How To Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA On Stan? [Quick Guide]

Last updated: August 31, 2023
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You can watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan with the help of a reliable VPN online for streaming, and that is for sure ExpressVPN.

You know why a VPN is necessary, right? Stan streaming rights are geo-restricted and only available to audiences in Australia. This is why the only way to enjoy this comedy+ fantasy series is to unblock Stan in USA.

Miracle Workers, starring Daniel Radcliffe premiered it’s fourth season on 10th July and the audience has been loving it! The series follows a post-apocalyptic world with Craig and Eliza, celestial beings with a divine purpose as messengers.

Their mission is to protect the world from impending destruction as they work to fulfill prayers. Do you want to know what happened next? Then keep reading this blog as it provides more useful information on where to watch it, Miracle Workers trailer, cast, and more.

How To Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan – [5 Simple Steps]

Get our recommended VPN (the mandatory first step) and we will show you how to unblock and watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan. This five steps guide is all that you need:

  • Sign up for a VPN for streaming (ExpressVPN).
  • Now download & install the VPN software on your devices.
  • Get connected to a server in Australia (Melbourne server).
  • Sign in to your account on the Stan website or app
  • Voila! Enjoy Miracle Worker Season 4 online.

Note: This is it! Enjoy Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 free on Stan in USA with its trial period but make sure to trust a reliable VPN only.

Where to Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA?

You can watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 on Stan in USA.

Don’t worry! We know Stan only works in Australia so if you happen to be not in the country at the moment, use ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restriction of the platform.

There are other streaming mediums that allow you to enjoy this season 4 of Miracle Workers like TBS and Sling TV, however, Stan is recommended as it provides access to other exclusive premieres, best shows, renowned series, and classic films.

All this and just $10! Yes, Stan pricing plans are very reasonable and you get to pay only after your 30-day Stan free trial ends. You are not bound by any subscription plans so cancel your Stan subscription whenever you want.

Hopefully, now you have a detailed answer to where to watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 online.

Can I Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 for Free in USA?

A big yes! You can watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 for free on Stan in USA using Stan’s free trial. The platform, as a friendly gesture to invite more loyal streamers, has provided a 30-day free trial, available to first-time subscribers only.

Now that you know how to watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 online free, let’s find the premiere date of the season. Coming up next is Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 release date.

What is The Premiere Date of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4?

10th July 2023 was the premiere date of Miracle Worker: End Times Season 4. The first two episodes of the season were released on this date, following the other two episodes on July 17, 2023.

You can watch all Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episodes on Stanin USA.

Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan with our guide.

What is the Storyline of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4?

Miracle Workers, a series developed by Simon Rich, is an anthology where each season adapts one of his books or short stories. Since each season features a fresh storyline, the primary cast remains consistent, although occasional guest stars make appearances.

In “Miracle Workers: End Times,” two road warriors, Sid (played by Daniel Radcliffe) and Freya (played by Geraldine Viswanathan), cross paths and develop a romantic connection.

The series chronicles their journey as they tie the knot and strive to lead a regular life in Boomtown. This all unfolds in the aftermath of “The Boom,” which transformed the world into a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape.

The couple grapples with the challenges of both married life and surviving in the harsh new reality they find themselves in. Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan with our 5-step easy solution.

Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Cast – Who Is In?

Know the complete details of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 cast before you watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan.

Actor/Actress Character
Daniel Radcliffe Ezekiel Brown
Geraldine Viswanathan Alexandra Shitshoveler
Steve Buscemi Morris “The Junkman” Rubinstein
Karan Soni Lord Vexler
Lolly Adefope Maggie
Jon Bass Mikey Shitshoveler
Sasha Compère Julia (Guest Star)
Quinta Brunson Trig
Tim Meadows Dave Shelby
Lamont Thompson John
Jessica Lowe Mary Baker, Hostess
Kevin Wayne Huge Man
Mitra Jouhari
Fred Armisen Perceval
Carl Tart Lionel
Tony Cavalero Ted Carpenter
Jamie Demetriou crieur public
Peter Serafinowicz King Cragnoor
Sinead Phelps Trish
Jason MacDonald Abraham Lincoln
Kerri Kenney-Silver Lila
Christine Horn Therapist
James M. Connor Frank
Wayne Anthony Gordon
Warren Rusher Ruffian
Caleb Emery Zach
Drew Matthews Driver
Kevin Dunn Bert Ramassemerde

Now you can watch all your favorite characters and enjoy Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 streaming online from anywhere on Stan in USA.

How Many Episodes Does Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Have?

Miracle Workers season 4 has 10 episodes. Here is the complete detail of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 episodes release date and their quick summary, just so you know, what you can anticipate next:

Episode # Episode Name Episode Air Date
S4.E1 End Times: Welcome to Boomtown Jul 10, 2023
S4.E2 End Times: H.O.A Jul 10, 2023
S4.E3 End Times: The MatriXXX Jul 17, 2023
S4.E4 End Times: The Grouping Ceremony Jul 17, 2023
S4.E5 End Times: Jim Carrey in the Park Jul 24, 2023
S4.E6 End Times: Olympus Jul 31, 2023
S4.E7 Roland Proudheart Aug 7, 2023
S4.E8 Children of Women Aug 14, 2023
S4.E9 John Christ Aug 21, 2023
S4.E10 The End Aug 28, 2023

S4.E1. End Times: Welcome to Boomtown

Sid, the solitary traveler, and Freya, the formidable warlord, face challenges in adapting to life in the suburbs after leaving the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

S4.E2. End Times: H.O.A

Freya enters the race for the presidency of the Boomtown Homeowners Association, while Morris embarks on a risky business journey with Sid.

S4.E3. End Times: The MatriXXX

Sid and Freya seek to enhance their intimacy by undergoing couple’s therapy, while Morris decides to attend his high school reunion.

S4.E4. End Times: The Grouping Ceremony

Sid endeavors to assist Morris in securing a spot for his child in an esteemed school, while Freya makes an effort to demonstrate that she can still enjoy a lively social life despite her age.

S4.E5. End Times: Jim Carrey in the Park

Morris organizes a stage performance based on “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” while Sid embarks on a weekend getaway with Tai and his companions.

S4.E6. End Times: Olympus

Sid and Freya make a trip to visit Freya’s parents, while Morris and Tai enjoy a private and affectionate evening together.

S4.E7. Roland Proudheart

Sid acquires a flashy new vehicle called a Bifi, and it begins to dominate his entire identity, while Scraps goes back to his former village.

S4.E8. Children of Women

Sid and Freya discover that Freya is expecting a child, prompting Morris to organize a baby shower for them. Meanwhile, Tai is tasked with taking care of Scraps while embarking on a journey back in time to eliminate the future leader of the human resistance.

S4.E9. John Christ

Freya reconnects with her former group of war dogs, Sid becomes a member of an extremist organization opposing robots, and Tai enters a talent contest to demonstrate his continued relevance.

S4.E10. The End

The ultimate showdown to secure Boomtown’s fate.

Enjoyed reading the plot of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 every episode? So, let’s avoid further ado and enjoy all these seasons online.

Check for the Trailer of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4

Here is the Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 trailer. Enjoy!

How can we miss any trailer that has Daniel Radcliffe showing his best scripted humor? Well then get ready to watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan.

Does Miracle Workers Season 4 Mark the End?

It could be possible that the TBS comedy series “Miracle Workers” is the last one standing, and its fourth is going to be its last season. However, the show fans must note that there is no official announcement regarding this.

This season might not only conclude the series but also signal a potential end to TBS’s pursuit of original scripted programming. The fact that its subtitle “End Times” holds notable meaning might be a sign for the last season.

Where can I watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4? Stan is the direct answer to this question!

Unveiling the Reasons for the Delay of Miracle Workers Season 4

The season faced a delay due to a scheduling change made by the network in January. A TBS spokesperson explained that this adjustment, which affected “Miracle Workers,” was aimed at providing more substantial support for the series later in the year.

Now, season 4 is available and it’s high time you watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan.

What Time Frame Serves as the Setting for Miracle Workers?

The 1880s era serves as the time frame for “The Miracle Worker”, commencing at the Keller residence in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

The opening scene of season 1 takes place at night, with three grown-ups gathered around the illuminated crib of baby Helen Keller. These individuals include her parents, Kate and Captain Arthur Keller, along with a doctor.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan

Since ExpressVPN has fast servers around the world and premium features for buffer-free streaming and an average download speed of 92.26 Mbps, it is the best VPN to watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan.

The 3000+ server network of this VPN service spans 105+ nations, and it has fast-performing Australian servers in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. We advise using the Melbourne server because it is quick and promptly unblocks Stan.


Watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 streaming in USA with ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server: Melbourne

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It employs AES-256 encryption to protect sensitive information and VPN split tunneling, network kill switch, and no-log policy adds extra protective layers to your online streaming.

On devices that do not support the VPN software, you can stream geo-restricted content using this VPN’s MediaStreamer feature.

Numerous devices and operating systems, so you can get Stan on Android, iPhone, Mac, PC, Firestick, Roku, iOS and Chromecast, and others with ExpressVPN so you can enjoy the best movies on Stan in USA on any screen size you want.

In summary, this is a top-notch VPN that performs admirably in almost every regard. Outside of Australia, you can use its servers to watch the most recent shows on HGTV, Lifetime, TLC, and other geo-restricted platforms.

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Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4

What Other Content You Can Watch on Stan in USA?

Done with Miracle Workers all episodes for season 4? Then it’s high time to decide what to watch next on Stan. Trust us, its library content selection will not disappoint you.

SpeedSeries 2023 The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
Young Justice: Season 1 Emma
Runaway Jury Scooby-Doo And The Cyber Chase

Our provided guide to watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan will work with the streaming of every title.


Season one is no longer related to season two. The actors are all the same and have the same names. Even the plot of the two seasons has no continuity between them.

Not actually, but sort of. Miracle Workers has adopted an anthology structure, using a strategy from American Horror Story. The same performers appear in each season, but they are in different characters, new settings, and fresh self-contained stories.

According to a TBS, Miracle Workers Season 2 “will be a medieval story about friendship, family, and trying not to be murdered.” This is why it is different. The upcoming season will follow a group of medieval villagers who are struggling to remain optimistic in the era of “fake news.”

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you have found this guide to watch Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 in USA on Stan. Just get your ExpressVPN subscription and get ready to enjoy the fun and fantasy-filled videos.

Since Stan is geo-restricted, we recommend using a VPN to watch the show along with others without interruptions. See what happens to heaven workers in the post-apocalyptic world.

Enjoy streaming!

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