Introduction Of Our ExpressVPN Review

The VPN industry has flourished over the last decade and many providers have made the most of it. ExpressVPN is among the many VPN providers and has been in the industry for the last five to six years.

In this ExpressVPN Review will cover the wide range of servers that the service provides and how does it perform on different levels. Being in the VPN industry for the last few years, ExpressVPN has experience of providing users with online security and protection.

Easy to use interface and website, combined with protocol and encryption support, your network remains safe and it is secured. You could access geo restricted content as well.

ExpressVPN Review: Router App (Latest Update)

ExpressVPN Router App Review

How to setup ExpressVPN Router App?

After you have installed ExpressVPN on your device, you need to:

  • Login to your account the providers website
  • Select the “Setup ExpressVPN” tab
  • Click on the “Routers” section
  • Choose your exact router model
  • Download the related firmware image
  • Upload the file on to your router
  • Activate your ExpressVPN subscription on the router

Note: In case you are unsure, always consider taking help from the ExpressVPN live chat service.

ExpressVPN Pricing and Plans Review

ExpressVPN Pricing

The pricing package for ExpressVPN consists of three plans ranging from monthly to yearly.

  • $12.95 for one month package
  • $59.94 for 6-month package (breaks down to $9.99 per month only)
  • $99.84 for yearly package (breaks down to $8.32 per month only)

Price is an important variable when we talk about selecting a VPN service. No one would like to spend a hefty amount if the services are not up to the mark.

With this VPN, you can get yourself the yearly package that offers the same features at cheap rates. It breaks down to $8.32 per month and offers 35 percent discount as well. You can opt for other packages as well depending upon your budget and needs.

ExpressVPN Money Back Guarantee

The best thing about each of the packages is that they all come with 30 day money back guarantee. This is sufficient time, by our reckoning, for getting used to the service, testing out its performance, and configuring it on your desired devices.

ExpressVPN guarantees a 100% 30-day money back guarantee; so that you can cancel your subscription in case it fails to live up to its reputation.

Unique Selling Point

If you are a new VPN user, you will absolutely love the idea of a 30-day money back guarantee. Who would want to risk his money over a service that might potentially not work? It gives a full-month (read: 30 days) money back guarantee to check its services. It also provides an active 24/7/365 Customer Support.

There are not many providers that are providing live chat support to their users, let alone making it available around the clock. Express VPN facilitates its users with online assistance at any time; no matter where they are located.

The 30-day money back guarantee also makes this VPN standout from the rest. There are very few VPN providers which give such ample time to test out the service and give you the option for full refund if it does not live up to your hopes.

Payment Methods available on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers a wide variety of payment methods for you to choose from. This includes credit card, PayPal and other formats. Here is a complete list of available payment methods that ExpressVPN offers:

  1. Credit Cards, Including:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Visa Electron
  • Delta
  • Diners Club International
2. PayPal10. Carte Bleue
3. Bitcoin11. SOFORT
4. WebMoney12. Maestro
5. Ukash13. iDeal
6. OneCard14. CASHU
7. FanaPay15. UnionPay
8. Mint16. AliPay
9. Interac17. GiroPay

ExpressVPN Payment Methods


ExpressVPN Installation / Setup Guide

When you download the client on your device, you need to run the setup in order to install it. Here is our guide for setting up Express VPN on Windows.

  • Click on the setup file.
  • Once the setup wizard appears, click ‘Next’.
  • You will be presented with the terms of agreement, click ‘I Agree’.
  • Choose the components you want to install and click ‘Next’.
  • Choose the users you want to install and click ‘Next’.
  • Select the destination folder where it will be installed and click ‘Install’.
  • Once the installation is completed, click ‘Next.
  • And your setup is complete, click ‘Finish’ to open VPN client.
  • Once you successfully install ExpressVPN, you will be required to enter the activation code that was presented to you when downloaded the client.
  • Now that you have entered the activation code, you can easily use ExpressVPN service. Choose from the recommended server list from the dialer and click ‘Connect’.

ExpressVPN App Interface

The ExpressVPN app has been reviewed as one of the most user friendly apps across the web, securing excellent reviews for its simple user interface.

App Interface of ExpressVPN

1. ExpressVPN on Windows:

Developed with a simple one click user interface, Express VPN for windows is not only easy on the user but very gentle on system resources.

ExpressVPN Windows App Preview

An excellent sever selection menu allows choosing your favorite country servers or choosing cities from within the country menu. Selections are available from Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Windows Interface Preview

You also have the ability to choose from a range of tunneling protocols or simply leave it up to the app to choose the ideal protocol for your connection.

ExpressVPN Protocols Screenshot

The app also allows you conduct speed tests on all of its servers at the same time so that you can choose the fastest one. The test rates each server on the basis of Speed Index, Latency, and Download Speed.

Express VPN Speed Preview

2. ExpressVPN on Android

The ExpressVPN Android App has an even simpler design from the Windows App. The app is available on the Google Play Store so make sure you have registered before downloading.

ExpressVPN Android App Screenshot

The simplified selection menu shows a scrolling list of servers you can choose from and mark your favorite servers for future selection.

Android App Screenshot 2

Get ExpressVPN today and take the amazing selection of VPN apps for a test drive. Enjoy high speed connectivity not only for Android but also for Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Check out the reviews for the updated version of the app plus utilize ExpressVPN’s 30 Day Money back guarantee and test the service.

ExpressVPN Android User Reviews

ExpressVPN Servers

ExpressVPN service has numerous servers located across the world. The servers are located in 78 different countries and each month more servers are added to the existing list. Severs are located in North America: United States, Canada, Panama Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Lithuania Asia: Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong.

The increased number of servers will help you mask your identity through the numerous IP addresses. ExpressVPN will route your IP through its own server and keep you anonymous to cyber criminals, surveillance agencies, malware and other malicious software.

The different servers also enable you to access geo restricted websites. No matter where you are located, you can view all your favorite channels by connecting to the desired server and stream unlimited entertainment at any time.

Websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook, ITV, etc. all can be accessed through ExpressVPN. Here are some of the countries you can choose from in America and Asia Pacific.

ExpressVPN Servers Location

ExpressVPN Speed Test Review

The speeds achieved through our speed test of the service showed impressive results. We tested out the service using different protocols and found that the service performs exceptionally well.

First we switched off the VPN service and tested out our internet speed.

ExpressVPN Speed Test Preview

Then we connected the VPN service (OpenVPN protocol was connected by default) and tested the speeds.

ExpressVPN Speed Test Preview 2

There was a slight drop in download speed but the upload speeds were increased. However, the ping increased slightly but there was no effect in browsing and accessing different websites.

Then we tried out the service using L2TP protocol and following speeds were achieved. Again there was a slight drop in download speed and upload speeds but overall the performance was good.

ExpressVPN Speed Test Preview 3

Customer Support

ExpressVPN has an impressive customer support system that provides setup guides, support tickets, FAQs, emails, direct phone calls, and live chats. We were really pleased to see such vast array of support options in our ExpressVPN Review.

This means that no matter what problem you are facing with your VPN service, the support center at ExpressVPN will be available 24/7 to help you out.

24/7 Live Chat Feature

The live chat feature is quick and when we inquired about a simple query regarding accessing geo restricted sites; we got a quick response from the support team.

ExpressVPN Live Chat Screenshot

Ticketing System

The ticketing service is also easy to use and all you need is your email address, name, and explain the problem you are facing with ExpressVPN.

We submitted a ticket regarding the setup guide for a Linksys WRT1200AC router and got a reply within 10 minutes of submitting the ticket.

Email and Phone Assistance

If your problem still persists and you are unable get a response from live chat or ticketing service, you can email ExpressVPN. There is a phone number also mentioned on the website but the service explicitly states that they provide quick assistance through email only. The support process through phone is comparatively slow.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section covers basic questions about the service. The questions range from information about why you need the service to the payment options.

For more detailed answers about the setup and configuration of the service, you need to view the tutorials and setup guides provided by Express VPN.

Tutorials Provided

We are glad to report that, in our ExpressVPN Review, we came across detailed and very well explained tutorials and setup guides for various platforms.

There are video guides also available in certain sections. However, if the video is not present then step by step guides will help you to easily configure the VPN on your chosen platform. Each setup guide is categorized by the operating system and device.

ExpressVPN supported operating systems

An important aspect when buying VPN is to see if it is compatible with different devices and Operating Systems. ExpressVPN supports all major OS, so you need not worry using the service on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. ExpressVPN also supports devices like Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation but must be configured over your router to work with these devices.

(June 2017 Update)

ExpressVPN’s new app allows users to configure their VPN over routers. This allows all devices connected through your router will be safe from malware and the data passing through to be highly secure.

What makes ExpressVPN’s Router App better?

  1. The app offers a simple and user-friendly interface, which reduces connectivity complications.
  2. Unlike other router apps that have to be manually configured to stop DNS leaks, ExpressVPN’s app has been designed to prevent such leaks ensuring your IP address is never leaked.
  3. The app offers better speed as it runs on hardware devices that have VPN speeds of almost 30 Mbps, which is much faster than other VPN routers.

The app is however limited to the devices that it was primarily designed for. Currently, the supported routers include:

  • Linksys WRT1200AC
  • Linksys WRT1900AC
  • Linksys WRT1900 ACS

ExpressVPN Protocols and Encryption Review

Protocols and encryption are the defensive measures taken by a VPN service to safeguard your data. ExpressVPN provides four protocols to select from; namely OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec.

The different protocol levels allow you to select the level of protection you want. OpenVPN is the most secure of all the protocols and is the safest when it comes to protecting your data.

Although ExpressVPN comes with OpenVPN as the default protocol but there are different combinations that you could try out to get optimum speed with safety and security of your data.

ExpressVPN comes with 128 bit and 256 bit encryption levels. We recommend that as a user, always opt for the 256 bit encryption as it will help you secure your data and make it unreadable to all types of cyber-criminals and governmental agencies.

ExpressVPN Log and Privacy Policy Review

ExpressVPN implies in its privacy policy that it does not keep any logs of their user’s activity or collect traffic data. The personal information that is needed at the sign up process is not shared with any third party.

The only data or logs that are maintained by ExpressVPN are of times when you connect to the service, severs you connect too, and the amount of data transferred in a day.

Using third party cookies, web analytic tools and pixels, ExpressVPN uses such data to improve its own service and to inform the users about certain promotional offers.

Free Trial

When speaking of free trial, ExpressVPN has a varying stance as it provides users of different mobile devices with a free trail.

In our ExpressVPN Review, we inquired from the support personnel over live chat regarding the free trial. The response revealed that the free trial is available for Android and iOS app users.

However, the 30-day money back guarantee is another way to try out the service for other platforms. In our ExpressVPN Review, we have highlighted that during this time frame, the service can tested with all severity. The FAQ also enlightens the users about ExpressVPN free trial.

Express VPN Torrenting Optimized Servers

Express VPN offers exclusive torrenting optimized server to subscribers who wish to download movies, TV Shows, games, books, apps& other software. These torrent optimized servers ensure subscribers enjoy stable, super speed and low congestion servers without losing too much bandwidth when downloading their favorite torrents.

ExpressVPN Torrenting Review from CNET.

During our latest Express VPN review we were unable to test the torrent optimized servers but our next review will have detailed server and performance statistics (so stay tuned). You can test ExpressVPN up to 30 days, as they offer a money back guarantee within that time frame.
Express VPN’s exclusive torrenting servers are located in Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, USA and many others laid across all 7 continents.

ExpressVPN Reviews by Users

ExpressVPN has received positive reviews across the Web on multiple tech websites and social media forums. review on Cnet show that it is one of the most popular VPN services and offers good performance. Likewise, review on PCMag also show encouraging sign and many users refer the VPN service. And, review on Reddit explains it great brand awareness; numerous subscribers recommend Express VPN for protecting online privacy and security, and for unblocking different websites.

ExpressVPN Reviews on CNet

ExpressVPN user reviews hosted on CNet provide great insight on the performance and fame of the brand. Below are user ratings from CNet’s ExpressVPN review page:

Screenshot of ExpressVPN User Reviews

ExpressVPN Reviews on Reddit

ExpressVPN user reviews on Reddit also offer brilliant insight on various aspects of the provider. You can read through pages full of user interactions with customer support, ExpressVPN app reviews, server performance statistics and various ExpressVPN pricing reviews.

Here are a few for you to read through:

ExpressVPN Reddit Reviews

ExpressVPN Pros

  • Multiple servers for connectivity located in 78 countries
  • Impressive Customer support options
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • User friendly interface and website
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Fast connectivity

ExpressVPN Cons

  • No free trial


ExpressVPN Review Conclusion

ExpressVPN is one of the best, if not the best, VPN providers that is currently operating in the industry. The features, service, and other functionalities offered by ExpressVPN are impressive and ones that can be recommended to everyone.

Our ExpressVPN Review showed that the service protects you against all kinds of threats that you are exposed to over the internet. It also allows you to access and unblocks Geo restricted websites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, ITV, etc.

We were a bit concerned about the prices because we think the prices are a bit high, but then the features and security provided by ExpressVPN are worth more than a few bucks. However, with 30-day money back guarantee, it allows you to try the service out to see if the service fits the bill.

Other than that, the software is easy to use and can be configured on multiple operating systems and devices, giving you protection across multiple platforms.