PrivateVPN  Review

Price $3.82/mo on a 1-Year Plan
Servers150+ Servers in 50+ Countries
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox

Based in Sweden, PrivateVPN is all about providing users with digital freedom. Offering highly customer-centric VPN services like Netflix unblocking, torrenting support and Disney+, it has garnered some reputation in the market for performing these activities exceptionally well.

However, it’s lack of longer duration subscriptions and high costs does urge users to rely on more budget-friendly alternatives. Nevertheless, go through our 2020 PrivateVPN review for an unbiased picture on the provider, or read our best VPN guide for more options.

PrivateVPN is Based in a Country That is a Member of 5 Eyes

Despite the name of Sweden arousing feelings of safety for everyone, little to people know that this picturesque European country is actually a member of the 5 eyes alliance as we found out in our detailed study of international information sharing alliances. Being based in Sweden, make PrivateVPN a whole lot insecure since the Swedish government can, at any time, demand PrivateVPN to gag data either on the country’s own request or on that of member countries of the alliance. Even if PrivateVPN doesnt comply with it, just the looming threat of receiving a gag order is problematic enough to raise concern.

PrivateVPN Logs Policy

At, we are unforgiving as far as privacy is concerned and nothing is acceptable to us in this zero-sum game than an explicitly stated zero logs policy.

We did a comprehensive survey regarding the logging policies of over 100+ providers just to tell users about how some VPNs are untrustworhy, despite them claiming on the contrary.

PrivateVPN states that it doesn’t store user data of any kind as far as activity on VPN connections is concerned, but we still remain worried because it logs IP addresses of users.

That’s not secure in our view and PrivateVPN really needs to stop doing that if it really wants to live up to its name which extols Privacy.



PrivateVPN Quick Review

It’s secure with an in-house server infrastructure and is one of those few VPNs out there who don’t indulge in capturing any logs.

Other immaculate features with PrivateVPN include a kill switch, dedicated apps, content unblocking and more.

Their encryption levels are bulletproof to ensure that even if there are MiTM (Man in the Middle) attacks, they won’t be able to get anything from the data packets.

PrivateVPN is one VPN that has garnered a high level of trust and credibility since its inception and has become a service that’s definitely worth a try,

For more on its bulletproof encryption levels, pricing plans, refund policies, niche platform support, read this comprehensive and all-inclusive PrivateVPN review by!


  1. 6 simultaneous connections
  2. Servers in 56 countries
  3. Supports all OS platforms
  4. Multiple protocol support powering top-grade security & encryption
  5. Unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  6. 30-Days Refund Policy


  1. No Free Trial
  2. No extensions for Chrome or Firefox
  3. Slow streaming speeds

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Does PrivateVPN Work in China?

Sadly PrivateVPN does not offer any solid solution to getting their China VPN app. The provider is also not listed in the Google Play and iTunes stores. As such, netizens living in China may need to use a proxy service to download the dedicated app from PrivateVPN. Those located outside the country with plans to visit China can preload the PrivateVPN app on their device. This way, when they land in mainland China, they will easily be able to unblock all foreign apps/services/websites.

PrivateVPN Pricing Review

Despite being one of the better VPNs in the category, PrivateVPN isn’t as expensive as other services of similar stature. In fact, the prices have come down in the past 8 months. However, the pricing strategy still is the same with three plans available including the monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Subscription for a month will set you back an amount of $7.67, while the quarterly subscription costs $15.75 billed once ($5.25/month). But my personal favorite remains the yearly plan, which costs $50.40 billed once ($3.88/month), and includes a free month of subscription.

This is how the Pricing plans are laid out on PrivateVPN’s website to make it easier for users to navigate, understand and choose the one that suits their budgets.

PrivateVPN Pricing Review

Around 8 months back, the yearly plan at PrivateVPN was priced at $54.00, billed once ($4.15/month), so they have definitely altered their prices in a bid to attract more customers.

For the number of features and credibility this VPN brings to the table, the pricing plans are definitely worth their value. But, if you still remain dissatisfied with anything, PrivateVPN won’t stop you from leaving by facilitating you with their 30-day refund plan. Let’s get down to more of how that works in our free trial review below.


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PrivateVPN Free Trial

Free trials are always great because they allow you to scrutinize and test a VPN from every aspect before committing to it with a paid, full-time subscription. But wait, there’s a bummer, PrivateVPN does not offer a free trial like other services, although it would have been great if they did.

PrivateVPN Free Trial

There is only a 30-day money back guarantee that accompanies all pricing plans, in which you can ask for a refund any time before the end of your 30th day if you don’t want to stay with the service.

While we do believe that Refund policies are good, but they can’t replace the far-reaching impact of free trials. PrivateVPN scores a point down in this aspect.

How to Create a PrivateVPN Account

One thing that we immensely developed a liking for during our PrivateVPN review, was the quality of the user experience and ease of navigability across the provider’s website.

If you are looking to create an account with the service, here’s how easy that is!

  • Open PrivateVPN’s website and click on “Get PrivateVPN” from the homepagePrivateVPN Account registration sign up
  • Choose a pricing plan (We recommend the yearly one for long-term users) and enter your email address and password.
  • Pick up a payment method from the ones available. We choose Bitcoin, so this leads us to a next page, where the transaction would be further processed.Privatevpn login
  • Complete the transaction and you will have successfully registered for an account with PrivateVPN.


PrivateVPN Servers Review

Servers are the mainstay of any VPN service. If you are opting for a paid VPN, the provider not only should provide a diversity of server locations, but the sheer number of available servers should also be high enough to provide a great service.

But that’s exactly where PrivateVPN disappointed us the most. Just 56 locations and 100+ servers are offered to customers with the service. Other competitors such as ExpressVPN offers 1500+ servers in 94 countries, while PureVPN offers 750+ servers in 140+ countries. The server infrastructure at PrivateVPN isn’t the best among the ones we’ve reviewed so far.

PrivateVPN Servers Review

It still affords a decent internet connection, but considering the small number of servers, problems like bandwidth bottlenecks would be a way too common occurrence.

It won’t be that good at unlocking geo-restricted content either because businesses like Netflix are becoming increasingly adept at identifying VPN routed connections and blocking their access. Servers need to be added in the hundreds if PrivateVPN wants to create a much more suitable and capable service for its user base.

PrivateVPN Apps Compatibility

VPNs secure your internet connectivity, but how well they do that on each different OS is down to the compatibility of dedicated apps they provide.

PrivateVPN also provides conventional compatibility with all popular OS like Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS, through dedicated apps.

But that’s about it, although we would definitely appreciate it if they had gone a step ahead of the competition by providing more apps dedicated towards niche platforms like Firestick.

PrivateVPN might not be the best VPN for Mac or for Windows, but the apps worked just fine on the platforms. They have an interactive UX and UI design, with all features and options within easy reach.

PrivateVPN Download

If you are willing to download the PrivateVPN client app for your OS, here are the links that will help you do that for each dedicated platforms:

  • Windows

App for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10:

  • Mac

App for Mac OS X:

  • iOS VPN

App for iPhone and iPad iOS version 9.0 or later:

  • Android

App for Android 4.0 or later:

The installation process remains the same across all platforms and here’s how you can go through the setups in 4 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account or sign up by providing your email ID and setting up a password
  2. Buy PrivateVPN’s subscription by selecting any of the plans available
  3. Download the VPN app client for your OS from the links provided above
  4. Zero in on a server location and click on “Connect”


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PrivateVPN Support Review

An agile customer support team can allow even the worst of services to garner a positive reputation in the market. VPNs are often complex for users who don’t have much experience in using them, so apart from guides and tutorials, it’s great to have customer support who can guide them.

At PrivateVPN, customer support is top notch and to scrutinize it to the depths, we posted a really tricky question i.e. I have tried everything but Netflix still doesn’t work.

Here is a transcript of our conversation with PrivateVPN support:

  • The live chat feature is easily visible on all pages:PrivateVPN Support Review
  • The online reps show up only if you file in a query. You can see the chat window here and how it says that a rep will be with us shortly.
    PrivateVPN live chat
  • The rep’s name was Manish and we asked how to use Netflix as we have exhausted all the options like trying all the servers.
    PrivateVPN knowledgebase
  • After giving us a list of working servers with Netflix US, the rep went with the procedure and shared the link for the online guide on the issue available with PrivateVPN.
    PrivateVPN ticket

When we prompted him more by telling him that the guide wasn’t of much help to us, then he went into troubleshooting mode and asked us to conduct a DNS leak test.

Bingo! We have a winner! The customer support was intensely satisfying on all accounts and even if Netflix US still didn’t work with PrivateVPN, we are sure that the rep would have ensured that we got through.

Great work we must say by PrivateVPN.

PrivateVPN ipleak

Apart from the live chat feature, there are extensive guides and tutorials to assist a user whenever it lands into trouble with the service.

PrivateVPN Protocols Review

The protocols deployed by PrivateVPN are as follows:

  1. OpenVPN
  2. PPTP
  3. L2TP
  4. IKEv2
  5. IPSec

Out of this lot, OpenVPN is the most secure protocol out there and is our default recommendation for VPN users irrespective of category. Apart from that, PrivateVPN also offers IKEv2, IPSec, and L2TP protocols, which are good enough to secure most connections.

PPTP is not recommended because it’s outdated but its availability is still a great feature because some internal business networks or communication webs do require it. If someone came looking for a VPN with PPTP protocol support, PrivateVPN would definitely fulfill their requirement.


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Does PrivateVPN Work On Netflix?

It’s a fresh new year and we’ve definitely got to update you in real-time as to whether PrivateVPN works with Netflix and Disney+ in 2020 or not.

Well, unblocking Netflix or even Netflix US for that matter is quite a complicated gig. Its pretty darn hard for a VPN to continuously offer this unblocking feature to their users. So, that’s why I resorted towards conducting fresh tests for PrivateVPN Netflix compatibility in order to facilitate you with relevant, timely information that would serve you best.

So Does PrivateVPN Actually Work to Unblock Netflix US in 2020?

Yes, it does, however, the experience is just okayish.

I was able to watch Avengers – Infinity War through it on Netflix quite easily. No connections issues at all. Got through in the first try.

Does PrivateVPN Work On Netflix

Now coming to the flaws.

Well the quality was not up to the mark as can be seen quite vividly from the screenshot I am sharing here.

So does PrivateVPN actually work to unblock Netflix US

This is mostly because of the slower than usual speeds on US servers by PrivateVPN.

So the provider does successfully unblock Netflix US, but if you are looking for better quality video and an overall more enriching streaming experience.

PureVPN is much better at this and so is ExpressVPN and even Surfshark.


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Does PrivateVPN Support Torrenting and P2P File Sharing?

We have to admit, PrivateVPN might be lacking on a lot of technical fronts, but it’s doing everything that could prompt a customer to make a decision to come on board with the service.

Just like unblocking Netflix US, PrivateVPN is also providing Torrenting and P2P support. However, you can only do that through the servers in the UK, which might mean that you encounter a bit heavy and loaded streams if you don’t live there, thereby slowing down download speeds.

If you are looking for VPNs that provide better performance with Torrenting, then read our guide for the Best VPN for Torrenting.

PrivateVPN Firestick

Firestick is steadily increasing its market share and its introduction has allowed Fire TV by Amazon to grow by leaps and bounds. The streaming device also supports other services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and more, diversifying the viewing experience.

PrivateVPN Firestick

But, Firestick won’t perform much without the aid of a VPN allowing it to source and stream geo-restricted content. PrivateVPN can definitely unblock geo-restricted content,

PrivateVPN Kodi Addon

Unfortunately, PrivateVPN doesn’t have a dedicated Kodi Add-on, even in 2020.

This is quite disappointing on the provider’s part because it is now seemingly lagging behind with old features and capabilities in an industry that is continuously pushing the bar higher.

PureVPN and some other top VPNs have their dedicated Kodi Add-ons, but not many have followed suit like PrivateVPN.

I know that you can run a VPN on Kodi even by installing it directly on your device, but that beats the whole purpose of even using Kodi in the first place as well. Why would you use Kodi to watch movies and shows when you can do the same through your browser?

Convenience and functionality are two main points here to consider and that’s exactly what makes the case for a dedicated Kodi VPN add on all the more stronger.

PrivateVPN needs to up its game in the unblocking and streaming department seriously.

And in any case, if you do want to use PrivateVPN on Kodi itself, you can do it by setting it through OpenVPN supported VPN file manager.


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PrivateVPN Proxy

No, PrivateVPN does not but this is not a big issue.

Proxies are usually not recommended by anyone of us at as they don’t offer any security features like encryption or protocol support to keep you secure online.

So, even if PrivateVPN would have offered a free or even a paid proxy, I would have strongly advised you to stay away from it.

PrivateVPN Reddit Reviews

Prejudiced opinion is bad for a review because we need brutally honest opinions on a service to understand the depth of its workability and nowhere can you find honest reviews better than Reddit.

A user-sourced community website, it is one of the best places to check for any VPN’s reviews. PrivateVPN’s users have also taken to the platform to shed their ire and appreciation at the service alike.

One user found the servers in US West Coast area to be immensely bad at the performance. Furthermore, this user didn’t agree with another user that PrivateVPN could have high speeds in the US region.

We definitely agree with the user’s opinion on lagging speeds of PrivateVPN when connected to US servers, as pointed out in our Netflix unblocking review section. (Read more reviews according to the redditors on best reddit vpn)

PrivateVPN Reddit Reviews



Hundreds of VPNs already exist in the market and the competition is already fierce to grab the biggest share of customers by each business. In such an environment, it’s essential to provide immaculate services and top-grade features underlined by the unflinching quality on all counts, if you want to build a successful VPN.

PrivateVPN still has some miles to cover, especially in terms of adding at least 200 more servers, improving its server location diversity by covering more of Asian and African locations, making speeds better. And above all, ensuring that it increases the number of compatible apps it provides with its service.

As we round up our PrivateVPN review of 2020, we give the service 3 stars and expect it to improve further based on our recommendations above.

At, we strive to provide users with the best VPN reviews in all categories whether its individual services or compatibility on different platforms. Our reviews are highly unbiased and we make sure that we don’t fluff over any particular service more than it deserves.

If we left something out or you want to add more to our review, please make sure that you comment below and initiate a healthy discussion. We’d be anxiously waiting to interact with such opinionated members and users!