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Last updated: January 19, 2023
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William Sams

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Despite having some glaring flaws as you can see in our PureVPN Review, the provider remains quite popular despite many vpn reviews and a lot of users still regard it amongst the Best VPN services in the industry.

And whether its one of not is different question to answer, how you can use it once you’ve decided to subscribe to it is an entirely different thing altogether. A lot of users seem confused on how they can download different client apps of PureVPN on their devices but there’s no reason to be. The client apps are easy to download and use and to know more on how to do it, just read this guide on PureVPN Download 2019:

PureVPN Free Download

All of PureVPN’s client apps are free to download and the links to do so are placed on their website on dedicated sub-pages. However, you will need to buy PureVPN’s subscription to use them.

PureVPN Download for windows

That’s normal right? Because every provider’s client is available on their website to download for free? Not quite so.

Many providers in the industry don’t allow you to download their client unless you buy their subscription and secure access to their member area. But PureVPN is not like that.

Coming to PureVPN Free Download, can you really do it? The answer is a Big NO!

PureVPN doesn’t offer any sort of a Free VPN service, but here’s the closest that comes to it:

Purevpn Download Free

  1. You can buy a 3 Day Trial account for $2.5 billed once with all features included
  2. Use its 31 Day Refund Policy as a cover to ask for your money back if you don’t like the service or its performance:

Once you’ve used any of these two options to start off with the service, here’s how you can download their Windows client and give it a go on using the service on your desktop:

  1. Open PureVPN.com and scroll down to the bottom of their page
  2. In the bottom bar, under the Products category, click on “Windows app”
  3. Click on “Download VPN” to proceed further
  4. Now click on “Download PureVPN App” to commence with the download process
  5. Once the file has been downloaded, click on it to initiate the installation process
  6. Enter your user credentials (This will only be available to you if you’ve bought the subscription) and connect to a server and PureVPN will start working

The build of the client app is 7.0.2 and its compatible with almost all Windows versions after Windows XP.

PureVPN Download For Mac

The process to download the Mac app is almost identical as downloading the Windows app.

purevpn download for mac

Here is a quick rejoinder on how you can get it downloaded and setup in under 3 minutes:

  1. Visit PureVPN.com and go to the bottom of the home page
  2. Under the Products category, click on “Mac VPN”
  3. On the next page on which you are re-directed, click on “Download VPN” and then click on “Download PureVPN App”
  4. The download process will now begin
  5. Once its complete, just click on the file and follow on-screens instructions to get through with the installation process
  6. Do note here that you will need the user name and password to make the client work (You will need PureVPN’s subscription account for that purpose)

PureVPN’s Mac app is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.10.0 and above.

PureVPN Download For Android

The Android app is probably the easiest to download among the lot as you don’t even have to visit PureVPN’s website to get through with it.

Purevpn Download for Android

If you’ve ever used an Android phone or device, then you will know that all apps to be used on it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store and PureVPN is no different here.

Let me take you through the easy download and installation process for PureVPN’s Android client here:

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Go to the Search Bar and type “PureVPN”
  3. The results will appear here but be careful as there are lot of fakes in the Play Store of PureVPN. Look for the one that’s developed by “GZ Systems” as that’s the authentic one
  4. Tap on “Install” and the Android app by PureVPN will automatically be downloaded and installed on your system
  5. Once its done, your device will notify you about it and prompt you to open it
  6. Tap on “Open” and the app will start running
  7. To proceed further from here on, you will need to have PureVPN’s account username and password (You will need to buy a PureVPN plan for that purpose)


PureVPN Download Crack

Looking for PureVPN’s crack file to use the service for free? Dont ever do that.

Why? That’s because there is no authentic crack available for the purpose.

If you do search Google to try and find one, you will most likely end up downloading a file that was posing as an authentic crack file but was actually a honeytrap that will either spread malware or viruses on your system.

I don’t recommend you to put your system and valuable data at risk just to save a few bucks.


PureVPN is quite easy to download and use with a higher number of client apps than most other providers in the industry.

But apart from that gaping hole in the provider’s client app arsenal, they are doing pretty well on other platforms with client apps available for niche platforms such as Firestick and Kodi as well.

Just take this guide as a manual on how to download PureVPN in an easy manner and you will be up and running, if you’ve decided to subscribe to the service, in a few minutes.

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