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Surfshark Hulu: Does Surfshark with Hulu in 2020?

Last updated: August 16, 2022
William Sams

William Sams

Streaming on Hulu without any borders has never been so easy. All you need to do is to connect to a US server of Surfshark and enjoy binge-watching on Hulu!

If you’re a binge-watcher, who loves exploring new titles for movies/TV shows, you must have definitely heard of “Hulu”. The Video-on-Demand (VoD) service is among the most popular, competing against Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, HBO GO, and more.

And, similar to the above services, Hulu imposes geo-restrictions to limit its content. What’s worse is that Hulu goes a step ahead to restrict all movies/TV shows only to audiences in the US. It is part of their licensing agreement with production houses, so it’s really not up to Hulu either.

This is where using Surfshark with Hulu comes in handy for streamers around the world. By connecting to any of Surfshark’s servers in the US, you can begin streaming on Hulu today. Below I will discuss the details of using Surfshark Hulu to unblock all of its content.

Price $2.21/mo. on a 2-year plan + 3 Months free
Streaming Speed 90.63 Mbps
Streaming Quality Ultra HD (1080p)
Servers 1,800+ in 63 countries
Multi logins Unlimited
Data Encryption AES-256-CBC
Website https://www.surfshark.com
Other Platforms Netflix, iPlayer, Disney+

Why Should You Get a VPN for Hulu?

Nowadays, a VPN proves to be a crucial tool for streamers and binge-watchers. It allows users to bypass geographical and content limitations on websites, not accessible in their countries. Similarly, if you want to unblock Hulu, then getting a VPN is actually a “requirement”.

A VPN typically gives you the ability to cloak your real IP address and shift your location to make it appear as if you reside in another country. For instance, if you connect to a server in the US, the VPN will show exactly that as your permanent location.

As such, even if Hulu restricts its content outside the US, you can easily unblock it by connecting to a server in the US. Otherwise, if you try accessing Hulu from some other country, you will instantly receive the below error, or perhaps the website may not even open!

Hulu Not Available in Your Location

Why Choose Surfshark to Unblock Hulu?

Despite only being in the marketplace for two years, Surfshark has quickly grown to become a remarkable VPN, competing with the likes of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. It is an all-rounder available for half the price, matching all the criteria for unblocking Hulu:

  • Offers 500+ servers in 20+ United States cities for instant Hulu unblocking.
  • No WebRTC/DNS/IP leak issues that could result in your VPN getting detected.
  • Surfshark delivers fast speeds to stream in 4K quality with minimal speed loss.
  • Powerful military-grade, AES-256-CBC encryption for security and privacy.
  • Seamless streaming on all platforms, including Android and iOS devices.

Unblock Hulu with Surfshark

Get Surfshark for Hulu!30-Days Money Back Guarantee

How Do I Watch Hulu on Surfshark

  1. Go to the official Surfshark website.
  2. Click on the “Stream Anything” button.
  3. Select a suitable plan from the options.
    Surfshark Pricing
  4. Choose a payment method
  5. (To stay anonymous use: Bitcoin)
  6. Complete the checkout process
  7. Download the relevant VPN app
  8. (I will be using the Windows Client)
    Surfshark Windows Client
  9. Launch the Surfshark Application
  10. Connect to a server in the US
  11. Go to the “Hulu” website or app
  12. Enjoy streaming your favorite TV shows/movies!
    Watch Hulu with Surfshark
Get Surfshark for Hulu!30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Why is Surfshark Not Working with Hulu?

Ideally, a VPN should have no trouble in anonymizing your online activities and location. Despite being one of the best, Surfshark can still get blocked or give troubles when accessing Hulu.

Follow the steps below if by any chance you encounter an error message that says: “You seem to be using an anonymous proxy or VPN. You’ll need to disable it to watch Hulu” 

Hulu Anonymous Proxy Error

Fix Connection Issues

  1. Preliminary Checks –  Disconnect and reconnect to another server. If it does not work, consider contacting the VPN tech support team for direct assistance before trying the solutions below. Ask about “working servers to use with Hulu” and wait for their response!
  2. Check your IP Address – Test your VPN by going to IPLeak.net and see if there are any DNS/WebRTC/IP address leak issues. If you see anything suspicious, consider changing the VPN protocol, encryption, and connecting to a different server.
  3. Flush your DNS – The DNS entries from your ISP can sometimes get stored in your device which may generate conflict. You need to empty this cache in order to fix this problem. Windows users can simply type “ipconfig/flushdns” in the CMD.
  4. Clear Browser Cache – Sometimes a conflict occurs in the browser location and the VPN connection. Clear your browser cache before streaming, whether that be on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser like Opera.
  5. Disable IPv6 Connectivity – Surfshark offers powerful security and privacy, but there could be chances of a IPv6 leak (close to impossible though). To be on the safe side, it is always a good option to disbale IPv6 connectivity.

People Also Ask

Does Hulu work with Surfshark?

The process of getting Hulu to work with Surfshark is quite simple, Go to the Surfshark website, purchase a suitable plan, get the relevant VPN app, connect to a server in the US, and access the Hulu website or app!

Is Surfshark good for streaming?

Surfshark is a great cord-cutting tool for users who want to unblock platforms like Hulu. If you share your VPN with friends/family, you won’t even have to worry about going over the connection limit. Surfshark is the only provider that offers unlimited multilogins to its users.

Does Hulu block VPNs like Surfshark?

Yes, Hulu actually blocks all VPN services and have a VPN detection system even stronger than that of Netflix. However, since Surfshark utilizes obfuscation technology on its new RAM servers, you can even bypass the VPN ban.

Wrapping Things Up

Binge-watchers who want to see all that Hulu has to offer will find great relief in knowing that Surfshark does work with Hulu, and even offers servers for specifically unblocking the streaming service. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues, feel free to drop a comment below! 🙂

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