PIA Speed Test : How Fast is Private Internet Access?

Last updated: November 20, 2023
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The quest for the “fastest VPN service” is intricate; various factors affect speeds. Private Internet Access (PIA) boasts 35,000 servers worldwide, lauded as the #1 fastest VPN by Top 10 VPNs. But true speed hinges on more than numbers. In our blog, we scrutinize the PIA speed test claims.

Our evaluation spanned nine diverse global server locations, dissecting the PIA speed test. To unveil its prowess accurately, we examined data transfer capacities across these varied hubs. PIA’s popularity spans the globe, yet the veracity of its speed claims demands scrutiny.

Curious how PIA compares against rivals? Delve into our analysis to decipher if its 35,000 servers translate into unparalleled speeds. Speed isn’t just a metric; it’s about consistent performance globally. Discover if PIA truly earns the coveted title of the “fastest” VPN amidst its competitors, offering the best VPN experience across 84 countries.

Private Internet Access Speed Test Results for 2023 (Quick – Overview)

If time’s short and you’re after quick insights, here’s a nifty PIA speed test snapshot. Check out the summarized results in a handy table for a swift peek into PIA’s performance.

Test Without VPN US to US US to EU US to AU
Download speed 647.7 Mbps 443.6 Mbps 375.1 Mbps 164.6 Mbps
Upload speed 23.1 Mbps 22.7 Mbps 7.9 Mbps 7.5 Mbps
Latency 101 ms 523 ms 167 ms 191 ms
Download speed difference N/A -32% -42% -75%
Upload speed difference N/A -2% -66% -68%
Latency difference N/A +418% +65% +89%
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How Fast is Private Internet Access ? – Comparison Table

Here is a quick look at PIA speed test results along with other famous VPNs in the market.

Company Avg Download Speed Avg Upload Speed Download Latency Upload Latency Website
Without VPN  339.21 Mbps  53.72   Mbps  107 ms  49 ms  N/A
TINY-PIA  129.55 Mbps  35.24   Mbps  31 ms  51 ms  Privateinternetaccess.com
cyberghost-tiny  302.4 Mbps  34.56   Mbps  63 ms  48 ms  CyberghostVPN.com
TorGuard-tiny  273.79 Mbps  24.34   Mbps   44 ms  46 ms  torguard.net
NordVPN-logo-1  282.39 Mbps 35.06 Mbps  74 ms  38 ms  NordVPN.com
ipvanish-tiny  334.37 Mbps  34.39   Mbps  43 ms  43 ms  Ipvanish.com
vpn-unlimited-tiny  195.08 Mbps  34.48   Mbps  45 ms  46 ms  VPNunlimited.com
1tiny-expressvpn-noback  91.34 Mbps  34.48   Mbps  51 ms  40 ms  ExpressVPN.com
3tiny-surfshark-noback  227.88 Mbps  34.94   Mbps  37 ms  35 ms  Surfshark.com
Windscribe-new-logo  313.12 Mbps  34.93   Mbps  46 ms  56 ms  Windscribe.com
Hotspot-Shield-VPN-logo  224.85 Mbps  35.55   Mbps  87 ms  204 ms  Hotspotshield.com
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Private Internet Access Speed Test Results for 2023 (Detail Analysis)


To gauge the versatility of VPN, we rigorously tested its speeds across nine distinct server locations, using my 100 Mbps connection as a benchmark. Here’s the comprehensive Private internet access speed test results for 2023 download of our testing journey and findings.


Kicking off the Speed test PIA VPN, we linked to PIA’s Australian server. Instantly, Private Internet Access gave us amazing results with a blazing download rate of 85.5 Mbps and an upload speed hitting 94.09 Mbps. Even the latency stayed within reason, peaking at 310 ms, delivering an impressive start.



Upon connecting to the Canadian server, there was a slight dip in download speeds, albeit not significantly. The Speed test PIA VPN revealed a download rate of 53.17 Mbps and an upload speed of 95.92 Mbps, accompanied by 288 ms latency—a minor shift in performance.


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong node exhibited a slightly slower download pace, though it posed no significant concern. Testing the Fast speed test PIA, the VPN clocked in at 55.59 Mbps for downloads and 90.09 Mbps for uploads, accompanied by 470 ms latency—a performance on par without notable grievances.



Venturing to a Middle Eastern server, the Israel location underwent scrutiny for a fast speed test PIA VPN’s performance. As a result of this connection, we achieved a commendable download speed of 91.84 Mbps and an upload of 93.09 Mbps, paired with 210 ms pings—impressive outcomes indeed.



The exceptional performance marked the Singapore server in our free speed test PIA assessment. PIA VPN excelled, delivering an impressive 89.67 Mbps download speed and 93.5 Mbps upload speed during the test. The ping remained notably low, peaking at a mere 121 ms, adding to its commendable performance.


South Africa

Continuing the evaluation, we scrutinized PIA VPN’s South African server. Post-connection, Free speed test PIA showcased a download speed of 59.5 Mbps, an upload speed of 90.84 Mbps, and pings clocking in at 303 ms—an overview of its performance on this particular node.


United Arab Emirates

Expanding our evaluation beyond Israel, we sought to scrutinize PIA fastest server capabilities on the UAE server. Unexpectedly, the UAE location showcased impressive results, boasting a download speed of 78.42 Mbps, an upload speed of 93.17 Mbps, and pings clocking in at 242 ms—a surprising and commendable performance.


United Kingdom

The PIA fastest server, the U.K. server, also excelled in performance. Post-test, we recorded an impressive 86.09 Mbps download speed and a 90 Mbps upload speed, accompanied by a respectable 150 ms ping—an all-round commendable display of speed and connectivity.


United States

Concluding our assessment, we scrutinized PIA’s U.S. server with a dedicated PIA speed test free. Impressively, the test yielded a download speed of 91.09 Mbps and an upload speed of 92 Mbps, accompanied by 279 ms pings—underscoring its robust performance even on home turf.


How good is Private Internet Access ?

As per the PIA Review, it stands as a versatile VPN, excelling in every aspect. Its speed and extensive server network are impressive, seamlessly unlocking streaming like “watch HBO Max on Firestick,” Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, and various sought-after streaming services. Definitely worth exploring!

  • Server:

PIA VPN boasts a vast network of servers across 84 countries, offering users extensive options for secure and private connections globally.

  • MediaStreamer feature:

This feature allows users to bypass geographical restrictions on certain devices like smart TVs and gaming consoles by configuring DNS settings, enabling access to geo-blocked content. You can easily watch American Netflix, and if you find VUDU not working with VPN, this VPN is best to use.

  • P2P-optimized servers:

PIA provides specialized servers optimized for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, ensuring fast and secure connections for torrenting and other P2P activities.

  • Kill Switch Feature:

This is the Best VPN with Kill Switch feature acts as a failsafe, instantly disconnecting your device from the internet if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This prevents any data leaks or exposure of your online activity during such interruptions, ensuring continuous privacy and security.

  • Multiple Devices:

PIA supports simultaneous connections across multiple devices, allowing users to protect numerous devices under a single subscription. You can also setup VPN on Windows 10, iOS, Android, etc.

  • 24/7 live chat Support:

Users have access to round-the-clock live chat support, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance for any VPN-related queries or issues.

  • Price:

PIA VPN offers competitive pricing tiers, providing cost-effective subscription plans with various durations, catering to different user needs and budgets.

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FAQs: Private Internet Access Speed Test

PIA’s server speed is top-notch, boasting a global network featuring next-gen VPN servers optimized for speeds up to 10 Gbps. With a staggering count of 35,000 servers spanning 84 countries, users benefit from reduced server congestion, ensuring swift uploads and downloads.

This expansive network not only ensures faster connections but also minimizes overcrowding, promising consistently high-speed performance as promised through its PIA speed test online across diverse locations.

During our PIA speed test online on Ookla, PIA displayed an average upload speed of 20 Mbps and an impressive 170 Mbps for downloads. While the download latency was recorded at 326ms, the upload latency performed slightly better at 320ms. Despite these figures not topping the charts, it’s noteworthy that PIA’s usage didn’t pose any noticeable issues or inconveniences during our testing phase.

Contrarily, the PIA speed test online delivers rapid connection speeds , upholding a stringent No Logs policy and an array of advanced VPN functionalities safeguarding your online security, anonymity, and unrestricted access. Its swift performance is coupled with robust features, ensuring comprehensive protection and online liberty.

Switching servers can optimize speed in two ways. Firstly, moving from a crowded server to a free one can accelerate your connection. Secondly, connecting to a server closer in proximity can enhance speed. In case of sluggish PIA app performance, adjusting the connecting ports is advised for a potential speed boost.

While a VPN might cause internet slowdowns due to data encryption processes, factors like server proximity, congestion, and your ISP’s speed quality influence the extent of the slowdown. Encryption and decryption processes primarily impact speed, along with server distance and congestion, as well as your ISP’s performance.


In this extensive 2023 PIA speed test, the results unveil PIA VPN’s remarkable speed, validating its claims. Notably, it consistently exceeds 50 Mbps download and 90 Mbps upload speeds, evident in the initial table. Unlike previous VPNs, PIA consistently delivers impressive speeds on a 100 Mbps connection, showcasing its reliability.

Remarkably, during our usage, Private internet access speed test results for 2023 download seamless performance was indistinguishable from being unconnected – a testament to its exceptional speed and usability. For deeper insights, explore our blog’s VPN Speed Test for device-specific recommendations, empowering informed decisions on the best VPNs.

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