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NordVPN BBC iPlayer: Does NordVPN work with BBC iPlayer?

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

BBC iPlayer is a full-scale entertainment house that you can access within the UK only. But does it work for people who are living or planning to visit abroad? Yes, with NordVPN BBC iPlayer, it does work. In this article, we let you know how to watch BBC iPlayer with NordVPN without any restriction.

People are likely to use VPNs to encrypt their data from third parties and other cyber theft issues. But, do you know how impeccable its unblocking features are to let you stream content across the world. With NordVPN service, you can easily bypass those geo-restrictions that make it challenging to access movies if you are not in the UK.

Today, we are going to share how using speed-optimized NordVPN UK servers will help you access BBC iPlayer in any country. This service has some state-of-the-art VPN specifications that surpass all the alternatives you could ever find to watch BBC.

What makes this so special?

Why you need to use NordVPN for BBC iPlayer

watch bbc movie with nordvpnChoosing a BBC iPlayer VPN is a real challenge where most of you will face a tough time. Various VPN services claim to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK. But, upon testing, it will be a different experience from what they commit initially. 

Moreover, the free VPNs are also not worth spending your time because it gives you an unsecured connection which is not a risk-free option. Despite the above issues, we have fortunately found the top-of-the-line NordVPN provider.

This VPN has a proven track record of victory in letting people watch BBC iPlayer in any country they want. It will remove all the barriers that come in between a non-UK resident and BBC iPlayer. 

using nordvpn to watch games

With a NordVPN service, you will never run out of servers because it has over 5000 servers that are located in 59 countries. Alone in the UK, it has 490+  servers. If one of them is not workable for you, you can choose from the other UK servers. Whether you want to watch dynasties or seven worlds, one planet, it is the best VPN to access BBC media library. 

Most VPNs are not able to provide the speed you need to stream movies in HD quality. With NordVPN’s lightning-fast speed, you will be a way ahead to watch live content without any interruptions. Moreover, you can connect BBC iPlayer with 6 devices at once with a single subscription to NordVPN. Thereby, you can choose any device to play movies.

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What’s the catch here?

Access Entier BBC iPlayer Content Using NordVPN

NordVPN offers its users a seamless streaming service to watch the entire BBC iPlayer series internationally. Using this service, you will not be facing any error for the VPN block. It proves to bypass all the content licensing restrictions that the BBC company holds.

NordVPN servers are well-optimized to provide you full-fledged access to movies, live sports, and other entertaining shows. You can visit any location you want without missing your upcoming episodes on BBC iPlayer, NordVPN gives a supreme quality across all locations and devices. 

BBC movies library

You need to connect it to the UK server and get access to exciting live TV shows. We have tested NordVPN to get unrestricted access to Doctor Who and Line of Duty and got amazed by the quality it gives.

This service will give you a dedicated IP address to access BBC iPlayer. It allows you to secure all your devices with strict-no-logs policy, kill switch, Onion over VPN, and no data leaks policy.  Besides, NordVPN has an unlimited bandwidth that is another plus point to stream entire BBC content.

This service allows the user to have a risk-free experience with its 30-day money-back guarantee. Apart from streaming content on BBC, NordVPN also allows you to watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

How do you connect to BBC iPlayer Using NordVPN?

The advanced interface of NordVPN is what gives an edge to this VPN over other providers. NordVPN has successfully emerged as a top-tier virtual assistant that has made online media accessible to people. With just a few clicks, you are good to stream the digital content outside the UK.

This VPN provider requires you to download the app via the NordVPN site and select a premium plan.  Luckily, NordVPN surpasses its rivals with its superior unblocking capabilities and best-in-class security features. It makes using VPN quite easy on every device out there and does not limit you to a single platform.

Step: 01

To connect to the BBC iPlayer using NordVPN, you first have to choose the server from the NordVPN system. The good part is you will be having a variety of servers to select from based on where you are located.

connect bbc iplayer with nordvpn

Step: 02

For accessing content on the BBC, you have to choose a UK server on the map, and you will be able to access its unlimited shows.

connect nordvpn uk server

Step: 03

Once you connect with the UK server, the BBC will allow you to watch its multifaceted media content from abroad. With NordVPN high-tech functionalities, you will be getting virtual benefits to get unrestricted access to any of the latest series, including The Nest and The War of the Worlds.

But you know what else?

Easy Workaround for Troubleshooting NordVPN BBC iPlayer

If, in any case, you find trouble using the BBC iPlayer with a VPN, you must not worry about it. It can happen to users because of the same locations people are using to access it. But, with an alternative, you can make it work. 

If you are wondering what you need to do if your BBC iPlayer is not working with NordVPN, here is the solution. It would help if you switched over to different NordVPN UK-located servers, and the problem would be gone.

Let me explain to you in detail.

Change NordVPN Server 

When you are unable to connect to BBC iPlayer, the first step is to disconnect from the UK server that you are currently using. Give it a rest for a few minutes and then try to reconnect the server.

Doing so will provide the BBC a signal that a new IP address is trying to access the iPlayer from the UK. Thus, chances are now your BBC iPlayer will work using NordVPN. Rule of thumb is to alter the locales and check which one works for you. 

Clear the Cache of your VPN Browser Extension

Another way you can employ is to clear the cache whenever you connect with a UK server to browse BBC channels. You have to ensure that you are not accepting their cookies, as this will create a hurdle for you. 

If you keep on altering the locations real soon, it will give the BBC iPlayer a sign that the user is trying to access from overseas. That will ultimately create a barrier for you to watch the BBC media. The best way to overcome this cookie issue is to practice clearing your browser cache.

Contact NordVPN Customer Support Team

Lastly, you can always contact their readily available team of customer support. They are 24/7 accessible to help their users out for any problem they face. You can reach them via help desk, email, and even through contacting their support team. 

Their customer support members are quite well-versed in providing people technical expertise. And they will give you a solution to how you can watch BBC iPlayer shows without any difficulty.

Here’s the best part about this VPN.

Watch BBC iPlayer on Tablet and Phone using NordVPN

NordVPN’s ultra-smart VPN integration does not limit you to use it on a particular device. You will find other VPNs who have limitations on the devices from where you can access BBC iPlayer. But, with this VPN service, you are good to stream content on even portable devices like Tablet and Phone.

It is super useful to use on Android and iOS, which is an added benefit to leverage from in today’s world. You want to have access from user-friendly devices, and it is where the NordVPN helps you out. Their VPN app is quite advanced for using BBC iPlayer on these platforms.

On top of that, NordVPN is also compatible to be used with different browsers and devices listed below. 

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Chrome
  • Linux
  • Firefox
  • Routers

Overcome BBC iPlayer Streaming Issues with NordVPN

Using NordVPN for streaming BBC iPlayer will not cause you any hurdles. However, if you face any issues while streaming certain movies, you have to refresh the VPN connection. Make sure you sign up properly to the VPN service before you access the BBC iPlayer live content.

Sometimes the streaming problem arises because of using the same IP address, and other times it is just because of the weak internet connection. Either way, with NordVPN, you are always a step close to avoid any streaming issues.

Just switch to a dedicated UK IP address and server and check your internet performance. You will not face any streaming issues while watching docu-series, movies, reality TV shows, or any other video content. NordVPN proves to give free streaming to all the BBC content.

People Also Ask:

Can BBC iPlayer detect VPN?

Using the same IP address and servers will make BBC iPlayer detect VPN and thereby block it. Thus, we recommend you use a NordVPN service that has multiple servers.

How do I watch BBC iPlayer with NordVPN?

You can watch BBC iPlayer using NordVPN by merely subscribing to it and downloading its app for the device you want. And get connected to the UK server to stream BBC content. 

Which VPN is best for BBC iPlayer?

NordVPN offers a smooth speed and provides a secure connection that is best to access BBC iPlayer. It has all the qualities that make it perfect for use with the BBC.

Is the BBC iPlayer free to use?

Yes, it is free to stream content on BBC iPlayer. You need a VPN connection to bypass the media library restriction if you are accessing outside the UK. 

Bottom Line: 

Undoubtedly, BBC iPlayer is one of the top-performing streaming services you can rely on to enjoy with your friends and family. Yet, due to the BBC imposed geo-restrictions, it has limited its usage outside the UK. Therefore, you need to get a top-notch VPN connection to get access to its content abroad.

NordVPN does wonders in unblocking Peaky Blinders, Informer, or any other episodes you awaited to be aired on BBC. Other VPN providers claim to unblock BBC shows but failed to deliver on its commitment. And this is why NordVPN BBC iPlayer outshines in allowing you to watch shows without buffering issues.

This service is incomparable because of its compelling blend of Smartplay and VPN technology. It unblocks streaming services like no other VPN will do it for you. Above all, it carries 490+ servers in the UK alone for users to watch BBC without any issues about slow speed and server blockage. 


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