How to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in USA [Updated 2023]

Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Get a Ukrainian IP Address-in-USA

If you are traveling outside of Ukraine or are fond of catching up with local news or shows, you need to find ways that let you access them. You must be thinking about how to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA as it is not something you can get from anywhere. However, we have the simplest way to do so. You can opt for a VPN service that will help you get a Ukrainian IP address in USA easily.

We tested a high number of VPNs that had servers in Ukraine, and that is how we were able to shortlist only the premium VPNs. You can choose from either of them to get blazingly fast speeds that can help you stream content to your heart’s content. Other than that, you need to find a VPN service that provides the best security protocols as well.

You can scroll down further to find out the methodology we used to choose the VPNs. You can even learn more about the services and make a decision on your own. We highly recommend using ExpressVPN as it is known to be the frontrunner in the market as the Ukrainian VPN.

How to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in USA? [Quick Overview]

Trying to get a Ukrainian IP address is simple and requires no effort. Downloading your own VPN app is as easy as following the instructions below. You may obtain a Ukrainian IP address using this method.

  1. Find a VPN service that offers Ukrainian servers. We recommend ExpressVPN over any others.
  2. Get a VPN app or browser extension for your device.
  3. Connect to a server in Ukraine.
  4. You can now have a Ukrainian IP address to stream Ukrainian websites without any restrictions.

Quick Overview: The Best VPN to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in USA

Here’s a quick overview of the best VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA:

  1. ExpressVPNThe Best VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA. Fastest streaming servers with MediaStreamer and a kill switch for protecting your identity online. With over 300 servers optimized for streaming, it’s the best option.
  2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA. With US$ 2.49 /mo (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), it stands to be the cheapest option for exceptional features. Camouflage Mode helps with maintaining security while streaming.
  3. NordVPN – The largest server network to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA. The largest network of servers which are made over the unique feature of NordLynx which improves streaming speed and stability.

Scroll down to the in-depth analysis of the best VPNs and FAQs.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in USA?

Ukrainians may protect their online privacy by connecting to a VPN server, which encrypts all traffic between their device and the internet. For Ukrainians attempting to connect from occupied territory, where they may be compelled to utilize Russian ISPs, this is of utmost importance.

Visitors in the nation should utilize a VPN to protect their internet activity. Those who are stuck in their homes because of martial law are included.

Since the war began, there has been an upsurge in both state-sponsored Russian cyberattacks and vigilante cyberattacks. The Ukrainians’ capacity to regulate cybercrime as a whole is less now than it was before the war. VPN is the sole way for anyone outside the nation to access the internet and keep up with what’s happening inside.

Best VPNs to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in USA (2023 In-Depth Analysis)

Here’s a detailed analysis of the best VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to get Ukrainian IP address in USA


Key Features

  • MediaStreamer feature for excellent streaming services.
  • More than 3000 servers globally including many in Ukraine
  • Download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps
  • Can connect 5 devices simultaneously with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth for easy streaming in UHD and HD.
  • US$ 6.67 /mo (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan) with a 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA. Access to our super-fast, highly-secure servers behind many layers of firewalls is included in your subscription. You may rely on these servers to help you avoid being censored. or face geo-blocks.

After testing, we concluded that the VPN’s extensive server network of over 3000 servers across 94 countries is its most notable feature. Everyone agrees that the servers are lightning-fast and dependable across all platforms and devices. It provides all of the latest tech on top of this which makes ExpressVPN a frontrunner.

Unblock geo-restricted content, download torrents, and connect to the fastest server in your location with one click with ExpressVPN, a top VPN service. Together, these features ensure users’ safety when they’re on the internet.


ExpressVPN’s globally dispersed servers make it possible to access any Ukrainian service.

We did a lot of digging to bring you this detailed ExpressVPN review USA. ExpressVPN has been able to bypass Netflix’s geo-restriction barriers, so it can be used with the service. Hulu, Blu-ray TV, and Mubi are just a few of the many available streaming services. It’s also simple to access other, maybe banned, websites.

ExpressVPN is compatible with not just the aforementioned devices but also Disney Plus. All Ukrainian works available online are at your fingertips through seamless connection with the platforms.

Try out our ExpressVPN speed test in USA to see what kind of video streaming speeds you can expect from the service. According to the numbers, the maximum transfer rates for a 100 Mbps connection are 89.42 Mbps for downloading and 84.64 Mbps for uploading.

BV-expressvpn-speed-test-  - Copy

Blazing speeds for seamless browsing and streaming in USA!

When compared to other VPN providers, ExpressVPN has the quickest download and upload times.

Streaming devices like Kodi, Roku, and Firestick can all connect to the internet with the help of ExpressVPN. You can get a dedicated app for your Apple iOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows device right now. A single account can be used with up to five different gadgets. Additionally, it provides clients for a wide variety of operating systems.

If you’re looking for a VPN that can stream media, go no further than ExpressVPN as it boasts features like MediaStreamer and the Lightway Protocol. With torrents, you may view movies anytime you want without having to subscribe to a costly streaming service.

ExpressVPN costs only US$ 6.67 /mo (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). When it comes to online safety and anonymity, ExpressVPN is unrivaled. If the extremely secure AES 256-bit standard is used in your encryption implementation. An additional layer of protection is provided by network locking and a no-logs policy.

You can contact them on any day of the year, whenever is most practical for you. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the subscription. For 7 days, there is an ExpressVPN free trial in USA. You won’t be charged anything if you decide to cancel your subscription during the trial time.

  • Lighting-fast speeds on every server
  • Get subscription to every Ukrainian streaming service
  • Support for customers around-the-clock
  • Powerful no-logging policy
  • Remove all geographical limitations on content

  • More expensive than most services

2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN to get Ukrainian IP address in USA


Key Features

  • There are over 3200 servers in more than 65 countries with various in Ukraine
  • Speeds: download of 81.32 Mbps and upload of 76.12 Mbps.
  • Connect with unlimited devices backed AES 256-bit encryption
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth for streaming in UHD and HD.
  • Exceptional split-tunneling feature to ensure data transfer is always secure
  • US$ 2.49 /mo (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)

Surfshark is the most budget-friendly VPN to get a Ukraine IP address in USA. It provides connections of the best possible quality and security.

It boasts a network of more than 3200 servers in 65 countries, including servers in Ukraine. With Surfshark, we had no trouble accessing Ukrainian-based streaming sites. You can access services like Kanopy, Max, Amazon Prime, and more from anywhere in the globe using Surfshark.

Surfshark works with Netflix in USA as well to provide the best streaming experience of any global library. Our supplementary testing revealed that Surfshark is competitive with competing VPNs due to its compatibility with Disney Plus. 

We tested Surfshark extensively across many mobile devices, and it performed well in terms of both stability and ease of use. It might gain widespread acceptance among media players like Roku and Kodi. The PS4, PS5, and Fire TV Stick all provide privacy settings that make it simple to surf the web anonymously.


We could easily unblock Netflix Ukraine in a flash using Surfshark’s Ukraine servers.

We found that the most accurate results for checking if a network is fast enough for HD video streaming came from a Surfshark speed test in USA. Our peak download speed on a 100 Mbps connection was 81.32 Mbps, while our peak upload speed was 76.12 Mbps.

BV-surfshark-speed-test-in USA

Amazing speeds for seamless browsing with Surfshark VPN in USA.

We put Surfshark through its paces on a number of different mobile operating systems (OS) and found that it functioned admirably across the board. The current edition of Surfhsark shows a similarly formidable command of the Android version. This means there is no limit on how many different devices may access Surfshark at once. 

Surfshark costs US$ 2.49 /mo (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). Examples of state-of-the-art security features include AES-256 GCM encryption, an automated kill switch, a zero-tolerance no-logs policy, an Open VPN, and a Camouflage mode.

You may use alternative providers such as WireGuard, Whitelister, and DoubleVPN to construct encrypted tunnels with more security. They ensure your online safety without limiting your connectivity. This ensures that your data is protected even while you’re using the internet.

The Surfshark free trial in USA offers a full week of service at no cost. This will help you understand how the VPN service functions and determine if its features meet your requirements. After that, you may decide whether or not you want a refund.

You may cancel your Surfshark subscription in USA at any moment during the trial period without being charged. You may contact the helpful staff with any questions or concerns you may have by using the in-app chat feature. For a more detailed analysis of this provider, head to our Surfshark review USA.

  • Affordable VPN service with premium features
  • WireGuard is a technique designed to improve security protocols
  • Live chat service available around the clock
  • CleanWeb and other paid add-ons

  • Need to increase security on certain versions

3. NordVPN – Largest server network to get Ukrainian IP address in USA


Key Features 

  • Largest server network of 5600 servers in almost 59 countries and 14 servers in Ukraine
  • Speeds: 83.82 Mbps for download and 44.64 Mbp for upload
  • Easily connect up to 6 devices at once with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Features like DoubleVPN for extra layer of security
  • Access unlimited bandwidth for UHD and HD streaming
  • US$ 3.99 /mo (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)

NordVPN has the most servers available to get a Ukraine IP address in USA. Access content that is blocked in your country by connecting to one of their more than 5600 servers located in more than 59 different countries, including 14 servers in Ukraine. With NordVPN, you may access any website, even if it’s prohibited in your country.


NordVPN’s servers worked brilliantly when it came to establishing a rapid connection to a wide variety of Ukrainian websites, including Netflix.

Throughout our NordVPN review USA, we consistently experienced fast connections and other impressive results. It doesn’t matter whose server you connect to, you’ll get the same experience every time.

We were able to access geo-restricted content on NordVPN Netflix in USA, Channel 4, and BBC iPlayer. This exemplifies how proficiently it can evade detection. Simply establishing a connection to the appropriate server will allow you to stream content from any library of your choosing.

Over a 100 Mbps connection, a NordVPN speed test in USA showed download speeds of 83.83 Mbps and upload rates of 44.64 Mbps. This is a perfect example of the ease and safety with which sensitive data may be accessed.

BV-nordvpn-speed-test-  - Copy

NordVPN’s Ukrainian IP addresses benefit from exceptionally fast download and upload speeds, making streaming a breeze.

According to our research, each NordVPN account may be used on up to six devices simultaneously. It works with almost every electrical gadget out there, including smartphones, laptops, and game consoles. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android smartphone or even a PS4, NordVPN will keep you secure and anonymous.

NordVPN costs US$ 3.99 /mo (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). Take advantage of this deal and NordVPN’s dedication to customer privacy. NordVPN is the most trusted service of its kind because it employs cutting-edge technologies like AES-256-GCM encryption and the unique WireGuard protocol. 

Using NordVPN when downloading torrents is also a great idea. The top torrent sites provide the rapid and easy download of large files.

The 7-day NordVPN free trial in USA is a great way to get acquainted with the service. In addition to a refund policy that lasts for 30 days, NordVPN also provides 24/7 live chat assistance. If you’re having trouble with your membership, rest assured, canceling your NordVPN subscription won’t cost you anything.

  • Ultra High Definition Video Streaming on Six Devices
  • The greatest network of servers anywhere
  • Streaming is made easy with NordLynx servers
  • Kill switch and no logs policy

  • Need to update some software

Testing Methodology: Best VPN for a Ukrainian IP Address in USA

In order to get a Ukrainian IP address, we used the provided approach to determine which VPN service was the most reliable. This reveals how we arrived at our final decision on which VPNs were best suited for bypassing geo-restrictions and streaming content. You may read it to find out how to make the best decision possible.

Network of Servers in Ukraine

Using a VPN with a server in Ukraine is the most reliable way to obtain a Ukrainian IP address. The greater the number of Ukraine-based servers, the more likely it will be that a user may connect to one without difficulty and easily access all of the geo-blocked content.

Blazing Connection Speeds

Checking the typical download and upload speeds is crucial when selecting a VPN for streaming. This might give you an idea of the server speeds and whether or not you’ll have any trouble watching on your preferred streaming service.

Stringent Privacy Controls

The most important aspect of a VPN is its ability to keep your online activities and location secret. You’re free to connect to any open network or visit any restricted website without worrying about compromising your privacy.

Streaming Platforms Accessible

All the latest episodes of locally made movies and shows may be found there as soon as they air.  You can also gain streamlined access to geo-blocked content and also browse the internet without being spied on by Russian forces.

User-Friendly Usage

VPN services that offer native apps for several platforms are preferable to those that don’t.  Since having a VPN app allows you to connect from anywhere, using a service that doesn’t support this would be pointless.

Customer Support is Always Available

When attempting to connect with an unfamiliar medium like a VPN service, issues are inevitable. Because of this, having access to helpful customer service is crucial while working with VPNs. If you run into problems or encounter an issue, you can use them as a reference.

What are the Other Methods to Obtain a Ukrainian IP Address in USA?

Besides VPN, here are the two alternative ways to obtain a Ukrainian IP address:


The Tor browser, which is built on top of an enhanced version of Mozilla Firefox, has a variety of privacy-focused extensions installed and enabled by default. While the Ukrainian government has withdrawn its ban on Tor for the time being, the country has a history of suppressing online content, including VPNs, social media, and websites. However, Tor is not foolproof and cannot guarantee complete anonymity online.

Getting an IP address in Ukraine with the Tor browser is simple and cheap. No additional applications are required to download in order to access Ukrainian content. To connect to Ukrainian servers, users need just pay a membership fee, install Tor, and dial the appropriate Ukraine country code.

This will allow you to access any and all information that is normally restricted in Ukraine. Outside of Ukraine, seeing them will not bring you into trouble. Tor, on the other hand, can’t compete with the safety features of a virtual private network. That’s why a virtual private network (VPN) can be preferable.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are intermediaries that link users to the rest of the Internet. When a user employs a proxy to route their Internet traffic through a different IP address, their actual IP address remains concealed from the websites and services they visit.

If you want to access Ukrainian resources behind a proxy, you must utilize a reliable provider. Instead of using a free proxy server, you should invest in a paid service from a reputable business to protect your privacy. A proxy server might be useful in this situation since it would provide you with a Ukrainian IP address, allowing you to browse any information that is restricted to users in Ukraine.

While using a proxy server allows you to get around content limitations based on location, it is not a secure or a more private alternative to a VPN. Because VPNs encrypt data at rest and in motion, they render users’ online actions undetectable and secure.

Users who are worried about their privacy and ability. More importantly, to freely access information, they may discover that connecting to a VPN server in Ukraine provides the most secure and convenient option. However, proxy servers can provide great temporary connections.


Other Countries IP Addresses

With these IP addresses, you can unblock various channels.

Get a Serbian IP address in USA
Get a Ukrainian IP Address in USA
Get an Israel IP Address in USA
Get an Ireland IP Address in USA
Get an Ecuador IP Address in USA

Master the technique of How to Find Someone’s IP Address with guidance from our detailed article.

FAQ – Ukrainian IP address in USA

No, it’s not illegal to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA. As you’ll be connecting with it for your own browsing and entertainment and infotainment purposes, it makes it completely legal. You can use a VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address.

You might be able to find a free VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA, however, they are few and far between. Even if you find a free VPN, it’s difficult to find those with the right security protocols. This is why we highly recommend opting for a paid VPN service.

  1. Get started with protecting your online activity by joining a VPN. We advise using ExpressVPN.
  2. You may install the app on the device of your choice by downloading it.
  3. Use a Ukraine-based VPN server.
  4. You may unblock any website or streaming service by loading them.
  5. If problems persist, try erasing your browser’s temporary files and cookies.


In order to get a Ukrainian IP address in USA, you need to get a VPN that fulfills all of its roles through exceptional features. We tried to make it easy for you to find the right one according to your needs and choices. You can go through our reviews for the three shortlisted VPN services that performed brilliantly throughout our tests.

Out of these three, our first choice is ExpressVPN. This is due to the high standards of features and services it provides at a market-competitive price. You can carry out all the important functions online while being connected with ExpressVPN. There will be no dip in its speed nor any disruption in the stability of its connection.

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