How to Setup a VPN on Android without Puzzling your Mind

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

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Android commands one of the largest market shares in the world, 85 percent to be exact. Its high popularity exposes it to various vulnerabilities, which is why many users resort to a VPN to safeguard their privacy.

So let’s begin with setting up a VPN on your Android device the easy way. No need to scratch your head and fall into the well of darkness.

Here I will teach you how to setup a VPN on Android, with maximum ease.


How to Set up a VPN from the Android Settings Manually

There are different ways to set up a VPN on Android and one of them is manual:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. In the “Wireless & networks” section, choose “More”.
  3. Select “VPN”.
  4. Tap on the + sign on the top right corner.
  5. Contact your network service provider (such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN) they will provide you with all your VPN information.
  6. Follow the instructions and protocols recommended by your provider.
  7. Click on “Save”.
  8. You can connect by going back to the VPN settings and selecting your VPN of choice (you will be asked to enter a username and password).


How to get a VPN on your Android from Google Play Store

You can easily find client apps of most of the VPN service providers on Play Store and here’s how to set up a VPN on Android:

  1. The simplest way to get a VPN on your Android phone is to just go to the Play Store.
  2. Search for the VPN service you want to download and use.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Launch the app, create an account, and subscribe to a package.
  5. Connect to a VPN server and you are done!


What Trust Factors Should I Consider?

In a way, a VPN is just like a bullet. It can be used for protection and it can be used for committing crimes as well.

When you consider buying a VPN service, make sure you go through the logging and privacy policy of the service very carefully.

Most importantly it is very important to know which jurisdiction does the VPN service fall under.

Therefore, you must always be sure that you have the Best Android VPN.

In addition, you can also ask the following questions to pick which is the most suitable VPN:

  1. How many features does the service offer?
  2. Does it offer Kill-Switch, double hop, split tunneling, and other such features?


Benefits of VPN

Now that the most crucial factors have been discussed, let’s talk about the other features that a VPN must include.

If you are a binge watcher or someone who needs a high level of security, then a VPN is the thing for YOU!

You can visit the Netflix libraries of different regions or access websites that have been geo-restricted in your country. Check this detailed nordvpn netflix guide.

So the question arises how well does the service perform in regards to speed? Is the download or upload speed falling noticeably?

The answer to VPN speed depends on your server choice and protocol. However, do expect a slight drop in speeds as a VPN encrypts your data and tunnels it.

Another benefit a VPN offers is privacy and security against hackers. These malicious goons won’t be able to access your sensitive data with a VPN cloaking your identity and encrypting your information.


How to set up a VPN on Android (Free)

Whether you are using a paid VPN or a free one, both follow the same methods of installation and operation as mentioned above.

The manual setting for a free VPN will be the same as well. However, do not expect a 24/7 5-star customer support, as free applications have few resources to manage such features.

However, it is always better to go for paid versions, because free providers have less incentive to protect your data.

How to Setup a VPN on Android

Wrapping up

VPN is without a doubt a very important tool in today’s cyber world, be it encryption of your data, IP location masking or just simply watching your favorite shows on online.

With the increase in financial transactions taking place online and the risk to lose your money has quadrupled, a VPN forms the best line of defense.

Therefore, always make sure you get your hands on the most credible VPN services, whether free or paid. And if you want to learn how to setup a VPN on Android, then follow the method explained in this guide.

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