Click on “Add To Chrome” and you are done!
  3. For the premium version, choose a pricing plan and pay for it
  4. Now, get your user credentials from Browsec VPN in your email and just go to the Chrome store and search for it using its name “Browsec VPN”
  5. And again, just click on “Add to Chrome”
  6. Once the extension’s been added to your Chrome browser, enter your user credentials and connect to a server of your liking to get started with it right away!

Browsec VPN Chrome Cracked

For any users looking to download any sort of cracked VPN software, we simply recommend you to not move ahead with it at all. Because in our opinion, moulded by years of service in this industry, we believe that NO VPN is better than a Cracked VPN.

This is because, cracked VPN software is often put up online just to lure in unsuspecting customers and then use this cracked software to infest their system with viruses, steal data, insert malware, encrypt files, install ransomware or serve a quite similar sinister purpose.

So, either it is a Browsec VPN Chrome Extension Crack or of any other VPN or any other tool, just don’t go near it ever. Paid VPNs are usually the safest bets, with some free services also catering to offer users with a semblance of privacy, but cracked software of VPNs are just mostly scams that need to be avoided at all costs.

Browsec VPN For Android User Reviews

VPN Android apps have become increasingly popular these days thanks to the growing proliferation of cheaper Android smartphones across the world. Android is by far the most popular mobile OS and so its natural that if users sign up for a VPN, they would also search for its Android app as well.

And while the number of VPN apps on the official Google Play store is growing exponentially each day, not many of them are good enough to be used.

Browsec app’s is not too good as its UI and UX are a bit too cluttered and lazy for our liking. Their Android is their weakest link according to our review and this might cause a dent in this VPN’s overall good enough performance in nearly all metrics.

User reviews for Browsec were mixed on the Google Play Store and while the VPN scored a rating of 4.5, users complained a lot about the app not performing according to expectations.

browsec Android app reviews

Complaints ranged from frequent disconnections to IP leaks among others, so we would recommend Browsec to improve its Android app’s performance in order to remove the biggest chink in its armour currently.

browsec android app download

Browsec VPN Setup For Android

The Android of Browsec VPN can be installed by following the step by step procedure mentioned here:

  1. Sign up with the VPN and pay for its pricing plan
  2. Secure your VPN username and password
  3. Download the Browsec Android app from Google Play Store
  4. Install it on your Android Smartphone and use it as per your requirements!

Browsec VPN Firefox User Reviews

Just like the Chrome Browser extension, Browsec also offers its own dedicated extension for the Firefox browser.

When we checked for user reviews on the Mozilla add-ons store, we were majorly disappointed because the reviews here are mostly either fake or spam and are seriously not even close to being useful as compared to the ones we found on the Android or the Chrome extension stores.

This is a general problem for the Firefox store and it’s just not relegated to the Browsec extension at all. On nearly, each extension, you will find non-serious reviews, fake posts, tons of spamming, incomprehensible comments and more.

Here are some examples:

browsec firefox reviews

We won’t review Browsec’s Firefox extension based on these reviews at all, because that would akin to demeaning the good service. Our own review about the extension is that it’s fast, unblocks limited sites (Netflix and other major streaming sites not included), speedy and free (Unless you opt for the paid version). If you want to use it for your Firefox, then it’s definitely one of the better options among the ones present for this platform to protect your online identity.

browsec firefox download

Browsec Feedback/Support Review

Our Browsec VPN review unwinds that the service has an average support system. You do not have live chat, FAQs, Troubleshooting, or setup guides available, neither has the provider given any contact details to assist with your issues. The only option users have available is email-support, which offers a reasonable response time of two or three hours. Below you can see the service’s simple contact form.Browsec Support Review

Top VPN providers offer live chat support since its incredibly important in today’s day and age to offer users with a fast, reliable mode of support that’s technically competent enough to solve multiple kinds of user issues.

Browsec still doesn’t offer it and that’s where small providers like it get things wrong. Being counted among the best is not about the numbers but about offering the standard quality of service of which, live chat is an integral option.

Ticket support is slow and impersonal, so Browsec needs to revisit this and ensure that users can get the kind of support that they are starting to expect from VPNs.

Is Browsec Safe to Use or Legal?

During our Browsec review, we scanned through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages to get a better idea on the best cheap VPN security. It is clear that Browsec does not log any vital connection/session data, which may include bandwidth usage, the page requested, site cookies, etc. However, the service may request for your email address, when signing up for an account. You may also link additional information to your account, such as payment details.

However, since most transactions are in control of third-party providers, you can feel assured your identity remains secret and safe. Since it is a browser add-on, there is the uncertainty of your activity being traceable back to you. However, the site clearly reveals it will not disclose your personal data unless they receive legal law enforcement requests.

Final Verdict

I don’t recommend BrowsecVPN and I have good reasons for it.

BrowsecVPN and security could have been a good combo to opt for if the provider had been able to iron out the few glitches that exist in its service. It intends to be quite a user-friendly product by offering browser capable proxy add-ons and VPN apps for Android/iOS smartphones but falls considerably short of doing that.

The pricing for the premium plan is very reasonable at $3.33/month on its yearly deal, but when you can get a much better VPN like Surfshark for a much lesser price at $1.99/month on its 24-month subscription plan, it won’t be wise to pay more and get less by opting for BrowsecVPN.