How to Download Torrents on iOS devices

Last updated: July 10, 2019
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Torrenting is one of the most popular activities of internet users worldwide but despite its humungous reach, Apple has moved strongly against it thereby banning many popular Torrenting apps and services from featuring on its iTunes store in a bid to stop users from indulging in this activity it views as violating copyright laws.

However, there are still many ways through which you can download torrents on your iOS devices and make yourself secure while doing it by using the best VPN service for torrenting. Want to know more about this? Read this comprehensive guide on how to download Torrents on iOS containing a list of best torrent application for iOS, iPhone, and how to use iTransmission, online Torrenting clients and more by best VPN.

Remember! You can be tracked by the ISP & reported to copyright companies, who can penalize you or report users’ to the FBI. Therefore, Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous while downloading torrents.
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Torrent Applications for iOS 2019

Apple doesn’t allow any Torrent apps on its Official iTunes store in order to deter iOS users from indulging in iPhone Torrenting activity, so the best remaining way for indulging in Torrenting is through Online Applications for Torrenting on iOS in 2019. Here are our Top 5 Picks for the best Online Torrents iOS Applications.

  3. Torrentsafe
  4. Zbigz

How to Download Torrent On iOS

Despite the ban on Torrenting apps on iTunes, there are still some highly credible ways through which you can run Torrenting on the iOS platform. Doing this involves, running them through file managers/download managers for managing online Torrenting tools. Here are the two best methods for this covered in detail complete with setup guides and download links!

Download Torrent On iOS Through Web-Based Services

Zbigz is a great online tool that aids you in downloading Torrents iOS quite easily on related devices and using it is incredibly easy to.

ZBIGZ torrents for iOS

All you need to do to Download Torrent on iOS through Zbigz is to follow these simple steps and you’ll be zipping through Torrent files on your device in no time at all. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the iTunes store and search for “Documents by Readdle”. This is a download manager for iOS that’s best suited for powering Torrenting activities on iPhones & iPads.
  2. Download and install this appOnce the installation process has ended, launch the app.
  3. From the bottom right corner, drag the browser slider.
  4. Now you will see a search box. Enter the torrent file’s name you want to download.
  5. In the search results, don’t opt for downloading the torrent file yet. Just copy the Torrent/Magnet link.
  6. Open the Zbigz website by using your Documents by the Readdle browser. Now paste the copied link in the field being shown to you.
  7. Tap “Go” and the torrent will automatically be downloaded to the cloud servers of Zbigz.
  8. Once Zbigz has completely downloaded the file on to its servers, it will generate links for you to download those files on to your device. Click on the download links and the Documents by the Readdle app will automatically run the download process and save the files in your app’s storage.
  9. The downloaded files can be easily accessed via the Download folder of the Documents by Readdle app easily. The app can also run them but if some files don’t open properly, don’t worry! You can open them via other apps by simply sharing the files from the app via Wi-Fi.

Torrent Documents by Readdle

Download And Transfer Files On iOS By Using iTransmission Torrent Client

Apple doesn’t allow Torrents iOS clients to feature on its iTunes official store but that doesn’t mean that you can’t download such apps/clients on to your device if you want to do so.

One of the best Torrent clients for iOS, according to our survey, is iTransmission. It’s deemed the best because it’s innately built to power iPhone Torrenting activities on iOS and on top of this, it’s a BitTorrent client. This app also has a Mac BitTorrent counterpart named Transmission and both of these apps share the same backend technical apparatus.

itransmission for torrents

If your device is jailbroken, this app can be easily acquired for free from Cydia. However, if it’s not, then we don’t recommend third-party sources that claim that they can assist you in installing the client on your device because these services are highly unreliable and often fail to back you up with dedicated support if you encounter a problem. They don’t even regularly update their services so if Apple issues a patchwork that aimed to stop Torrent app to be downloaded from third party sources, your iTransmission app would stop working and that is what we would want to happen.

The best way forward for non-jailbroken iOS devices is to acquire the services of a paid solution. These paid solutions work round the clock to ensure that Torrent apps for iOS like iTransmission remain available to users. Even if Apple issues a patchwork to stop such installations from taking place, these paid providers find ways to work around these restrictions and keep the Torrent apps alive and kicking.

Our favorite and highly recommended paid service for this purpose is BuildStore, which you can get for your device at just $9.99 for a year’s worth of subscription.

Here’s how you can easily download and run iTransmission on your iOS device via BuildStore:

  1. Pay the $9.99 yearly subscription fees to BuildStore after you have signed up for an account with the service.
  2. Now launch the Safari Browser app and visit
  3. Download the iTransmission app from here.
  4. Launch iTransmission on your iOS device and then TAP on the Add + Button when you want to add a Torrent you wish to download files from.
  5. Now you will see Three sources from which to choose from. Here is what each one represents.
  6. Web: Search for the Torrent link and download it.
  7. Magnet: Pasting Magnet Torrent download link.
  8. URL: Pasting a Direct Link to an existing and functional Torrent File.
  9. Keep iTransmission running while the download is running because closing it will make you lose the download continuity and you will have to start the download all over again

How To Download Torrents on iPhone with BitPort in 6 Easy Steps

Downloading torrents on your iPhone has never been easier when compared to other methods using iDownloader or iTransmission. There are some prerequisites that must be completed before you download torrent files to your iPhone, they include:

  1. Buy best torrenting VPN subscription
  2. iOS VPN app for your iPhone (or configure manually)
  3. Register a free io account, and verify the account from your email address

Once all the steps above are complete let’s download the first torrent on your iPhone.

Step 1–Go to any torrent tracker website and copy the link for your required torrent. For example, if you want the torrent for Major Lazer’s song ‘Lean On’ search for it on KAT or ThePirateBay or IsoHUNT and copy its torrent link.

Hint: Hold down the “download torrent” button for two seconds to get options “copy” “open” or “cancel”

Step 2 –Once the link has been copied, go to

Step 3 – Login to your BitPort dashboard and you will see an empty box to paste your torrent link

Step 4 – Paste the link in the box and click Add New Torrent button

Step 5 – Click on the Download Link that will appear, and start downloading the torrent file. Let the file complete downloading.

Step 6 – You can also watch videos or listen to music without downloading the files

Download Torrents on iPad with iDownloader

idownloader for torrents

Before starting the process of torrents downloads, there is no uTorrent for iPad. You have to use iDownloader to get things rolling. The download manager available in the App Store helps in downloading torrents on iPad. You must use a torrent VPN to attain maximum protection from copyright notices and fines because downloading torrents on iPad could lead you to pay hefty amounts or you can face prison too.

After connecting yourself with a secure iPad Torrent VPN, or a VPN app for iOS you will be able to download torrents securely on your iPad. As you have successfully connected to secure torrent VPN app, Here is how to download torrents for iPad:

Download Torrents for iPad in 10 steps

Step 1

Go to iTunes App Store and search for iDownloader, then download and install the app on your iPad.

Step 2

Once installed, run iDownloader and look for the browser in the app.

Step 3

Use the iDownloader browser and access your favorite torrent website (e.g. IsoHUNT, The Pirate Bay, and KAT)

Step 4

Search for the required uTorrent for iPad that you want to download.

Step 5

Tap and hold the download torrent link button of the file.

Step 6

A new pop-up will appear, showing you three options: Open, Copy and Cancel

Select the option ‘Copy’.

Step 7

Re-open the iDownloader browser and then open ‘’

Step 8

Now paste the copied torrent link in the given field and then hit ‘Go’ to visit

Step 9

Hold for few seconds until zbigz generates a download link

Step 10

When the download link appears, click the download button. You will be given three options again: Download, Open, and Copy.

Tap Download to continue. Your torrent file should now be ready and should start leeching the file.

How to Download Torrents in Germany

Downloading torrents is not illegal in Germany and allowed to some extent. However, downloading torrents protected by copyrights, for instance, a movie still being played in cinemas is illegal in Europe. You can download media including music, videos, books, software, and other media as much as you want, but once flagged by the ISP for downloading a file that is copyright protected.

The ideal strategy is using a good VPN service from the list of best VPNs for 2019 with your torrent client.  Users’ have been fined in 6 different countries including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Germany is not a safe haven for torrent users by any means. Copyright infringement is heavily frowned upon in Germany and users that have been victims of such violations had to pay hefty fines. Even those that were caught in this mess inadvertently also had to pay for copyright infringement.

Remember! You can be tracked by the ISP & reported to copyright companies, who can penalize you or report users’ to the FBI. Therefore, Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous while downloading torrents.
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How to Download Manga Torrents

In today’s modern era, you can read your favorite books and Japanese graphic novels/manga’s via the help of the internet, all completely free on kickass torrents!

The rise of torrenting and downloading online has made it possible for you to start reading your favorite books in digital form within seconds. This method is way faster and cheaper as compared to traditional means

Best Manga Torrent Sites

The names mentioned below have a huge collection of e-books, magazines, and comics. You can easily find the manga you want to read within a few seconds.

  • org
  • ExtraTorrent

Best Manga Torrents Sites for Anime

The crazy love people have for Anime nowadays is sometimes a little frightening i.e. how we like watching cartoons more than actual people. Below are some of the best sites for downloading anime/manga comics, while also receiving versatility with watchable content.

  2. Wakku.To
  3. AnimeTorrents

Best Manga Torrents Sites for Comics

If the above sites are not useful in helping you find the Manga comics you want to read, users still have plenty of options available.


Final Words

Now that you are familiar with the torrenting sites and torrentz alternatives mentioned above, we hope that we have answered your question on “How to Download Torrents on iOS?”

While Apple becomes ever more stringent on stopping any kind of Torrenting activity on its iOS devices, the popularity of Torrenting as a media sharing solution over the internet refuses to die down. iOS users are still as interested in Torrenting to access their favorite media files as ever and this guide is meant to guide through the process of doing this with inherent ease and knowledge of all plausible and working options.

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