5 Best Free VPN Services in 2020: Secure and Easy to Use

Last updated: June 25, 2020
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Getting the best free VPN is an incredibly difficult task. We make it easier for you by testing over 180+ providers to recommend the best options for 2020.

If you want a VPN free of cost because the paid providers don’t fit your budget, then can move ahead but do exercise caution. Free VPNs are tricky services, with a lot of things hidden under the surface that could potentially harm you.

For ensuring that you only go forward with the safest VPN, you will need to go through our guide. I will give you a brief on the factors you need to take into account before subscribing to certain services and provide you a rundown on the best free VPN for 2020.

In a Hurry? Here is a List of the Best Free VPNs

  1. Surfshark: #1 Recommended VPN with a 30 Risk-Free Trial.
  2. ProtonVPN: No Bandwidth Limitation in its Free Service
  3. Hide.me: Free VPN That Doesn’t Keep Logs
  4. Windscribe: Use Up to 15 GB/month for Free
  5. OperaVPN: Unblocks Netflix US for Free

Best Free VPNs in 2020: Full Analysis

A lot of Free VPNs fall short of even offering basic privacy making the pool from which we could choose from was severely limited. But still, we put in our best effort to enlist services in this list that were absolutely safe for you to use anytime at all.

1. Surfshark: 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Surfshark is a top VPN service that offers the strongest security along with premium features, but it’s not a fully free service. So why have we chosen it to top this list of Free VPNs?

That’s because Surfshark offers a user-friendly, 30-day free trial in which you can use the service with all features available without worries.

If you don’t like to stay with the service, file a simple refund request with the live chat support and you get your money back. Yes, its that simple.

Surfshark comes closest to a Free VPN service with its highly affordable pricing deals. A 2-year subscription will cost you just $1.99/month.

And the provider gives you some pretty good reasons to pay that amount and stay with the service beyond the free trial period.

Netflix US works every time with Surfshark no matter where you are in the world. Torrenting is supported by its 800+ strong server network and secured by DNS leak protection.

You can use its service on all major platforms with the easy to use apps offered by the provider. Live chat is always there to help you out if you get stuck or need to get done with this VPN setup free of issues.

Speeds are constant and fast all the time and there is no limitation on bandwidth either. Military-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol are available to give you an impenetrable internet security experience.

Surfshark is the best Free VPN choice you’ve got if you want to use the service for short term needs like for a month.

2. ProtonVPN: No Bandwidth Cap on Free Plan

This provider offers the rare feature of unlimited bandwidth usage as a Free VPN service. Don’t take this feature lightly as you will encounter bandwidth limits as stringent as 500 MBs/month in the Free VPN domain.

ProtonVPN Free

Through this, you can use this free VPN without registration or upgrade issues for as long as you want. This VPN provider’s free version offers top-notch security that doesn’t compromise user data at all.

The encryption level is strong and no IP leaks were found in our testing. The only problem with it is that the speeds are sometimes snail-like i.e. absolutely slow. But this is expected since all free VPNs do put restrictions on some premium feature

And in ProtonVPN’s case, it throttles its speeds along with not allowing you to stream or Torrent either. Apps are offered for all major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. And if you want to ever upgrade, its paid version is always available to offer a much better experience.

3. Hide.me: Free VPN That Doesn’t Store Logs

Another highly secure VPN service, Hide.me is based in Malaysia, a secure jurisdiction. The provider offers good speeds on all the 5 servers it allocates in its free service.

It doesn’t keep logs of your activities in any manner whatsoever and if we couple that with good encryption, and you’ve got high-level VPN protection for free.

Hide.me has its downsides as well majorly in the form of the limitation of allocating just 2GB of data each month to its users.

Hide.Me Free

The low limit for data use also makes the provider unsuitable for streaming and Torrenting or any other data-intensive activity.

You can use this service on all popular devices and some niche ones as well like FireTV. It offers a Firefox extension too.

4. Windscribe: 15 GB/Month Available on Free PLan

If you don’t take the bandwidth limitation and server limitation into account, there is no major difference between Windscribe’s free and paid services.

By subscribing to this service, you can use their ad blocker, which is a premium feature and works incredibly well to root out unnecessary nuisances on the web.

This makes the 10 GB/month bandwidth limitation much more useful since you are not wasting precious bandwidth on ads that you don’t want to see.

Windscribe Free

You can add an additional 5 GB on top of this by tweeting about the service. This is not a bad bargain definitely as it ensures that you can use this VPN free in an unlimited manner.

The provider does have an issue with speeds though, but it’s not because of throttling due to its free service. The problem is there in the paid version of this service as well.

Live chat is surprisingly offered by Windscribe and although it’s not top-notch, it’s still good enough to solve your major technical issues.

You can use this VPN free for Windows, Mac, and browsers, allowing you to acquire a stable VPN connection for free via easy setup and registration process. Mobile is not supported by Windscribe.

5. OperaVPN: Unblocks Netflix US for Free

The only free VPN that can unblock Netflix, OperaVPN just works as an extension on the Opera browser, and gives you 4 server options available (optimal location, Europe, Asia, and America’s).

All of them offer great speeds and unblocking, despite only being connected from the browser extension. There are also no leak related issues and steaming is a breeze, as well as, accessing blocked torrent sites.

OperaVPN Free

One of the most remarkable features of using OperaVPN is that it has the capability of unblocking Netflix, directly from within the browser. Simply connect to a server in “America” and head to the official Netflix site.

How can you use OperaVPN? Well, the process is simple. You will need to download the Opera browser first. Once done, launch the browser, and go to settings in order to activate the “VPN” feature.

Free VPNs Research Methodology

We don’t just pick providers for our best free VPN list out of thin air. There are some very important factors that we assess all free providers on and check which ones stand out and ace the test according to these factors:

Bandwidth Cap

The amount of data you can use each month is perhaps the most critical factor in choosing a free VPN service.This is because bandwidth limitations are understandable with free VPNs since they cannot offer everything that paid providers do.

But when this limit goes below acceptable levels, it makes the VPN, no matter how good it is, unusable. A big example of this is Tunnelbear, perhaps the most secure free VPN out of them all.

However, it just offers 500 Mb of bandwidth each month which is simply pathetic and is not even good enough to last you over a couple of days even with basic browsing.


It’s stupid to expect free VPNs to offer as fast speeds as their paid counterparts. Offering fast speeds take resources and are an expensive undertaking, making this feature completely out of reach of free VPNs.

Still, the stability of speeds is incredibly important to us here so even if a VPN offers slow speeds on its free service, these speeds should be constant or it ruins the user experience further.

Server location

Free VPNs don’t offer all of the servers present in their server park. Often the number of servers offered in free VPN plans are quite low and in the range of 2-10 servers.

And even then, the servers are mostly not optimized to offer fast speeds, support Torrenting or bypass Netflix’s geo-blocks.

Mostly, these problems are persistent in free VPNs so they are mostly are given a pass, but after that, it is checked whether the servers offered are IP leak-free or not.

The best free VPNs offered in this list don’t leak your IP via their servers at all and their speeds are stable if not fast.

Logging Policy

Logs of user activity entail sensitive information and should never be kept as they are a violation of user privacy. On top of this, if a VPN keeps logs, there’s a high possibility that it will sell the data it has in its possession.

A lot of Free VPNs go through this route, that’s why providers that follow a strict zero log policy were included in the recommended free VPN list.


VPNs are supposed to hide your real IP in order to maintain your anonymity online. However, this anonymity can be compromised if the VPN is prone to DNS, WebRTC or similar IP leaks.

IP leaks are dangerous especially during sensitive activities like Torrenting and bypassing government censorships. Top free VPNs should never leak your real IP at all.

To check this, we ran multiple leak tests and only featured those VPNs that passed them all without major problems.


Even the best of features offered by a VPN can become useless if the platform they are to be used on is not user-friendly. The Free VPNs selected above have thoroughly been tested for ease-of-use.

Mostly, the apps offered by a provider come under the purview of user-friendliness and if the app’s UI and UX are clumsily done the app is difficult to use, it crashes often or is unresponsive for long periods of time, we wouldn’t recommend the provider to you at all.

Are All Free VPN Services Safe To Use?

Free VPNs are often either honeytrap services or toned down versions of paid VPN services that are there to compel the user into buying the actual VPN’s subscription.

The latter ones, i.e. the ones offered by the paid providers are still alright since they have limitations but are not often trustworthy enough to sign up with.

Mostly, they are honeytraps, like said earlier, luring customers in by offering a free service and then performing nefarious activities in the background.

Free VPNs have caught with malware-infested apps, data trading, bandwidth siphoning and much more problematic on-goings in tow.

That’s why we always reiterate that free VPNs are not recommended by us since there is a big chance that they are not private neither secure enough for general users to subscribe to.

Why Free VPNs Will Never Be Best VPNs?

Free VPNs are not offered without limitations at all in any case. In some, you might be locked out of the full number of servers offered by the provider and in some, the data limit is to less to even consider good enough browsing.

Speeds are slowed down forcefully on free services by VPN providers themselves and all such problems and barriers exist to ensure that you opt for their paid versions. There is an old adage that there are no free lunches in the world,

With free VPNs, it seems that you get the product just like that. The reality is different because you could be the product. Many users have told us that free VPNs have stolen their personal information and sold it to third parties.

People Also Ask

💰 How do free VPNs make money?

Free VPNs do have to come up with the costs of managing their service. In some casts, it means loading your screen with ads, but with others you may have to deal with poor encryption and eventually security breaches. Some even sell your information to third parties to earn money.

⚠️ Are free VPNs safe?

While the VPNs on the list have been tested to be safe, other free VPNs may pose serious threats to your online anonymity. Some are renowned for hosting malware and spam with many reporting that free VPN services stole their personal data and sold it off.

✔️ Are VPNs legal?

Indeed, using a VPN is completely legal in most countries, but there are some like China and Russia that restrict them. However, if you have a secure enough VPN that is undetectable, then which country you reside in, doesn’t really matter.

Wrapping Things Up

While you can find a few good free VPNs, even the best have no competition for low-cost premium services. A paid VPN will offer you the best security, along with remarkable torrenting and streaming support, providing you great value.

You’ll be able to enjoy faster connections, avoid the bad neighbor effect (thanks to a large number of servers), and get unlimited bandwidth and data. Paid VPNs even offer free trials and money-back guarantees.