The best VPNs for IPTV in 2020

Last updated: December 11, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Want to access your favorite local IPTV streams from anywhere in the world? Read this guide to unlock a whole new world of IPTV streams!

IPTVs are gaining quite the popularity, similar to VoDs like Netflix, Disney+ and BBC iplayer. A safe, easy and immensely affordable way to make the most out of your IPTV connection is to pair it up with any of these 5 best VPNs for IPTVs:

VPN Highlights Price
Surfshark Affordable and Reliable IPTV VPN $1.99/mo.
Ivacy Fast Streaming VPN for IPTV $1.99/mo.
ExpressVPN Secure VPN for IPTV Services $8.32/mo.
PureVPN Cheap VPN for IPTV Unblocking $1.65/mo.
TorGuard Seamless Streaming on IPTV Sites $6.67/mo.

1. Surfshark – Affordable and Reliable IPTV VPN

The newcomer and BVI-based provider, Surfshark does not shy away from competing with top names like Nord and Express. It offers some great unblocking capabilities, minus the high pricing.

I have used the VPN personally for all my streaming needs and I can guarantee receiving no troubles when accessing my favorite IPTVs from other countries or unblocking Netflix US and BBC iPlayer UK.

Just make sure that you change the protocol from IKEv2/IPSec to OpenVPN (UDP), as it offers faster speeds and better security for all your unblocking needs on IPTVs and even VoD services.

1 - Surfshark Website Screenshot


  1. Headquartered in BVI
  2. Unlimited multi-logins
  3. Zero WebRTC/DNS/IP leaks
  4. AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM
  5. Successfully Unblocks all IPTVs


  1. No free trial available

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2. IvacyFast Streaming VPN for IPTV

Undoubtedly, there is no better option for bypassing geo-restrictions to access your favorite IPTV services than Ivacy. The provider gives users access to 1000+ servers online for streaming/entertainment needs.

It also comes equipped with strong security features like NAT Firewall, IPv6 Leak Protection, and IvacyPrime (a dedicated app for its Chinese customers), which helps in leveraging anonymity from your local ISP.

For extra IPTV compatibility, you even have dedicated IPs available with Ivacy, which you can register with your ISP. This way, you can access your favorite local content on IPTVs, minus the hassle.

2 - Ivacy Website Screenshot


  1. IvacyPrime for Max Security
  2. IPv6 Leak Protection
  3. Unblocks Major IPTVs
  4. Over 1,000+ Servers in 100+ locations
  5. Dedicated IPs Available


  1. Slow support

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3. ExpressVPNSecure VPN for IPTV Services

Situated in British Virgin Island, ExpressVPN has an impeccable record of being the safest place to park your data. It provides 3000 servers in 160 locations, for viewing the best in entertainment from anywhere on your IPTV connection.

The apps are optimized to meet compatibility needs with all kinds of consoles or OS. There are bandwidth limitations, data caps, logging of session/connection activities, working in favor of IPTV unblockers.

All servers are highly optimized too, allowing binge-watchers around the world to enjoy streaming activities with minimal buffering, be it on VoDs like Netflix and BBC iplayer or local IPTV services.

3 - ExpressVPN Website Screenshot


  1. 3000+ servers in 160 locations
  2. Successfully unblocks IPTVs
  3. Multi-logins on 5 devices
  4. Native apps for all platforms
  5. 30-day refund policy


  1. Plans are exorbitantly priced

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4. PureVPNCheap VPN for IPTV unblocking

Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN may be a low-cost service but one that defies all standards to go against top names in the marketplace. This cheap VPN provides AES 256 military grade standards to keep your identity hidden.

It also offers a huge listing of advanced features that include NAT Firewall, Split Tunneling, Ad/Tracker blocking, IPv6 Leak Protection, Port Forwarding, Kill Switch, DDoS Protection, and dedicated IPs.

All of these combined help PureVPN in giving binge-watchers the utmost level of convenience, be it unblocking VoDs or local IPTV services from different countries in the world.

4 - PureVPN Website Screenshot


  1. Dedicated Streaming support
  2. P2P and Torrent servers
  3. 2000+ servers in 140 countries
  4. NAT Firewall/Kill Switch
  5. Multilogins on 5 devices


  1. Keeps users logs

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5. TorGuardSeamless Streaming on IPTV Sites

In one of the best developments for streamers across the world in recent times, TorGuard also offers dedicated IPs as a VPN add-on, especially for making streaming more easier on IPTVs.

Apart from this, TorGuard has always been a stellar performer in terms of security through its industry standard AES 256 encryption, multiple protocol support and zero logging policy.

It also offer stealth VPN protection feature for those who want to keep things guarded with an added layer of security, which works well for unblocking IPTVs and streaming services like Netflix.

5 - TorGuard Website Screenshot


  1. Offers Dedicated IPs
  2. StealthVPN Protection
  3. 3000+ servers in 50 countries
  4. AES-256-bit Encryption
  5. $59.99 on a yearly plan


  1. Confusing pricing plans

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Best VPN for IPTV Free

Since IPTV works best on internet connections with high bandwidth speed, coupling it with a free VPN is not such a good idea, as they impose bandwidth and data caps.

Most free VPNs adopt shady practices for earning money like ad-based revenue models and points-scoring system Nevertheless, here are some less risky options:

1. Windscribe

10 GB Data Cap for IPTV Activities

Windscribe not just offers 10 GB of data cap, but also avoids throttling the speeds in its free versions, unlike TunnelBear. This is why I have listed it higher than the Canadian-service, despite that being more popular.

For unblocking needs, it provides 11 servers which is too generous an offer for a Free VPN to provide to its users. The service has immaculate speeds and is highly reliable in ensuring uninterrupted programming.

6 - Windscribe Website Screenshot


  1. Works with IPTV services
  2. Unlimited device connections
  3. 10 GB data cap for a free VPN
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting


  1. Poor protocols support
  2. Downtime issues

For more information, check out this full 2019 review of Windscribe!

2. TunnelBear

Unblocks IPTVs but Bandwidth Cap is Less!

TunnelBear offers an exclusive Free version for those who don’t want to pay for a VPN. It comes with a 500 MB of data bandwidth limit, along with an explicitly stated zero logs policy.

This data cap is not enough to enjoy seamless streaming, but the paid plans do guarantee better support for streamers, like the ability to establish 5 connections simultaneously.

7 - TunnelBear Website Screenshot


  1. 20 servers on paid plans
  2. Connect to 5 Devices
  3. Powerful encryption
  4. Easy-to-Use Interface


  1. Just 500 MB/ month data cap
  2. Can get slow at times

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How to Setup IPTV for Kodi?

Watching IPTV on Kodi is a great idea, if you are a fan of the multimedia software just like me and setting this up is a very easy process which you will be done within minutes:

  1. Launch Kodi and click on the “Gear” icon
  2. From the list of options, select “File Manager”
  3. On the left side of your screen, click twice on Add source
  4. Select None and enter
  5. Give the media source a name i.e. Kodi Israel 
  6. Go to Add-ons and click on the “Package” icon
  7. Select the “Install from Zip file” option in the menu
  8. Find “Kodi Israel” and install the zip file
  9. Move to “Install from Repository” option
  10. Click on the newly installed Kodil Repository
  11. Select “Video-add-ons” and find “Ultimate IPTV”
  12. Hit the “Install” button and enjoy streaming!

Best VPN for IPTV Devices Overview

While your IPTV connection remains the same, the device through which you access it can definitely change from time to time depending on your mood and preferences at the moment. Here are our top VPN picks for different devices:

IPTV VPNs for Tablets and Smartphones

  1. NordVPN – SmartPlay feature available on smartphones
  2. ExpressVPN – Optimized servers for IPTV unblocking

IPTV VPNs for Smart TV

  1. Surfshark – Android apk works on Smart TVs
  2. PureVPN – Dedicated app for Android TVs

People Also Ask:

Should you use a VPN with IPTV?

VPNs for IPTVs mostly come in handy for expats who want to watch their favorite local content.By shifting your location, you can act like a local and hence gain access to your favorite IPTV streams.

Are IPTV services legal?

Watching content through IPTVs is completely legal in most countries. However, if you where to redistribute copyrighted content acquired through IPTVs, then it is illegal.

How do IPTVs function?

IPTVs use a system where digital TV is delivered to subscribers via the Internet Protocol (IP) technology. In simple words, it uses the internet to deliver TV channels to your set-top box.

What are the best IPTV options?

Some of the best IPTV providers that provide a wide range of incredibly useful features include Epicstream (Ultrabox), Magic IPTV, Set TV, RocketStreams, IPTV Forest, and IPGuys.

Is IPTV better than cable connections?

Yes, it brings much more diversity in the content available for you to stream, rather than cable connections which keep you limited to a specific number of channels, based on your subscription.

Wrapping Things Up

With the rise in the popularity of streaming services, people are finally coming to terms to how much a VPN can contribute towards increasing their system usability, be it for unblocking VoDs or IPTVs.

With every factor taken into consideration, Surfshark is the ultimate winner for accessing IPTVs worldwide. However, if you are in search for a budget-friendly alternative, consider signing up with Ivacy.

If you face any issues or need to give better recommendations, feel free to comment below. Also, do share the guide with friends and family members, who are looking for suitable IPTV VPNs.

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