With having nothing to do with either the Tor Network or the Tor browser or even anything remotely associated with the deep web, Torguard is a fast-growing VPN service that has grown substantially in recent years owing to its rock-solid security mainly.

The providers initially built it just for Torrenting but from then on, it has added many different features to come in tow with what other providers are also offering.

On the face of it, this looks like a very promising VPN but its service is stifled by multiple conveniences and its good points are not anything that other best VPNs don’t offer. It requires you to get a dedicated IP for an additional cost of $7.99/month with the already expensive VPN plans if you want to access Netflix US. NordVPN offers you exactly that on its regular servers and at just $2.99/month with no additional cost, plus it also offers much more features and compatible apps than Torguard.

VPN ProvidersNordVPNTorguard VPN
Unblocks Netflix USYESYes but with dedicated IP add-on at additional cost of $7.99/mo
Offers Fast SpeedsAbove AverageAbove Average
EncryptionAES-256 encryption on all protocols it supportsAES-256 encryption on all protocols it supports
ProtocolsOpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPsec
Multi-Logins Allowed65
Pricing$2.99/month2.08/month (If you apply a discount code on Biennial Plan)
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But for an in-depth introspection of the service, here is the Torguard VPN review for 2019 which includes my critique on why is this service not as good enough as others say it is:

Torguard VPN Encryption Review

Following the lead of the industry, Torguard also protects your VPN connection with the robust and impenetrable AES-256 military grade encryption.

This encryption level is used worldwide by government agencies, militaries, sensitive law enforcement agencies among other organizations that have private information to protect in transit.

Even if a hacker tried, it cannot decipher data encrypted under this cipher as a system to do that doesn’t exist yet and there are virtually zero chances of such a system cropping up in even the next hundred years.

Torguard Protocol Support Review

OpenVPN: This is perhaps the only VPN protocol that a provider should be offering and Torguard does it, so it gets a full score even in this.

OpenVPN is as secure a protocol as AES-256 is secure as an encryption standard. Its run by an open source community which plugs its security vulnerabilities quite quickly and due to exactly that, a successful attack has never been staged against it.

Torguard VPN, apart from its awful jurisdiction choice, has not put a foot wrong on the security front.

Its OpenVPN protocol can also be used more securely via its Stealth VPN feature. This works by removing the headers from OpenVPN and then redirecting your connection via normal HTTPs ports to make it appear like normal traffic. Using this can allow you to easily bypass things like Deep packet inspection and ISP throttling and bans.

Apart from OpenVPN, Torguard also offers SSTP, L2TP & IPsec in terms of protocols, but I don’t recommend you to use them on any VPN including Torguard VPN as they are not as secure as the OpenVPN protocol.

Torguard VPN IP Leak Review

Torguard is a VPN that primes itself as a premier service for Torrenting so it shouldn’t be leaking your IP through DNS or WebRTC leaks, right? Absolutely!

The provider came out clean on all DNS and WebRTC leak tests.

WebRTC and HTTP Request Leaks

  1. https://browserleaks.com/webrtc (Clear)
  2. https://www.doileak.com/ (Clear)

DNS Leaks

  1. https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ (Clear)
  2. https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ (Clear)

IPv4/IPv6 and Torrent IP Leaks

  1. https://ipleak.net/ (Clear)
  2. https://ipx.ac/run/ (Clear)

But don’t take this for granted as not a lot of VPN to ensure that they don’t leak your IP online.

Our study on VPN leaks revealed that an overwhelming majority of providers fail to give adequate cover to users as they keep falling through by way of WebRTC and DNS leaks.

A VPN leaking your real IP is a serious issue because it puts you at incredible risk when conducting activities like Torrenting or bypassing government based geo-restrictions. On the other hand, such VPNs can’t even unblock streaming sites like Netflix US or work in sensitive countries like China.

Torguard remains a top service on dent of just this ability alone.

Its commitment towards providing top-notch online security to users has been known in the industry for quite some time now and that’s one of the main reasons that despite being expensive and a bit complex to use, it still is quite a popular choice among users.

Torguard VPN Jurisdiction Review

One thing that really turned me off about Torguard was how finding relevant information on many different things was incredibly difficult on their site. Whether its pricing information or client apps, you need to dig very deep before you can find what you are looking for.

And finding the country they are based in was not an easy task either.

I had to sift through all the pages of their site before I stumbled upon this on their “Terms of Use” page, under the heading for License.

Torguard VPN is owned by VPN Networks LLC which is a firm based in the United States.

United States is one of the worst places for a VPN to be based in owing to its own invasive data retention laws and its membership in multiple data-sharing alliance like 5 Eyes and 14 Eyes.

This makes Torguard VPN highly unsafe since US authorities can, at any point in time, demand the provider to turn in user data or the authorities can even seize company records or servers.

For a VPN that’s located in a safer jurisdiction, you can opt for Surfshark that’s located in the British Virgin Island or even NordVPN that’s located in Panama.

Torguard VPN Logging Policy Review

Apart from general account details, Torguard VPN doesn’t log any sort of data whatsoever and they are very clear about it as well.

In their privacy policy, they explicitly mention that any data that passes through their VPN or proxy is never kept by the provider, which makes it a zero logs provider.

No connection timestamps, no bandwidth data, no nothing. They don’t even share your data with any third party firm either.

Had it not been for its bad jurisdiction choice, Torguard VPN would’ve been capable of being listed among the top VPNs out there.

Torguard VPN Speed Review

The provider mentions everywhere on its site that it offers fast speeds, but I don’t take this at face value as every VPN does that and real speeds in tests are often very disappointing and a far cry from those lofty promises.

However, Torguard didn’t disappoint in this aspect as apart from its servers in Asia Pacific regions and South Asia, the speeds were above average and even quite fast on some European servers.

My base speed was 50 Mbps when I conducted Torguard’s speed tests.

I tested speeds on 10 different servers from across the world and here is the average speed I go from them:

  1. Download Speed: 39 Mbps
  2. Upload Speed: 32 Mbps
  3. Ping: 81 Ms

The losses on both the Download and Upload Speeds are within my acceptable range i.e. 25-40% speed loss on average. The human experience with Torguard was also very good when I used it for general browsing. The speeds never went down even for a bit and remained consistent throughout.

Torguard VPN Netflix Review

If Netflix is available in your country, you don’t need a VPN to access the site. However, if you just read an article on New Netflix releases for the upcoming month but can’t find the title on the site, then that title might not be available in your country and you will need a VPN to access it.

But any VPN won’t make the cut and that’s because Netflix protects its geo-restricted content by means of a VPN ban i.e. a mechanism through which it stops VPN based connections from accessing the site.

Very few VPNs remain that can break through this ban and allow you to access best Netflix libraries. Netflix US library contains the highest number of titles and so people want to access it mostly and you can do it Torguard but wait, there’s a catch.

Unlike most VPNs that can unblock Netflix US, Torguard doesn’t offer you the liberty to access Netflix US through its regular VPN service or even its proxy service.

To access Netflix US with Torguard, you will need to subscribe to its dedicated streaming IP, which comes at an added price to the VPN subscription plan.

And the dedicated IP is expensive at $7.99/month and if you add the cost of the VPN plan, you will be paying almost $12/month (If you buy their best priced biennial VPN subscription plan).

If you compare this with a provider like Surfshark which for just $1.99/month, allows you to access Netflix US in the VPN plan itself unlike Torguard, you will easily understand why going for Torguard for accessing Netflix is not a good deal at all.

In addition to this, not all of their streaming IPs work with Netflix except for one, and the money you pay for the streaming IP is non-refundable which means the 7 day trial period doesn’t cover it. The provider is super unfriendly when it comes to the streaming front and I strongly recommend that you don’t opt for it at all if you want to get access to geo-restricted streaming sites for an affordable price.

Torguard VPN Torrenting Review

These days, many VPNs have started shutting out users from indulging in P2P or Torrenting activities while using their service. That’s because many governments and media houses across the world have started putting immense pressure on the entities involved in Torrenting in a bid to control content privacy and stem the easy flow of illegal content on the internet.

And even if you find a VPN that’s willing to support Torrenting, either they leak your IP making their use unsafe or they offer pathetic speeds ruining your download and uploads speeds while Torrenting.

Torguard belongs to the increasingly rare category of VPNs that are not afflicted by these problematic and crippling issues.

It not just promotes or allows Torrenting through its service but it also offers special Proxy packages through which you can indulge in Torrenting even if you don’t want to subscribe to the VPN service of the provider.

The proxy package is faster than the VPN as I found out during testing, but I don’t recommend you to use it unless you live in a country that is Torrenting friendly or if you know about copyright issues with each media file you access (No one does that in reality).

You shouldn’t be taking chances when doing such a sensitive activity, so stick with Torguard’s VPN, even for Torrenting, because the speeds might be a bit slower than the ones you will get on Torguard’s proxy but the VPN is much, much more secure.

And with a server network spread across the globe and consisting of over 3000 servers, issues like speed bottlenecks that afflict smaller providers, won’t ever be a problem.

Usually, the pricing plans of any VPN provider are very easy to understand and as they all have the same features and differ just in the duration for which you need to subscribe to them for.

Torguard’s worst thing is its complex pricing which will take a while for you to understand if you are new to the service.

Firstly they offer 4 different types of services, for which they offer entirely different pricing models.

  1. Anonymous Proxy
  2. Anonymous VPN
  3. Anonymous Email
  4. Streaming Bundle

But I’ll stick to the Anonymous VPN plan for which they offer five different types of subscriptions based on the time you require it for:

  1. Monthly subscription: $9.99 billed once
  2. Quarterly subscription: $19.99 billed once
  3. Semi-annual subscription: $29.99 billed once
  4. Annual VPN subscription: $59.99 billed once
  5. (Two Year) Biennial subscription: $99.99 billed once

The rest of the deals are quite costly, but the two-year subscription plan will lower down your monthly cost to just $4, which is affordable. But wait there’s more.

If you add the Promo code “TGLLifetime50” at checkout, you get an immediate 50% discount on your plan, so that reduces the cost of the Biennial subscription to just $49.99, making the plan cost you just a shade over $2/month for the entire duration of the subscription.

And if you choose the streaming IP add-on, the code will apply to that too, reducing its cost from $7.99/month to $3.99/month, but if you bundle it up with the cost of the VPN, it’s still too expensive at around $6/month.

Torguard VPN Payment Method and Free Trial Review

The provider allows you to pay for its pricing plans using the following payment methods:

  1. Credit card
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Litecoin
  4. Paypal
  5. CoinPayments
  6. PaymentWall
  7. Gift Card

Credit Card and Paypal are the most convenient options in terms of payment but the addition of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will allow the user to pay anonymously, which is great since it gives the user the choice to keep their payment details private ensuring a great deal of security.

Other options include PaymentWall and Gift Cards, which do nothing else other than diversifying options in terms of how payment will be made. They are used sparingly but it’s good that they are there.

Torguard doesn’t meet industry standards in terms of its trial policy, which it limits to a 7 day period. Conventionally, most providers offer a trial period of at least 30 days, but by cutting down that to just a week is not very user-friendly. On top of this, if you buy a dedicated streaming IP along with your VPN plan, you won’t get back your money on the dedicated IP if you file for a refund.

Considering the highly expensive plans offered by Torguard, the trial policy is not very friendly towards users and I recommend that they should at least bring it up to a month’s worth of trial to give users the chance to be use the service and get satisfied by it before they commit to it.

Torguard VPN Server Network Review

The server count by Torguard is up there with the very best in the business at 3000+ servers in 55 countries worldwide.

Its server network has an expansive outreach covering all 6 continents. The American and European region get the highest amount of servers but the Asia Pacific, Middle East, South Asia and Africa also have an ample number of servers covering them.

So wherever you might be located on the globe, you can get connected to a server by Torguard that’s very near to your actual location, thereby guaranteeing fast speeds without lag.

But one thing is very disappointing here. Not even one of these servers can unblock Netflix or any other geo-restricted site because, for that, you will need to subscribe to the special dedicated IPs offered by Torguard that come at an additional cost.

Dedicated IPs for streaming are located in the US and UK, while you can also get special IPs for DDoS protection while gaming in locations like Canada and France.

The best VPN services in the industry offer all of these features within their servers and don’t require you to buy special IPs for the task, which makes Torguard undesirable as bundling up your regular VPN plan with this special dedicated IP feature will make your monthly subscription cost balloon to at least 5-7 times the cost of subscription of a better service like Surfshark.

As more and more players come into the industry and the existing ones keep innovating and adding new feature, the fierce competition keeps compelling VPN providers to iron out any problems or issues they have in their services quickly.

Torguard is notable example of this as previously, you would’ve needed the OpenVPN connect app in addition to the provider’s own mobile apps if you wanted to use the VPN on your mobile devices, iOS and Android both. It has been that way since the provider introduced its own apps for mobile platforms and it remained that way until recently.

Now, Torguard’s mobile apps didn’t require any supportive app to work, which is great as users shouldn’t be forced to accommodate such inconveniences. Using a VPN should be as easy as possible and for that, you need to keep things simple and Torguard has done just that.

Apart from the iOS and Android apps, Torguard offers compatible client apps for desktop OS including Windows and Mac, along with browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, but that’s just about it. There is no app for Firestick or for Kodi or any other sort of niche device.

Torguard also has router support but it’s often quite difficult to get through VPN setup on a router for newbie users as there is so much technicality involved, so it’s imperative that the provider offers apps for niche devices like Firestick as well, just like how ExpressVPN or PureVPN does to power more user convenience.

And to clear misconceptions once again, Torguard, despite the word “Tor”, in its name, isn’t compatible with the Tor browser, so keep that in mind and don’t be misled by the name.

Solid, fast and expert customer support is absolutely crucial if a VPN wants to succeed in today’s environment. VPNs aren’t just used for anonymity anymore, they are now heavily required in the streaming and Torrenting domains as well, but most users, especially those with low technical knowledge, require exceptional customer support to make it through easily.

On top of this, customer support also comes in handy when a user is setting up the VPN or comes across an issue that needs an urgent solution.

And because of these very factors, I value customer support as much as I value true anonymity.

Even if a VPN is incredibly good at protecting your identity and data online, a slow and non-expert customer support can turn me off real bad.

But if you are going for Torguard, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all.

It offers support through live chat and its support execs are incredibly well trained to handle just about any user query.

If you need proof to substantiate my claims, you can see how their chat support exec “Jeremy” answered all of my questions satisfactorily.

The only issue I encountered with their chat support was that they came online 6 minutes after I submitted my query. This “delay” is only encountered when you submit your initial query, but after that the chat support exec answers quickly and without delay. The chat support is not as good as that offered by ExpressVPN or Surfshark, but its up there in terms of standards and quality.


The hard work and commitment that the team behind Torguard is putting in to make this service exemplary is quite visible and I really appreciate it, but still, despite a lot of notable strengths and robust security, Torguard needs to do away with its increasingly problematic nuisances if it needs to come at par with the best services in the business.

The main purpose is not to just offer Netflix US unblocking, you are also required to offer this feature without making the user incur extra cost. You cant cost 3 times as high as a provider that’s better and more convenient than you on all accounts like NordVPN or Surfshark and expect yourself to be regarded in the same bracket as these services.

In my opinion, the price that Torguard wants you to give is not according to the value that its offering you, so I wont recommend this service until it improves on these problem points and I believe that considering how close the service is to becoming a Best VPN in the industry, it wont be long before Torguard makes the move and corrects these issues.