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PureVPN Firestick – Is this VPN really up to the task?

Last updated: August 19, 2022
William Sams

William Sams

Firestick is fast rising as one of best streaming devices for users, allowing them to stream their favourite content in HD on their TV devices across the globe! But do you know that you can increase the value that you get out of your Firestick by just simply adding a Best VPN?

PureVPN is one of the best candidates for that purpose due to its compatible app, low prices and an expansive server outreach! Want to know more about it? Here is our dedicated review of PureVPN Firestick offering critiques on its dedicated app for the platform, pricing, and more by BestVPN.co!

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Why PureVPN is necessary for Firestick Streaming?

Whether you use a dedicated streaming device like Firestick or indulge in your favourite streaming sites like Netflix on a conventional device for e.g. your Smartphone, VPNs are fast becoming almost indispensable in the whole scheme of things.

The main reasons behind this are firstly, multiple copyright issues on content hosted on streaming sites and secondly, the geo-restrictions that render these very streaming sites out of bounds for the average user thereby limiting your available streaming options.

Users don’t usually check for the background of a content that they are viewing for e.g. a movie, to check whether it is available in their country legally or not. This happens mostly on sites and software that host free to stream content like Popcorn Time, Kodi etc. And even if it was done unknowingly, snoopers and copyright trolls are always on the lookout for such misadventures to slap a fine or a legal litigation on someone.

The copyright trolls and snoopers try and track your IP down if you’ve watched such content recently, and if they get hold of it, the legal notices will soon be at your doorstep. Imagine the inconvenience caused just because you didn’t know about the copyright coverage of the movie you watched passively on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Many streaming sites have now become geo-restricted for e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, MatchTV etc. Either they don’t offer some of their content in country, like in the case of Netflix, or they are just not available in a particular region altogether, like in the case of services like Hulu, MatchTV or even Amazon Prime.

Streaming Sevices available in 2018

And even if you have dedicated streaming device like your Firestick, these issues can greatly go on and de-value your whole experience. But there is one thing that can save you from all such unnecessary nuisances and that is a VPN.

VPNs can not just protect your IP by safeguarding your online anonymity, but they also can assist you in bypassing the geo-restrictions on streaming services, therefore expanding your available entertainment options to a high extent.

But not many VPN services are reliable enough to perform both of these tasks as performing them has become much harder. Streaming sites now supplement their geo-restrictions with VPN bans that render almost all VPNs useless on their site. And copyright trolls are trying ever harder to find out newer ways to blast through the protective cover offered by VPNs.

This has narrowed down user’s choice in the VPN industry down to just a few select providers that still provide users with the performance that they are looking for and among them is a popular provider named PureVPN. In this guide, we’ll talk in detail on how PureVPN can allow you to extract much better value and get a greater experience on your Firestick.

PureVPN Firestick

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PureVPN .apk for Firestick

A .apk file is not too different from an actual Android app, with the only difference being that a .apk file is not available on Google Play.

Following the same procedure of sideloading an Android app on Firestick, you just need to replace the part for the Android app with the .apk file.

The best and the easiest way to install a VPN app on Firestick through this method is via the Downloader app. You can read more about this method in detail in our Firestick VPN guide here.

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How to Get PureVPN for Amazon Firestick, Fire TV and Fire Cube

Buying any VPN is quite a straightforward task these days and the same holds true for PureVPN as well.

If you are interested in acquiring the subscription of this powerful and compatible VPN provider for your Firestick, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit PureVPN.com
  2. Go to the Pricing Option from the Top Menu Bar
  3. Click on the Pricing Plan that suits your budget the best
  4. Pay for the pricing plan through any of the multiple payment methods listed
  5. Obtain user credentials

Once you’ve got the user credentials, the way to install PureVPN for Firestick is a bit different than on how you would have proceeded if you would have got the VPN for a conventional device like your Android smartphone. Keep reading to know more about the detailed installation process of PureVPN on your Firestick.

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How to Install PureVPN for Amazon Firestick, Fire TV and Fire Cube:

Compatible VPN apps for Firestick are a godsend as they provide you with so much innate functionality and compatibility. This allows you to significantly improve the way you want to interact with your VPN considering your streaming needs on the Firestick device at the moment,

Here is a step by step method on how to install PureVPN’s Firestick app on your device in just two minutes:

  • Open your Television and plug the Firestick device into it
  • Launch the “FireTV” app
  • Now, the homescreen will appear for your FireTV. From here, you need to opt for “App”, which can be done easily by pushing the button which is in the centre of your FireTV remote
  • Once in the app store, proceed to Sub Menu > Categories > Utility
  • In the utility section, open the search bar and type in “PureVPN”
  • The official Firestick app by PureVPN will be shown in the results that follow your search
  • Now, just click on “Get” option and the app will start downloading and installing on your device
  • You will shown a notification on the successful installation of the app and you just have to simply click on “Open” to launch the app
  • You will now need to enter your VPN username and password which you got in the email after buying PureVPN’s subscription
  • Now, choose your own server or click on the “Smart Connect” option to allow the app to choose a server for you, and the app will start functioning!
  • Come back to the Home screen by pressing the “Home Button” on your FireTV remote and proceed to any streaming app that wish to unblock!

Sideload PureVPN on Amazon Firestick:

Whether you call it jailbreak or Sideload, there are many other ways through which you can get to use PureVPN on your Firestick. And while we really don’t see the need to do this because PureVPN already offers a dedicated app for the platform, we will tell you how to do this anyway.

Sideload PureVPN on Amazon Firestick

Our preferred method to sideload PureVPN on Firestick is through an Android app called Apps2Fire, and here is how its done:

  • Download the Official Apps2Fire app along with the PureVPN Android app from the Google Play Store
  • Once this is done, launch your FireTV and go to “Settings”> “System” > “Developer Options”
  • Now you will see an option titled “Allow apps from unknown sources”. Turn it On.
  • Go back to the FireTV Home Screen
  • Select “Settings”> “About” > “Network”
  • You will see your current IP address here and you need to note it for use later
  • Close your FireTV and open Apps2Fire on your Android device
  • Choose “setup” and enter the same IP address here that you got on your FireTV
  • Now go to the “Local Apps” option and search for the PureVPN app, and then opt for “Install”
  • Your FireTV will offer you a notification saying that the app has been successfully installed on your FireTV device
  • Enjoy unparalleled VPN connectivity and bypass geo-restrictions through PureVPN on your Firestick

If you want more methods for sideloading PureVPN on your Firestick, you can check out our comprehensive guide on VPN for Firestick.

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How to increase PureVPN’s speed on Firestick by Changing Protocol Settings?

In order to improve PureVPN speed on Fire TV Stick there a few minor tweaks needed.

The PureVPN app on Firestick generally runs on the OpenVPN protocol but little to people know that there are two further sub-options to choose from in the OpenVPN protocol itself i.e. UDP and TCP. And while I won’t go into the technical details on what’s the actual difference between the two, but you still will be surprised to know that changing to either of them can have a significant impact on your speeds on Firestick.

To change between either of them, launch your PureVPN app on Firestick, then disconnect it if its currently connected to a server. Now on the top right corner of the screen, you will see a gear-shaped icon, indicating the setting options. Click on it and then select the options for “Select Protocol”.

Now there are two options inside this, UDP and TCP. For Firestick users experiencing speed lag, a switch to UDP is highly recommended as its highly secure but its lightweight, allowing much better speeds than TCP.


How to Log out of Your PureVPN Account on Firestick?

We don’t advise that you log out of the app for any undue reason just like you do so on other devices. The reason for this is that its quite difficult to enter the login credentials each time with a remote on your Firestick every single time you would want to use the app.

On top of this, Firestick devices are mostly personalized so not many people would want to snoop in on it and there are very limited ways through which someone can misuse the PureVPN app on Firestick while its left unattended.

The app once installed, usually stays connected automatically unless you resort to force shut it down.

But if you still like to go ahead with the process of logging out of your PureVPN account on Firestick, you just need to launch the PureVPN, click on the gear-shaped icon and go to settings. Once the submenu for settings appears, scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will be at the option for “Logout”. Just click on it with your FireTV remote you will be logged out.

To re-use the app at a later time, you will be required to enter the login credentials once again.


Is PureVPN Compatible for Firestick?

One of the most important aspects for a VPN to be compatible with a Firestick is that it provides a dedicated app for the platform. Now, not many VPNs do that because Firestick is a niche platform and most providers don’t have the resources or determination to create a dedicated app to power better compatibility of their VPNs with the platform.

There are less than 5 best vpn for firestick providers at the moment that offer dedicated apps for Firestick and among them is PureVPN.

PureVPN has dedicated much of its focus on the platform in recent times to grab the initiative early on, before others catch up. Its app is available on the Firestick app store and installing it is also incredibly easy.

The app is quite uncomplicated to use as it offers a simple, intuitive UX along with a dedicated feature for the platform called “Smart Server Connect” that allows you to automatically get connected to the best streaming server at the moment. This VPN gives a top-tier connection but in case you are not willing to extend the subscription, you can anytime cancel the PureVPN account.



PureVPN offers over 2000 servers in a whopping 180 locations across the world, so you would never need to worry about those geo-restrictions on streaming apps like Roobet anytime soon. Its one of the best bets for amplifying your overall Firestick experience, so we highly recommend that you opt for it and allow yourself to enjoy more through the enhanced entertainment choices on your Firestick!

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