Remember! You can be tracked by the ISP & reported to copyright companies, who can penalize you or report users’ to the FBI. Therefore, Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous while downloading torrents.

A decade ago, if we had an interest in reading books, we had to travel to bookstores. Times have now changed considerably and many things regarding the purchase of literature are outdated. In today’s modern era, you can read your favorite books and Japanese graphic novels/manga’s via the help of the internet, all completely free on kickass torrents!

The rise of torrenting and downloading online has made it possible for you to start reading your favorite books in digital form within seconds. This method is way faster and cheaper as compared to traditional means. Are you looking for ways on how to download Manga torrents? Then read on our guide ahead.



Best Manga Torrent Sites

If you are tired searching all over the internet for your favorite Manga series, you might want to consider using these Torrent Sites. The names mentioned below have a huge collection of e-books, magazines, and comics. You can easily find the manga you want to read within a few seconds.

One of the most popular Torrent search engine websites, is the ultimate destination for finding your manga series. The website is highly user-friendly and has loads of trackers/seeders. Its main aim is to deliver a simple search for varied types of torrents, be it movies, music, TV shows, art/craft, e-books, comics, or software. Recently the website went down, so we recommend you to check out these alternatives.

how to download manga torrents

All you have to do is use the websites search bar. Enter the name of the Manga you want to watch. The website will provide you a list of all the book torrents laid out in relevance to the name. You can click either on the links to read the comments on each torrent, or use the small magnet icon to begin the download directly.

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Another popular torrent search engine, ExtraTorrent is the perfect place for you to find your favorite Manga books along with video material. The site has been active for many years, shifting to different domains each time one shuts down (pretty much the same case with all torrent sites). To get your Manga torrent, simply use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

best manga torrent sites

After entering the title, you will receive an extensive list of available torrents. You will have get clarity and information regarding each torrent i.e. the health of torrents. If the indicator shows a green color, it means the torrent contains no viruses. Simply click on the magnet icon or the green arrow/box icon to begin downloading. Read our best extratorrent alternatives guide.



Initially, RARBG started out as a Bulgarian-tracker website in 2008. However, a few years into the torrenting business and it gained fame worldwide (also making its appearance in the top ten torrenting sites for ipad). Many P2P/torrenting favored users consider RARBG as their one-stop destination for downloading everything from movies, games, software, TV shows, comics, books, and Manga series.

best manga torrent alternatives

If you cannot find the Manga you want to read on or ExtraTorrent, you can feel assured to find it on RARBG. The site has a huge selection of torrents with trackers from all over the world regularly updating the content available.


Best Manga Torrents Sites for Anime

The crazy love people have for Anime nowadays is sometimes a little frightening i.e. how we like watching cartoons more than actual people. However, we have to admit that the storylines are incredibly amazing of most Manga anime. Below are some of the best sites for downloading anime/manga comics, while also receiving versatility with watchable content.

This modern site aims to provide free e-books to people all over the world. It is the best place for you find free books online and sometimes even the most expensive literature. You have dozens of categories available: fiction, non-fiction, academic, and children books. Therefore, you can feel assured to find your favorite Manga instantly.

best manga torrents clones

You also have versatility with the formats. Users can download either PDF or Kindle files. The best thing about the site is for each book you gain knowledge about the date published, number of total pages, and number of downloads. The website encourages users to join and enjoy as a free member. It does a great job in providing an extensive list of anime books.



Coalgirls is the best anime website for watching the latest in Manga movies and TV shows. The site has a torrent page where you can perform a more in-depth search regarding the Manga you may want to read or watch. Best part of all: there is no need for you to subscribe or become a member. All content on the site is available FREE. You can even consult with the FAQ, if you have any requests on adding a new Anime/Manga series on the website.

best manga torrent substitutes


Anime Torrents

AnimeTorrents is a private BitTorrent tracker. As the name implies, the site specializes in offering users with readable Manga content, Light Novels, OVA (original video animation), Anime TV series/movies, and Hentai in HD(720p/1080p), Blu-ray, and BDRip. Majority of the content uploaded is from Japan and other Asian countries. Best part of all: most Hentai, OVA, and Anime have English subtitles. This means, you no longer have to go around searching for subbed content.

best manga torrent


Best Manga Torrents Sites for Comics

If the above sites are not useful in helping you find the Manga comics you want to read, users still have plenty of options available.

TopShelfBook is another top site for downloading Manga comics while receiving good information about each torrent. You can find many popular classics and new releases on the website. Each book is displayed with the relevant cover picture, making it easier for you to identify different Manga’s. the website is definitely worth using, if you are looking for Manga comics.

Best Manga Torrents Sites for Anime

A rather new website in the internet, ManyBooks is dedicated to the release of free e-books worldwide. Users can register and become a free member, upon which they will receive regular updates regarding new releases on comics and books. You can browse Manga’s in many different languages, genres, all while exploring popular pages and new titles on the website. You can even download your favorite Manga in many different formats.

Best Manga Torrents Sites for Comics

Here is another fantastic torrent search engine at your disposal. You can use it to get your digital hands on loads of free Manga series and Anime movies/TV shows. There is a navigation bar available for you to search for specific books. Simply click on the magnet icon to begin downloading your favorite books.

Manga Torrents Alternatives


Manga Torrents Alternatives

If you are not fond of downloading torrents or the act is illegal in your country, there are other alternatives for watching/reading your favorite Manga series. is a site that airs new anime content regularly. is another website that provides users with links to Manga e-books and other airing shows. You can even use for downloading or Mangakakalot for reading Manga online freely.

If these alternatives do not work, you can always consider downloading Kodi. This open-source, media entertainment software has plenty of third-party kodi add-ons available for providing users with lots of FREE content. Upon installing the software, check for AnimeGo, Cartoons8, AnimeHere, AnimeRam, Anime44, Masterani, FunimationNOW, and KissAnime add-ons.


How to Download Manga Torrents Using VPN

In some countries, downloading torrents is an illegal act, leading to costly fines. If you want to avoid any trouble with governmental agencies, it is a good option to use a best VPN service for torrenting. This way, you can mask your IP address and connect to a server in a different location (where you receive P2P/Torrenting support). Since VPNs encrypt your browsing and torrenting traffic, it is impossible to trace any activity back to you. Here is a list of the top five best cheap VPN services you can use!


PureVPN CyberGhost NordVPN
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Final Words

Now that you are familiar with the torrenting sites and torrentz alternatives mentioned above, we hope that we have answered your question on “How to Download Manga Torrents?” Nevertheless, if you do encounter any problems, do not hesitate on commenting below. Have a nice day!

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  1. Eve Hunt

    that’s a very bad recommendation cause that sites never have much animes except for crunchyroll, but isn’t free, and really ? YouTube ? nextflix? anime in YouTube is not legal and nextflix only have a few anime in list, legal ? go to japan to see tv for that


      Thanks for commenting here Eve. I am confused though, as the above torrent sites and the alternatives included in the guide do grant access to many Manga’s. I never suggested YouTube or Netflix either. Are you familiar with the concept of torrenting? If not, ignore the above suggestions and check out the alternatives i included:

      The last two require signing up for you to access the complete list of Mangas. Hope this breaks it down for you. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues, i’m here to provide more assistance.

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