Torrent fanatics brace yourselves as iPad torrenting has arrived. Millions of Ipad users can now learn how to download torrents on iPad from kickass torrent with our detailed guide. In the following sections, Best VPN will guide you how to use iPad torrenting via iDownloader for accessing your favorite content offline. 


Remember! You can be tracked by the ISP & reported to copyright companies, who can penalize you or report users’ to the FBI. Therefore, Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous while downloading torrents.


Our guide will take you on a step by step journey to easily download torrents on your iPad without Jail-breaking your device.

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Protip: Use a VPN When Downloading Torrents

As soon as you download or share a torrent on a website with your real IP address the ISP notices and logs this information. This IP address is used to disclose users’ actual locations to send them copyright infringement notices. Why would an ISP that you pay for service do this to you?

ISPs in North America, Europe, Oceania and part of Asia now partner with the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) and punish users’ who download copyright media. Hence, netizens must use a torrent VPN to tackle this situation. Check out our recommendations on iPad torrent VPN services.



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What is BitTorrent Sharing?

BitTorrent is a communication protocol that uses peer-to-peer file sharing (abbreviated as “P2P” for distributing electronic files like photos, videos, audio files containing songs, and documents over the internet. It is the most preferred choice in protocols to transfer huge files, regardless of their type. The sharing process initiates through a BitTorrent client that has access to the internet. Popular clients include Tixati, BitComet, qBittorrent, Transmission, Xunlei, uTorrent, Deluge, and Vuze.

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Download Torrents on iPad with iDownloader

Download Torrents on Ipad

Before starting the process of torrents downloads, there is no uTorrent for iPad. You have to use iDownloader to get things rolling. The download manager available in App Store helps in downloading torrents on iPad. You must use a torrent VPN to attain maximum protection from copyright notices and fines because downloading torrents on iPad could lead you to pay hefty amounts or you can face prison too.

After connecting yourself with a secure iPad Torrent VPN, or a VPN app for iOS you will be able to download torrents securely on your iPad. As you have successfully connected to secure torrent VPN app, Here is how to download torrents for iPad:


Download Torrents for iPad in 10 steps

Step 1

Go to iTunes App Store and search for iDownloader, then download and install the app on your iPad.

Step 2

Once installed, run iDownloader and look for the browser in the app.

Step 3

Use the iDownloader browser and access your favorite torrent website (e.g. IsoHUNT, The Pirate Bay, and KAT)

Step 4

Search for the required uTorrent for iPad that you want to download.

Step 5

Tap and hold the download torrent link button of the file.

Step 6

A new pop-up will appear, showing you three options: Open, Copy and Cancel

Select the option ‘Copy’.

Step 7

Re-open the iDownloader browser and then open ‘’

Step 8

Now paste the copied torrent link in given field and then hit ‘Go’ to visit

Step 9

Hold for few seconds until zbigz generates a download link

Step 10

When the download link appears, click the download button. You will be given three options again: Download, Open and Copy.

Tap Download to continue. Your torrent file should now be ready and should start leeching the file.



That’s All Folks … See You Again Soon

IPad users’ ahoy! Torrenting has finally arrived on iOS devices with the introduction of iDownloader app. Follow our step by step guide and access instant torrent downloads without having to jailbreak your device.   Enjoy downloading torrents with our guide, but do remember, your online security is much important than a TV show, movie, manga torrents. Always consider using a VPN before downloading torrents on your iPad.

11 Responses to How to Download Torrents on iPad 2019

  1. Verena

    Thanks for recommendations, I am using Nordvpn on my Ipad and MacBook. I absolutely agree that better not to get into a situation with copyright holders and that is why using vpn before downloading torrents is so important, especially for someone like me, who downloads torrents every single day. Luckily, Nordvpn offers a no-logs policy which means that all my browsing history and private information, can’t be gathered so it is just what I need when torrenting.

  2. LR

    Idownloader not on app store

  3. Lee

    Why is everything so difficult on apples?!?!!….I’m done, going back to Android and Windows!!! One app/one click and done is best for me.


      Hey Lee,
      You are undoubtedly right in your opinion on the complexity of using the devices running on the iOS platform. Windows and Android are a whole lot more user friendly than them, however, iOS devices have their own reasons for being good like better security. But in the end, the choice of the device you use, solely rests upon your discretions!

  4. Arrrg

    Same – not working

  5. Anon

    iDL had to change their app due to Apple Store policy, so downloading audio and video files is no longer possible.

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