Christmas VPN Sale – 5 Providers with Special Blessings!

Last updated: November 26, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid is an online privacy/security advocate at, who loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy, cyber laws, and digital affairs. Apart from writing blogs/articles relating to anonymity, he also writes detailed VPN reviews.

While we seriously realize that VPNs might just be the last thing on your mind this Christmas, we still got to tell you where you can get the best Christmas VPN sales.

Black Friday is the biggest online extravaganza of the year and most of you might have made your purchases of VPN subscriptions then and there. But for those who have a habit of procrastinating which made them miss out on capitalizing those great deals, Christmas again brings you the chance to avail similar discounts.

Surely, the VPN discounts and plans on Christmas can’t match the ones offered on Black Friday in sheer magnanimity, but it’s your last chance to get a good enough deal to last you a year or two or probably even more.

No, this is not the generic Christmas VPN deal post that you would have seen on the rankings before you came here, ours is different. How? Well, because, we are being honest and that’s the most valuable thing that we can offer to you this Christmas.

So, firstly, wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New! Secondly, here are the 5 Best Christmas VPN Deals to add a bit more joy to your holidays!


Christmas vpn deals

Carrying forward the exact same deal they offered on Black Friday, SurfShark is again allowing you to secure its 24-month subscription for just $1.99/month ($47.76 billed once)!

Why should you buy it? Well,

SurfShark offers pretty much the same features and capabilities as the other top providers and that too, for a fraction of the price.

With more than 500 servers in 50 countries globally, military-grade encryption, a reliable zero logs policy, experience oriented speeds, Netflix unblocking, Torrenting support and more, SurfShark’s capabilities are not far behind the top guns in the industry.

Its Christmas plan is one of the best such plans you will come across this entire season, so don’t wait further because this deal will go kaboom just as the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve!



purevpn Christmas deal

Not many big guns offer Christmas deals, giving the season a pass after a whirlwind Black Friday Season. However, PureVPN is one of those rare top providers that has a special deal going on for every season!

And it didn’t disappoint this Christmas Season as well, churning a highly reasonable season deal for all those who are looking to subscribe to a top provider at affordable rates.

Its Christmas plan is offering your PureVPN’s 12-month subscription at just $2.95/month ($35.40 billed once).

We were definitely a bit disappointed with the deal as we were looking forward to PureVPN offering a much more generous discount, but still, it’s a pretty reasonable deal considering the fact that it’s a Top Draw VPN provider with features to match.

From Netflix and BBC iPlayer unblocking to offering high-end security apparatus like OpenVPN protocol support and AES 256 encryption, this provider has got it all.

And on top of all of this, you get some excellent support, an expansive range of VPN clients even including special clients for Kodi and Firestick, a Kill Switch, more than 2000 servers in 180 locations worldwide among other fantastic qualities.

Speeds are not its forte but it usually turns out incredibly well suited for streaming. It did have some major complaints in the past couple of years but it has bounced back strongly and is on the road for some major design and performance enhancement.

Don’t miss out on this one or you’ll have to wait till the next Black Friday season to get your hands on its subscription for such low rates.



Nordvpn new years deal

With the highest server count in the VPN industry (I don’t know of anyone else who comes even close to it), NordVPN is to VPNs what Thanos what to the Avengers! Literally unassailable!

Its more than 5100 servers and counting with this provider and that’s just the tip of the iceberg if we start to look at what it actually offers.

Easy to use VPN clients, Kill switch, Double VPN features, Onion over VPN feature, Torrenting friendliness, unblocking capabilities are some of the most renowned qualities of this provider.

It also incredibly reliable and fast, so you don’t need to worry about your connection going down ever.

And its no slouch on the pricing front either!

Ultra-competitiveness is a trait that drives this service and if its Christmas Season than it has to put up a deal that’s too hard to resist.

NordVPN’s Christmas deal allows you to acquire the subscription to its services for a period of 36 months at just $2.99/month ($107.55 billed once)

The deal’s price is almost the same as that of PureVPN but the overall price of the plan is well above a $100 so if you are bit dicey about it then you can also opt for its 2-year deal which will cost you $3.99/month ($95.75 billed once).

Think fast or you’ll have to lose out on the amazing 75% discount for good!



ivacy Christmas deal

Not exactly Santa’s favorite but one that the reindeers would love. Ivacy VPN is not a biggie but its sure fit for the masses as a great medium scale provider!

And its Christmas deal appears like your perfect New Year’s Gift!

A whopping 87% discount can allow you to secure its subscription for a full 5 years at just $1.34/month ($80 billed once)!

In what we’ve come across in our reviews of different services, IvacyVPN is primed towards empowering with you a supreme Torrenting experience. Privacy is Ivacy’s forte and for all those looking for a secure P2P friendly service that doesn’t cost too much, this is where their search should end!

Its number of servers is around 450, which is in the lower range of what other similar providers offer, but it more than makes up for that with other excellent features like Split Tunneling, 5 Multi logins, military-grade encryption, support for multiple protocols including OpenVPN and more.

And with the special Christmas deal, you will also get a free 1-year subscription of Sticky Password Manager making it the perfect winter offer to look forward too!



cyberghost new year deal

If we had to choose a provider that has the best VPN client in all the industry, CyberGhost would be it. Its VPN clients are primed to offer superior experience based on what exactly your needs are. From streaming to Torrenting, there’s a different mode for all activities.

But it’s not just the VPN clients that make this provider one of the most admired Commercial VPN service in the industry.

Subscribing to it will allow you to benefit off of features like 7 multi logins, over 3000 servers, chat support, secure zero logging policy, OpenVPN support, military-grade encryption and more.

And, if you go to its website, the best plan currently available is their 18-month deal being offered at $3.5/month ($63 billed once). Want an even better Christmas surprise?

Then look no further than the special CyberGhost Christmas deal available only at!

By buying it through us, you can subscribe to the provider’s 3-year deal at just $2.75/month ($99 billed once)!

This discount is incredible. highly valuable and the best time to avail it is just now!



VPNs are crucial towards protecting your anonymity online as well as in enabling you to tap into all the right functionalities that VPNs have diversified themselves into like unblocking Netflix US from anywhere.

However, to the layman or newbie, all of these services might look almost the same, but they are not. The fact is, that while some things that are the industry norm like military-grade encryption, can be found with any provider, other, much more special features like a much higher number of servers or special clients for niche devices, are a luxury only available with a few top draw VPN services.

So you need to choose wisely and carefully in order to land up with the best deal out of the lot presented by us!

Other than that, gather as many joys and blessing as you can get, because, nothing beats the happiness of the Day of the Christ!

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